Mitsubishi Galant Maintenance and Repair

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I don't want to be duked when I go to the repair shop. Yesterday I noticed a pan like object that was hanging from underneath my car. I was like in the middle. I was able you quickly wiggle it off. My car is driving fine I have pictures of the part that came off can anyone help me identify the part. sorry there is no place for me to post the pics.



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    I have a 2000 Galant and I was driving it. It just stopped out of no where and it wouldn't start again. The engine turns but it doesnt make a spark. Does any one know what controls the spark?
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    Battery, ECU, plug wires & plugs, a fuse, maybe the alternator and/or associated drive belt. Lots of possibilities. You need to have the engine's computer read to get the error code. AutoZone, I've heard, does this for free. Other shops may as well. You can also buy a unit to do it yourself.
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    well i know for sure that it's not the battery or the ECU. I tried to jump it and i even got a different ECU and i guess that wasn't it either.
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    got same problem with '99 galant, 3.0 liter, please help! :confuse:
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    Hello All , Happy New Year.
    I have a 2000 Galant which I have an intermittent problem. It does not want to idle as I release the gas it will drop RPM and stall. I can keep it at idle with the gas pedal but if I move my foot it dies. The check engine light has now come on also.
    Strangely it will work perfectly one day and the next Ahhhh!
    Any suggestions??
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    I just bought a 1997 Galant, it runs great. I noticed that after about 40 mph the slightest movement of the steering wheel causes the car to feel like its swaying left and right, almost feels like the car is on marbles and someone pushes the front drivers side fender and a second later someone pushing the rear straitning the car out. Hard to explain, but I have no clue what this could be, suspension problem? Please help!
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    I have a 2000 Galiant with 140k miles... the timing belt recently went and I had it replaced along with water pump and belts. Since the timing belt was replaced, the engine developed a bad engine miss. Once the engine started missing, the engine light came on.... I brought it back to the shop and the mechanic told me based on the code the crank shaft sensor needed to be replaced... that was replaced and the engine light went out but after a very short time of driving the miss was back but not as bad... I brought it back to the shop and then was told that the cam sensor needed to be replaced... that was replaced and again after driving it, the miss was still there. I brought it back once again and the mechanic said he really could not figure out what was wrong.... his last attempt at fixing the issue was to clean the injectors and replace the air filter but the miss did not go away... I have given up going back to that shop. Just a little background.... when the timing belt broke, the car was only going at 15-20mph and only went 1 block before it died... when I had the car towed to the shop I made sure the mechanic checked the valves to ensure that they were not bent or there was not any other damage which would cause me to junk the car... he ensured me the valves were ok and no other damage was done so he said doing the timing chain would be worth it.... I will tell you I was a little angered because the charge was $750 bucks to replace the timing belt, water pump and fan & alt. belts... anyway, the car is my daughters and I'm just trying to get her through her last yr of college with it..... PS: Just before the timing belt broke, I tuned the car up.... new plugs, wires, etc. IF anyone can point me in the right direction to fix this miss, it would be most appreciated.... it's driving me nuts not being able to figure this out.... oh... PPS: The car misses when the RPMs reach between 2-3 rpms... before or after that it does not miss.
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    Lots of possibilities including clogged fuel filter, sensors (various) going bad, a tank of bad gas, etc. When the CEL is on that means an error code has been generated. Have the code read by a shop (dealer for $ or a place like AutoZone for cheap/free) and you should get more details.
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    Thanks for the reply..... thought about the fuel filter, unfortunately, the fuel filter is built into the fuel pump... to costly to try to replace... doubt if it's bad gas, filled up the car many times and also tried to add Marvel Mystery Oil thinking it may be a sticky valve.... but that did not work.... the problem with readng the CEL code is... the check engine light is not on anymore.... it came on the 1 time and the code said bad cam shaft sensor... that was replaced and the engine light went off and never came back on so there is nothing to read any longer. As I mentioned, the car only misses when the RPMs hit that threshold..... If I stay below or go above that threshold the car will not miss.... sometimes the miss is not as bad but if I'm going on the highway and I hit that mark the car bucks pretty good.
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    I had similar problem with my 2000 Galiant... it turned out to be the timing belt... when you try to start the car if the starter sounds like it's cranking very fast, it could be the timing belt.... the belt in this car normally lasts around 90k.
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    i have a 2000 galant,do you really have to change or does transmission filter exist on galants?
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    Click on My Carspace above and post your pic there. Then you can put in a link to the pic or embed the pic in a post.

