Compact Pickup Comparison: Frontier, Ranger, Tacoma, S10, Dakota, B-Series, & Hombre



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    The package includes,instatrac 4x4,4x4 flat five spoke aluminum wheels,reinforced wide stance chasis w/46mm blistein gas charged monotube shocks,vortec 430V6 SFI engine 190 HP/250 lb tque,revised frame for wide tread 3.9" wider than standard,ground clearance 11.4" front and 9.1" in back,strengthened front differential and drive axles,unique rear suspension with revised multileaf springs and added rear axle track bar,unique rear axle w/ an 8.5" ring gear,larger bearings and larger diameter axle shafts,28mm front stabilizer bar,31"x10.5" R15 BFG's,locking differential,4 wheel antilock brakes,driver side 3RD door. There's more to an offroad vehicle than just putting a trd sticker on it,I'm curious to know what the trd includes other than a sticker thats missing a u. BTW JD powers rated the Mazda B4000 best compact followed by S-10,Toyota wasn't even mentioned
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    I agree with Vince that the value, if value means getting more options for less money, of Toyota vehicles has eroded over the last decade or so. But the quality still remains. Check out the latest Consumer Reports issue which is on the newstands now, and you will see that all the toyota vehicles rank "better or much better-than-average" meaning that less than 5% of owners ever experience problems. Ford, specifically the F-150 and Ranger, as usual, rank "Average" meaning 5 - 9.3% of owners have problems. But if you flip over to GM, you will find the Silverado, S-10, Suburban, Sierra, and on and on all rank "Much-worse-than-average" or more than 14.8% of owners experience problems. DaimlerGerman managed to eek out a "worse-than-average" rating with their Ram trucks, but that just means that between 9.3 and 14.8% of owners had problems.

    But it's not just Toyota who've raised prices and lowered equipment offerings. The average price of a new vehicle was something like $14,000 earlier this decade, and now that figure is hovering around $20,000. The manufacturers are not to blame for this as they're just taking advantage of our insatiable hunger for more and more automobiles.
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    I also had a 95 Ranger with the exact same problems. So, just FYI in case you didn't know:

    -The windshield wipers were caused by a defective turn signal stalk (I had mine replaced under warranty with an updated design produced by a different supplier).

    -The dome light/door chime is caused by a sticking switch that is inside of the door latch mechanism. In most cases, a judicious application of WD-40 will cure it. In a few instances, the switch must be replaced. (I went the WD-40 route).
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    As previously noted, I would avoid '95 Rangers. There aren't really any bad years for the 3L. Your worse case scenario would be having to use mid-grade fuel because of pinging that some 3L's experience on low-grade. I think it's due to the FFV experimenting over the years.

    I'd recommend a '96 or newer Ranger with the 3L and the 5-speed. They mate well together.

    Other than that, there's not really much to report. Just follow the general stuff when buying a used vehicle.

    Good luck
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    I've been reading pickup posts for a while now and since i took possession of my Toyota truck on 12/30 i have had soooo much fun with it -logged 850 miles, bought new CD's, driving all over for no reason etc... Anyway some one out there help me. What is the deal with my stick, i mean shifter? When i start driving from a stop and am in first it seems that i barely get the clutch out before i have to shift into 2nd. Is this how trucks drive? THe gearing is different somehow? I'm puttin that thing into 4000 rpms and i am only going 10 mph! Kinda fun, except i bounce all over and look stupid. HOw high should the rpms go when shifting up?
    And second, with the ongoing resale seems to me that you almost never see a toyo truck for sale but tons of fords, chevy's etc... Wouldn't this push up the resale, this supply and demand? The toyo dealer here said used toyos are on the lot 3 days or less usu. Also, vince8 see my post under trucking magazines/truthfullness from 1/8. I too noticed bias, but not your kind.
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    You've got a 4-banger, right? Toyota puts really short gears on their 4cyl trucks for better performance off the line (as do all truck manufacturers).

    Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Toyota stick something like 4.30s or 4.56s on their 4cyl Prerunners?
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    Prerunners only come with automatics, Cthompson.

    Acf2001, do you have a regular or ext. cab? Not that it matters any, but I was just wondering. My '98 5-speed was a regular cab and it was fun to drive, being light-weight and peppy.

