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    FYI.....I just saw this on

    Toyota Recalling 22,228 Tacoma Pickups
    Associated Press - February 16, 2005

    Motor Trend

    Toyota Motor Co. is recalling 22,228 Tacoma pickups because the parking brake may not work, the automaker and federal safety regulators said Tuesday.

    Tacomas from the 2005 model year with automatic transmissions are involved in the recall.

    Toyota spokesman John Hanson said the company recalled the vehicles after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration received eight complaints. No injuries have been reported due to the defect, Hanson said.

    Toyota said the lock nut on the parking brake cable may not have been properly tightened and can loosen and come off. If that happens, the vehicle could roll if it's stopped on a slope and the transmission isn't in park.

    Toyota will notify owners of the recall next month. Dealers will tighten the lock nut for free.
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    I just bought my 2004 2.7L tacoma 4x4 and preparing to move to Minnesota known for their frigid winters. I read your entry about engine problems you encountered and wanted to know if it is weather related. If so, are there many Tacomas out there that experience similar problems? Are there ways to prevent these mechanical breakdowns? What do you do to help weather proof your rig? Any insight would be valuable. Thanks.

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    2002, tacoma , 4cyl, ,,
    at about 40,000 miles, i noticed a (very intermittent) knock!,,,, it is only at startup, and only noticeable when the truck is (under load), i mean when you drive it off. the vehicle does not make the "noise" when started, or when sitting idling,,, but only when driven off,,, and then the "knock" lasts only 5 seconds or so......I can NOT duplicate this trouble when I want. It "knocks" once every couple of weeks. More noticeable when cold, and after the vehicle has sat for 8 hours or more. oil changes (with filter) ever 3000 miles (castrol 5x30). This may seem insignificant, but when (IT) makes the noise,, It makes the hair stand straight up on your head! really, weird!,,,,,,,,anyone had similar experience? possible a lifter? how can i be certain?
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    2005 4x4 V-6 double cab with TRD off-road package - less than 250 miles. I realize the engine for 2005 is different than previous years, but I also had a 2004 V-6 that never got to 7,000 miles (wrecked in an accident). My question is: is the engine supposed to sound like it has some kind of fluttering noise coming from it when you accelerate? Also, my first full tank is almost empty already (not even 250 miles). Does any of this sound familiar?
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    Schoolie: Yep, that sounds about right. We have 21 gallon gas tanks, but are on empty with 4-6 gallons still in there. (Which is good, you never want to drive with that little gas in there, anyway.) I'm getting 19-21 mpg.

    I don't understand the "fluttering" noise you are talking about. Is it coming from the engine or tranny? If it does it every time, I'd drop in at the dealer and take the service manager for a quick drive and ask him/her if it's normal.

    (I hope this one lasts longer than 7,000...that had to be a bummer!)

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    just got a 2005 4x4 d-cab TRD sport package, about 270 miles now. the flutter comes when accelerating going up a hill or when the truck seems to have shifted into 3rd gear (auto trans)and keep the RPM at about 1500 to 2000 and the flutter occurs. I thought that maybe the dealer put in regular and hoped that when I filled up with premium that the sound would go away. I just filled up and the sound seems to have softened, but it has not gone away. I will try to test drive another tacoma at another dealer to see if the demo has the sound. Most people may not hear the sound if they have the radio on and not listening to the engine
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    My first guess is a fuel system problem.

    Of the 4 basic things that have to happen for the engine to run- a)cranking; b)fuel delivery; c) air; d) spark - you have (a) and almost surely (c). Spark is easy enough for them to check, though that could be an intermittent issue (my worst vehicle ever -1984 Ranger %$#%^*& had an ignition system issue that would flare up now and again, but it could happen on the interstate at 70mph). Could be an issue with fuel getting to the injectors. Leaking high pressure fuel pump, issue with vapor canister or fuel return line, issue with injectors, possibly even fuel filter.
    My pet theory here is that fuel is not readily available for injection into the intake and the cranking for some time is required to get it there. A somewhat more remote possibility is the antitheft system which either diables the fuel delivery or the ignition -I'm not sure which on this vehicle- unless the key w/ the chip is in place. In either case, I suppose there could be an issue there. I should think that if they would keep it over night and have it instrumented before they put it away for the night, that when they first start it the next day they may have a chance to catch one of those.

