2nd row Chevy Suburban seatback clips

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That's my best description of those plastic clips recessed into the back of the 2nd row seats that hold the partial floor boards up when you are using the third seat. Has any one else had an issue with these, both of mine are broken, and have been. While I'd like to replace them I have no confidence that another OEM part would last any longer than the original two did. My local GM parts dealer was closed today when I went to get these parts, has anyone replaced them? Are there any other options out there?


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    My 2nd row rear seat latch broke trying to push a sofa into my 2005 GMC Yukon without putting down latched up floor board. So now my floorboard just leans on the 3rd row seat. So I removed the latch by putting a key between the edge (upper and lower) and the fabric and pushing the clip that retains the latch to the seat. The latch easily popped out and I took it down to the GMC Chevy tahoe suburban dealer. They used my vin number for an exact match on color. The part number for the Rear seat latch is 12477414 or 1247-7414 was in stock. The cost was $15.48 plus tax.
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    I have a 2002 Suburban with this same problem. Both single and double seats do not slide forward because the latch underneath are broken. The cables cannot attach because the ends where they fit into are broken as well. Plastic pieces are broken. Not sure where it all fits. It really would help to find a manual or schematic to show how this all fits. Judging from feedback and input I see elsewhere, it's a manufacturer design issue. Not design to last. The video shows the problem ( but does not offer a solution.

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    Looks like you can just flip the lever at the point where the cable became detached. Not a fix, but it gets you into the rear of the car. If it were me, I'd have a bicycle or motorcycle shop make me some new cables with better 'ends", made of metal, not plastic. I can't quite see how they attach however, so my solution may not be so straightforward.

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