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    Scorpio, somewhat to my embarrassment you put your finger right on the problem. I didn't test drive the truck. I bought it over the internet from a dealer a couple hundred miles away, so my drive home was the first time I had touched the wheel of that particular truck. I had driven the same model at a local dealership, but the drive was basically twice around the block and "how can we help you buy this truck today"? (Which was one reason I bought from another dealership.)
    I have been very pleased with my truck once I got the sway problem under control, and am very glad I purchased it. I got 14 years out of my last Toyota, and expect the same from this one. Still, if I would have had a long test drive under different types of driving conditions I would have been aware of the problem before I bought the car, which is preferable to being unpleasantly surprised after the papers are signed. Lesson learned.
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    Once warmed up, my 2002 Tacoma 4 Cyl 2WD has a "value ticking/deisel sound" that has been referenced in other messages. Has anyone gotten a definitive response/repair through Toyota? I found a TSB regarding "knocking" in engine area, but wanted to see if anyone has have a good answer. Thanks

    PS. The OEM tires are terrible, has anyone found a good replacement lately? I have been through the tire message board.
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    BFG AT KO are a good choice, I've had mine for 30K now, they are good. A tad slippery sometimes in rain (but it also may have to do with the slick pavement on that one spot), but they last a good long while, AND you can go offroading in them (thats not to say that you can't use RoughTrail stock tires offroad. I have).
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    We have a 4 banger 2WD also, though ours is a 2000. We replaced the OEM Wilderness tires with Michelin tires from Costco (I think they were something like X-1 or X-2, but don't remember exactly). They seem to be doing great (they've been on for a year or more). I haven't had to drive through standing water yet, so I don't know about whether they would hydroplane or not. Our mileage is all paved roads, mostly freeway. The one time I took the Taco on a dirt road (not a 4x4 trail, just a forest service dirt road), it wallowed so badly that I said never again.

    Is your valve tapping/diesel loud? I've sometimes thought I've heard a soft ticking but I'm not sure it is really there or not. I haven't done anything about checking it out since I'm not really sure if there is anything I'm hearing other than my imagination.
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    Thanks, I have warranty appointment next week with Toy Dealer to assess the noise and fix common Passenger Airbag rattle in dash & bumper paint problem. Will post what I find out from them.
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    Would appreciate feedback from 2000-2003 Tacoma 2.7 4cyl owners experiencing a 20-30 second cold start engine noise. Knocking started in my 2002 at 22k miles as a cold weather nuisance but is becoming a regular occurance. Would prefer being better informed before going back to the dealer.
    (See msg #898 December 20, 2003)

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    I took my 2000 Tacoma 2.7L (50000k) to the dealer in January for the same issue, basically to get a record of the problem with Toyota before the warranty runs out. I think the noise is internal, the technician said it was related to the accessories, and not to worry about it!? Mine still only happens in the cold weather. I'm actually not sure what I'm going to do about it at this point, other than warm the truck up a little before driving
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    My father has a 2002 Tacoma 4x4 2.7L Auto. He was experiencing the cold-start ticking for the first few minutes (sounded like a Diesel) and notified the dealer. The dealer gave some bad excuse which didn't satisfy him, so my father called Toyota directly and complained.

    Toyota claimed they never heard of the problem, but they authorized the dealer to take the engine apart and replace the main crank bearings. They suspect that there's a problem with the oil routing and the crank bearings aren't getting lubed properly when the engine is cold and has been sitting overnight. What gets me is that if it is indeed a problem with oil not getting to the bearing, then won't the same thing happen to new bearings? Perhaps an oil hole needs to be drilled bigger. In addition to the repair, Toyota authorized a complimentary rental car while this work is being done (so far it's been a week and it's still in pieces)

    If you're not satisfied, DO NOT LET THIS WAIT! You need to inform Toyota headquarters - it seems like this is a major design flaw which may potentially cause expensive damage after the powertrain warranty expires! They're probably trying to avoid fixing every engine and will only deal with it on a case-by-case basis, so make your opinions heard!

    If they give you any trouble, look into a Lemon Law Lawsuit against Toyota. The law varies from state to state, but that noise sounds like a serious problem and needs to be fixed if you plan on keeping your truck past the warranty period.

    Has anyone heard of this problem on the 2.4L engine? I'm thinking of getting a 4x2 Taco this week, but I don't want to have to deal with this.
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    I know a person at my work who has a son that had this problem with his. After many visits and mis-diagnosis, it took Toyota nearly eight months to decide that he needed a new engine.

