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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Well I'm on the other side of the country (Orlando), but I can at least tell you that I paid $28,495 and that included destination of $515 for the EXL, no dvd or nav. After taxes, tag, title, doc fees, etc..was out-of-the door $30,500. Hope that helps?
  • sonyswsonysw Posts: 34
    I think that is pretty good. I call more than 10 dealership they will not give me less than $32,600. Where are you located and may I know which dealer ?
  • sonyswsonysw Posts: 34
    I am looking for EX-L with navigation in Los Angeles area. So far after calling more than 10 dealership the lowest I can get is $32,500 (excluding tax and license). Anyone knows reliable dealer or experience. Please email. Thanks.
  • sonyswsonysw Posts: 34
    Do you finally purchase the car and how much ? May I know from which dealer ? I am looking from the same car but none of them are willing to give lower than $32,500. Thanks.
  • bethpabethpa Posts: 34
    I have seen the many prices for the purcahse for the EX-L and it seems like the best deals are around invoice for this model. My question to anyone out there with dealer experience is can these purchase prices be tied to a lease as the cost of the vehicle? I have never leased before and we need a minivan. I'm looking at what GM did to their prices and the fact of the matter is there is so much potential for depreciation in any new car with the industry as cut-throat as it is today, who knows, Honda may start $2500 rebates on 1 year old models for 2006 just to stay competitive. Now knowing why I am considering a lease, how can I translate these good purchase numbers into a good lease. Does Honda have any 36 or 48 month deals on 2005 EX-L's in Pennsylvania?

    This is a great forum. Thanks for sharing all this information.
  • guzzarguzzar Posts: 2
    Can you let which dealer you bought from. I'm in the market for one in the north east FL. Locally I'm quoted 1500 over invoice which is not good imo.
    Thank you.
  • salesp1salesp1 Posts: 2
    Negotiating on EX-L and so far price = $30,000.00 (ex taxes, tags) - tried to include 'options' top carrier rails $600, Wheel lock buts $200, mud flaps $400 and rubber storage tray $200 (all seem highly inflated costs!). Finally did inlude these in price. Any thoughts - if I refuse 'options' can expect price = $28,600?
  • jacka1jacka1 Posts: 4
    I got a good inernet price on my EX-L in Maryland--$27,934 + destination, ttl. When I went to close the deal, the salesman told me the appearance package on the vehicle--mud flaps, door guards, rim protectors, and wheel locks would add $700 to the price. I said I wasn't going to pay $700 for a bunch of plastic and a handful of metal and that 1/4 the price of those add-ons was fair. He reduced the price to $200. Go to or another internet site for accessories to track down the fair price and dicker from there.
  • bdccalmbdccalm Posts: 1
    Glad you got a great deal! I am also in Central Florida and am looking to buy an EX. Did your out the door price include taxes, dealer fees, etc? What dealer did you use?
  • CCCompson:

    Would you let me know what type of mileage you are getting with your 05 Ody? We keep a fuel log and I would love to get a comparison.


  • vanhuntervanhunter Posts: 3
    Does anyone have good experieces purchasing a 05 Odyssey EX-L w/ or w/o R&N in NC or neighbour states recently. Any attention is appreciated.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    I can at least tell you that I paid $28,495 and that included destination of $515 for the EXL, no dvd or nav. After taxes, tag, title, doc fees, etc..was out-of-the door $30,500.

    candlmeyer, I would extremely appreciate it if you can share the dealership where the vehicle was purchased and whom it was that you dealt with. Thanks, in advance.
  • cnew21cnew21 Posts: 13
    Still on the fence here. There is a $2200 price difference (Edmunds TMV) between the EX and EX-L and I have a 6 year old into sports and a 2 year old. I would prefer the leather for easier clean-up but I'm not sure if we can swing it.

    Are other's out there purchasing the EX with young kids? What products are out there for cleaning the interior?

  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    Are other's out there purchasing the EX with young kids? What products are out there for cleaning the interior?

    Although I'm looking at the EX-L, if I were to get the EX, I would likely Scotchguard the heck out of the interior before the whole crew climbs in. It's not for cleaning but for preventing a dirty interior.
  • toscanatoscana Posts: 5
    Does anyone have contact information for Honda dealers who sell Exact Mats? The company hasn't responded to my request. (And based on some members' posts, the dealer price is much better than buying directly from the company.) Thanks.
  • cuongcuong Posts: 45
    I got the car in New Orleans. I went to three dealers here to check out the car and the price.
  • shawn98shawn98 Posts: 2
    vanhunter- I bought in early May at Dick Brooks Honda in Greer SC. Got my choice of their delivery on a EXLRN. Paid $31,978 and ~$1088 for the 7/100 $0 deductible warranty. The entire transaction went very well, including the follow up. Accessories were fair as well- Cargo mat and mud flaps ~$100 each and window tint at $50. Their internet manager was really helpful and delt with my daily calls trying to make sure I could get the van prior to an 8 hour roadtrip.
  • dartanyandartanyan Posts: 10
    I am considering an option buying out of CA and bringing into CA.
    I know CA has a strict law on emission.
    but all Honda Vehicles are qualified for all 50 states in America. Does it mean ok?
    Anyone knows about this issue for sure? or has done it actually?
    I am in LA area, so I would go Las Vegas if I go.
    Any suggestion?
    Thanks in advance!
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Odysseys are 50 state compliant. Others have posted here about buying out of state and bringing 'em into CA without any problem.