    Good luck, these kinds of things can be trying.
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    I just want to know if anyone noticed a loud high pitch squeak when they hit a bump I have brought my 05 Tacoma to the dealership 4 times for that problem finally they changed the passenger rear shock cause when I jump up and down on the truck the noise is coming from there. Well the problem is still there and the service department told me that they just do that. That they are a new shock from toyota on these trucks. I would like to know if this is true or not
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    Aloha7 it sounds like you are hearing the same thing as me. I also want to take a test drive in another Tacoma to see if I hear the same thing. Exactly right about the radio covering up the sound too - some people can't hear the noise at all. Please let me know what you hear if you get a chance to test drive another and I will do the same. Thanx for the input.
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    I was just wondering if any of you people complaining about your new 2005 Tacomas have ever been in any other trucks?Most of you should trade your Tacos for Colorados or Canyons,or say Rangers,or maybe a Dakota,no wait,a,a,Frontier.Any of these would be a better choice.The outdated designs,the whimpy motors.The crappie interiors.Sure the 05 Tacos have some problems,but so does any other first year,totally redesigned vehicle.If you weren't willing to take a chance you should have bought a full size Chevy.They been the same for the last 13 or 15 years,plenty of time to work out the bugs,right?Wrong!If you want to be cool you gotta take some chances.My 2005 Tacoma Crew Cab 4X4 Long Bed TRD Sport "4" pkg. with 5 spd/auto in Indigo Ink Pearl is the hottest thing out there.I'm sucking gas and hauling [non-permissible content removed] and loving every minute of it.People are whining about noises and rattling and poor gas mileage.IT'S A TRUCK!!!!TRADE YOUR TACO'S FOR BUS PASSES!!!!!!
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    i think you are on the wrong thread. this one is about toyota tacoma P-R-O-B-L-E-M-S not how hot your truck is.
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    Can someone tell me the best place to get replacement shocks for my 1999 v6 xcab Tacoma? I’ve looked at a few “big” parts websites but there seems to be confusion over which type of shocks to put on the front. Second question is spark-plug replacement – my dealer said he replaced all six but the cover on the right side doesn’t look like it was removed. Can someone tell me how much time it takes to replace the plugs and is it an “involved” job on the right side – removing hoses, etc.? Thanks!
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    Schoolie, did you get an answer on your fluttering sound. I just picked up my '05 tacoma (v6, 4x4) last night and it had the same sound..... Any kind of acceleration and the fluttering sound. I'm thinking it is low grade gas or even possibly a fule injection/spark plug issue. Let me know.

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    I've got a '99 Tacoma w/ 117k, and had a similar problem, especially in cold weather. In my case, it went from dying after starting just as you describe (had to hit the gas or it quit), to intermittently not turning over, to just not turning over. I replaced the starter contacts, and it doesnt' seem to happen anymore. I figured it was two separate problems, since once it's started, the starter contacts shouldn't matter, so why would replacing them stop it from stalling. But, it doesn't do either anymore, so I'm not asking any questions. From reading other boards, the starter contacts are a pretty common failure point on Tacos at around 100k, fyi.
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    Was all set to buy a 05 TT crew cab long bed when I was informed by Rack It of Placerville CA that the lumber Rack I had paid for in 2004 would cause the composite bed to crack and structurally fail,and they would not produce any lumber racks for the 05 Tacoma untill Toyota fixed the beds to support the weight of a lumber rack or even a tool box! I own a Rafting company in CA and use the Rack It lumber rack to carry rafts, oars and also lumber, rebar and you name it. Had some very heavy loads on my 86 Toyota extra cab long bed and never a problem.
    I was SO looking forward to buying a new 05 Tacoma and then this news about the composite bed cracking pops up.
    Hard to believe Toyota did not do any testing of this bed with racks or tool boxes before starting to sell them. I sent a Email to Toyota asking about this and other Tacoma problems and they never bothered to respond.
    The only truck I want to purchase is the 05 Tacoma since my 86 Toyota has been such a joy but no way until the bed problem is solved. Any one else heard about this problem?
    Will most likely buy a used Ford crew cab Diesel until Toyota gets its act together.
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    I have a 2003 tacoma 4x4 with 265/70/16 tires on it. Will 31x10.5 15" rims and BFG TA KOs fit? I know the dia. of the tires is the same but don't know if the smaller rims will fit. The 15" tires are $45 cheaper each and are a lot easier to find. Thanks
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    This is somewhat related:

