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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kondalakondala Posts: 5
    So was the final best dealer from McKinney. Could I have the sales rep's email id
  • What is the documentation/processing fee for this dealer? This sounds like a pretty good price!
    I'm also looking for an EX-RES -- the best I can get is the CarsDirect price of $25,248 plus a $398 documentation fee ($25,646 + TTL). The destination fee is included in these quotes.
  • kylawyerkylawyer Posts: 5
    Got my EX-L last week in Louisville KY for 25122=ttl for a drive away of 26642.00. Thats 1k under quoted invoice. Seems like I did not get the best deal if some folks are getting 24750 + ttl. Got mine at Sam Swope Honda World, and I did not have to go out of state. Did the blast fax deal for dealers within 100 miles, but no one else around would touch 1k under invoice.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,599
    Don't outsmart yourself here in your quest for a lower price. These have all but disappeared. We are the largest Honda dealer in the state and I think we have one or two left of that model.
  • elainemelainem Posts: 7
    need information on best price for honda exl by 7/23 live in ny nj area have price $26000 sounds too high. please help
  • AMcDanAMcDan Posts: 4
    Not sure that it was a spectacular deal, and I'm halfway afraid to scan back through the messages and find out it wasn't, but here was the damage:

    2004 Odyssey LX
    $22,400 (~$125 below invoice)
    Mudguards thrown in for no charge
    Waived title fee, only added $1.25 wheel tax and sales tax.
    Out the door price: $23,745.25

    Obtained 3 quotes from local dealerships and worked down from there. Two agreed to that price and chose based on color - the Sage Brush Pearl.
  • elainemelainem Posts: 7
    need best price under $26000 for honda exl w/nav
  • dealmadedealmade Posts: 5
    If the 25,622 price includes doc. fees, I'd say it's a good deal. Inventory is only going to get thinner. Get the dealer to throw in mudguards and wheel locks to sweeten the deal. We paid 25,599 with locks and mudguards (plus ttl)back on memorial day for an EX-L in CT. Very happy with van. Good luck.
  • bamatternbamattern Posts: 4
    Going to pick up the EX-L tonight. Got the one dealer down to $24,948 including destination. They are also taking the old rearview mirror off and putting a self-dimmer on that has a digital compass and thermometer on it. I told him I would give him $25,200 total if they put that on for me. I wanted to make sure they made a couple hundred bucks:-) We thought about the EX-L with DVD, but decided to eventually get a mobile DVD player so we can take it out of the van if we want. Good luck to anyone else buying an '04. Hope you get a deal similar to mine or better.
  • essjay1essjay1 Posts: 1
    If don't mind, can you let us know what dealer you purchased it from and how your overall experience was?

  • daddydaddy Posts: 21
    Folks, you should be able to do better than me. I purchased my EX-RES around the end of May and since it's been past two months the current price should be much lower than what I paid. As time passes, the price should be coming down.

    I got EX-RES including free mud guards and wheel locks for $24,300 + TTL + $299 (doc fees). The $24,300 includes the dest. fees. I'm located in NC.
  • elainemelainem Posts: 7
    I live in the ny nj area. Did anyone get a better deal than $26000 for exl w/nav? Plan to buy one 7/23.
  • Daddy,

    Could you tell me how you got such a good deal in NC? I live in the triangle area too -- and I ain't finding any good EX-RES deals here. I've made my email public, so you can send me some detailed info, if you like. I'd certainly be willing to travel to Charlotte.
  • jjuejjue Posts: 6
    Compare to shopping for a '04 Sienna, buying a '04 Honda Odyssey is a much more pleasant experience. Sent out my quote requests on Saturday afternoon. Received quotes from several Honda dealers within 24 hrs. All of them offered me $500 below invoice without negotiations except for one (Lute Riley, Honda of McKinney, Bankston, John Eagle, David McDavid, Rusty Wallis. Go figure which one gave the highest quote...). McKinney and David McDavid are both great. Very responsive and nice sales reps. No tricks nor hidden fees. I finally bought it from David McDavid because they offered me with lower price. Total negotiation time was less than 10 minutes.

    If you need to know the sale rep's name. E-mail me: That may save you even more time and effort.
  • bogdanbogdan Posts: 10
    Let's see... the fees were as follows:

    Documentation: $118
    Registration/Title: $124

    My price actually came to $24,775 for a silver EX-RES, including destination charge. So adding tax plus the two numbers above amounts to an out the door price of $26,503. It's a pretty good price, considering the demand for these models right now. Perhaps it's not as nice a price as some of the bargains found by other people earlier in the year, but ok in my book.

    I live in northern NJ and supplies are getting pretty scarce here as well. My wife wanted the silver color, which seems to be one of the most popular so we have to wait about a week and a half for delivery. All three silver EX-RES models the dealer is receiving next week are now taken: we were #3. The sales rep said Honda is going to build our van in a few days and they should have it in by the first week of August.

