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Hello, My 2005 kia sorento 63,000 miles command shaft that ties into stearing wheel with 2 bolts came loose and one bolt fell off and the other is just hanging there, caused my family to crash into a guard rail going 60mph on I-5. I can spin steering wheel and tires will not move. Has anyone heard of anything like this? Does anyone have any ideas on what I should do, is kia to blame? Im trying to get work history of car but kia will not release to me. Thanks


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    To make a very long story short: I heard a horrible sound and the feeling the bottom of my 2006 Kia Sorento fell out from underneath me. I was just about to drive over a major bridge but pulled into a parking lot that had a automotive shop. They were just about to close, but lifted my car to find that all of the bolts were missing and my Drive Shaft was hanging and in very very poor condition. They lowered my car and I parked it and waited for my husband to come get me. I called Kia the next morning and was told to have it towed to the nearest dealership which was in St. Pete where I work. I did. I was then told later that morning by the Kia dealership's service center that the bolts were physically removed by me or the auto body shop that took a look for me. And that I needed to pay $72 for new bolts in order to send the drive shaft in for the warranty. I DID not nor anyone else remove these bolts. I was told I was a liar by Kia and Kia's customer service rep who called the St. Pete dealership to verify what happened. Kia was asking me questions about parts I have no understanding about and I asked them to call the shop that just looked at it and knows how to answer their questions. The REFUSED to call them and continued to call me a liar. I was treated like a criminal and which made me very upset. My car still sits in the Kia dealership and I'm now waiting to hear if they're going to reject my warranty because I refused to pay the $72 for bolts that were already missing. Has this happened to anyone else??
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    I discovered the exact same thing today, 2 bolts missing, 1 loose, and only 1 tight. Yes, I most definitely think Kia is to blame. It has happened to more than 1 vehicle so it is an issue with the car not a fluke thing.
    My transmission quit working properly today as well. I did not know there was a recall but I will be visiting my dealer today. I have also had the problem with the crankshaft pulley bolt being sheared off TWICE. I lost power steering when this happened. I am just thankful I was not on the freeway as I had my child in the car. I repaired all the issues so far on my own dime but this transmission and drive shaft problem will be fixed by Kia.
    I am sorry about your accident. I wish you and your family a speedy recovery.
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    I have a 2003 Sorento EX and this same thing happened to me on 08/19/2011. Thank God I was in front of my house. I was starting to make a turn when I had "no steering", the steering wheel went round & round and tires would not move. I was able to put in reverse and roll back by the curb (so that car wasn't in the street). Please tell me what you did when this happened to you. I am now afraid to drive my car.

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    About a month ago I bought a 2012 AWD Sorento. I noticed that the car drifts to the right. It dosen't pull but drifts. I took it back to the service dept. They said that's normal because its for safety because if someone falls a sleep the car will drift to the right. I think that's BS. They said they did a alignment but it still drift to the right,
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    Cars do tend drift slightly to the right, but it depends on the road. Most roads are crowned so that water will run off to the shoulders. I don't think "safety" has anything to do with it.

    Your SUV shouldn't pull or require constant pressure to keep it going straight and the effect should be less noticeable on freeways. In fact, it should tend to drift to the left in the left lane of an Interstate. And it shouldn't drift in a flat parking lot.

    You could try another Sorento and see if it has a similar drift.

    Besides the alignment, other things to check would be the tire pressure or a dragging brake.

    Different rig but this link covers the same ground.
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    swap the two front tires. My 2003 murano had a strong pull to one side, and after two alignments, I insisted that the dealer flip the two front tires. what do you know, it now pulled to the other side. Goodyear replaced the tire and I never had another problem for 110,000 miles and sold the car. RR70
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
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    Do you mean you had them just rotate the tires from one side to the other? Or they remounted them?

    I never X rotate my tires since I don't have enough jacks and stands, but maybe I should start. Well, my Nokians on the wagon are directional tires and they shouldn't be rotated in an X anyway.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 215,980
    I never cross-rotate (even when possible, which it usually isn't).. I've had very little issues with alignment over the years..

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  • roadrunner70roadrunner70 Member Posts: 241
    just flipped from one side to the other. that simple to identify a tire issue. too many folks are looking for complicated solutions when an easy one will do.
  • attarabsattarabs Member Posts: 1
    When driving my 2011 Kia Sorento at slow speeds and turning to the left, it feels like the steering wheel slips then catches or the power steering gets extremely loose. Mostly occurs when when taking a turn under 10mph. Has anyone experienced this. I had a technician look at it that works on Kia's for a living. He noticed it when he drove it but couldn't figure out why. Anyone have a similar problem
  • kristiskisskristiskiss Member Posts: 1
    I am experiencing the same situation as attarabs is having of my 2006 kia sorento seemingly the wheels not turning with the whee, or like it slips then grabs and finally turnsl,  as well a hovering feeling almost like the car is twisting in the center and the cat will drift either right or left when holding the wheel steady. .also when i got a seem or divot in the road is almost like my wheel wants to seperate completely from the car. It's unnerving. Gives me vertigo, and I'm scared to drive it. I have had it balanced and aligned 3 times within just a cpl months because I've notice the back wheel is pitched out so when going down the road it wobbles.  Cats back way off from me eapecially on the freeway.  HELP! I'm not crazy!  I have been wrenching on cars  with my dad since i was little so i know when a cat isn't right. ..i just can figure out what is wrong.  Changed the rack. .and put new shocks and less than a yr ago had all new tires rotors calipers and brakes replaced.  Please help! ! It has been in the shop (Firestone) for this problem 5 times this ur and they just keep telling me nothing is wrong.  
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