Chevy S-10 vs. Toyota Tacoma

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Well Like i said I dont really like the newer taco's but they are ok to drive...

I dont know which of these has a better ground clearance?which does?
I did have a chance ot buy a toyota tacome, but my nieghbor bought it before me...

I want a truck that will od good on the road, but that I can take it off roading...(I off road bought every weekend...My neighbors wants me to mud bog race him, so i said sure when i get my truck..
Which should I get...
also what year should i get?



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    For the record, I don't own either truck so I'm basing my comments on test drives and consensus beliefs. The TRD is a good truck with excellent realiability and a solid off-road package. The downside of the tacoma is its high price. (although the ZR2 isn't exactly cheap either) The ZR2 is also a good truck with similar off-road equipment. Both trucks have 31" tires, HD Bilstein shocks, factory lifts, etc. as for ground clearance, toyota advertises that their clearance is 11". last summer, I brought a tape measure and checked the clearance on both vehicles myself. they were both 9.5". I think toyota measures from the axle instead of the rear diff which is misleading and inaccurate.
    which one is better? that's a tough call that you will have to decide on a test drive. I drove 'em both last june and I liked the ZR2 better. it handled better on the road. (tacoma was a little squirrely) also, I think the ZR2 is a much better looking vehicle and it has more interior comfort and amenities. the TRD had a very spartan interior with flimsy seats and cheesy upholstery.
    Bottom line: both are good vehicles that will do well for off-roading. the tacoma will generally be more reliable, whereas the ZR2 will be more comfortable riding. if I had my choice, I'd take the ZR2. but definitely go test drive them for yourself.
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    ZR2's are pricey.

    My silverados MSRP was almost $33K. A similarlly equipped ZR2 was almost $26K. The ZR2 had a smaller engine, smaller ext cab, no tow pkg, no locking rear, and overall smaller.

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    I don't like the new styling of the '01 Tacoma, but I think it does look better than the ZR2. My main problem with the '01 Tacoma is the new grille (too feminine looking). But you can still find '00 Tacoma 4x4's or Prerunners with the TRD package. Of course, styling is wholly subjective, and your tastes may differ from mine, but if you are willing to shell out $20K+ for a vehicle, you might as well buy the best. The Tacoma has had the best reliability of compact trucks or all trucks, for that matter, for years now. Check out NHTSA for recalls, Technical Service Bulletins, and other related reliability data. You will be pleasantly surprised when you see how poorly the so-called domestics (ranger, s-10, dakota) perform with age.

    Yes, the Tacoma may cost you a lot more (up to $3K more)up front, but with regular maintenance, Tacomas easily go 200K-300K miles with no major defects.

    And whatever truck you get, get the V6. A new vehicle is a major purchase, so you should definitely buy whatever your heart desires as you will be paying on the thing for years and you need to know you're gonna be able to live with your decision through that time. But try to stay a little objective and buy substance over style.
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    What about the head gasket problem?
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    Yes, everyone uses this when they question the reliability of toyota trucks. Truth is, this only affected '95 and some '96 models. The engine was new in 1995 and this was the one problem they had with it. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Chevrolet has been making the small block V8 for over four or five decades and they still can't fix the knocking and pinging of some of the new ones in the Silverado. Of course, I'm not saying this to excuse Toyota. I don't think any manufacturer to should field a product, much less an engine, without making sure it is 150% reliable.

    That gasket problem aside, refer to any TSB or recall list, and you will see that the Tacoma is EASILY five to ten times more reliable than so-called domestic competitors. Toyota has hundreds of documented owners with well over 2 or 300k miles, many of them with original equip.
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    That would pretty much sell the Tacoma in my opinion. I've done alot of wheelin with friends in Tacomas and other makes and the Toyotas have always gone home under their own power. I wheel once/twice a month in my 95 and the only repair my truck has needed was an AC compressor replaced under warranty. I keep ripping the rear mud-flaps off, crushed a nerf-bar or two, dented the skidplates pretty good, but no breakage so far.

