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Infiniti M37 M56 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    edited June 2010
    Perhaps we are talking about two different USAA's. The one I am using asks for my zip code, then I select the car I want with the features I want and the USAA site gives me the three closest dealers with different prices. I don't think USAA is making those prices up!!! It's not an "invoice" plus's a price for the car including dealer marketing contribution, dealer warranty contribution, regional price adjustments and all that gorp. The only adders are features that are on the car that aren't included in the USAA price (e.g. special protection packages and other pure profit items tacked on by unscrupulous dealers) or administrative fees.

    Why don't you add in the dealer marketing contribution to the USAA price or a dealer prep fee (in addition to the administrative fee).

    So yes, I'd walk over $150 on a $50,000 car...not for the $150, but it would tell me what to expect from their service department. Oh, that's not covered under warranty! your warranty will be void if you don't buy our full recommended services! We add additives during our oil changes! and we prefer that you send your wife in with the car for service so we can sell her air filters :)
  • crazyyakoocrazyyakoo Posts: 13
    daviddamore1 - that sounds like a pretty good deal, especially for the 18k miles. Do you know what MF and residual they are using for the 39mo lease? I've seen quotes for 15/36 months at around $700 a month

    So is the $49k before the $1k owner loyalty? Meaning you're actually only paying $48k for the car?

    May I ask which dealer in NJ you've been working with?

    Thanks for the post
  • So yes, I'd walk over $150 on a $50,000 car...not for the $150, but it would tell me what to expect from their service department. Oh, that's not covered under warranty! your warranty will be void if you don't buy our full recommended services! We add additives during our oil changes! and we prefer that you send your wife in with the car for service so we can sell her air filters

    Wow, You have had a rough time at dealers. I've never had that happen to me at an Infiniti dealer (yet). I have an Infiniti now that I get serviced where I want, Just keep the reciepts. Ive been told that that is all that is needed to remain under warranty. My point again about the warranty supplement of $150 is that just because USAA doesnt list it doesnt mean it doesnt exist. I wonder how many times USAA tells a customer " that's not covered" or "Your policy price is going up" for no reason or "we dont pay that price for repair". You trust them to be right about everything and I'm just saying I dont trust insurance companies for anything. They are the kings of the ripoff. The $150 doesnt tell you jack about the service dept. especially since they told you up front.
  • lxrlxr Posts: 5
    Good evening everyone. I would like to begin by saying that I found a lot of useful information on this forum and this thread. I just joined and wanted to share my experience since I am finally going to bite the bullet and get my M37x with a Premium package in a couple of days. I live in PA and had a chance to drive both an M37x and an M56x. I left the dealership excited but told them that my target price is 300 over invoice and it's probably to early to offer something like that. They countered with 500 over invoice and I accepted. The whole coversation litterally lasted 1 minute. I told them that I'll pick it up early next week. I know that deals are going to get better but I just don't feel like waiting. The lease numbers did not exactly match my calculations though (but I could be doing something wrong). With Cap cost of 49085 + 595 aquisition fee, etc, a 39 month 15K lease came out to about 680/month including PA sales tax which should normally be 6% but in reality was replaced with a 9% use tax :surprise: That's with 0 down only first month payment + tags at signing. Thanks. Please let me know if something doesn't seem right. It is my first lease (I've always bought before)
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,389
    What's the MSRP?

    The lease tax in PA is 3% more than the sales tax.. but, they are only taxing the payment and cap reductions... .not the whole car..



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  • cnewhousecnewhouse Posts: 20
    Anyone in Florida interested in saving $500 on new M leased or purchased thru July 16? PM me if interested.
  • pedro45pedro45 PhiladelphiaPosts: 17
    Congrats on your new car and excellent deal. I too would like to know the MSRP on the car. A cap cost of $49,085, paying 500 over invoice, would seem to indicate more options than the Premium package alone, but I am not sure.

    Also, could you share the dealership and location in PA? I am in the Philly area but more than willing to travel up to 400 miles to get the right deal when I am ready....which may be late this year or early next year.
  • svhustlersvhustler Posts: 10
    edited June 2010
    I just signed on an M37 with sport, sport touring, premium, aero kit, illuminated kick plates, trunk net, tinting, and had the 20" stock wheels chromed for $698 per month with $2200 due at signing (includes first month payment). 39 months and 10k miles per year.

