Chevy S-10 vs. Toyota Tacoma



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    The tacomas offer a locking rear diff. seems to me that for off-roading, a locker beats a limited slip any day of the week.
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    I have this package on my 2001 Double Cab. I cost me around $1000. It includes progressive rate springs, Tokico gas shocks, Tundra alloys w/ BFG 285's, fender overrides, and an ELECTRIC LOCKING REAR!
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    Aren't those old Toyota Land Cruisers a GM design?
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    Never had the chance to experience a "locker". I do know that when we went 4 wheeling in the desert for hours at a time the Ram with posi went everywhere without a problem, and its also nice for everyday driving when the weather gets nasty or when you just want to burn some rubber!
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    No, just the original 6 cylinder was a direct copy of a GM motor. The only decent older LC has a small block AMERICAN V8 in it any way!! LOL!!!!
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    I agree that with the locking rear diff, a Toyota stands a chance, if not better chance, than going anywhere a posi can go. Considering the reliability rating of any Chrysler product driven today, I'd prefer to lay my money down on a Toyota thank you very much. I'd rather shell out $ for mods than for unnecessary repairs.

    As for the statement about a V8 being better than the motors that came in the older Land Cruisers, I will concur with you as long as you're referring to the F motor. The 2F is an entirely different animal though, and, if you want to crawl over rocks without having to do all the aftermarket mods that come with a drop in V8, there's not a better way to get bang for your buck than with a stock 2F. A 350 was not designed, nor intended for fording rivers such as the tall block of the 2F. See how well a 350 will run when it's turned sideways. If all you're interested in is burning rubber on the highway and having cheap, accessible parts, then I will agree that a V8 is the way to go. You want a truck that will go anywhere, anytime, anyhow, then we will have to agree to disagree.
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    It wasnt my Ram, I never had a 4wd. It did have alot of power though and he never had any problems with it.

    From what I've read on these message boards lockers are meant for off road only at low speed.

    If thats the case I'll take posi, no lever to engage or anything else, works on any surface when neccesary.

    Like I said before I never experienced a locker but it seems like posi is the way to go.
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    I'm wondering if the Chevy engineers put their heads together and made an effort at a S10 redesign they might provide some better competition for the Taco TRD.

    Until then, I think Chevy owners would be hard pressed to best the refined Taco.
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    What advantages does the Tacoma have over the S10?

    The S10 gives you 4 wheel ABS and dual air bags standard. DRL's are also standard as well as auto headlights and a full set of guages.

    As I said before you can get positraction on the S10, the Tacoma?

    I don't do any off roading so 2WD is fine for me but it seems like the ZR2 should be a very capable 4WD.
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    The tacoma is available with a limited slip. The part number is 00646-41301-100.
  • jim4444jim4444 Member Posts: 124
    As in do it yourself?

    Is it available as an option from the factory?
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    Can anybody tell me if the Runner can beat the hell out of S10 without the SuperCharger???. Pick up riders always attempt to race me, but so far i haven't rev that sucker to the limit. What kind of rides can this Runner whip?
  • jim4444jim4444 Member Posts: 124
    It probably wont keep up with the V6 S10 with the supercharger.
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    Well, when the S-10's digital EGR is stuck open and out of warranty at 36,000, or the wonderful GM vortec fuel regulator starts leaking and costs another $400 to fix the Tacoma owners will rest assured they are cover till 60,000 and Toyota would never use such cheap parts. Also, those damn AC delco alternators that always die.
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  • slamedtacomaslamedtacoma Member Posts: 18
    ok guys. most people who buy a truck where im from never get them off road (no more than my little 2wd tacoma can handle). and unless u get an older body style s10 or ranger u have a worthless truck for slamming (lowering) u can do alot more to a tacoma to lower it and "pimp" it out. the only way to match the tacomas ability is to spend 5 grand more and buy and s10 extreme. so maybe all u guys should get off the offroad thing and look at street machines. and what the majority of trucks bought by youger people end up as.
    basicly if you gonna buy a 4wd get a jeep. the true off road vehicle
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    You can get an Extreme for $13,000 if you want brand new.
  • 2k1trd2k1trd Member Posts: 301
    Yup ive done all of those repairs to those trucks.
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    "Big 3" truck fans are always saying... Chevy has more torque, Dodge can tow more, Ford has more comfy seats... blah blah blah. So WHAT?!

    It doesn't matter HOW much more horsepower a Chevy, or Ford, or Dodge has. Because in a few years that Ford, Chevy, or Dodge will be sitting on jackstands or bricks on your driveway or lawn! Hahaha!
    Producing ZERO horsepower! Because it'll be all broken down! Inoperable.