    One of the guys that I wheel with has a 96 Tacoma V6 automatic with 220K miles. He does oil-well service with his truck and is in 4X4 alot. He replaced an alternator at 175K miles, fuel pump at 190K miles no other mechanical problems. His head-gasket was replaced under warranty at 90K miles as a precaution.

    My one bud has a ZR2 and it does really well off-road, although I can't say it goes better than my non-TRD. He's blown a front axle, and had problems with the electronic 4X4 engaging. Once it wouldn't disengage requiring a tow. Nothing really major, but it just doesn't seem like the drivetrain is very heavy. It is more comfortable on the road, the interior is more fancy, and it has plenty of power. Also the extra door makes the truck much more useful if you are going to be in your truck alot. You have to go to a double cab Tacoma to get doors, then you lose a foot of your bed.

    My next one will be a TRD Tacoma double cab with the locker and I'll throw on a TRD supercharger to add a little excitement. But right now I'm enjoying 23mpg out of my 2.7L and with gas like gold I'm going to hang onto until I'm not driving as much. Good luck!
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    I dont own a 4wd, never will, but to say "that the Tacoma is EASILY five to ten times more reliable than so-called domestic competitors" is rediculous. My '83 S10 went 300,000 miles with original equipment, so whats your point?

    By the way you want to compare the new and old small block V8 from Chevy, these are compact trucks, trying to change the subject?
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    My truck went 2 million miles. What's my point? I don't have one unless I take into account the experiences of every other owner out there, which is exactly what firms like Consumer Reports and J.D. Powers do.

    My comments about the Chevy small block V-8 were not an attempt to change the subject. I was just using that to make a point. I sometimes do this with my posts.
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    ....get a real truck.
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    I think Chevy should change their add to.. WHAT A CROCK!!! or maybe "Sits in the driveway...
    ... like a rock."
    I like my Tacoma more than any Chevy I've ever owned, big or small, and the looks people give me when they see me pulling 6500#s of a Case skidloader and equipment is worth every penny I paid for the truck!
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    Toyota Tacoma 97 with no trd I just got today:

    97 Toyota Tacoma reg cab 4x4
    36,000 miles
    10,000 what do ya think?
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    A guy I work with has been looking for a Tacoma for months now and hasn't been able to find one for less than $16-17K. He finally bought a 98 non TRD V6 in a unpopular color w/58,000 miles for $16K even. He says he got a smokin' deal. I've seen them on dealer lots for $17,000 w/100K miles on them. In Colorado these trucks hold their value like no other.
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    I looked at the Sonoma ZR2 which is essentially the same thing as the S10. I had to drive 50 miles to the dealer to test drive one. I could not find a Chevy dealer with the S10 ZR2 on the lot. They had tons of Silverado/Sierra Z71's though. The ZR2 is one hell of a nice looking truck and it was what I originally had in mind when I went shopping in 1998. The ZR2's I looked at had stickers of $26,000. No bedliner, no rear slider but it did have the extra door which was nice. I bought a non-TRD V6 5-speed X-cab Tacoma and paid $21,000 new which also included an alarm, bedliner, and a full tank of gas. It also looks like the Tacoma X-cab has more room in the X-cab than the Chevy. I was just at the car show in Chicago and looked at both new 2001 models for my comparison.