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    OK, well I've got the same problem but worse.
    2004 Taco 4Dr Prerunner - white.

    Bottoms of doors show what uaskd4it describes, and the cargo bed floor had thin areas that showed at panel edges and spotwelds. Latter resolved by installing Line-X spray in bedliner.

    However, I noticed a bright orange rust stain on the bottom corner of the weatherstripping at the opening of the driver's door. Looked under the door and found what uaskd4it describes, but worse. There's an area about 13mm x 80 mm that is total bare, except for bright orange rust!

    3 months and 1 wk old. and I've got rust.

    Anybody got any new info on this subject?

    Has anyone noticed this on anything other than white Tacos? (White usually requires hvy coats to cover and shows more under coverage problems than others. But having NO paint, including no primer in a spot is really bad.)

    Even if there were primer alone, I wouldn't find that acceptable. This is something Toyota has to address. Primer is not an acceptable "system" to prevent corrosion. I thought automakers got over the horrible corrosion of the 1960s and 1970s, but this kind of thing will bring a rerun.
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    Hey, uaskd4it - What's the status on your enquiry into this?

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    Dealer has indicated that engine sound is "common" to engine. Will arrange for independent mechanical evaluation.

    The rattle in the dash turned out to be a "misaligned AC line", and the bumper is being repainted under warranty.
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    We have 2002 Tacoma, Reg Cab, 2.4 engine, auto tran. Some "engine noise" can be attributed to the fact that (at least our engine) has a "chain rather than belt" driving valves. Recently noted that the top portion of our front bumper (painted portion between the upper/lower vinyl sections) had paint that wasn't adhering. One could easily scrape it off with fingernail...back from small areas that had already had paint let go. The underlying primer coat (black)....or whatever Toyota applies under the color (grey) coat...was adhering but color coat was not. The front bumper was removed, stripped and repainted/replaced under warranty. If your vehicle has any paint on bumper metal, I would recommend you carefully examine same for paint problems!
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    In a couple of previous posts regarding the above, the terms TSB & ECU were used. I'm not sure what they mean. Any help would be appreciated.
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    TSB is a service bulletin issued on a make/model. It describes a particular well-known problem to dealers, and how to fix it. It's not a recall, which happens when a particular problem can lead to vehicle failures (usually recalls are assosiated with parts that directly impact vehicle operational status and safety. So dash rattle would be a TSB, but safety belt lock loose would be a recall b/c dash rattle won't kill you, but seatbelt coming unlocked in a crash will).
    ECU is an electronic control unit, like a CPU for a car.
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    My 2004 Tacoma has a panel screwed into the top half of the inside of the tailgate. The first time I lowered the tailgate and put my knee on that panel to climb into the bed, the panel dented from the weight of my 190 pounds. Apparently the tailgate is mostly hollow behind the panel. So, you would think they'd put an extra strong panel there, instead of an extra weak one. This just seems really inexcusable. It's not like I was climbing on the hood and dented it. Toyota must know people will climb on the tailgate of a truck. I complained to Toyota about this but they said the dents weren't covered by the warranty because they were caused by "an outside influence." Has anyone had a similar experience with their tailgate, and gotten a similarly lame reply from Toyota?
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    I appreciate your help. I've got a 2003 d-cab, 4x4 and have had some other minor problems as well. It's 9 months old w/ 9,000 miles on it. Where can I find out info. on a TSB?
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    Hey Flyingwedge!
    The Tacoma's cargo beds/ tailgates are week. I have a 2000 TRD V6 4x4. I also put a few minor dents in my tailgate. I had the bed & tailgate rynolined and then I installed a drop in liner on top of that!! I had a piece of diamond plate Aluminum cut and bent to slide / fit over the tailgate. I can now safly put some stuff in the cargo box!
     Lame Replies from Toyota? I've come to find that Arbitraton IS the Toyota warranty process! "There couldn't be anything broken it's a Toyota!" I'm just glad I decided to keep my 1991 SR5 4x4(135'000 miles) instead of trading it in on the Tacoma. The SR5 has come through when the Taco couldn't handle the strain. 8o) Jeff
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    I think we've got the same problem. Was it ever diagnosed/fixed? I have 2003 d-cab. Just started happening around 8,500 miles.
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    I plan to pay out of pocket to get my front windshield replaced due to a crack. The prices in my area (MD/DC/VA) vary greatly from as low as $145 to as high as $290. These are all rates for after market windshields as the shops I've contacted either won't install a Toyota ordered windshield ($230 ordered from dealer)or will install but won't warrantee it. Are after market windshields just as reliable and simular in tent and appearance as dealer parts? Also, does anyone in the DC/MD/VA area have a shop they could recommend for reliable work at a decent price. Thanks :)
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    Windshields are imported into the country and are just as good as the Japanese replacements. They must meet minimum standards for tempered saftey glass.
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    I'm going to look at a '99 SR5 XtraCab PreRunner V6/Auto with 67K miles tomorrow. It's got many features, such as power windows and locks, cruise, etc. I don't know alot about what came standard and what was an option on this truck. The internet advertised price for the Tacoma is $12990. What do you think I should offer? If I make the deal I'll be trading in my '02 Accord SE, which is 2 years into a 3 yr lease. The Accord payment is only $259/mo and I can only do the deal if I can keep my payment on the truck within a $20 range of that.