    You want blown head gaskets after 50K? Buy a Ford (might as well spec it with Firestone tires too).
    Ford has more comfortable Seats??!! Hahaha! So when your Ford breaks down you'll be sitting real comfy in your broken down F-150 waiting for the Tow truck! Ford Quality is JOKE One!

    Wanna rebuild your tranny after 40K? Buy a Chevy! Like a Rock?! yeah right! more like dead weight! Get a TH-700R4 overdrive tranny, you'll be rebuilding it every 2 years!

    Want electrical problems? don't like air conditioning? Buy a Dodge! You'll get electrical shorts, failed AC compressors, weak ignition/starter systems, you'll get shocked every time you touch your door. You'll feel like you just got RAMmed once you start having to take your truck back to the dealer for all the Factory Recalls and TSB's.

    Want your trim/weatherstripping to crack? knobs and controls to fall off and break?
    Like to see that "Check Engine Soon" light flashing all the time?
    You like leaky Oil Pans? Want oil & tranny fluid all over your garage floor?
    Take your pick, buy ANY of the "Big 3" trucks and you'll get ALL those problems! free of charge.
    Wanna find out just what Punks those dealership service centers can be like? When your Ford, Chevy, or Dodge breaks down and you try to get warranty repairs done you'll find out.
    You WILL end up spending Thousands of dollars on repairs, recalls, parts & service not covered by the recall, rental cars, wasted time, etc, fixing your vehicle.
    When you buy a Ford, Chevy, or Dodge it will end up Owning YOU!

    It don't matter how much "Big 3" trucks can tow, cargo capacity, horsepower, torque... all that doesn't count for CRAP when that big hunk of junk breaks down. Just look at all the Factory Recalls on Fords and Chevies. Pure junk man.

    Ok, if you're just leasing/renting for a couple years... then who cares? Buy whatever you want; go crazy and get yourself a Ford Explorer with Wilderness tires if you like.
    After a couple years, lease is over, it'll be somebody else's problem anyways.

    But if you plan on keeping your truck for more than a couple years and want a RELIABLE truck, then do yourself (and the environment) a favor. Buy a Toyota or Nissan.
    The junkyards are already over-populated by big, broken Ford, Chevy, and Dodge junk.
  • midnight_stangmidnight_stang Member Posts: 862
    I needed a good laugh like that. Thanks Tony, you should do standup.

    You post is sarcasm isn't it? If not I think it's pure miss-informed idiocy.
  • slamedtacomaslamedtacoma Member Posts: 18
    where u shoppin for that extreme. an extreme equipted like my tacoma is closer to 19,000 brand new. but if u can get me an exteme that close to the price of mine ill take it.
  • spoogspoog Member Posts: 1,224
    Check out an in depth comparison of the 4 wheeler of the year 2001.

    The s-10 finishes last, the Tacoma finishes first.

    Bada bing, bada boom.
  • barlitzbarlitz Member Posts: 752
    I neve read the article but was the ZR2 the S-10 that was tested?
  • eagle63eagle63 Member Posts: 599
    I checked out that website, but found no trace of the "fourwheeler of the year" thing. gee, what a surprise...
  • tony22rtony22r Member Posts: 45
    midnight_stang, quit laughing and check out:

    137,700 - 2001 Ford Rangers are being RECALLED for defective Hoods that can Fracture and fly open while driving!

    156,305 - 2001 Chevy S10's are being RECALLED for Defective Seatbelts that won't restrain occupants during a Crash!

    ZERO Recalls for 2000 AND 2001 Toyota Tacoma's!

    So let's see, that's a total of 294,005 Chevy S-10's and Ford Rangers RECALLED for Serious, life-threatening design flaws...
    and NO Toyota Tacoma's recalled.

    You see i've been through this before buddy, i've owned quite a few Fords and Chevy's in my life... i can tell you all about Factory Recalls, i think the Recall was actually invented by GM! they probably own the patent for the Recall.
    So don't waste your time laughing at my jokes, i'd be calling those toll-free GM phone #'s if I were you :o)

    Manufacturer: FORD MOTOR COMPANY
    Mfg. Campaign #: 00S45
    Year: 2001
    Make: FORD TRUCK
    Model: RANGER
    Potential Number of Units Affected: 137700
    Manufactured From: MAR 2000 To: OCT 2000
    Year of Recall: '00
    Type of Report: Vehicle

    Vehicle Description: Sport utility vehicles with steel hoods and certain pickup trucks equipped with sheet molding compound hoods. A wire formed hood striker could be susceptible to fatigue fractures. If the hood striker fractures, the hood could fly open while the vehicle is being driven.

    A hood fly-up while the vehicle is being operated could result in reduced driver visibility.

