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2005 and Earlier Chevrolet Impala



  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Oh Nathan! So the higher gas prices in Aloha land are due to the addition of Macadamias to up the octane rating?
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    We had over 60 posts yesterday, buy the town hall top 10 is unchanged from the day before, with 28 posts.
  • We only have two refineries in Hawaii so all the companies have to buy gas from them. Actually, there is a lawsuit going on brought against the refineries by the state alleging price fixing. According to some reports, Chevron (one of the refineries) sells 5% of their gas supply to Hawaii but makes 20% of their overall profit here.

    And it's not mac nuts. You add moth balls to up the octane.
  • Haven't lurked in a while and now there is no way to even attempt to catch up.

    Sorry to see the problems are still occurring, but I thought I would add some info. My 2000 LS had many of the common problems and a few unique ones, like not starting intermittently due to some fuel regulator.

    Anyway, I had the ISS changed, the steering rack changed and a new and improved reinforced (2001 I was told) cradle installed. Upon return, it was only marginally better and proceeded to be just a terrible after a few thousand miles. The car was repurchased by Chevy and I moved on. It was a hassle, definitely not an easy process, but worth it. Can't tell you how happy I was when my wife picked me up and all I had left of the Impala was license plates and a check. I miss the car, but not the problems, trips to the dealer, loaner cars, etc.

    My point is, I believe there still is a problem that had yet to be remedied. So far, one was traded due to frustrations, one repurchased and two still unrepaired....
  • I have a 2000 Monte Carlo SS with 30,000 miles. I have developed a whine during acceleration.
    It seems to accur when I accelerate above 3k RPM's. I was wondering if any of you have developed this since the Impala has the same drivetrain.
    Just too add my two cents about ISS/Cradle.
    Ive had two cradles replaced (both being the redesigned 2001 version) and the ISS replaced.
    After each fix the problem reaccured after a few thousand miles. The front end clinking/clunking
    still occurs on my car but it is less severe than before. I imagine that I might not even notice it
    if I was not listening for it. I like the Overall car but I am getting tired of noises.
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    Currently, with my 2000 Impala at 11K miles, I have no ISS or cradle issue. Fortunately, the cradle issue is not a safety issue. It's more of a noise nuissance. I wouldn't worry too much if I ever incur the cradle problem.

    Speaking of noises, I much rather have the cradle problem with the "clunk" noise, then sitting in a car full of squeeks and rattles from the dashboard. My Impala does not have this problem (thank god). Unfortunately for my previous co-worker who owns an M3, and my friend who owns a 540, and the Accounting lady who owns an M5, they all exhibited these spueeks and rattles from the interior. That drove me NUTS! Quite pathetic for a "luxury sedan".

    As of today, I love my Impala very much. I can't say the same when I had my previous Accord. Only problem I have on the Impala is engine hestitation when going 5-10 mph (very rare occasions). Anyhow, good to hear that this is a software fix for the PCM.

    I'm enjoying my Impala so much that I'm averaging less than 20 mpg. LOL That means I'm taking full advantage of the Impala's quick acceleration by speeding 0-60 at the light. :) zoom zoom
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    No no. "Zoom zoom" is Mazda. You mean "Like a rock". ;-)

    (Or is it "Keep America Rolling"?)
  • konokono Posts: 3
    Garypen: No, I'm from NYC. Teo:Thanks for the info.

    I'm bringing the car in sometime this week for the service mgr to take a look. I know I will get some negative attitude. That's when I'll send a note directly to Chevy.

    All I know is that when I got the car, the seat didn't have any play in it and I "baby" my cars.
  • wyoimpwyoimp Posts: 87
    Check out this website about what the Police Package entails. Page 4 mentions a "reinforced cradle". What's the difference between stock and Police?

  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    I was only joking about you being from San Jose. Your dealer's service dept. sounds like mine! ;-)

    I'm from NYC, too. Small world. What are the chances of two people from the same small northeastern town meeting on the internet? Amazing.
  • Before we point to this brochure and say that this is evidence the police Impala has an upgraded engine cradle, I would like to point out that it does not say that. This could be the same cradle that is on the stock Impala. I have the GM Fleet brochure for the Police Impala and it states "Heavy-duty extruded aluminum engine cradle." One website says "Heavy-duty engine cradle with high strength side rails" while another site just says "Aluminum engine cradle." I see this as a marketing ploy. Different ways to describe something to make it sound better.

