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Toyota Tacoma: Problems & Solutions



  • msibillemsibille Member Posts: 275
    I wish you best of luck.

    Only advice (and I may be repeating myself) I have now is for you to write down exactly what the conditions were (e.g. had just washed the truck, been thru a snowstorm, whatever), and what you observed, and what happened between when it wouldn't start and when it finally did. If you've noticed different symptoms at different times, make separate lists, noting the details for each. Then, take a break, and come back to your list after a while and make sure it makes sense to you, and describes everything you observed. This will maximize the value you get from the independent mechanic as it will take him less time to understand what it is that you've seen/heard.

  • kbshadowkbshadow Member Posts: 22
    I e mailed Ask Toyota and asked them when and if they fixed the problem on the production line.

    I got a real nasty reply and they said they did not know if any productions were made.

    Quote from them below.
    ("Technical Service Bulletin BO004-05, Front Cowl Water Leak Repair Procedure is dated March 17, 2005. We do not have any additional information on when any production changes may have been made, if any.

    Toyota makes all TSB available to the public for purchase, through our Material Distribution Center")

  • maxvenummaxvenum Member Posts: 39
    That sounds pretty typical of the Ask Toyota. I have asked them 3 or 4 different questions, and never got a real answer.
  • lomareslomares Member Posts: 16
    Hey jenx,

    Here are some pics of my 05' Impulse Red, DC LB, TRD Sport... I use Zaino. First time user and now an ALL the time user. Since the pics, I have added 2 more coats and now even with a thin layer of California dust on it, it still shines like it was just waxed. The durability of Zaino is incredible.

    A friend just showed me his black civic today with a "NuFinish" wax on it. Great look, very clean... you can tell it was waxed, but the "deepness" isn't there. There's something about the Zaino stuff that just makes the gloss have that "deep" effect to it... Check out the Zaino site for tons of info on washing. Also, do a search on the other forums and you'll get tons more on detailing and washing...

    Anyway here are the pics... flip through them and pay attention to the reflections. The pics were taken on a very overcast day...


  • centralcalcentralcal Member Posts: 215
    If you have already used a previous wax, can you just switch to Zaino, or do you need to prep the paint. Also, do you use it on the Rims? Plastic? Where did you buy the Zaino? thanks
  • KCRamKCRam Member Posts: 3,516
    You want to head over to our ongoing Zaino discussion in the Maintenance & Repair board. They'll be more than happy to answer that question for you.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • clovestarclovestar Member Posts: 1
    Please help!
    The button on the gear shift will not compress to allow the trany to shift into any gear. We have rocked the vehicle, put on the emergency brake and pulled as hard as we are willing to pull on the stick shift with fear of breaking something.
    If you have any experience with such a problem or any ideas of what to do please reply or call 707.894.5966 Major Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :confuse:
  • kbshadowkbshadow Member Posts: 22
    My 2005 has instructions in the manual on unlockin it.

    You put a screwdriver in a slot by the lever and push something down.

    Don't have the manual here so can't look it up for you.

    Best I can do, sorry.

  • pb2themaxpb2themax Member Posts: 471
    Put those pics in the Tacoma Pictures thread. The thread doesn't seem to be catching on yet. C'mon
  • msibillemsibille Member Posts: 275
    I'm reluctant to ask, but did you have the ignition on, and depressed the brake pedal (regular service brake, not the emergency/parking brake) BEFORE you attempted to move the lever from park?

    The interlock will not allow the lever to be shifted from park to reverse until you have depressed the brake pedal. However, this interlock is "by wire", using an electrical solenoid motor to disengage the lock. If you have insufficient electrical power, or a bad brake switch (at the pedal), you may have to manually override by removing the small plastic cover at the base of the shifter, and using a screwdriver as described in the owner's manual. Then bring it in for repair.

    I have found that if I don't press the brake before I put even the slight pressure of my hand on the lever, sometimes the shifter will not move unless I release the lever, press the brake and try again.

    Good luck.
  • leob1leob1 Member Posts: 153
    I just had my 05 repaired for the water leak. It took the service dept one day to fix it, as in dropped it off in the morning and picked it up later. They were very nice and it went smoothly. The service bulletin you mentioned is the same one they used and even gave me a copy of. It is an easy fix so your truck will stay just like new.