    The first gear is kinda short, and you shouldn't let it rev above 4000 for the first 1000 miles. You may have already done this a few times, but for engine break-in, try to refrain for the next couple hundred miles or so. Your engine's sweet spot is from 4000 RPM's and up in third gear. Next time you want to really go, drop into third gear at about 50-55 MPH and you'll really feel the power. Of course, wait until your engine is properly broken in first (1000 miles).
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    Vince still isn't winning over any Ranger owners in the "Ranger III" forum. All of the posts but his are still people wanting a new truck, as long as it's not a Ranger. HA!!!
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    until 1000. Not too much fun. I don't hot rod cars, but LOVE standard shift and shifting and will try your sweet spot. Where'd you get info on that?????
    I have the extended cab. I have been good trying to keep the mph to 55 or less until broken in so truck is happy.
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    I got my info from my own driving. I had the same engine you are driving now in my '98 reg. cab. But since you have the, your truck weighs 420 lbs more than mine (yours weighs 2990 lbs), so it's going to be slower. Of course, you won't know the difference, so enjoy.

    About the sweet spot, unless they've changed the gearing, which they probably haven't, you can stay in 2nd almost up to 60, so I would normally shift somewhere around 50-55, and I'd then be right in the powerband of the engine in third gear. If you race, you may be beat off the line, but once you get into 2nd and eventually 3rd, this is where you make up ground. Your truck's 0-60 time should be somewhere around 9.0 - 9.1 seconds, considering the extra weight. My truck, at 2560 lbs had a published time of 8.4 seconds. If I see a published figure for your truck, I'll let you know.
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    May I present this point to ponder regarding the volume of used Fords & Chevys on car lots? Could it be that there are thousands more of them sold than Toyotas in the first place? I agree to a point that the lack of Toyotas on lots could keep resale values higher, since there are fewer from which to choose. But on the flipside, a person looking to buy a used truck at a good value may be wise to give the Rangers a serious look.

    I know that Toyotas are great trucks - one of my brothers owns a '92 4X4 and my little brother works at the Tundra plant in Princeton, IN and is always touting the quality awards that the Tundras have received (however, he himself owns a '98 F-150 and is totally satisfied with it). My neighbor owns a 2000 Tundra and I have ridden in it a few times - it's a nice truck. But I still see no reason to pay so much more for a Toyota when my first Ranger was as good as it was. Unless my 2000 turns out to be a total piece of crap (which I honestly don't expect to be the case), I will stick with Ford.
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    Those are very good points. I would surmise that some of the difference between the used prices of the Fords and Chevies vs. Toyotas is due to the fact that the supply of Fords and Chevies is greater and that this might present a better value for the shopper on a budget.
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    back allnkowing and take a look at yourself. You beat me up about my postings yet in the same post you do the same!! There is a Tacoma problem room here at Edmunds, I have not POSTED ONCE in this room, yet you come into the Ranger room and post and bash the Ranger???!! Take another look at past posts, there are plenty of satisfied Ranger owners. Like I said, I must have done one heck of a job on your "Toyota is god" bubble, deflated it almost to nothing?
    Web! I made virtualy the same points bart did and you now say they are valid!!
    Why don't you tell the Toyota person why his truck really is lacking in power?? The 4cyl Toyota just doesn't cut it, thats why. It has 150HP and 177ft/lbs of torque, now add this up to the weight of the truck, people, gear.... Doesn't take a rocket scientist.
    Ford no longer puts 4cyl engines in 4whl drive trucks.. Neither does Chevy. You can knock GM now but by this time next year the new 2002 S-10 will be available. It will have a straight 6 that will give both Toyota and Ford a run back to the drawing board. There was a great article on this motor in a Truck Trend about 2 months ago. This engine puts out more torque then some V8 engines!
    Resale, please, go to KBB and punch in numbers of LIKE Tacoma/Rangers, you can see for yourself the resale is not the huge wide gap that some Toyota owners want you to believe. I am getting tired of posting this over and over again.
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    on my lunch reading the sarcasm in vince's reply...
    anyway, vince i don't care about power, only how to drive correctly. Seriously, if i wanted an s2000, I could probably afford it somehow. I don't pretend (unlike you) that i have more than i actually have under the hood. It would be nice to have a V6, but after a Civic hatchback - this truck feels fast to me so leave me alone. Resale is regional. i am not a he either.
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    What 4CYL in Ford or Chevy truck makes 150HP? 4CYL in 4WD truck will work fine. No, you won't be towing 5,000# or hauling 2,000# in bed, but for people who do not need a full size a 4CYL can work. Reason that they are not offered is that they are not popular in the US. How much HP does the 3.0 V6 in the Ranger have? 150HP, same as Toyota 4CYL. Big 3 not good at making 4CYL for truck use.
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    Well said. The part about almost choking on your lunch had me cracking up. Keep on truckin'.
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    I agree that the Big3 have problems making a decent 4cyl for truck use (unlike Toyota and Nissan).