    Very nice people... I used the CarsDirect price as a reference point and I got a quote through Edmunds' service from a few other dealers as well. After speaking to the manager, the internet sales rep undercut his own initial e-mail offer ($25,125) and got me the $24,775 price.
  • jch05jch05 Posts: 1
    Just wanted to thank everyone who has posted here - It has been valuable. I bought an EX-L RES, inc. dest., for $26,400+TTL last week in the greater Chicago area. I am from the Minneapolis area and it was worth the 5 hour drive compared to MN pricing. I got the color I wanted (silver) at a pretty good price - probably could have gone a little lower. The process was pretty easy overall - just sent out emails to 10-12 dealers. After their initial quote, I named my price and said I couldn't go higher. Heard back from 3 of them and went with the one that could get me my color the soonest. The only negative - salesman/internet manager. He told me I was getting too good of a deal since I wouldn't be servicing the vehicle with their dealership. Whatever.
  • appuappu Posts: 27
    Did you get a better deal then 26K on ex-l with navi? Please share the details. I am planning to buy one.
  • elainemelainem Posts: 7
    We picked up car 7/23 and paid $26,200 cash. If financing, could cost $200 less but you have to keep loan at leat 4 months so interest would eat up savings. We also bought Honda care 100,000 7 year extended warrantee for $1000. The dealer wanted $1500 so it paid to know what the bottom line was. Good luck.
  • strobystroby Posts: 1
    Here are the numbers my guy is offering for an EX-RES: $25548.

    I've seen something around $24700 in the prior posts. Should I try to get him lower?
  • massmanmassman Posts: 21
    My wife was leaning towards the pilot because we really need a third seat but I am trying hard to persuade her to go with odyssey do to ease of adults getting to third row. Also really do not want to buy 2004 pilot would wait for 2005 BUT now looking hard at 2004 odyssey but also considering waiting for 2005. Any it better to save $2000-2500 on 04 or pay more for new and improved 05 thanks in advance for info!!
  • doitritedoitrite Posts: 2
    Simple question, " What is RES?" as in EX RES.
  • berea1berea1 Posts: 8
    RES stands for rear entertainment system. Honda has made some special Odysseys' where the RES is included as a value special for little or no additional price. The best price I can obtain in Middleburg Heights, OH for one is $ 25,448. The L stands for Leather. So, the EX-RES is for the "value" Odyssey with cloth seats.
    Hope that helps.
  • First post. Carsdirect has given me the best with 25,872 (incl. $490 dest) but they want $499 for doc fees for a pre-tax walk out around $26,500. Dude from claims that's "normal" for FL, an unregulated doc state. Will budge at all? Seems like an easy way to dodge all the BS, but not if they tack on stupid stuff like this. Or should I just take their price and go to a couple of dealers and play the game?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Welcome to Town Hall.

    $499 is nuts for a documentation fee :-)

    But if the out the door price works, focus on it (maybe with some free accessory thrown in?) and don't worry too much about the line items.

    Steve, Host
  • I figured as much. so a) Can I work that 499 with and b) if I disregard that and ask for some throw-ins, what kind of extras are good to have on an '04 Odyssey? I think I've heard wheel locks on here? Anything else good to help recoup that 500?

    Also, if anyone has bought with or similar method, is the promised "30 minutes at the dealer" for real? And is it hassle-free as well.
  • My3boys,

    Please email the sales man's name and phone number at Northwest. I am ready to buy an EX-L RES.

  • genetageneta Posts: 23

    On the short lived "Warranty" message board, a question was asked about a Honda warranty. First of all, you don't need to buy the warranty until the last month of your current warranty -- just hold on to your money.

    However I do have a good source, in the Washington, DC area a local consumer magazine, Washington Consumer's Checkbook ( lists on page 95 of the fall 2003/winter 2004 issue a listing of dealerships for the best prices for a variety of auto manufactures.

    Checkbook's staff got the dealerships to agree to a modest markup (Honda is only $100 over cost). For Honda you need to contact Grand Honda in Elmhurst, IL. Regardless of where you live, you can call the dealership and arrange by phone or by mail to purchase the service contract. When you call (ask for finance manager), explain that you want the markup the dealer committed to for listing with "Consumers' Checkbook." If you don't subscribe to Checkbook, please send them a donation by hitting checkbook's site for saving you some $$$. Hope you find this helpful!
  • mommom Posts: 6
    I have been hoping someone would talk about prices paid for a new 2003 ody. The salesman said a new car is a new car. Since this dealership has many 2003 and 2004 Ody's in stock, shouldn't I be able to get a better deal on a 2003? Any thoughts would be appreciated. First time writer.
  • quark255quark255 Posts: 3
    Someone brought this up before and if I recall the response was that the dealer should not have any 2003's left. That was a time when Odyssey's commanded good prices ans should have sold themselves, as opposed to selling "below invoice" now. You might want to investigate further.
  • mommom Posts: 6
    The dealer according to his inventory posted on the website has 20 2003's. Seems like alot of inventory.
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