Service Manual for 2007 Outlander XLS

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Does anyone have a link to a FREE service manual (not owner's manual) for a 2007 Outlander (XLS)?


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    One place to try is your library's online offerings.

    Online Repair Manuals
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    Thanks; had already tried that and struck out which is why I asked the other members if they knew of one.
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    Yeah, it's hit and miss.

    I found this link (Outlander_XL_Service_Manual.rar) but didn't try to download it. It may be for non-US spec Outlanders (diesels, etc.).

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    can someome help me install a cabin filter?????
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    My wife has changed the cabin filter in my Outlanders. It may appear simple but it needs careful hand and fingers. She describes the procedure like this:

    1-Open the bottom glove compartment
    2-Detach the small black plastic strip on the right hand side
    3-Press both edges of the hard plastic glove container very firmly (this was very difficult) until the plastic detaches from the little black plastic knob on either side.
    4-When 3-happens the container collapses down disclosing the cabin filter space. It shows the old cabin filter.
    5-Pull out the old filter taking careful note of the original position, so that you can put in the new filter exactly in the same geometry.
    6- Job done!!
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    Outlander Service manual is usually in CD/DVD and can be ordered at a price from a dealer or from If you don’t want to pay then a Mitsubishi dealer manager can help you to get one free of cost.

    Every year each dealership receives a number of CD/DVD (e.g. Outlander 2007, Outlander 2008, etc) that is generally used in its service department for consultation. Quite sure the service department is using the 2010 version CD/DVD so the old version CD/DVD is being putting aside without use. Talk with an employee of the service department and offer $10 per a copy.
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    Batman, you must have a real nice dealer!!! Why would the service dept knowingly sell something that would help you avoid using them for service (especially below cost)?
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    You may be OK, but indeed my dealer in California offered me a free CD/DVD 2007 in May 2009. I think very few owners would like to apply maintenance procedures in the CD/DVD because the majority of procedures require SST (Special Service Tools) and a ramp.
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    Thanks for the post. I had no idea how to change the cabin filter, read above, had it out in about two minutes. It looked really dirty, too, picked up a new one at auto zone, and it's good to go.
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