    I keep reading about the excellent reliability of Tacomas. I'm wondering what I should be on the lookout for when test driving and examining the truck. What questions should I ask the salesman? The only Toyota truck I've driven before was an '87 4x4, and that was about 10 years ago. I realize it's not going to feel anything like my Accord. Should I be listening for any Tacoma-specific tell-tale signs that the truck might have problems? I know a fair amount about vehicles so I do have a good idea of what might be wrong in general, I just don't know about any Tacoma quirks.

    Thanks in advance for your input.

    Please feel free to email me directly.


    Todd Huestis
    [email protected]
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    I have a 2001 Reg Cab, 4x2, 5spd. Went on a 600mi trip - 12/2001- one month after purchase. Lots of snow, sand, ice, little rocks along the way. Always thought it was that stuff thrown up by the big rigs during the snow storm that caused my bumper paint to flake so soon. So, never said anything to dealer. What's left is still flaking. I don't scratch or scrape it myself. The under stuff is fine. Going in for 60,000mi service in the next 2-4 weeks. Not sure if I'll say anything at this point. I get a bit of ticking, but only at idle. The owners manual said it was normal, as is using a bit of oil, which has not happened at all. Happy owner, but am real curious about the next generation Taco base model!!
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    Can't help with prices in your area. I live in the Seattle area. Had my rock-cracked front windshield replaced last summer. The sightseeing improved a ton afterwards. Didn't realise the amount of scratching that was there, also. $195 I wanted Toyota glass so it would say Toyota and be stock. They said it was expensive and took a day or two to get. They were done in an hour, and the Toyota label on the glass was just that, a stick on label (I guess), because they must have taken it off the old windshield and stuck it on the replacement!! Nothing to do with windshields, but I believe my 2001 2.4L has a timing belt, not chain. Right?? Just thought that from day one, it's not the result of research or anything. The 2001 Nissan Frontier I test drove when looking back when had a chain, I think. Not sure when I'll be back on the board, but it was nice to check in this early morning. Later...
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    How did you make out looking at that Prerunner? I have a 2000 XtraCab (4 banger SR5) and the only issue I've had is the uncomfortable seats. I hope you took a long enough test drive to find out if you could live with the seats.

    Yesterday I went to a Relax the Back store and bought a back support for it. It helps quite a bit - enough that I'm now planning on keeping the Taco for a couple of more years. We have over 156,000 miles on it now, and I expect it will go another 100,000 miles before I get rid of it. The only maintenance issue I might have in the near future could be a new clutch (still has original one). I don't know what the signs would be for a worn clutch, since I've never had a MT vehicle long enough before to find out! What should I look for?
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    I too have been looking at Tacomas in the 98-00 years, specifically looking for a 4 cyl Prerunner Xtra cab. The best prices I've seen here in Orlando have been around $12K for a 99 or 00 for that type of truck with about 50K miles. Yours has much more so $12990 isn't bad if they'll deal. There's a 98 4 cyl Prerunner with 70K miles advertised here for $11990. Going from an Accord to a Tacoma, I'd pay close attention to the ride and comfort. Other than making sure it's been properly maintained, not sure what else I'd recommend. I've heard about the Toyota oil sludge problem with the 6 cyl engine, but not sure if 99 Tacomas were affected. Even Toyotas and Hondas won't hold up w/o proper maintenance. Good luck.
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    I didn't get to see the truck. I had called them at about 7pm friday night. I got there around noon on saturday. The had sold the truck the night before at 9:30. Last day of the month...