    Dealers will replace the hood striker. Owner notification began January 23, 2001. Owners who take their vehicles to an authorized dealer on an agreed upon service date and do not receive the free remedy within a reasonable time should contact Ford at 1-800-392-3673.

    Manufacturer: GENERAL MOTORS CORP.
    Mfg. Campaign #: 00067
    Year: 2001
    Model: S10
    Potential Number of Units Affected: 156305
    Manufactured From: MAY 2000 To: MAY 2000
    Year of Recall: '00
    Type of Report: Vehicle

    Vehicle Description: Passenger vehicles, light duty trucks, sport utility vehicles, and mini vans equipped with TRW seat belt buckle assemblies. The buckle base of these seat belt assemblies were not properly heat treated and therefore do not pass the load bearing requirement of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 209, "Seat Belt Assemblies."

    In the event of a vehicle crash, the occupant may not be properly restrained.

    Dealers will inspect the vehicle's rear safety belt buckle assembly date codes and, if necessary, will replace any rear safety belt buckle assembly. Owner notification began August 24, 2000. Owners who take their vehicles to an authorized dealer on an agreed upon service date and do not receive the free remedy within a reasonable time should contact Buick at 1-800-521-7300; Chevrolet at 1-800-222-1020; GMC at 1-800-462-8782;
  • jim4444jim4444 Member Posts: 124
    I have seen em advertised near Chicago for that price.
  • jim4444jim4444 Member Posts: 124
    How much for a replacement alternator on your perfect toyota? $500? $600? more?

    GM, Ford,Dodge? Around $100.

    I know nothing will ever go wrong with your truck but for everyone else who buys a truck and considers long term ownership this stuff is important.

    As for em bieng on blocks in someones yard in a few years all I can say is whats left of a toyota after a few years? They rust so bad here that people replace the beds with flatbed conversions or just take em off completely.
  • tony22rtony22r Member Posts: 45
    jim4444 -> $231.44 for Alternator (Toyota V6)
    But in the time that I'd have to replace ONE you'll already have wasted your time and money buying and installing FIVE or more AC-Delco alternators. I wonder what the AC in AC-Delco stands for... Always Crappy?
    Parts are generally Cheaper for Chevy's, but then again Chevy parts are CHEAP (quality), you gotta replace them ALL the time!
    So you bought your Chevy because alternators are cheap?
    That's your idea of long term ownership?? hahaha, pal you're stepping over dollar bills to pick up pennies.
  • lariat1lariat1 Member Posts: 461
    AC-Delco stands for "Always Crappy - Dont Expect Long Component Operation"
  • midnight_stangmidnight_stang Member Posts: 862
    Tony22r is full of it. I have no doubt that a domestic you may have owned would go through 5 or 6 alternators, but in the real world, there are many more domestics on the road today(vs Toyota's ever will have) that will never mandate a replacement (in alternators). My '93, 80 amp alternator still powers all my power accessories, plus an added alpine system and two amplifiers pushing 6 speakers and subwoofer with over 600 watts combined. Pretty good for a "cheap alternator" with 135 thousand miles on it. And you can get alternators at any national parts store for 60-70 bucks, i'm sure. I could even goto a factory 130 amp alternator if I wanted to for under the price of your toyota alternator, but I don't need to.
    You must have a chip on the shoulder for domestics. You just plain hate them is obvious. Did one run over your dog or something?

    BTW, your post #70 is still completely false nonsense.
  • smc13smc13 Member Posts: 52
    I don't know why I bothered but I actually looked up alternator prices for chevy, ford, and toyotas using '98 model year and the best engines available. The only prices I found for toyotas was for Bosch altenators at a price of around $230. A Bosch alternator for fords was $300 and Chevy didn't have a bosch alternator available. The alternators that I saw for the s10 ranged from $110 - $240. I wonder how much of the price differances are just from quality?

    Btw, why would I need to replace an alternator? I put over 180,000 on my previous car in 5 1/2 years of driving and didn't need to replace an alternator (the only thing that went bad were the head gaskets). If I have to replace the alternator or any other part on my Tacoma I will be shocked.
    Is it common to have to replace an alternator on a new vehicle?

    Steve Cohen
  • slamedtacomaslamedtacoma Member Posts: 18
    how bout givin me a name of a dealership and a number. i want to find a good extreme for 13000 brand new. round here. used ones equipied like my tacoma are more than that. im willing to drive to chigago to get one.
  • barlitzbarlitz Member Posts: 752
    Go to and type in the truck you are looking for.The price is right there and they even have financing available, you don't even need to go to a dealer except to pick the truck up.
  • jim4444jim4444 Member Posts: 124
    After about 250,000 miles they could go bad but without a guage for the alternator you can be stuck on the side of the road in your toyota.