    It sounds like you got a nice deal on your truck, koontzy.
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    Toyota fans, your days are numbered in trouncing the S-10. Granted its not been the best compact truck. GM has taken notice and the new S-10 is going to absolutly bury the Tacoma. The new straight 6 is going to out class every truck in this class. It is going to be totally redesigned and almost as large as a Dakota. For now, enjoy your time in the sunshine.
    Also, your pushing the envelope when you say Tacoma's that have 100K miles are selling for 17K.. Anyone who believes this deserves to pay 17K.. LOL!! Resale also depends on region. Here in the NW Tacoma's don't hold value and A Tacoma with 58K miles would sell for about 13K...
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    Sticker on my 00 ZR2 was $27000.Talked them down to $23000 and then got 0% financing for 60 months.I think I got a great deal.Liking the truck more and more every day 2100 miles so far,just ordered a borla cat back and volant air intake from there having a good sale right now with free shipping.
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    JBA makes headers for the 4.3 S10 go to They claim 25 HP gain and looking at the factory exhaust manifolds I believe it, they look very restrictive. I'm gonna get a set for my truck soon.
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    I'm always hesitant to read or post in discussions like this because it always ends up being a hissing contest between truck owners. You'll see it in Land Cruiser FJ-40s s. Jeep Crs, Ford s. Chewy, Chewy s. Dodge, and so on and so on. Nowadays, comparing vehicles in similar classes is more reasonable because over the years most auto manufacturers have been able to deliver a more reliable product. Believe it or not there was a time when you could buy a Toyota in this country and it was NOT the most dependable vehicle it has made a reputation on today. The same holds true for many automobile manufacturers. Look at Hyundai, for instance. Rather than type out a rambling diatribe on this subject, here's what I suggest people do when comparing these vehicles. If you want a "real" truck, one that suits all your needs, then build one. If you want to buy one, then do what most people suggest on this list. In most cases, you will achieve the same amount of mileage and dependability in any vehicle so long as you haven't purchased a complete lemon, you don't abuse it, and you perform proper maintenance at regular intervals. An engine is surprisingly forgiving, but it still must be maintained. I once read about a woman who had a Japanese car (whose brand will go unmentioned) who actually NEVER changed the oil in her car and despite taking it to the mechanic at 187,000 miles for a weird noise coming from the motor and when said mechanic worked very hard to remove the oil drain and removed and poured out a black liquid that had the consistency of Elder's glue, the car was still running strong! In fact, after a complete engine flush and an oil change she was off and running again.

    Now, to address the issue of Chevy ZR2 vs. Tacoma. If all things are equal, two people can go to their respective dealers and purchase either one of these vehicles and expect to get comparable performance and reliability. Granted one is an American car and one is a Japanese car - who cares? The Tacoma is now built in America by Americans, and the ZR2 is built with over 42% Japanese parts! Don't believe me? Look for yourself. What am I saying? If you're still stuck in that WWII mentality that we're giving money to the Japanese and we should be buying American products, then you need to wake up and smell the new millenium. No one who builds any vehicle in this country uses 100% American parts. Like it or not, if you buy a Ford, Chevy or Dodge, part of your money is supporting Japanese business. That's just the way it is. I enjoyed the post by the person who said to "buy a real truck". I assume by that he means to buy a 'full size' truck. Now that foreign automakers have discovered the full size truck and SUV niche market and are delivering trucks to compete in these categories, the same rules apply to full size trucks as they do 'mini' trucks. If someone wants a mini truck and doesn't spend their days pulling horses, hauling cords of wood or construction equipment - then why bother with a full size? I have a real problem with people who use that argument too. Most people I know who own 'full size' trucks do nothing more with their trucks than I do - drive them. What's the point in spending all that extra money? If you want to impress someone buy getting something with more testosterone, then go buy a sportscar. You have plenty of American and Japanese models to choose from, both made in this country and with a large percentage of Japanese components. ;-)
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    I'd like to know where you got that figure. 4.2% I can believe.
  • jim4444jim4444 Member Posts: 124
    doesnt it have to be 80% north american content, not your 58% to be considered a domestic?

    I have a hard time believing your 42% please tell me where you got that number from.

    If you really believe an engine, ANY engine can go past 20,000 miles (and thats really stretching it) without changing the oil....I mean almost 190,000 miles and not changing the oil? Thats a good one, I have some land to sell you real cheap. Tell you what, think your engine can go almost 190,000 miles without changing the oil? I dare you to try it.
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    The figure was derived from an article I read several years ago in the New York Times about shared resource programs between US and Japan automakers. The article focused more on Ford's relationship with Japan, but Chevy was also mentioned. I suppose the 42% could actually have been referring to the Ford Ranger and not the S-10, but I am certain that the statistic is 42% as I quoted it.