    Maybe Ford's new 2.3L I4 will be an improvement. I'm skeptical, tho. I know that GM is introducing a whole new engine line-up soon. Dodge, well... They have trouble even making a decent 6cyl for their trucks (the 3.9 is a terrible engine by today's standards).

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    I have to wonder why even a discussion of 4 cyl truck engines. I'm sorry, but there is not a 4-banger around that has the power to do a decent amount of work. They make nice buzz toy engines, but otherwise yech. I will agree that the Dodge 3.9 and 5.9 are old technology and ready for retirement. They are still decent engines and deserve some respect. The new 4.7L is a really amazing engine. Despite what some may think about Dodge, I would say from personal experience that this is a better engine than the Toy 4.7, the Chevy 4.8 and the Ford 4.6. Dodge is getting ready to produce a 3.7 (based on the 4.7) and a 5.7 hemi which should have a lot of design feature similar to the 4.7. This will give Dodge a very impressive lineup.
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    You may think you're doing a good job proving something but you're the only one. Then again, you have proved that you're kind of a dork. You keep saying that I say "Toyota is God" but I never have said anything close to that. Why lie about everything when no one in these forums believe anything from you anyway? You've labeled anyone that likes their Toyota as thinking Toyota is perfect, yet, we've only said what you have also said. May I quote you? You said in post #163 "Yes, generally a Tacoma may have fewer problems". We've said the same thing, nothing more.
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    When I was outside of US I saw many compact trucks used as work vehicles and not as personal vehicles. They had 4 cyl motors. Ford Ranger in Europe has only 4 cyl and GM (Holden) in Australia has 4 cyl motors in most pickup trucks. C'mon, this is about COMPACT trucks, and if you need V8 power then you better get a full size truck. (Dakota is not compact, so it needs a V6 or 8) For over 20 years compact trucks have had 4 cyl and they have more power now than ever before. 6 cyl in compact is needed for the required uses of some people and the need for speed of others, but to say that 4 cyl can not do decent amount of work is ridiculous.
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    Toyota puts the 2.7L 4 cyl. in the 4x4 and Prerunners because it's a viable alternative to the more expensive 3.4L engine. The 2.7L produces the same HP as the archaic Ford 3.0 OHV V-6 and only 8 lbs less torque (177 vs. 185). And what sense would it make for Toyota to put something like a 3.0L V-6 in the 4x4's and Prerunners as a base engine when the top of the line engine would just be .4L larger? If you look at the size progression, 2.4L to 2.7L to 3.4L, it makes very good sense from a marketing standpoint.

    If the 2.7L were a V-6 but produced the same power, we wouldn't be having this conversation. It's all about status and what we feel adequate driving around with under our hoods.

    Steve234, the Dodge 4.7L V-8 is a good engine, especially considering that Dodge designed it, with good low-speed torque, but how is 230 HP at 4800 RPM's and 295 lbs of torque at 3200 RPM's superior to the velvety-smooth 245 HP at 4800 RPM's and 315 lbs of torque at 3400 RPM's of the 4.7L Toyota engine?
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    Do not tell everything. The numbers that you mentioned are close, but I have tested all the engines that I mentioned except for the 4.8. The 4.7 Dodge had a much better feel for towing than the Toy. Interesting, the 00 had a smaller throat TB and was rated for 235 HP. Next year they are bringing out a HO 4.7 in the GC that is reported at 275 HP. As for smooth, my BIL was checking out the engine, when I started it. He didn't realize it was running until he notice the fan running.
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    www.wardsauto has an article on the 10 best engines in vehicles under $50,000.
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    I was going back through some of the earlier posts today, and I saw where you posted that you had just purchased a 4WD extended cab Tacoma. Is this true? If so, then you will have to disregard all the information I gave you because when we were posting a couple of days ago, I was under the impression you had a 2WD extended cab, which comes equipped with the 2.4L engine, instead of the 2.7L engine you would have in the 4WD.
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    I have a 4x4, yes. Does this make my prospects for power bleaker than once stated? All i plan to use it for off road is to hike and camp (usual equipment: tent, packs, chairs, etc...) and of course, the snow, which we seem to have plenty of this winter. Since i am off in the summer, i have started going with friends on short 2 to 3 day hikes in the Allegheny mtns but plan on taking a western vacation this summer. I don't ever see myself owning a boat, maybe the most a snowmobile, but probably not. Can my engine withstand it? I hope so.
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    about tire size. The sticker inside the door says i have 15" but i actually have 16" styled wheels - is this ok? (Incidentally, i like the 16"-ers, sits high ;)
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    What is the number on the side of your tires? It should look like this: "265/75R/15" or " 225/75R/15." Those are the two tire sizes for the Prerunners and 4x4's. The only Tacoma that comes with 16" tires is the S-runner, unless they've made some changes that don't show on the web.

