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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rxguyrxguy Posts: 13
    With the $162 documentation and $490 destinations added this is in the same ballpark that I have been seeing...still a pretty good deal!

  • hbcsc153hbcsc153 Posts: 27
    Hi Steve or anyone:

    Does anyone have the delivery checklist. I am picking up an Odyssey today.

    Thanks in advance,


  • zeemanzeeman Posts: 2
    I was able to negotiate a purchase price of 26,650 on an EXL-RES with Honda of Nanuet. Everything was done via e-mail and the phone. The experience was by far the best of any dealership I'd talked to in my pursuit of the Odyssey. The only extras on the number were TT&L (New Jersey Tax) which brought the OTD price to a shade under 28,500. I had several dealerships that played games with destination fees, etc. My sales rep was a straight shooter and he threw in wheel locks as well. They are definitely worth a try if you live in the Northern New Jersey/Rockland County areas. Use the Honda of Nanuet website in order to get a quote. Many thanks to the users of this website. It was a powerful resource in terms of negotiating price.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    The link I used to have died. This one isn't specific to the Odyssey and not as detailed as I'd like to see:

    Inspecting and taking possession of your new car

    Steve, Host
  • khanhkhanh Posts: 4
    Can you tell me which dealer you bought it from. I'm in the market for one and I live in the Bay Area.

  • I am looking for a nice deal to buy an 2004 Odyssey in Northern CA, Bay Area. I am looking for an LX model, but can go for EX if its within 25 K on Road.

    Any leads appreciated
  • abcguy28abcguy28 Posts: 10
    I purchased my 2004 EX-L last weekend from Winter Honda in Antioch. The Internet Sales Manager I dealt with was very straight forward. Met him and went straight out to the lot, picked the van and test drove it, came back and did the paper work. No haggling or games. He told me that he will offer the same quote of 24767 for the EX-L to others whom I refer. I was looking for the Silver color and they had quite a few on the lot as well as other colors. The total out of door price was $27079.99 (Your actual price may vary depending on where you live and your tax rate. I live near Sacramento.) I also purchased the extended warranty 7 years/75k miles/50 deductible for $1050 (negotiated from 1600.) As I stated, this is my first Honda and we like it very much. I have spoken to several Honda dealership and none were willing or able to match Winter's quote. If you would like the salesperson's name and number, please email me.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Congrats on the new Ody. Your email is marked private in your profile, but I suspect that Winter only has one internet person on staff anyway.

    Steve, Host
  • jjuejjue Posts: 6
    I'm looking to buy a 2004 Odyssey EX-L in DFW area. Any recommended dealerships or sales persons?

  • johndegjohndeg Posts: 2
    DCH paramus!!! Just walk out the door if they ask for a penny more!! And leave your #, because they will call back!!
  • nnnnnnnn Posts: 6
    I have seen advertisements in Google for a company / dealership called Has anyone had dealings with them? They claim to be the internet department of a dealership in Roanoke, Virginia; however, they did not give the name of the dealership.
  • Hi jjue,

    I purchased an EXL from a D/FW area dealer via the internet;
    searched far and wide in TX. If you'd like the info, email
    me @ and I'll send give you the
  • jjuejjue Posts: 6
    Hi Robert,

    Thanks a bunch!!! I'm writing you an email now.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    The domain is registered to Looks a bit like a screamer outfit, lol. At least the site's a bit hyper!

    Steve, Host
  • hoxendinehoxendine Posts: 11
    Looking at a 2004 Ody and wanted to know if the standard lease for 259 per month is a good deal?

    What is typically negotiable on a promotional offer like this?

    Anyone with a good experience in Richmond Va lately?
  • roy2001roy2001 Posts: 62
    Hassle free and no negotiation required. Show them some proof (emails, handwrite prices), and I decided not to push too hard and left some profit for them. $25K is really good price for EX-L model.