    Regarding the oil story, also derived from the New York Times, I should clarify. The lady who owned the car never *changed* the oil. She only added oil to the crankcase as needed. To suggest that any car can go 20,000 miles without an oil change really isn't ludicrous, as long as you keep the crankcase full. While I feel confident that my truck could do this, I'd be up to your challenge if I lived in a remote part of the world where access to a Jiffy Lube isn't like it is here in this country, where I might be forced to drive a longer distances without an oil change. In that case, you can bet that I'd rather be in the jungle with a Toyota over an S-10 any day. How many Chevy S-10s do you see being delivered to the UN and other peacekeeping organizations?
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    85 % north american content. I looked for myself at a Chevy dealer. As for your UN argument I could care less, I dont follow their every move.

    If youre going through the jungle get a Hummer!
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    I believe that the lady's car could have gone almost 200K without an oil change...

    If it was a GM EV1 or similar electric car that is.
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    Do you like cheap land also?

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    Sounds like you got a good deal barlitz. By the way, Vince is an anti-Toyota guy who is constantly trying to defend the Ford Ranger on the Tacoma v. Ranger thread. He keeps talking about how the Tacoma will get buried by this and how his Ranger can go anywhere his buddy's Tacoma can. He TRIES to turn these threads into hissy-fits; that appears to be his goal.

    I looked at the GMC Sonoma SLS with ZR2 package and it was a very nice truck, very nice. It was my first choice in shopping new trucks. I had to drive pretty far to check one out though. When I got to the dealer, the salespeople wouldn't even give me a second look. Never once asked if I'd like a test drive and didn't even offer to assist me in any way whatsoever. I was very turned off by not only the salespeople, but also the sticker. I didn't much care for the rear seats or space in the X-cab of the Sonoma. I did, however, find the seats more comfortable than not only the Tacoma, but also the Ford Ranger (I test drove this one last).

    When I made my short list, I had the Ranger and Tacoma on it but was reluctant to put the ZR2 on it. In evaluating what I wanted in a truck, I decided I wanted a 4x4 X-cab with a manual tranny. I think a stick offers much better control over 4wd vehicles. I could get the Ranger in a stick but not with the 4.0L engine at the time only with a 3.0L engine. Also, the Tacoma appeared to have more space in the X-cab than either which I also liked. As I measureed pros & cons it became evident that the Tacoma was right for me.

    Another thing, I am not against Ford or Chevy or even Dodge (except Nissan, I had a bad experience). I think they all make nice trucks, all of them. I am not out to start the old "my truck is better than yours" BS. I just like hearing others opinions as to why they bought their trucks. Who knows, someday my needs may change and I might want something different. I test drove Chevy and Ford and they both were nice. Come to think of it, I haven't test driven a new car/truck yet that didn't ride nice. This includes Hondas, VW's and Mazdas along with Ford, Chevy and Toyota.
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    Check out the May issue of Four Wheeler magazine.

    The Toyota Tacoma TRD was just named "Ultimate 4x4", beating out the Hummer, Land Rover Discovery, and Jeep in off road performance. The Tacoma made it into the competition based on it's outstanding performance in the 2001 Truck of the Year competition, which the Tacoma Double Cab also won.

    The May issue of Four Wheeler should be hitting the shelves soon
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    I was in lockup for urinating on a Tacoma in public,How do I get an american flag next to my name?
  • barlitzbarlitz Member Posts: 752
    Now I feel real proud to be an American.
  • chevytruck_fanchevytruck_fan Member Posts: 432 research,
    80.7 % of 84-88 Chevy trucks (this is in canada, but they are the exact same trucks) are still on the road

    69.8% of Toyotas are still on the road.

    Facts right there, Toyotas don't last as long as Chevrolet.