    I am buying a '05 Tacoma at the end of the month, and the dealers are pushing the Extra Care Protection Plan. Does anyone have any opinions on this? (i.e. Is it a rip-off, or worth it?)
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    I would say more than likely you will be more for the same warranty at the dealer than aftermaket, i would of canceled my and bought a cheaper one, i payed $1595 and aftermarket for the same yr and mileage it was about $1200, but found out that if i cancel the money i payed for it would go to the financing balance not to me, so i just kept it, mainly did it due to the conveinence of have them put it in my monthly payments, instead of pying for it up front, but if you can swing it i would go shop around , but you can negotiate it just as the price of the truck, they wanted $1895 first, but got it lowered to the $1595 which is about half way between, aftermarket and the first asking price, some other probably did better than I did, so hope they will post their experience.
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    I am thinking about buying a 2005 Tacoma, but I noticed that I can't get their "premium" sound system in the AccessCab model. I am thinking about simply replacing the stereo and speakers myself, but I can't find any information on how big the speakers are in the truck (not even from Toyota! They merely say they don't support modifying their vehicles and wouldn't give me the time of day...) Has anyone replaced the stereo in their 2005 Tacoma? Any idea how big the front speakers are? Has anyone managed to get the stock steering wheel controls to work with a non-stock cd player? Anyone know how big the existing cd player is? Single DIN or double DIN? I am afraid I will have to wait until I buy a truck and tear the dash apart to find the answers to these questions, but I would really prefer to know these answers ahead of time... I have checked at Crutchfield and elsewhere, but they don't have any information on the 2005 Tacoma yet. Thanks!
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    I just replaced my stock speakers on my dblcab and on my truck the fronts where 6x9 and rears where 6.5, as far as the stereo unit, i still have it due to dash kit out yet, so i just put an amp to my speakers, and sound great, sounds alot better than stock, i am sure toyota felt like you where disrespecting thier product, but if they would just put better quality in there we would not have to do this, but anyways as for the steering controls i am sure they would work(Idont have them) just have to wire them to the new stereo unit, hope you can get what you are looking for.
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    Suggest you look at the oil filter you are using. A "nitril" rubber diaphragm (Anti-Drainback Valve Type)may not be working properly in cold weather at startup. A "Silicone" rubber diaphragm, anti-drainback valve type...may seal better at startup and preclude the knocking. If you don't know what filters have what rel. anti-drainback valves.....suggest you view: 1
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    The composite bed will not support any weight on the bed uprights where a camper shell would sit or a lumber rack or even a tool box. I was all set to purchase an 05 and spend about 25 thou with Toyota but luckily I discovered this design flaw from Rack it of placerville Calif. Will not be buying a Tacoma thats for sure until they fix the bed material. The bed will actually crack if any down ward weight is applied.
    Do spread the word about the composite bed!
    Suggest you take the truck back to the dealer and request your money back. If no one complains nothing will get done!
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    Check with Consumer Reports. They are totally unbiased in their opinions and testing. For all tested items, vehicles included, they purchase in the marketplace like you or me and will not accept items for testing from manufacturers. Pretty hard to believe a rating is genuine when the auto maker supplies the tester with the vehicle and who knows what else. Car of the year award is a crock. Consumer Reports has stated for a number of years that additional warranties are not worth the money. They are great money makers for the dealerships and that is why they push them and rust proofing and shine treatments. Steer clear and save your money. Want to get a better deal on your truck? Pick up this month's issue of Consumer Reports. Lots of tips and tricks for getting the best deal including(for a fee) the price your dealerhip paid for your truck. Toyotas are a good buy even if you pay too much. It will last a long time and cost you less in repairs than anything on the road. Sorry if I sound like I work for Consumer Reports. I don't but I swear by the reporting they perform on consumer goods. It really helps to know a bit about the things you are buying before you shell out your bucks.
    Good luck with your.
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    I have recently had some concerns bout the clutch on my 99 tacoma. I am not really certain if I should begin looking at replacing the clutch, rebuilding the slave and master cylinder or adjusting the linkage.
    I need to help trying to find some publications that will allow me to decide what to do. I do not have a great setup for a major repair (clutch replacement)but I could manage rebuilding the cylinders, and the adjustment (if possible. Any help at all would be appreciated. The clutch moan when it is under load, and sometimes when I start to move the truck. Please offer any suggestions you think may be helpful
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    Thanks for the info, but I am looking at buying an Access Cab. Any idea whether the Access Cab has the same size speakers? I also noticed that some Tacoma's have 6-speakers--the front includes a small (around 2") tweeter in the top of the door panel. Anyone know how big that is? Thanks.
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    thanks for the reply, if you look at the speaker in the rear, if its is round its a 6.5 size, if its oval like the fronts, the are 6x9 i hope this helps because that is how I found out what size mine where, as far as the tweeter, you can buy speakers that come with the tweeter in the package, i also bought them, i think they called the component package
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    Someone needs to put their composite bed to the test. If that bed cracks they will replace it, so why the heck not?! Seriously, I am sick of hearing people complain about how weak composites are. Don't we really want to know for ourselves? Maybe the dealers could have some sort of display set up to prove the strength of the material...