    My friends also got a good deal on Sienna LE with lowest priced package, and he paid $24.2k. For $800 more I got EX-L model with dual power slide door, alloy wheel, 4-wheel disc brake, traction control, power drivers seat, dual front heated seats, and more. The only few features I am missing is rear audio center, slide window on slide door, and 40/60 split rear foldable seats. But I think I got a good deal for the money.

    Dealer is Autowest Honda in Roseville (North Sacramento). It has more choice than other dealers, many colors. Other dealers only have white/gold color.
  • jjuejjue Posts: 6
    Scored one today. Thanks everybody for sharing your buying experience here. It helped a lot!
  • bogdanbogdan Posts: 10
    I am looking to buy an '04 Ody in the next month or two, but I've been waiting in the hope that the end-of-model year special discounts to kick in. Sure enough, I just saw the '04 Honda Clearance advertised on TV, but according the Honda website the best they offer on the Ody is a lease. No special financing or cashback of any sort. Nonetheless, it still seems many here on this forum are getting good deals on the Ody right now.
    So maybe this is an ignorant question, but any ideas if the '04 Clearance will actually come up with better and/or different deals closer to the September timeframe? So in effect, should I buy now or wait a bit until September gets closer?
  • rxguyrxguy Posts: 13
    Thanks zeeman. I took these numbers and got the dealer down the street to match them.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I hear that the '05's will hit the showrooms on September 22, and the end of the fiscal quarter is on September 30, so if there's any left in stock, the last week of September should be ripe for some killer deals.

    Emphasis on "any left in stock."

    Steve, Host
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,603
    Because I haven't heard an exact date.

    Good advise on the "left in stock". The best buys are right now and not later but a lot of people think this isn't the case.

    It's supply and demand like everything else. The real bargain hunters show up in late Septmeber only to find higher prices and a picked over inventory.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I heard the date on our chat today - usual disclaimers :-)

    Steve, Host
  • hoxendinehoxendine Posts: 11
    I went to the dealer yesterday, and the inventories are already getting thin. They simply do not have the EX-L with the RES.

    You will probably find it very picked over in Sept.
  • dgoughdgough Posts: 8
    I'm thinking about putting a deposit down for a 2005 Honda. Anyone have any experience with Honda of Bowie? Or can recommend any other MD dealerships?


  • rbell2rbell2 Posts: 180
    In the "prices paid" discussion, someone got a new '04 EX-L for $25,000 plus TTL. I cannot imagine it getting much better than that!!
  • kondalakondala Posts: 5
    Hi jjue

    Can you pls let me know the details of your "Score". Even I am equally interested in an EXL in DFW area at a good deal.

  • jjuejjue Posts: 6
    Hi there,

    Mine is not as good as some of the sub-$25,000+TTL deals that you see here. I paid for my '04 Odyssey EX-L with some accessories (mud guard, wheel lock, cargo net...,etc.) for around $25,000 + TT&L. Extremely painless process. I sent out quote requests on Saturday. Got a few replies on Monday. Spent less than 10 minutes on the phone with the sales rep and got the deal done. And Rob helped me to figure out how much to ask too :)
  • bamatternbamattern Posts: 4
    I am in PA and I have been quoted a price of $25,622 for an EX-L. This includes destination. This is the invoice price less the $500 incentive that Honda gives the dealer. How can they go any lower than that? Some of you are saying you got deals at or below $25,000. Are you not including the destination charge or what? I'm hoping to buy an '04 EX-L in the next couple days. I'm just trying to get the best price between a few different dealers.
  • jjuejjue Posts: 6
    Destination charge is included. The well-known secret is the 3% of MSRP dealer hold back. Depends on whom you talk to and how you negotiate with them. They can give up some of the dealer hold back to drive the price lower than $500 below invoice. I ended up with negotiating the drive out price directly. Because some dealers may inflate the "hidden fees" when you negotiate with them.
  • bogdanbogdan Posts: 10
    Thanks for the tips! They've been very helpful.

    As a result of the excellent point regarding low inventories as time passes, I've started requesting quotes for an EX-RES. The best I have so far is $24,750, including destination charge. I'll keep plugging away for a few more days to see if I can lower it.

    Thanks again!
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