    This is also where Chevrolet derives its most dependable longest lasting trucks on the road, % of 1981-1999 (or is it 97, I don't remember) still on the road, and the number is higher than any other mfg.
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    Give me a break. Show me one publication or quality survey that rates Chevy trucks as the most dependable. I'll give you that the parts for Chevys are cheap and they're generally easy to work on, but they're far from the most dependable. As a matter of fact, most would rate Chevy at the bottom. When I was younger, and had only owned Chevys, I thought all vehicles had problems to the scale Chevy does. Now that I'm older and have owned various vehicles, I realize that the days of Chevy dependability were gone by the time I bought my first car. They look good but they aren't built good. American manufacturers like Ford have improved quality to a point that some of their vehicles can compete, as far as quality, with Toyota etc. Chevy on the other hand, decided to simply talk quality and build the same inferior product. Try another brand and you won't go back, unless your ego won't accept the truth or the Chevy styles, which are good, mean more than reliability to you.
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    Did they calculate wrecked trucks? ON the road means nothing if it is on the side of the road. These trucks could be ones titlied but parked getting a new engine....bottom line it is a meaning less fact. Why does ford continue to beat chevy in the truck market, Chevy needs to scrap the current truck bring out a new one. The toyota whoops it;s but in every catogory.
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    fanatic, I guess this makes everyone that likes Toyota's Toyota fanatics?? C'mon, I make valid points that the Toyota crowd doesn't like to hear or to be known or spread.. Too late.. the Internet here..
    If you read any publications Chevy is coming out with a new S-10 in 2002. As I have said, Enjoy your sunshine now Toyota boys.. The new S-10 will absoultely trounce anything.. Even Ford when it debuts. It will have a straight 6 that will have the power/Torque of a small V8..
  • allknowingallknowing Member Posts: 866
    When have you made a valid point Vince? I don't recall ever seeing a valid point from you but rather simply mindless comments that are rarely based on fact. A fanatic is someone that cannot accept any facts that don't support their belief. That would be you as any opinion that differs from yours is instantly labeled as a conspiracy by you. The guys that you wish could be called a Toyota fanatic, like me, don't qualify because even though I favor the Toyota, I also own a Ford and like it and I have no problem agreeing that the Toyota costs more, doesn't score as well in crash test etc.
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    Actually, Isuzu has the design lead for the new S-10; so it really won't be a Chevrolet at all...just a re-badged Isuzu. That's a good thing, because Isuzu builds a fine truck, I know, I've owned one for the last 10 years. I guess Isuzu was getting tired of selling the inferior Chevrolet designed Hombre S-10 clone.
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    Not the luv part 2.
  • jim4444jim4444 Member Posts: 124
    What happened to the new GM truck (S10) with new 4,5 and 6's all straight, not slanted? LOL.
  • coolfj40coolfj40 Member Posts: 14
    A Hummer? You mean those wide beastly things that can barely fit in a lane? Why would I want to waste my time trying to navigate a truck that large through the jungle when I wouldn't get it beyond the first tree I came to? No thanks. Too wide, too expensive and just another yuppified piece of General Motors crap. Talk about throwing your money away! What a joke! If you want to drop $80,000 on one of those big things and try to navigate through the woods, be my guest! I'll be waiting for you on the other side and not crying over all the dents and scratches I just put in my $4000 FJ40! You've obviously been brainwashed by all your friends with WWII mentality. And, you obviously know nothing about driving through the jungle.

    As for the UN, I don't watch their every move either. I just happen to see them whenever I watch the news or read an article about them in the paper and I've never, EVER seen their fleet consist of any Chevy products. I'd argue that the Nissan trucks in their fleet are a bit of a stretch, but hey that's just me.

    Enjoy your Isuzu Hombre, oh I mean Chevy S-10.

  • 2k1trd2k1trd Member Posts: 301
    Well i have to agree with you 100 percent!...i drove a new hummer (owned by a WWF wrestler)and i have to say what a waste of money they are.It's seems to be a statis thing to own one i guess.The interior was cheap,no room at all except for driver,crappy gauges,horrible stereo,no acceleration,the hood hinges were just about falling off(tightened them up for him)i guess they are just good for what they are made for and not for everyday driving. Just my opinion but i guess if you have the money to blow it's not a big deal.
  • coolfj40coolfj40 Member Posts: 14
    Hey man,

    Are you in the TTORA? I'm on that site all the time with questions about my 97 taco.