    I did go to the local carmax and test drove both a Nissan Frontier Desert Runner V6 and a Tacoma PreRunner V6. The DR was a '00 with 30K for $13K. Pretty good deal I think, but I wasn't overly impressed with it. The Taco was a '02 or '03 with 21K for $19K. I really liked the Taco. The engine felt much stronger than the Frontier.

    I'm going today to another dealer that has what appears to be pretty much the same Tacoma as I had originally planned to see. I'll let you know how it turns out.

    As far as test drives - the carmax test drive route isn't very long. I'll ask to take a pretty good drive today in the Tacoma. The one big thing that stood out driving both the Tacoma and the Frontier was the road noise from the tires. I guess that's to be expected on these types of trucks. Also, they both danced around a bit on bumps - a result of the live axle and no rear weight I think. These are just a couple of the things I'll have to get used to going from a sedan to a truck.

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    "Also, they both danced around a bit on bumps - a result of the live axle and no rear weight I think. These are just a couple of the things I'll have to get used to going from a sedan to a truck."

    If the light rear end bothers you, just put a couple of bales of hay, or a couple of cement blocks or a couple of pre-hung doors (what we did recently) and the ride smooths out very nicely.

    One of the things I notice about the Taco vs. my Wrangler is that the Taco leans quite a bit. If you get the Prerunner, my guess is that the suspension would be stiffer and would take care of that (but I don't know since I haven't driven the Prerunner).
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    The second truck I had intended to look at was gone too! Seems PreRunners are pretty popular around here these days.

    I did get to check on out at this one place. It was a '99 Black PreRunner SR5 TRD with 73K miles. It had a solid fiberglass tonneau cover and the bed was lined with some type of padded carpet. It seemed to be a good truck. I was able to take it on a nice 20 mile or so drive. The selling price was $14.5K. I was able to negotiate the trade of my car and the price was in my ballpark, but for some reason the truck just didn't do it for me. I was a little concerned about the miles, although I might be ridiculous for thinking that's a problem. I don't know. One little thing that really kind of annoyed me was that the grip part of the steering wheel was loose from the steering wheel frame itself right at the top of the wheel. It allowed the grip part to rotate a little bit. I don't know if I'm describing this well enough. Basically I could twist the steering wheel grip much the same as I twist the throttle grip on my motorcycle. I don't know how easily this could be fixed but I do know that it would have bugged me to no end until it was fixed. I also don't think I want a black truck. I'm going to narrow my search to lighter colors.

    So anyway, I know I still like/want a Tacoma, I just didn't want that Tacoma.

    However, I have expanded my search to include Nissan Frontiers. Since Tacomas in my price range seem to be hard to come by I'm considering Frontiers now too. Even though the one I drove at Carmax didn't do much for me I'm going to give another one a try before I rule them out.

    Thanks for your responses. I'll keep you posted on how my truck searching progresses.

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    I have to agree with you about the black truck - I have one black vehicle and one white vehicle. The black is significantly warmer.

    Based on my experience, I wouldn't worry too much about 70,000 miles, as long as the engine hasn't been abused. I was thinking about selling my 2000 Taco and getting something with more comfortable seats, but changed my mind when I got the back support. Mine has 156,000 miles on it and I'm hoping to get at least another 100,000 miles before I finally sell it.

    One of the reasons I have the Taco is that I didn't care for the Frontiers. I've owned several Nissans, including a Hardbody pickup that I kept for 11 years (and 290,000 miles). I'd probably still own it but it was an auto and I moved to the mountains. When the second tranny went, I sold it, even though the motor was still in good shape.
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    The price for the '99 Black Prerunner seems quite high (IMO). I've seen 99/00 Xtracab Prerunners advertised here in Orlando for under $12K and with less than 60K miles. I think they're still listed at I test drove a 99 Xtracab Prerunner, gorgeous truck, 46.5K miles, listed at $11395 with a $399 dealer fee, but when I called them back after the test drive they just didn't seem to want my business.
    The truck will be for my son, replacing his '98 Mustang.....LOL.
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    I just purchased a 2004 Tacoma 4x2 XtraCab 2.4L Auto two months ago. Since I bought this truck, I have not been able to get better than 18MPG, and that includes highway driving! I have checked just about everything I could think of - Tires are inflated properly, I have tried driving with and without air conditioning, I have tried cruise control at 55, 60, 65, and 70MPH, I have tried various types of acceleration ranging from normal to extremely light, and I have tried several brands and grades of gasoline. No matter what I do, I can't get better than 18MPG! I have been told that during the first 1000 miles I should expect to see lower than rated fuel economy since it's the break in period, however I have 1800 miles on my truck and it's still getting the same mileage as when it was new!