    I have seen photos of the cradle from a '01 police cruser and from what I can tell, it looks like the consumer '01 cradle. I don't know what the '00 police cradle looked like, so I can't say that the '00 consumer one was the same as the '00 police fleet vehicle.
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    Perhaps someone should send an e-mail to to confirm the "re-enforced cradle".
  • You are correct. 225/60/16 is the right size. I was gonna check...
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Just wanted to invite you guys to join the Tri-state group of Subarus from to join us for a Drive-a-thon. We are driving 48hrs, 1200miles from NYC->Newark, DE->Philadelphia->Pittsburg->Buffalo->Rochester->Albany->Nyack, NY on a weekend in January to raise money for the WTC relief fund. Details are at or e-mail me for details.


  • hank64hank64 Posts: 37
    I recently had the latest PCM software update installed. My long on-going chuggle (hesitation) problem immediately disappeared - which was the purpose of the installation. Happily, I discovered another nice result: At idle, my tachometer needle always vibrated slightly up and down - about 3 - 4 times a second. The movement was small, roughly 1/4 of an increment off its 600 rpm idle position (roughly 25 rpms?). Now, the engine has smoothed out to where that movement is almost indiscernible. The best part is that my city mileage has gone up approximately from 14+ mpg to 19+mpg.

    It would be interesting to know if any of the others who have had the chuggle problem cured through software updates have had similar mileage increasess.
  • jpstaxjpstax Posts: 250
    I would have posted this message over in the Lumina forum, but I might not get a reply for several days. This forum seems to be much more active, so here goes. My '98 LTZ (3800 engine) has about 47K miles. I have read where it's not a bad idea to change the plugs at 50K miles, even though Chevy recommends changing at 100K miles. Has anyone else heard this? I don't see what harm it could do replacing them a little earlier than the recommended time. I too hear an occasional whinning while accelerating. Is this a sign of a potential tranny problem? Thanks.
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    I also got a small increase in mileage after the update. I notice much smoother shifting now, as well.

    However, my idle is still uneven. It sometimes fluctuates 100-250 RPMs when sitting at idle. It also sometimes idles roughly, causing vibration or shaking. It was worse before the update, but it still does it.
  • baveuxbaveux Posts: 175
    If you don't experience misfiring ,rough idling,and poor fuel economy,do not change the plug,waiste of time and money.
  • hunter39hunter39 Posts: 375
    I'm the one who had his adjusters on the seat changed, Sweetpolly had her rails replaced which is what I thought I would get. I will have the non adjustable rails replaced because my wobble has returned. I also have noticed that I can feel wires inside both the seat and seatback at times, am beginning to wonder if there are some wires broken in both areas. I'm a bit overweight but not that much!

    The seat adjusters which were called "Vertical adjusters" were part number 16607860 &16807200 but I'm telling you now, it doesn't work, at least not for the long haul.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    So my seat tracks must be a different part number. Zero problems and no wobbling.
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    We get it already. Your car is perfect. ;-)
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    Thanks! Do you mind if I email you? I'd like more detail on your seat problem history, if that's OK.
  • Anyone having any "pinging" noises comming from their engines?

    I have what sounds like a ping when the engine is cold and under light accelleration. It seems to go away for the most part after 10 minutes or so of driving.

    Changing fuels has no effect on the noise.

  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Gary, we all know your car is not that perfect either. ;)
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    I'll bet this noise started after the weather cooled off.
    It sounds like possible valve noise. Check your oil level. It's also possible that you're using the wrong viscosity (too thick). If that's the case, it takes until the engine warms up for the oil to properly coat.
    If both of those are OK, you may want to bring it in for an oil pressure test. Of course, they'll most likely say "They all do that" or "That's normal".
    But, on the bright side, you'll have the fun of being late for work after you drop the car off, having your wife or friend drive you to work and back to the dealer later, and telling your boss you have to leave early after arriving late.
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    You must be kidding! My car is like a rock!!!!
    (Yeah. One of those styrofoam rocks they use in the movies. It looks real solid on the outside.)
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Any luck selling it?
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    Oh yeah. That's why I'm still here!
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Oh, I get it. You'll miss us as much as you will miss the car and your fantastic dealership.
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