    If your car is driving fine, I'm going to put forth a wild guess that the part was a heat shield and won't adversely affect vehicle operation. But I, and others, can't really be more helpful without a pic or detailed description of where the part came from, how it was attached (bolted at corners, etc.), if it appears to hold in fluids of any kind (probably not since the car is still drivable).
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    This is one of the best looking cars ever made. too bad its a front wheeler..
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    Did you ever figure out what the issue was? I have a 96 galant, and it just started doing the same thing. I have no idea what is wrong.
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    I have a 2000 Galant. When I was driving my friend to his parents house, as I accelerated out of a turn, it slipped out of gear. No check engine light or transmission light came on. It will go and stay in park, but drive, reverse, etc it stays in neutral. It will not move unless pushed. Is this a frequent mishap? Any idea what it could be?
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    countrfet, the Check Engine light won't come on for a trans issue. CELs normally come on for emissions-related problems.

    I haven't heard of many issues with Galant transmissions and I never had a problem during the 10.5 years & 152K miles I had my '99 Galant. Come to think of it I can't recall reading any posts about AT issues.

    Some questions:
    How many miles are on the car?
    Has the trans fluid been services as outlined in the manual?

    I'm not an expert so I'd hesitate to speculate on the problem. If the fluid hasn't been changed it could have seized or burned. But it could just be wear & tear. Should it be shot, Galant's of that generation ('99-03) were good sellers for Mitsu so you should be able to find a rebuilt trans for a reasonable price.
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    My guess is that the fluid had not been changed for a while, or a different AT fluid than what Mitsubishi specified was used.
    Similar thing happened to me at around 110K on my Galant (a 2001 with 160K and still going strong :-) ). At around 60 mph I heard a "whoosh" from under the hood and the car slowed down; the "check engine" light came on. I took it to the dealer and after they read the code they told me that the car "slipped" out of gear. Less than 8K prior to that I had done a flush at an indy shop that used what I believe was a generic with additives to bring it up to Mitsu specs.
    The dealer mechanic suggested a flush with the hope that no permanent damage was done and see what happens. I was lucky and never had an issue ever since.
    Bottom line, as confirmed later, the Galant transmissions are picky, so NEVER use anything but the OEM Mitsubishi AT fluid.
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    help i have a 2001 mit.galant when i was driving it just stopped and i could not turn it back on when i turned the key it was trying to turn on but wouldnt the more i turned the key the dimmer the lights got then the blinkers wouldnt even turn on after a few minutes of it sitting the lights came back on but still will not turn on tried another battery terminal a friend is charging the battery now any ideas i need my car asap
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    When I start the car, it idles rough and shakes and tries to stall. If I press the accelerator pedal and hold for a few seconds then let off, it idles good for 10 seconds or so and then goes back into a rough idle. Any thoughts?
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    Fuel pump or filter (or something else in the fuel delivery system) would be my guess. The lights dimming is just a result of draining the battery while trying to start it.
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    Bad gas or an idle control sensor failing would be my first guesses.

    Bad gas is easy to diagnose: Run a couple of tanks of Premium from a Top Tier brand ( to see if the idle smoothes out.

    Other thoughts: Dirty air/fuel filters or spark plugs past their prime.

    Does it every actually stall?

    You might also try taking to a shop that'll read the engine codes for cheap or free; it's possible the engine's computer is logging a fault condition.
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    Has not stalled. I turned the idle up a tad and that helps momentarily. I rev up the engine for a moment and it smoothes out the idle but, within 30 seconds, drops back down to a rough idle...
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     I have 2010 Mitsubishi Galant I had no signs anything was wrong no check engine lights are on came out and car won't start but all lights come on there is no sound when cranking it over so  i changed battery an now the only difference it's making a click click noise as I'm cranking it you think it sounds like the starter????
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    I have a 2002 galant 2.4L and I needed to change 2 motor mounts due to the rear mount being pretty much destroyed and the passenger has a lot of play the rear one came out and got replaced just fine aside from a few stripped bolts but the passenger side mount won't come out I jacked the engine up just enough to take the weight off of the bolt that goes through the middle and removed the 2 nuts and the other bolt that bolts from the top and this thing has absolutely no movement like I push on it completely unbolted and the engine moves with it with no play  what am I missing? 
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    This VIDEO might help you. It shows all the mounts being replaced so you have to watch the whole video:
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    Yeah it helped kind of I definitely did everything correctly it should just slide off but is absolutely stuck with zero play when completely un bolted 
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