    When I took it to the dealer, they told me there was nothing they could do because the check engine light wasn't on! I have called Toyota and filed a complaint, and I am in the process of sending them a written complaint.

    This truck is rated at 22 city, 25 highway, and I a can't beat 18MPG on the highway! My main reason for getting this truck instead of a 4WD Tacoma or Full Size Chevy or Ford was the fuel economy! I got the 2.4L 4x2 beacuse I don't mind sacrificing some power for better fuel economy, but this little truck is very sluggish and still doesn't get good gas mileage! Something is seriously wrong. If Toyota can't fix my truck to get better gas mileage, I would like a replacement or refund. I am going to go through arbitration if they cannot fix this problem.

    Car manufacturers always claim "Your Mileage May Vary", however I have tried varying my driving technique even to the point where I drive like a grandma and I still can't get better mileage! A friend of mine has a 2002 4x4 Tacoma that averages 20MPG, and that's a heavier truck with a bigger engine and bigger tires!

    Has anyone else experienced poor fuel economy on their 2.4L 4x2 Tacoma?
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    I have a pretty much the same vehicle (2WD, Xtracab, 4 banger, mine is a 5 speed - is yours an auto?) except it is a 2000 and I usually get 26-28 mpg. That's almost all highway, driving 70-75 and includes an altitude difference of around 5,500 feet (start at close to 6,000 feet, go to sea level and then back up). It went over 160,000 miles today and I've been quite happy with the mileage. It doesn't have any extra power, but it gets me to work and back. The seats are uncomfortable, but the back support I recently got has helped enough that we are going to keep it for a couple of more years.

    Good luck trying to get the dealer or Toyota to do something about your mileage.
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    I have a 2002 4WD Tacoma 2.7 and Im getting 25mpg. Granted it is a manual and I drive very conservatively, but Im still beating the epa estimate.
    I have noticed that my mileage has continually improved since I got the truck, they seem to take a while to break in.
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    I have an 04 Tacoma reg cab 4x4 2.7L w/automatic that I bought new in April. I now have approximately 6200 miles on it an am getting just under 23 mpg combined city/hwy driving. This is with 265/70x16 tires and 4.56 rear end gears (stock). Not exactly the 38 mpg combined city/hwy mileage I got from my 01 Corolla S 5 spd. but I can't complain. The Corolla couldn't pull a 2000 lb trailer though as I have with the Tacoma. Now if only the price of gas would come down again...hmm....
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    I have a 2001 4x2 base model, small cab, 5spd manual, with a spray in bedliner, which adds some weight. It just passed 60,500. Have had the 30 and 60,000 mile services at the Toyata dealer, and changed oil every 3-4,000, with air filter change every 15,000. I get 24-30 overall, with the 24-25 and 29-30 not too common, but have seen it more than once. Most often I see 26mpg, with about 70% freeway. I drive a bit more than 'average', but also take it easy on corners and stop and start smoothly. I keep track of every tankfull. That started partly because of concerns about a neighbor dipping into my tank, but has continued after I stopped thinking about that! I don't have any advice, sounds like you are doing what I would do....
  • ata3001ata3001 Member Posts: 30
    I went out today driving about 210 miles. I'm not a lead foot driving 55-65 mph. Speed limit was 55 & 65 mph in various places. and I managed to get 27 1/2 mpg. Not bad considering the EPA rating is 18/21.
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    I just bought an '02 Tacoma extended cab and have a question about the interior dome (ceiling) light. The only time it will come on... other than when I turn the switch on, is when I put the key in the door to unlock the truck. Does anyone know how to make the light automatically come on upon opening the door to get out or when the passenger door is opened? Thanks
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    i've got an '02 tacoma double cab, during the warmer months when i roll my windows down (all the way) a mildew smell comes from the doors. been to two dealers with the problem all they do is spray 3 cans of deoderizer in the doors. i can't find a TSB concerning this issue, wondering if others have this problem.
  • 2k1trd2k1trd Member Posts: 301
    What color is the truck?
  • hyperformancehyperformance Member Posts: 13
    it's white, the oder is terrible were it's been so warm & wet here. i'm going to make an appointment with the dealer (third time) and demand it be fixed for good. i don't care if they gotta put four new doors on it!
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    I've been continuously searching for that ever elusive "one in a million" deal on a Tacoma!

