EATC repair. (auto climate control) 06 Grand Marquis LS

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It's my understanding that there are shops repairing these controls. Does anyone out there know which part of the control is defective. I've ohmed the solenoids that control the vacuum and they are all ok. I also tested as many of the resistors on the boards that I could. The solenoids were very hot when I disassembled the unit.


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    william, had my atc on my 03 grand marquis rebuilt for about $100 and with life time guarantee, less than half of a used one that didn't work!! Auto Truck Electronics, 1-866-983-6688 good luck...Dan
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    Can the grill on a 03 GM be removed from the front?
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    most of these where it blows out the defrost duct (fail safe mode) is just the vacuum harness not held tight to the control head. Use 2 10" tie straps to hold the vacuum harness tight. Remove the 2 torx screws and wrap the tie straps around the bottom piece and on either side of the black vacuum hose. Pull tight and test.
    The vacuum harness is available from Ford for $22. The prefix of the part number is F5VY-, I can remember the rest. Still needs the tie strap though.
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