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Hi everyone... we are currently expecting our 2nd child in August and we have a SMALL Toyota Yaris. We obviously need a bigger vehicle. I'm looking at the '07 Tahoe's and Trailblazers. Which do you suggest and why? I noticed that used Tahoe's are about $25k and Trailblazers are $16-$17k. We will be trading in my Yaris which blue book for fair value is just about $7k and have about $3k saved so total $10k for a down. I REALLY want the Tahoe but just wanted to know what others thought. Is one more reliable? Does one hold their value more? etc.


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    I forgot to mention we have a 2 year old so there is no way we can fit 2 car seats in the back of the Yaris.
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    Well personally speaking, having had two babies grow up into driving teenagers.....for us we've had minivans and Suburbans.

    Around town and the city, the mini-van (we had a chrylser T&C with the sliding doors was by far the most convenient, easy to load and unload, for them to jump in and out, etc. Also large enough to haul their friends, car pool, etc. For the early kid years I would definitely go min-van size and space.

    For vacations, nothing beats the space in a Suburban, or the ability to haul 8 people/kids and all the luggage. We still have Suburban's today. If you are going to get a Tahoe, you might as well get the Suburban unless parking length is a problem where you live.
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