    I have put my 2005 Tacoma 6 speed through the 'speed shifting,' powershifting test. Some magazine and people on forums basically said it wasn't possible with the long throws (truth is they need to learn how to drive.) I spun the tires shifting into 3rd gear at over 50 mph(even with a small let off) and didn't miss a shift the first time I tried. Thought I would report that experience, just so people know.
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    I owned a 99 Taco. I bought it from the dealer with flowmaster exhaust and nerf bars. I installed a supercharger and the FIPK from K&N. I also put new sneakers on it. It was my baby. One Sunday drive in a muddy field, I rolled it. Not to happy about that. I got out, and about 3 minutes later, it caught fire under the drivers side dash. Not sure why. I turned the vehicle off. Does anyone have info on Tacoma rollovers and possible fires. Looks like it came from the fuse box
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    bb, hard to believe but my friend did that same thing to his 98 or 99 Tacoma. It was in a muddy field one Saturday or Sunday about 3 years ago. I was in the truck! The truck sat on it's roof for about 15-30 minutes before we could get a skidloader to flip it back over. And it drove fine. He still owns it. It's one of the things that have convinced me of Toyota's quality. He just beat the fenders back out, had the windshield replaced and that was it. Of course he was pretty unhappy about his good looking truck becoming a beater in the course of one afternoon, but worse things have happened.

    When the truck is on it's roof, tons of fluids leak out. I would guess some gasoline or other flammable fluid got into some places it shouldn't have of. Do you still own the truck?
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    i have a '98 SR5 4X4. i need to change the pump but have never done it myself. was wondering if anyone has and is a difficult tasks. any help or comments would be appreciated.
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    I USE 5W30 IN WINTER AND 10W30 IN SUMMER. IS THIS OK FOR THE ENGINE? PLEASE ADVISE. my e-mail is [email protected]
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    Don't you have an owner's manual? If not, maybe someplace on would have that.
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    I hit on the driver's side and rolled all the way over, resting on the passenger side. Pushed it back over, knocked out the windshield, and had my buddy pull it 13 miles to my house. The insurance gave me top dollar, so I am waiting on the check now. I thought about buying it back to part it out or something. I think I still have the option. I really like the 05's though. Not to happy about the low gas mileage
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    Hi all. I just wanted to share some info I received back from the dealer. During acceleration, I've heard some fluttering/ticking sounds in the engine of my '05 tacoma. It turns out that they have switched the timing belt back to a timing chain because it's more efficient. I guess I should have looked... The noise you hear is normal, but they have gotten a lot of complaints about it. I was instructed to call into the 1-800 customer service number and voice my opinion about it. I apologize if this has already been covered in this forum.
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    ref 34, 35, 36, 48. Mine is doing it too... Before reading all of these I was told by the dealer it is not driveline. Well I gotta disagree. I had mine lubed and did everything I have read in here and it is still doing it. Ok. since I never see answers about this and only questions, here is another question/s. What is it, where is it, how do you stop it or fix it and is it causing ir-repairable damage? Would be nice to see some answers. Thanks.
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    bb, sounds like your truck took a bit more of a lick then my buddies. He just rolled on the driver's side and ended up on the roof. It was a very very slow roll, seemed like it happened in slow motion. As I've said, he didn't even bother with insurance due to fears of a huge rate increase. He still drives it almost everyday and it runs pefect. I've driven it too. I'm going to guess he has put about 50,000 miles on it since he rolled it. I'd consider buying it back, but of course that depends on price.
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    Does anyone have any opinions on the Diamond-Kote protection for a new vehicle. Is it just a waste of money?

    (I am buying a new Tacoma in a couple of weeks, and the dealer is pushing Diamond-Kote)
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    I am not familiar with Diamond-Kote. If it is some kind of rust protection or something similar as I assume, it is most likely a waste of money. That is one of the places dealers are able to make a significant amount of money.
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    I have a 2001 tacoma with off road package and I'm looking at a 2005 with the off road. I keep hearing about the paint chipping.
    This is not a new issue on the 05 model trucks, my 01 had the same problem until I fixed it.
    I bet no one is having this problem behind the rear wheels... just the front. The way I fixed mine was to extend the front flaps out and down. If you will take a 8 or 10 foot piece of rope and lay it down the same direction of the truck and pull your truck onto the end of the rope so it is just under the outside of one of your front tires, get out of the truck and grab the other end of the rope and hold it up (this will show you the path that any rocks or dirt that you run over will take) if you modify you flaps so that the rope will not come up to the body panels without touching the mud flap there will be no more chips. It may be a little different for the 05 model but the principle will be the same. On my 01 the front flaps kind of lay back at highway speeds so you have to allow for this..
    I hope this makes sense...I know what I'm talking about but its hard to put into words LOL
    Try this and see if you can stop the chipped paint.
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    My brand new '05 Tacoma long bed (available with an automatic transmission ONLY) has a stick shift instrument panel! Go figure. There are NO transmission PRND123 selection lights in the cluster. So my wifey doesn't know what gear the truck is in! Now Enterprise Car Rental is going to pick up some business, Toyota is going to ship out a new instrument cluster and have their service department install it correctly, foot the bill for the whole thing, and the dudes at THREE Toyota Quality check points who missed this SNAFU are going to hear the fat lady sing.