    I had previously taken it in before the bulletin and they said "nothing was wrong." After the bulletin, they were able to detect the leak and seal the seams. You cannot tell the repair even happened, because it all happens underneath the windshield cowl.
  • 03taco03taco Member Posts: 3
    I think the Zaino discussion is going on over at customtacos.com also
  • ghengiskhateghengiskhate Member Posts: 1
    Hi there,

    I have two problems that I want to try to fix this weekend on my 1996 Toyota Tacoma 2.7L 4x4 pickup-- one is the starter, and hte other I think is the fuel pump. My questions are, do I have the diagnosis right, and is there anyone else out there who's done these repairs who can tell me how hard they will be to do myself or tips of things to watch out for.

    On the starter, basically when I turn the ignition, all the lights are on and the battery seems okay, but I get a loud clack noise and then nothing. If I try this a couple times, the thing starts up. So I figure I need to replace the starter.

    On the fuel pump, every couple of days, when I start up the truck this motor comes on real loud right near the driver's side in the dashboard, it sounds like. It runs for several minutes and during that time the engine sometimes sounds like it is going to cut out. I can't drive during this time. It sounds like there's some liquid rushing around. I am assuming this is the fuel pump, and that it needs replaced. Anyone have any suggestions on this?

    I don't have a ton of experience doing these repairs myself (I've done sparkplugs, brake pads/rotors, oil changes, etc.) but I'd like to learn, so am wondering if these are too tough or hard to get to to do myself.

    Thanks a lot,

    Tacoma driver in CT
  • toy2001toy2001 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Toyota Tacoma 4WD 4cyl. Check engine light came on the codes came up as P0125 and P1135. Are these O2 sensors? What happens if they are not fixed? How difficult to fix myself? Where are they located.
    Thanks for any advice.
  • vincewood30vincewood30 Member Posts: 48
    I just got a '05 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner, There seems to be air comming in somewhere from the driver's side door and somewhere in the access cab portion of the truck. I've only had the truck a few weeks. Even though I opted for the 4 Cyl with the 5 Speed it's got plenty of power. I've only been averaging 20 miles to gallon with it though. Kinda disappointed with the fuel mileage in it. Anyone else been having these problems before I take it to the dealer and get the run around?

    I have a 2004 Camry also and that car is probably the most air tight car I've ever had. I swear though by those VVTI motors. I had a 2000 Corolla and I never had any problems with it even after 210,000 miles.
  • reverendnewmanreverendnewman Member Posts: 1
    I took my truck to the mechanic up the road and he ran diags on it and was reading the No. 1 cylinder was misfiring. He replaced the celenoid and spark plug but that didn't help. I'm glad I called him on and didn't have to pay the $200.

    He did a compression test and said the No. 1 cylinder is only compressing at 100 pounds while the other others are at 200. He said that's what could be casuing the misfires.

    Now, he seemed kinda shady and as I was watching him, when he had the compression tested in the No. 1 Cylinder, he only spun the engine once. And when he put it in the other cylinders, he spun them several times. I was wondering if this was some kinda "shell game" just to get me outta there casue he didn't want to spend the time really troubleshooting it. He seemed kind of pissed off cause I mentioned to him that it was still idling a little rough and just wanted to get me outta there.

    He said I'll be OK at high RPM's and since he cleaned the fuel injectors, I have to admit, it is running a lot better.

    It's just when I idle, it's a litte choppy. And if I just bring up the RPM's another 100 or so, it stops. I was thinking maybe the idle is a litte to low. It's at like 750 RPM's now.

    But I'll never get past inspection with that check engine light on.

    I was thinking would "hotter" spark plugs or higher octane help with the misfires?

