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I have a 87 Nissan Pickup (V6) with 135,000 miles on it. No problems or major repairs ever performed. Just burnt up the catalytic converter and had it replaced. Vibrations begin around 20-25 mph and then kicks in gear. They occur again around 40-45 on occassion. Weird thing is the truck runs fine first thing in the morning. Starts vibrations after it has come to a complete stop and then you accelerate again. Anybody know what to check? I've been told it could be the O2 sensors or possibly the transmission. Also told to check the driveshaft center support bearing. Looking for any hints or tips as to what is causing vibrations or what would have caused catalytic converter to burn up.


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    I recently purchased a '97 Nissan King Cab 4x4
    Pickup. In the first couple of days I noticed a
    vibration that is most apparent in the range of 37
    -47 mph and in 4th gear. The vibration seems to be
    in the rear. It can be felt through the seat, not
    the steering. I brought it back to the dealer and
    they said it was normal to this truck and there is
    nothing wrong.

    I would appreciate responses from any owners of
    this truck to get an idea of how 'normal' this
    condition might really be. Also, if you have had
    this problem, have you been able to fix it? If so,
    how? Thanks.
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    Check the carrier bearing. Have a 98 and no vibration. I know some Nissan 4WD trucks have experienced carrier bearing problems. Not aware of this problem on 97's, check it anyway.
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    I drove a 1994 6 cyl Nissan Kingcab (pre-frontier model also) for a few years; I don't recall any vibration. Not so sure about the 4 cyl kingcabs though. Is your's a 6 or 4 cyl? I believe the 6 cyl's offered a smoother ride.

    Has your dealer checked the tires and alignment? Another suggestion would be to take your problem to a higher level of the management at the dealership?

    If all else fails, you should try a different Nissan Dealer service, or and independent tire specialist to get a second opinion. Good luck. ;-)

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    in 4th gear? Not to state the obvious but could this be engine lugging?
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    Thanks for the input. That was my first hought as well. I first noticed the vibration in the 40+ range and then varied speed/gear combinations just to get a sense of the extent of the problem. It is also noticeable in the same speed range in third gear but not as bad as in fouth.

    I got a response from about this problem from a Nissan service manager who reommended having the drive shaft checked for proper balance.

    The dealer told me they had checked the balance and alignment but I get the feeling from them that I'm basically being blown off.

    I have made an appointment with another dealer to have a look at it. I'll mention to them all the suggestions I see here.

    Any other suggestions anyone? Has anyone else had any experience with any of the problems noted here so far?

    Thanks everyone.
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    Is it a 4x4 or 4x2? I have a '91 and had a rough idle when warm. Found it to be a leak in one of the gaskets. Replaced and vibration went away.
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    it's a 4x2 - thanks for the advice - i'll check it out
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    I thinking of buying a used 89 hard body with a z24i engine, 133,000 miles. Looking for any comments good and bad on this vehicle. Thanks
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    I bought my 1989 Nissan(auto) pick-up new. It only has 64,677 miles on it. You have probably guessed that we only used it when we had a pick-up chore to do. Anyway, I recently gave my car to my son in college and now I have to decide if my little truck is worth all the money it will cost to make the repairs it needs. Paramount of these repairs is that the air conditioning hasn't worked for 3 years. I have been told that it needs a new expansion valve, dryer and air compressor. It had the R-12 type of air. It also needs shocks and brakes. Can someone advise me? Is it worth it to spend so much on a vehicle that is this old?? If I get it repaired should I have them convert the air system to R-134 or have them repair the R-12 system it has?? Anyone who has an opinion I'd sure love to hear it, especially if you own an older Nissan pickup!
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    I would say it is worth it if the rest of the vehicle is in good shape. As for the A/C I would highly recommend that you have it converted to R134. I had a '91 Aerostar with the R12 system and when it went [non-permissible content removed] up I repaired it and replaced it with the R12. Very expensive. So after replacing the compressor 5 times because the auto parts store kept giving me the wrong part, well I wasn't a happy camper. Fortunatly the store refunded me all the cost of having my system evacuated and recharged each time. However if you have an R134 system you can buy the refrigerant and put it in yourself. As for the brakes and shocks it should be less than $150 for a complete set of brakes and 4 shocks. That with the A/C repair should be around $700 or so is my guess. I would say that's not a bad investment if the rest of the vehicle is in good shape.
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