    This was in Phoenix, AZ. Great deal?
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    edited June 2010
    Not sure about the M37x, but for the 2wd M37 right now, the 36 month lease is much better than the 39 month lease. Did you ask your dealer to run both lease lengths or did you just accept his "39 Months is the best deal"?

    If it's not too late, have the dealer run both length leases because they have different money factors and residuals...and, just to be sure, ask to see the rate sheet to verify that he's using the current infiniti rates and not marking them up.

    Then add up all the payments you'll make over the life of the lease (first payment plus all the other payments, including taxes. Then divide that number by the length of the lease to get your true cost per month. Finally, pick the lease length that has the lowest cost per month.

    You can't guess at the payments or which is have to get the actual numbers from the dealer.

    Finally, consider making multiple security deposits. On the lease I'm about to sign for an M37 for 36 mos, I am saving about $2500 by loaning infiniti $5500 for three years. That's a heck of a good return on that $5500.
  • lxrlxr Posts: 5
    MSRP 52810, just the premium. The 36 month lease had a slightly better MF but turned out to be about 23/month more
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    than you did good :)
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    I would love for USAA/Zag to add those, but the Zag program is not set up to handle each dealer as individuals - they just average us all together and give a "Target Price", not an exact price...customers usually only read what they want to read and interpret the fine print how they want to interpret it....overall it does cut to the chase and gets the customer a great price which is the goal.

    It is still a work in progress...remember the dealer is the customer to USAA, we pay $399/month - we don't brain damage - we want the service they promise.
  • svhustlersvhustler Posts: 10
    I just signed on an M37 with sport, sport touring, premium, aero kit, illuminated kick plates, trunk net, tinting, and had the 20" stock wheels chromed for $698 per month with $2200 due at signing (includes first month payment). 39 months and 10k miles per year.

    The MSRP on this car is $58,460 before dealer add-ons (tint, nitrogen tires, wheel locks, paint coat, and chroming the 20" wheels). It was over $62K after add-ons.

    This was in Phoenix, AZ. Great deal?
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    Please explain to me why when I use USAA and price out a car, I get a list of the three closest dealers with mileage to the dealer and often each has a different guaranteed price? There is no "average price" that I see.

    What's missing is the dealer "profit pack"...the extra stuff on the extra window sticker; the warranty fee, etc....but in my case, I refuse to pay for any of those items....the dealer can throw them in or find a car that doesn't have them....but that's just me. That's sort of the bait and switch part of using USAA/ZAG and yes, I know of specific dealers who say...oh yes, that's our price but we add $2000 worth of stuff that you have to buy. Needless to say, I don't deal with those folks.

    So I think their prices are pretty accurate. What am I missing?
  • studio,

    I work in the internet departmet for Infiniti of Tampa. The answer to your question is it's up to the dealer what they want to charge as a price for the particular vehicle. For exampe on G37 Sedans our ZAG price is $150 over invoice. We don't add much to our cars... we have $400 added to all our cars and that's for wheel locks and that great nitrogen filled tires!!! I don't buy into it, just like none of you do. Now another dealer's price can be $150 under invoice... it's all up to the dealer on what they want their ZAG price to be. When I have a customer with a ZAG price I never add the $400 to the price they were quoted. My managers don't like it, but I feel what your quoted is the price you should get.

    Hope this helps.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    427...I think you are doing it exactly the way I would expect. We could do business if my local dealer wasn't so good.

    That sounds a lot different than SewellGSM's pricing (from his notes here)
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    I was just giving you guys the "ugly insight" of how Zag works. I price my G sedans at $500 over invoice minus all the incentives (so $500 below invoice right now). The problem is the customer comes in with a price different than that (not their fault - that is what USAA/Zag told them) - this is where the problem is - the numbers don't match.

    I ask you - who is at fault? Not the customer - not the dealer (we gave them our price in writing) - it is USAA/Zag's fault, but where are they when the customer is at the dealership? No where around, the customers don't trust the dealers anyway - so it is a problem - I was just trying to give you facts why (earlier emails).

    By the way, I will pull out the invoice, add $500 to it, subtract any incentives - even show the customer the pricing we send to Zag/USAA - this is sufficient for most, but not all customers.