    I appreciate any help
  • dmuttdmutt Member Posts: 48
    I had a 1996 T-100 that had the same starter problems you are experiencing. It was the starter contacts that were worn out. They need to be replaced. Starter is more than likely fine.
  • footpoundsfootpounds Member Posts: 22
    I would go to another mechanic if it were me. Especially since you said he seemed shady and the fact that your truck is still not running right. I also wouldn't bother runner "hotter" plugs or using higher octane gas. They will not fix a misfiring cylinder but may only mask the problem. You need to find out what the real problem is (the first "mechanic" may not even be correct about the misfiring cylinder). You are correct, reverend, that your engine needs to be fixed and the error cleared from your computer before you can pass inspection. Good luck.
  • lomareslomares Member Posts: 16
    My Dad and I recently bought ourselves a 2005 Tacoma. His is an Access Cab 4-Cyl. Mine is DBL CB, LB, TRD Sport.

    The problem: My Dad was cleaning the interior and went to wipe down the back window starting at the Sliding Window... He touched the latch and the thing fell off!!! He said it was like the latch was just temporarly attached with a preishable adhesive.

    Has anyone else encountered this kind of problem? Has Toyota released any info about a similar issue? Any info on this is greatly appreciated.

    (BTW, the dealer is going the fix it, but the found it really odd too!)
  • john45john45 Member Posts: 18
    I don't know if my truck leaks or not since I've not been in the rain. Do you think I can take it in for the service/tech note on wate leak/windsheild?

  • coldfootcoldfoot Member Posts: 49
    reverendnewman....Have you recently changed your plugs? I had a 98 Frontier that I had ghanged plugs at 60K. Then it had same problems you describe. No 2 cylinder kept misfiring and check engine light stayed on. I put Bosch Platinum plugs in it and the Nissan dealer said to get them out. I replaced them with Denso and that corrected the problem. Thought I would let you know about that. Also I havent heard about a vehicle not passing inspection due to check engine light. Must be different states regulations.
  • leob1leob1 Member Posts: 153
    Hey, I have no problems with my 6 speed and cannot complain. I do have a question to someone else with one though. At only low rpms, do you ever hear a grinding type of noise from the tranny? I've heard it on previous vehicles with manuals, but am unsure if it's normal for the 05 TACO. I am assuming there is probably is a certain ideal rpm range for each gear.
  • leob1leob1 Member Posts: 153
    I jerked and pulled on the rear window latch yesterday in my 4.0L and it held.
  • engineerbooengineerboo Member Posts: 45
    John45: An easy way to test for water leak is to wash your truck and ensure you spray lots of water over the windshield. Then, inspect both front carpets closely. I have an 05 Taco built in 12/04 and it doesn't have the water leak or paint problems. My only "warranty" issue was a front, right, fender that was a little lose, so they tightened it up for me when I got her first oil change.

    Good luck!

  • dmcddmcd Member Posts: 1
    Is there a simple way to disable the damn automatic door locks?! Start the truck and get out to wipe down the windows and the damn thing is locked already! I HATE IT! I think I'd rather get carjacked 1 time out of 5 million times than put up with getting locked in every time i start the damn thing!
  • pb2themaxpb2themax Member Posts: 471
    The dealer can re-program your truck to not automatically lock.
  • teach1teach1 Member Posts: 2
    Is there any way to change things so the horn doesn't go off everytime a door is unlocked? My neighbors would probably appreciate it if I left quietly in the mornings!
  • jfigueroa1jfigueroa1 Member Posts: 209
    What year is the truck cus I have an 05 taco and the horn do not make any noise when lock or unlock the car.
  • redrunnerxredrunnerx Member Posts: 1
    anyone out there with any leads to any performance parts???
  • flowerpowerflowerpower Member Posts: 14
    i don't know if this is still issue or if toyota has solved the problem, on what colors does the paint chipping seem to be happening, is it on dark colors only or on all colors, any input from owners would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
  • macnewfmacnewf Member Posts: 9
    With regards to your paint chipping question, I own a 05 Tacoma in Speedway Blue and I noticed the paint chipping just 2 months after I purchased the vehicle. If anyone else has any information about it please contact me as well.
  • macnewfmacnewf Member Posts: 9
    I own a 05 Tacoma off road package access cab and just 2 months after I purchased it I noticed some severe chipping back around the rear fender flares on both sides of the truck. Anybody have any suggestions let me know.
  • eaglegeagleg Member Posts: 87
    I have an 05 DC LB 4X4 Sport Pkg. Indigo and I also have some chips on the leading edge of the flares but I don't think its that big of a deal.Sand and pebbles are going to fly up and hit the rear fenders on any truck.My two previous trucks were Chevys and the both had the same chips.Wait and see what its like at 35,000 miles and then go complain to the dealer.They'll fix it,won't they?G.M. always stood behind the're trucks.
  • macnewfmacnewf Member Posts: 9
    I know that you are goin to get some rock chips on your fender flares but not to the extent of mine. And as for waiting till 35000 miles and getting them to fix it, well they wont even look at the problem now so I dont see any resolution a year or two down the road. Maybe I should go with a GM.
  • leob1leob1 Member Posts: 153
    In my access cab there was some marks in the material on the rear seat back rests that would not come out. I felt like a real whiner complaining to the dealer about that, but they ordered a new replacement cover piece. On top of that they will give me wholesale price for extras from their parts department.