    And to think: this one was built in Fremont, California.
    Other than that, this truck is a real beaut!

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    That's it.I've been reading the posts on the 05 Tacoma for months now and that's it. Your post is the final straw. I am not buying the 05 Tacoma.
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    Can anyone with the Access Cab 4x2 SR5 Power Package tell me their likes and dislikes about their truck? And, any problems that have occured?

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    Found out that my 05's VIN number came up as "X-Runner" on a dealers database. I have an 05 PreRunner w/6 speed. Nobody seems to know why.
  • buffalonickelbuffalonickel Member Posts: 113

    I have to chime in here on this one: 7 years ago my Ford Explorer had a VIN for an Expedition. I found out later that my insurance company was charging me in insurance coverage for the Expedition! I would check back with your insurance agent and ask him what HIS or HER policy shows. They USE the VIN and not common sense.

  • leob1leob1 Member Posts: 153
    Thanks for the input. I will certainly check with my insurance agent. However, I did call Toyota and the VIN number came up correctly with their database.
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    In Canada, Diamond Kote supplies several products but primarily paint, upholstery and rust protection. With regard to the first two, it is up to you. For myself, I prefer to wax and clean my own truck. With regard to the rust protection. Steer Clear. Diamond Kote is an external only (they do not drill and enter doors, wheel wells, etc.)product that hardens and coats exposed surfaces. Great in theory until the coating is breeched by a stone or body movement and then water and/or salt enters the break. You now have moisture being held in place by the rust coating. In all cases, this type of product will allow rust to proliferate on unprotected metal and in effect, you have less protection than if you went without this product. You are much better off with a wet oil product that is sprayed yearly on all inner and outer surfaces. We have Rust Check in Canada. I'm not sure of your location, but would be willing to bet that there is a similar product available in your area. My mechanic loves the stuff because exposed and hidden parts remain workable even after a vehicle is 10+ years old. Take it from me,and I live in Nova Scotia which must be the salt capital of the world, wet oil is the only way to go. I've tried a lot of the coatings that harden and set up and all they do is to hold the water and salt against the metal. Go wet or don't bother. Hope this helps.
  • leob1leob1 Member Posts: 153
    I wonder if that noise is being confused with detonation. I think at the high rpm range there is a slight noise from that chain, but I haven't noticed at other ranges.

    The latest Motortrend report on the TACO 05 DC 4x4 5A 0-60 time was 8.7 seconds. I've seen at least 3 other reports of the same truck being more than a full second faster. What is going on?
  • jenxjenx Member Posts: 6
    Thank you upppervaughans. I live in Kelowna, British Columbia, and will be moving to Vancouver Island.

    I will look into Rust Check.
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    My 2004 Tacoma has only 4500 miles. I took it to the dealer for its first scheduled maintenance. I asked them to check out the brakes, as the brake pedal felt squishy at times. At a stop, with a little more than the normal foot pressure, the pedal would depress all the way to the floor. Also, when braking, coming off a freeway ramp for example, some sort of shudder would sometimes be transmitted to the brake pedal and the pedal would depress erratically for a second or two. After checking it out, the dealer said that the master cylinder was defective and would replace it. That fix only lasted a week. I took it back, they did more work, including replacing the front pads and smoothing the disks, and some other work which they did not describe on the invoice. I picked it up in the morning. It seemed fine. By late afternoon, coming down my driveway -- it's a short downhill -- and braking, the pedal reacted as before: some grinding or abrading could be felt through pedal, it depressed erratically, and once at rest, the pedal could be pushed to the floor. Anyone else have similar problems or know of any solution?
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    That noise that your hearing is the exhaust. The V6 has shorty header style exhaust manifolds and you can basicly hear what sounds like an exhuast leak under load. Its just the sound that it makes. Nothing to worry about.
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