    Your engine is the 2.7L 4 cyl. which produces 150 HP and 177 lbs of torque. Your vehicle weight is 3470 lbs, your payload is 1634 lbs, and your towing limit is 3500 lbs. This is more than enough ability to handle the tasks which you mentioned.

    I've never seen a published 0-60 time for your 4x4 with the 2.7L engine, but I'll look around and see if I can locate one. It should be somewhere around 10 seconds, considering it's power-to-weight ratio and the times of comparable vehicles like the Nissan Frontier.
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    thanks for the specs. you should get paid to do all that research.
    anyway, the 'mystery tires' are 265/70R16 Bridgestone Firestone - went and checked just now. maybe the truck was ordered with 16" wheels as an option for someone and the deal fell through. OR, SOMEONE HAS BEEN TAMPERING WITH MY TRUCK! better not void my warranty. i'm calling toyota tomorrow.
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    Thought I left. No way, Jose! I don't know where the heck you Toyota boys get your numbers but in my owners manual is specifically says the 3.0 has 192ft/lbs of torque and 150HP at 3750 rpms, the 4.0 has 160HP and 225ft/lbs of torque. And once again I notice when you compare the 3.0 to the 2.7 you Toyota crowd always leave out the HP/Torque curve issue.... Hmm....Edmunds had the 3.0 at 192ft/lbs of torque also but it has somehow vanished, I quoted it to other people who wanted the 3.0 specs.
    Today went to lunch in a co-workers new F150 supercab. It has the offroad pkg, and tow pkg. We happened to park right next to a Tundra TRD supercab. With these trucks side by side there is a very noticible size difference. All three of us stopped and took a quick look around both trucks. Toyota should have never compared these to the REAL full size group... Big mistake...
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    Visit this link to find the source of the "hidden" or "ambiguous" HP and Torque figures for the 3.0 Ford V-6:

    And you're always lamenting the fact that we don't include HP/Torque curve charts with our statistics. Since this is your argument, why don't you go do some work, locate the charts, and post your results here? How ridiculous and asinine (love that word) that you want us to help you prove your point (and no the former statement is not an admission that your point is correct or even valid).
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    Well, I do learn something new every time I post here. Regarding your tires, I think Toyota calls for a tire rotation every 7500 miles, but I've only done mine every 10,000 miles (doing it more often is too expensive and unnecessary from my records), am at 30,176 miles now, and they are wearing extremely well. The key to getting all of the mileage out of your tires is to keep them properly inflated. You'll have added incentive to do this as a replacement tire at your size will set you back over a $100 even if you go to Discount Tire or Tirerack. I've got the 265/75R/15 tires on mine and the suggested air pressure is 26 PSI (pounds per square inch). Check your manual to see what it is for yours.

    Another pointer regarding tire pressure, make sure you check the tires when they are cold, meaning in the morning or anytime after your truck has been sitting for at least three hours. A "hot" tire, or one that has been driven on for more than one mile, will read 4-6 PSI higher, and if you set the tire pressure when they're hot, you'll end up with an underinflated tire, which will wear your tires extremely fast. If you do carry any heavy loads (800-1000 lbs or more), you'll need to add some air pressure in order to compensate for the extra load. Something like 30-32 lbs should do. But as long as it's just yourself and maybe some passengers, keep the tires at Toyota's recommended pressure.
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    The 01 tacoma's come with 16 inch wheels and 265/70/16 tires.
  • acf2001acf2001 Member Posts: 28
    is also 29 psi
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    I have a 97 GMC Sonoma Highrider. 39,000 miles. In the past week or two I've noticed two things. 1. After I drive for a couple miles it starts shifting into second gear really hard (its auto). 2. When I am getting on the highway or pulling out on a hill (any time i accelerate hard) the truck makes a screeching, scratching, vibrating noise for a couple seconds. It dosen't do this everytime, but enough to be noticed. We checked the U joint and that seems to be fine. If anyone has any idea what this may be please let me know. Thanks so much, Scotti
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    Try checking out
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    Isuzu does not offer the Hombre. When was it last manufactured?
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    People make fun of me because I drive a Ranger. I should buy a better truck.
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    Basically a S-10 with Isuzu badges.
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    I notice in your profile you are shopping for a Toyota. Why do you feel this is any better than a Ranger, Dakota or S-10?
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    I've always owned a truck and I'm looking to buy something new?