    As for paint chipping, I haven't seen any yet on my Radiant Red. I agree with anyone that says that paint chipping happens, because it has on all my previous rigs and in strange locations. There is no spot a rock cannot hit it seems. Maybe some good wax would reduce the chances? The splash guards seem pretty big and do a great job keeping dirt off the truck.

    There is a protective strip in the paint around the bottom of the rear fender flares. Maybe an identical piece extending to the area in front of it could be an option in the future.
  • kenbrewkenbrew Member Posts: 1
    I also have the Indigo Ink. I realize stones will cause chips but this paint seems awfully soft. I barely touched it with an allen wrench and it left a scratch.
  • gdwtch1969gdwtch1969 Member Posts: 15
    I own a 2004 Tacoma and my seat belt light doesn't come on when the seat belts aren't in use.I was just wondering if this is just a fuse or bulb.Also is this a safety issue with the air bags?
  • sdtacosdtaco Member Posts: 1
    Yes, but you might want to go to a 32x10.5R15 it will fit and fill the wheel well better.. I work for toyota in san diego and see it all the time, it looks good. If you intend on putting on after market shocks or lift kit you might want to wait on tires unless you are 2/32 tread or less.
  • tacoguytacoguy Member Posts: 12
    I purchased a rad red 05 tacoma 4x4 double cab with the sr5 package 2 months ago. The first day I had it I noticed a paint chip on the gas cap cover. Since that day I've been getting chips all over my truck. Most of the chips are concentrated to the bottoms of the doors and box WHERE THE CHIP GUARD IS! The only panel on my truck without chips is the tailgate. I guess if I would drive in reverse for any length of time I'd get them there too. Yes the hood…up the doors, “A” pillars…box, even the roof. The dealer asked me to take it to the shop that does the work on their vehicles for an estimate. Oddly enough there were SEVERAL other 05 tacomas (of different colors) there for the same chipping problem. The paint shop determined that the clear coat was crap, (which was applied during the manufacturing process at the CA plant). RED FLAG! Now wouldn't you think manufacturing defect?? Pretty obvious, not the fault of me, the other tacoma owners, not the dealership...WRONG! I contacted Toyota corporate and complained about the paint defect (quite loudly at times) and all they did was push me back to the dealer claiming no fault of theirs. IT GETS BETTER. The dealers official solution is…we’ll pay to have it repainted once, if you get chips after that, you’re on your own. They want the paint shop to strip down the chipped areas to the level of the chip, build it up, roughen the clear coat (yes, the part that the paint shop says is the cause of the chipping) spray paint then clear OVER the crap clear!! RED FLAG! The paint shop in return, won’t guarantee the paint job will hold up because they are being asked to paint over the crappy clear. Now to the guy who was asking “should I buy a Tacoma,” picture yourself weeks after signing your hard earned cash up for the next 5 years to the tune of ~$30,000 in this predicament. Having to have your brand new truck repainted and not knowing if it will end up the same way weeks later. “Resale value after repainting your new truck” you ask? What do you think? Are you feelin’ the Toyota love? OHHH what a feeling!!! NOW HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THAT PURCHASE?
  • wooddorkerwooddorker Member Posts: 300
    How come your earlier posts said your truck was Impulse Red?
  • toytrucktoytruck Member Posts: 67
    >I purchased a rad red 05 tacoma 4x4 double cab with the sr5 package 2 months ago. The first day I had it I noticed a paint chip on the gas cap cover. Since that day I've been getting chips all over my truck.<>