    My current prospect is an '01 V6 4x4 Ext Cab with 85K miles. I haven't seen the truck yet so I don't know much about it. I don't even know the asking price yet. My bro-in-law who works at a dealership just took the truck in today. I'll know the whole scoop tomorrow after the truck goes through the service dept for inspection, detail, etc. He did say though that the truck should be in my (limited) price range. :-)

    So here's my latest question - At what point does mileage on a Tacooma become an issue? I realize that 85K on an '01 is ALOT! I put on about 15K miles/yr, so it would be a while, if ever, before I'd catch up and be on track for average miles/yr for the model year. Is this going to seriously hurt me if I ever DO want to get rid of the truck?

    As always - thanks for your responses. Once I know more about the truck I'll post it here.

    Todd Huestis
    [email protected]
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    I guess it is how you define "a lot of miles" - I have a 2000 Tacoma Xtra cab, 2WD, 4 banger and I noticed today on the way home that it is due for another oil change at 162,000 miles. It is still running great - original clutch etc. All I've had to do is replace the brakes and rotors (and change the fluids quite often). Oh, I had a weird tranny thing that was there for a week then disappeared and the radiator had a manufacturing defect so it was replaced under (extended) warranty. While I still don't like the seats, the back support I bought has made a big difference, and I hope to get another couple of years out of it.

    If my experience is any indication, that 85,000 isn't something to be scared about, especially if the truck has been taken care of properly.
  • 2k1trd2k1trd Member Posts: 301
    Say no more...i had the same problem with my wifes diamond white pearl Solara.I balme it on the color as white will not attract the sun to dry out the moisture inside the doors.If you havn't noticed,on hot days you can easily touch a vehicle that is painted white (or any other light colored vehicle) and it's basically at air temp verses a black car that you could not even keep your hand on it as is is way to hot to the touch.
  • hyperformancehyperformance Member Posts: 13
    i never thought about the white, i've never had this problem but i never had a light color vehicle either. do you think silver is the same? there are a million silver Tacoma's & Rav4's, you guess they all sink to?

    the dealer just called, said the drains/ vents are clear, there's no water puddled in the door, same as always.... i'll get another can of deoderizer in each door and be on my way! i told the service manager this is b%llsh!t to spend so much on a new vehicle and it smell like mold & mildew. he said his techs have other vehicles come in smelling similair, some worse than others, i'll find out if they're tacomas, solaras & if they're all light colored. he's also gonna give me an 800# for toyota consumer affairs to lodge a complaint (like i couldn't find that in my owners manual). going to pick up the truck now.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Member Posts: 2,882
    LOL.....That's the first I've heard of a light color causing mold.
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    My current prospect is an '01 V6 4x4 Ext Cab with 85K miles

    So I went and drove this truck today. It has not been serviced/detailed yet by the dealership. Right now it's rough! There is some sort of aftermarket alarm system that keeps cycling on and off. The dash and parking lights are all flashing in unison with said alarm system. The exhaust is pretty loud. I looked underneath and didn't see any aftermarket exhaust so I think there's probably something wrong with the muffler. It's got aftermarket cruise control. I don't know if it works or not. The interior/exterior is very dirty. There are small holes in the ceiling where something was mounted right behind the reading lights. There is evidence of a previously mounted toolbox. There is a tow hitch that looks like it's had the ball mount bar (receiver?) inserted/removed many times.

    Oh and did I mention that the truck is GOLD with TAN interior? I really dislike Toyota's tan interior, and I'm not too keen on the exterior gold color either.

    My bro-in-law says he sees vehicles in this shape traded in all the time and that once it goes through service/detail it will look MUCH better.

    The truck drives well. The one thing I did notice was what seemed to be detonation. I thought I could hear the engine knocking under acceleration. The truck does have 88K miles. Should there be any evidence of detonation in a 3.4L V6? I wouldn't think so.

    As it stands now I'm not inclined to purchase this vehicle. It would have to have a major transformation to win me over.

    I also today had the thought of waiting until the 2005's are completely out, like in Dec/Jan. I'm betting there are going to be quite a few people in late model Taco's ('01-'04) that are going to want to get in a new '05 model Taco once they see them. There will also be a new Frontier and new Dakota by then that people might be trading in their Taco's for. Do you think that I might have better luck waiting until then to look for a used Taco?


  • 2k1trd2k1trd Member Posts: 301
    I have a 01 Tacoma in silver and so far no problems.
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