    The one on my old truck went bad. It was a Chevy. Cost? $45.

    tony22r you ARE full of it. My point is you keep a vehicle long term as toyota is supposedly famous for and sooner or later you will need to replace parts no matter who makes the vewhicle.

    Why doesnt toyota give you a full set of guages like the competition? Is it because they want soccer moms to drive em?

    Did toyota ever go with a serpentine belt drive?

    As for the $13,000 extreme let me look at the sunday paper.
  • barlitzbarlitz Member Posts: 752
    What about that chinese mystery metal that the tacomas are made of, you know the plastic and paper spray painted silver to look like metal.
  • allknowingallknowing Member Posts: 866
    Yeh the real metal on the Chevy is much better, but it is kind of embarrassing if you scratch the paint because the "Coor's" label shows through.
  • slamedtacomaslamedtacoma Member Posts: 18
  • slamedtacomaslamedtacoma Member Posts: 18
    ive been watchin newspapers. and dealerships for almost a year now. i have not found one under 15000 and that was for the most base. and they would have to order it. so i really dout that there will be that big of a drop a couple states away. or in the country for that fact.
    and has anyone heard of a ranger thats spose to be coming out to compete with the xtreme. i factory lowered truck. that would be nice. see more than one company get in it. that will hopfuly make things more interesting.
  • jim4444jim4444 Member Posts: 124
    No $13,000 Extreme in todays paper but I did see it before. There are sites you can look at online also and get prices.
  • smc13smc13 Member Posts: 52
    What gauges are missing in my toyota? It seems to have all the gauges my previous vehicle had (Dodge Neon). Are you saying that your chevy has a gauge just for your alternator? All vehicles have gauges to warn if the battery is discharging (even toyota).

    Steve Cohen
  • jim4444jim4444 Member Posts: 124
    That means oil pressure, temp, alternator, speedometer, tachometer and fuel guage. That makes 6, not 4. You can keep your lights, I like to know whats going on with a full set of guages.

    I had a problem with my alternator around 200,000 miles on my old truck, the guage was acting funny, I knew right away that the alternator was going bad. What will a light tell you?

    Only that theres a problem with the system but you will have to check out the whole system, sounds like a way for dealers and mechanics to make a fast buck.

    With a full set of guages you know whats going on under the hood.
  • smgillessmgilles Member Posts: 252
    I hope you don't rely on your gauges to tell you what's wrong with your truck/car. I think most people who have some common sense about cars don't need gauges to explain that to them. If someone doesn't know anything about cars the gauges aren't going to do them any better than "idiot" lights!

    (i.e. fuel filter is plugged, bad cell in the battery, etc.)
  • tony22rtony22r Member Posts: 45
    i'm sure glad my '93 Chevy had gauges, though none of them worked right...
    The tachometer stopped working after 35K.
    Speedometer was always off by 5 mph.
    Yeah the battery gauge showed charging...but after 36K, my AC-Delco alternator and starter both needed to be replaced. Pep Boys has LOTS of AC-Delco parts in Stock! (Because they Break ALL the time!)
    Finally after 37K, my head gaskets blew! Chevy told me, sorry you're just outside of warranty, you're S.O.L.!
    But Chevy sure has good warning lights though!
    my "Check Engine Soon" light has been ON Constantly for the last 20K miles!!
    Oh, and the oil pressure warning light works too! after my engine oil pan gasket ruptured and dumped oil all over my garage, i'm sure glad the Oil Pressure light came on to remind me!

    P.S. Have you heard about the Union-made Head Gaskets used on Chevy vehicles? You know the ones made from recycled GM Technical Service Bulletins.
  • jim4444jim4444 Member Posts: 124
    As I said before the guage let me know my alternator had a problem. A light would mean the system needs checking out.
  • midnight_stangmidnight_stang Member Posts: 862
    AC Delco is not OEM. It fits the specs, thats about it. It's like wal-mart underwear. It's brand new and works, but in just over a year you will have holes.

    Tachometer, did you check the speed cable from Transmission to dash? Cost is like 20-30 bucks to replace, free to plug back in?

    Speedometer, sound more like a tire change, rim change, or a rear axle gear change. A simple small gear would have fixed it.

    A battery charge gauge is definately a lot more intuitive than than a light. Escpecially when running fog lights, trail lights, or an aftermarket sounds system. Of course you can just buy a 1000 cca battery and make sure your alternator is up to par to charge it.(Which you'll know in 3 days with a guage, with a light you'll know only when trouble hits. IE. <8 volts in the battery.)

    A tachometer, a definate if you have a manual, a nice feature with a automatic, especially on highway or when hauling/towing.

    What about a clock? Is that an option too?
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