    You should have a case # now. Get out the warranty book and file for arbritration. That's where I am at. Haven't heard back yet.
  • joetrdsportjoetrdsport Member Posts: 1
    I have the 05 4x2 double cab trd sport sr5 pk2 in silver and the first week i had it i notice a chip on the hood. I haven't checked since but a friend of mine has the off road package in black and he just called me and told me that he has chips all over the hood.
    Is a paint job is the only fix?
  • toytrucktoytruck Member Posts: 67
    >I have the 05 4x2 double cab trd sport sr5 pk2 in silver and the first week i had it i notice a chip on the hood. I haven't checked since but a friend of mine has the off road package in black and he just called me and told me that he has chips all over the hood.
    Is a paint job is the only fix?<>

    I don't know what else other than not driving it.
  • tacoguytacoguy Member Posts: 12
    Sorry. You are correct. It's dark metallic red. Impulse Red!
  • alaskadude2alaskadude2 Member Posts: 3
    I think I replied to a previous letter about this, but I had similar problems with extending cranking, not starting, etc., and did the arbitration. They are giving me a new truck. Arbitration works if you can prove your case
  • wooddorkerwooddorker Member Posts: 300
    You folks with the chips:

    What dates & factory are your trucks from? I want to keep an eye on mine, no problems so far.

    Good luck, the chipped Speedway Blue looks horrible.
  • swschultswschult Member Posts: 3
    I had an accident two weeks ago with my 2005 Toyota Tacoma: I was parking in front of a brick building (the back of a shopping center), and most inexplicably, the brakes were so far depressed that I could not reach them. By the time I shimmied down in my seat to be able to reach them it was too late and I hit the building. The brake pedal, even now, is in a depressed position, almost as far down as it can go, instead of an inch or so higher than the gas pedal. I took a photo of this and also of a new 2005 Tacoma in the dealer showroom (for purposes of comparison) and submitted a claim to Toyota. The claim has not been processed yet, but both my insurance adjuster as well as a Toyota mechanic (the latter speaking not for attribution) think something IS wrong with the brakes. The rest of the story: The damage to the front end was not great, so I decided to drive it to the dealer. After a mile or so, it seemed to me that the engine was losing power, and at a stop light I noticed a burning smell and smoke coming out from under the vehicle. That turned out to be due to the brakes dragging, so now the brake pads are about worn out, and I probably need new rotors too. This vehicle has already had a recall for the parking brake cable, the wiper motors were not working when we got it, and my wife thinks I have bought a lemon. Maybe she is right.
  • joetacojoetaco Member Posts: 7
    What color did you get, just ordered mine today and I think I got a good deal too.

    Got mine in Silver, was to afraid to go with black or indigo blue just in case I was part of the unlucky few with the chip problem.

    I read about the chips but hope it has been corrected, I figured it could have just been a bad batch of clear coat at the factory, its all about chemicals, you don't add something correct or don't bake on the clear coat it would cause it to be weak and chip. (Not sure what the process is at a factory for actually doing this but paint is just chemicals). Once had a vehical re painted and the guy let the clear coat sit to long and he couldn't get it to buff as shiny as he said he could have.

    Cross my fingers and will just have to see. For all of you with pictures see if you can post them somewhere on the web and put a link on here I would like to see what you are all talking about.

    Thanks in advance.
  • maxvenummaxvenum Member Posts: 39
    there are some links to pictures of chipping over at tundrasolutions and maybe toyotanation. you don't have to pay to read the tacoma forums on both sites, though you may have to register with tundrasolutions to browse.
  • macnewfmacnewf Member Posts: 9
    Its good to see that I am not the only one having the problem with the paint chipping on the 05 tacos. I am still having trouble with both the dealer and Toyota Canada in getting the problem fixed. Keep me updated on your progress all you other 05 taco owners.
    Check out my picture page too look at the chipping I am receiving around my rear fender flares. Click on the My Vacation album at this site

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