    Type to you later

    aka cooltaco
  • 2k1trd2k1trd Member Posts: 301
    Yes i am!
  • jim4444jim4444 Member Posts: 124
    The only jungle most people will visit is the urban jungle.

    And Chevy makes the S10, they rebadge them for isuzu, a company they own.

    I guess if you had to destroy something in the jungle you should take a worthless toyota.
  • coolfj40coolfj40 Member Posts: 14
    You're entitled to your opinion, but hundreds of millions of happy WORLDWIDE owners and the strongest resale value in the United States next to Honda should speak for something. Worthless Toyota? Oh, if you say so. Sorry everybody. I guess I have to go out and buy a Chevy since this Jim4444 says my Toyota truck is worthless. I'm leaving for the dealership right now! Really I am!

  • 2k1trd2k1trd Member Posts: 301
    right behind ya!
  • coolfj40coolfj40 Member Posts: 14
    I bought a Chevy S-10 ZR2 last night! Guess what happened? I drove it off the lot and it's value depreciated 20%! Darn it! It's OK, though. I really don't mind throwing my money away because I bought AMERICAN!! What did you get?

  • 2k1trd2k1trd Member Posts: 301
    new silverado but had to bring it back due to water leaks,squeaks and rattles,yada yada yada.....damn i miss my yota!
  • jim4444jim4444 Member Posts: 124
    You dont even own a tacoma, this is a S10 vs Tacoma board.
  • blacksilverblacksilver Member Posts: 69
    ......toy trucks.

    Grow up and buy a real truck.
  • jim4444jim4444 Member Posts: 124
    Some of us dont need to drive a barge around thanx anyway. A full size truck loaded like my truck is would easily cost $10,000 more, I have better ways to spend that money. My truck can and has done plenty of work.
  • scape2scape2 Member Posts: 4,123
    all of the sudden can do the work of a full size truck! LOL!!! C'mon, your pushing it...
    Anyone who has priced a loaded Tacoma knows just how spendy these trucks are...
    Why doesn't Toyota offer a limited slip diff?
  • coolfj40coolfj40 Member Posts: 14
    For your information I happen to own a 1997 Tacoma 4x4 (standard cab, V6), a 1975 Land Cruiser (hence the name coolfj40) and a 1996 BMW Z3 (wife's, actually). I've also previously owned a 1995 S-10 (although 2wd). I feel that makes me well qualified to bash S-10s!

  • jim4444jim4444 Member Posts: 124
    Your profile didnt show that you owned a tacoma, and obviously you hate S10's.

    I was just stopping your disinformation like the 42% japanese parts in the S10, oh yeah and the comment that Isuzu made the S10.

    Now if youre gonna take your truck in the jungle go right ahead, provide us with some pictures please.

    How does you 2wd tacoma do off road? I know you paid for that 4x4 or 4wd sticker but without a limited slip differential on your tacoma you have 1 wheel or 2 wheel drive.

    I have a friend who had a few toyota 4wd's at different times, only one at a time. Am I qualified to bash em?

    I think I am, I would not go off road with him because he didnt have posi or limited slip, whatever you want to call it, a little rain and he was stuck, even with good tires. Didnt matter if it was the 4runner (a little more wieght in back) or the pickup he managed to get stuck somehow.

    My friend with his Ram had posi and didnt get stuck in mud puddles. Granted they were going off road just for the fun of it, but guess who had to pull the toyota out of the mud all the time? My friend with his posi equipped Ram.

    Chevy as of 1999 on the window sticker of my truck offered posi for a measly $270.

    I'd rather go that route with a 2wd truck than pay who knows what ($1000 or more?) for a 4wd thats really only..................................drumroll please.............2wd when 4wd is engaged. Not to mention better gas mileage and cheaper insurance AND lower initial purchase price. I have a 2WD truck that really is 2WD!

    So as the topic says lets compare the S10 and Tacoma.
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