    Can somebody tell me why the Tacoma has such a worse side impact crash rating than any other compact truck??

    Next, does anyone have any thoughts on the 2001 Mazada B4000?
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    S10 and Isuzu HOMBRE, only the Hombre with the 4.3 is rated at 5 hp less (175) and very
    very gutless with the 2.2L I4. S10 better looking too.
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    you will find these are the best value for your dollar in the compact truck market today. Have you test driven yet?
    The new SOHC 4.0 puts the Ranger ontop over Chevy/Toyota/Nissan as far as the HP/Torque war goes.
    Get a limited slip (something Toyota doesn't offer). Don't get pulled into the TRD garbage and pay the extra dollars to have a TRD sticker on the side of your truck. This comes with a locker that can only be used in 4low, a set of Bilstien shocks/springs, that Toyota calls a "tuned suspension". Granted, the locker is better for serious offroad use, but I highly doubt your going to take a 24K truck into those places a locker will get its full use. Tacoma is a good truck don't get me wrong, the Ranger/Mazda can do everything you want for less $$$..
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    Chevy has more torque 250 vs 238, but the Ranger has more horsepower.
  • scape2scape2 Member Posts: 4,124
    the 4.3 does have more torque
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    I saw a Tacoma with a camper. I have never seen anything like it before. Words cannot describe it as it was small. Don't know what can be done in that amount of space. I guess my nearest comparison would be an outhouse?
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    Hey, Vinny, CT, and everyone, what's been happening????
    I have been kind of lurking lately, but thought I would shout out to you guys, as I haven't talked to you in awhile, everything has been great, I had the best year ever in the car business, and it looks like this year will be even better, predictions are Nissan wil sell over a million units this year, new plant in Mississippi for the full size truck and the full size SUV and a new Nissan van.
    Nissan is starting to pay salesmen bonuses again yippee! YOu guys really out to look at the new vehicles coming out soon, has the details on the new Z car, new altima, new Alpha T full size truck concept, (looks terrible, I think this is just an exercise though, hopefully the real thing won't look like that) and get this, this fall a new sentra SE-R type V,
    with a 180hp 4 cylinder, 4 wheel independant suspension, and a six speed manual!!! I am so glad to see nissan get back to the performance image that made them great, Vinny, I see you have been letting people get to you in the other topics, take it easy now, we don't want you to return to the dark side! Getting the new ranger anytime soon? CT, hope you had a good new year too, BTW, I really don't like this new format, topics seem to change position on the list all the time, and they aren't highlighted as a visited link when I come back like the old forum was, it was alot easier to find wher I had left off, other than that it is OK, also, no #'s by the topic list.
    THat's all for now, keep it real and play nice,
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    Your a name I haven't seen in a while! I know all about Nissan and yes I am eating my words as I speak.... sorry for the crunching..
    Nissan is going to get agressive as all he.. in the next 5 years. They want Blood and can smell it from Toyota/Honda. I remember reading an article many years back when the Hardbody came out and an executive from Nissan basically said their objective was to rival Toyota.
    No new Ranger here. Actually, the wife wants to dump the Ranger this summer. She made a very valid point, just not family friendly. I'm seriously looking at Mini-SUV's. On my list are the Escape, Xterra, Highlander and Suzuki Z7.. See I'm not as narrow minded as some may think. My cash goes to the best value..
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    Hey, good to hear from ya. I haven't been on these forums too much lately (recently purchased house, no cable modem....yet).

    Glad to hear the job's going well. I can't complain except that it's busy season which really cuts into my snowmobiling time.

    That SE-R sounds really interesting. Any projections on price?

    I hope Nissan goes a little more conservative with their styling in the full-sized stuff. It'd probably do better.
  • cthompson21cthompson21 Member Posts: 1,102
    Have you seen the new Jeep Liberty due out this spring or summer? It sounds like it would fit you better than an Escape or other car-based SUV.
  • cncmancncman Member Posts: 487
    Yea, I think putting Ghosn in charge is the best thing that has happened in a long time, he's keeping the pencil pushers happy by cutting costs and realizes that Nissan needs to get back to its image as performance, quality and value. Not as familiar with the highlander and suzuki as the others, but based on what I know of you and how you probably won't give up offroading, maybe the Xterra would be the choice, besides, they are putting that supercharger in it coming soon! If that suzuki is like the used sidekick I sold last year, I can't recommend it, impossible to get parts for it, felt like you could fold the sheet metal with your hands, and it took me an hour to find the hood release in the top of the glove box! Of course, I am sure you would also favor the escape, but I like the looks of the tribute better, and you do get a longer warranty too, well, good luck, let us know what you do.
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