    Like I said, a work in progress.
  • I did the MSDs too. (5,800 worth) M37x with premium, msrp 52,975. $2k out of pocket (incl 1st payment). I went with 39 months, 18K miles per year (need a of miles for my commute car).

    Paying $566. Thought is was a good deal.
  • svhustlersvhustler Posts: 10
    I just purchased an M37. If anyone has an offer for the amex card purchase referral, please send to me at Thanks!
  • bingy22bingy22 Posts: 3
    edited June 2010
    Hi All:

    I just got my new M37x. If anyone has an received a 150/500 offer card for the M37x, please contact me at infm37 (at)

    Thanks a lot :)
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    Does that $566 include tax...what's the payment without tax? Looks like a great deal.
  • Yes, includes NJ taxes. Not sure how to back out the tax...
  • alfstinky1alfstinky1 Posts: 63
    edited June 2010
    I would have to agree with you about slow sales on the M37, at least in the NYC,NJ area. I'm in sales and drive between 150-200 miles a day in and around the NYC and NJ metro areas. I have not seen one M since they arrived in the show rooms. Not on the street or toll plazas or highways. My Infiniti lease is up in July so I've shopped a little to feel out prices. On an M37X w/prem, splash guards and the trunk net,first aid kit,trunk mat MSRP 52,975 I was offered in writing 48,365 which doesn't include the 1,000 loyalty from a NJ dealer 48,785 from a NY dealer also without the loyalty. I"m waiting until July to see if the incentives change from Infiniti. I think the RV will stay because it's not to bad but either the MF should drop or they will offer dealer cash. Maybe in areas like Texas a big dealer might be moving 20-30 a month but I just don't see any real proof here. It's my feeling that this car configured as I mentioned should sell for no more than 45,000 at this time.
  • jngo1jngo1 Posts: 21
    hello members
    just got this from email, is this a good deal?

    **** Infiniti is kicking off the summer season with some of its most aggressive deals yet. With over 200 new and pre-owned cars in stock, we are blowing out cars at clearance prices. Here is a peek at just a couple of our current incentives:
    2011 Infiniti M37
    MSRP starting at $47,310
    Fleet Price starting at $43,791
    or Lease for $500 down, $499 a month!! (39 mo / 10k miles a year lease. $0 down plus registration fees and first mo. payment)

    thanks for any suggestions
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    I'm paying $499 a month (plus tax) on a 2011 M37....39 mo lease 12K/year, no money down (from me) and using max multiple security deposits. Car has premium, splash guards and trunk net/mat. I used the $1000 loyalty money to reduce the capitalized cost.

    Fleet price is in theory a special price given to someone buying a fleet of cars. In reality it means's marketing talk making you feel that you are in on some special pricing. They are actually offering you the car at invoice. Just watch that you are also getting options at invoice and there aren't any dealer pin stripes, nitrogen tires, etc added on when you really go to buy the car.

    If it's on the up and up, it's a good deal.
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    It is a marketing term to make folks feel like they are getting a great deal. This price is a great price.

    Many corporations own a "fleet" of vehicles - usually trucks, but sometimes companies have many cars for their salespeople, executives, etc. Those corporations usually have an employee who buys all the vehicles from the dealers and since they are buying mulitiple vehicles at a time - they work out a better sale price due to the fact they are buying so many vehicles. So, some dealers have a "fleet manager" who gives "fleet pricing" - funny thing is we have customers who come in and want to see the "fleet manager" but are only buying one vehicle - we give them the same deal we give everyone else, but they feel better about it.

    Bottom line - it is a good price you posted. :)
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    Not much change on the M's this month - no change really.

    M37 & M56: no dealer cash - 2.9% for up to 66 months, 3.9% for 72

    On lease there is a $1000 Loyalty Rebate if you currently have an Infiniti and lease another. :)
  • blastphemyblastphemy Posts: 34
    Hi, sewellgsm - Do you happen to know M56 lease rates for July? I'm looking at 24-month or 36-month with 15,000 miles annually.
  • keithlkeithl Posts: 106
    I just leased a M37 Sport Touring for darn near invoice. I had to roll over some neg equity in my prior car, but they were knocking $4K off right up front, also got them to throw in ceramic tinting. I probably could have save a few extra $$, but on a car that is out 3 months to get it near invocie is good deal. My old 09 SH-AWD TL was far from invoice 3 months into its life cycle, Infiniti is being very agressive.
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