    utahclimber, I have posted mileage figures here and elsewhere in the past. Overall average to date is above 21 mpg with a disproportionate percentage of highway driving. Will know more soon as we're making a roundtrip from OH to CA later this month.
  • dhfddhfd Posts: 22
    I'm looking for an EX w/ cloth, and like it was mentioned, I'm going to scotchguard the fabric when we finally get it...for cleaning up, i've used oxy clean fabric spray, worked really well. There's even a variation for baby clothes, probably a lower concentration of solution. hope this helps.
  • weaverjj1weaverjj1 Posts: 1
    What was the dealer in Pittsburgh where you paid $100 over invoice? How was your buying experience.

    Jim W.
  • kendokendo Posts: 5
    Why would you want to do this out of state thing if BayArea is only $300 above invoice for the base EXL model?

  • kendokendo Posts: 5
    My best price was $300 above invoice, $28295. EXL base, no option. No trade in. No financing. Shot me a email for detail infos.
    I bought it on 5/26 at El Cerrito Honda.
  • odyowner4odyowner4 Posts: 1
    Thanks for your post.
    I just put a deposit down for an ex. I will pick up on Monday. Can you tell me how I can get 3.9% rate? Thanks
  • hothot Posts: 1
    I just signed up on this web site and started reading about prices paid, so I thought I'd post what we paid for our new 2005 Touring with DVD and Navigation. The salesman said he was surprised that his store manager gave us this price.

    2005 Touring/DVD/NAV (includes destination & handling): $36,258
    Splash guards: $136.50
    Cargo tray: $109
    Cross bars: $236.50
    Title & Reg processing fee: $50
    Licencing fee: $168

    Equals $36,958 out the door

    I thought we did pretty well. Anyone paid less? This was through internet sales at "Thomason Honda" in Portland, Oregon...where we have no sales tax.

    They had 3 Tourings on the lot when we went there. We picked silver/black. I wanted white/tan, but they said they were hard to obtain at the time, so we figured they'd charge more to bring one in for us.

    Have had it for over a month now, and am happy with the car. Not quite as quiet a drive as our turbo Volvo was, but it's nice to be driving a bit higher. I'm surprised at the power of this van. Again, not as powerful as the turbo Volvo, but much better than I'd thought a van would be. :)
  • a320a320 Posts: 2
    I would like to thank everyone in this form and especially for hosting this site.

    Below is a breakdown of my purchase agreement for a 2005 Honda Odyssey Touring with Rear Entertainment System and Navigation in Gold Metallic.

    Negotiated Price: $35,470
    Destination Charge: 515
    Dealer Prep: 499
    Enviormental: 6.50
    Final Price: $36490.50
    Plus Tax & Tag

    This works out to be about a 6 percent profit over the dealer cost, which ends up being $2017 profit for the dealer after he receives his holdback. I emailed 12 local South Florida dealers and received quotes from half of them ranging from $1000 over MSRP to $36,000.

    I did have a final price quote for $36,000, but it was in the wrong color. It seems that the dealers are willing to sell the silver with black interior and the red with ivory interior $500 cheaper down here in South Florida.

    I was in and out of the dealer in two hours which included 45 minutes to remove the plastic shrink wrap and wash the vehicle. I would also like to add that I used Jeff Ostroff's, Jeff is a self proclaimed consumer advocate, and has been running since 1997. Thank you Jeff for all you've done for the consumer.

  • odbuyerodbuyer Posts: 5
    Just wanted to share my purchasing experience. Hopefully someone else will find it as helpful as I've found these kinds of posts others have submitted.

    I live in Northern Virginia. I started the process by faxing or e-mailing a bunch of dealers in the DC metro area, as far north as the Baltimore area and south to Richmond.

    Of the approximately dozen dealers that responded, by far the worst experience I had was with Landmark Honda. The sales rep there demonstrated all of the characteristics that give car salespeople a bad name. Despite repeated requests for an actual quote, I never received one. His e-mails and voicemails were a desperate and pathetic attempt to get me to come in ("Big Sale this week" or "We want to help you save money"...yeah, sure ya do...) so he could sell me a model I wasn't interested it. Landmark Honda clearly has no clue what "Internet Sales" means. I've never had a positive experience with a Rosenthal dealer, and this only reinforces my negative perception of their entire organization.

    All of the other dealers who responded did so fairly quickly (in almost all cases within 24 hours and some within a couple of hours!). Of note, I had good experiences with Leesburg Honda (very responsive to my initial quote and my follow-up questions, and was up-front about not having one in-stock) and Hagerstown Honda (very good initial price and responsive to my e-mails). Also, like others here, I had a positive experience with Pohanka of Salisbury. They offered a quote that was only $125 more than the lowest quote and were very responsive. I also like that they ask up front if I prefer to communicate strictly via e-mail.

    We wound up purchasing the van from Mechanicsville Honda, near Richmond. They offered the lowest price ($32,364, excluding taxes, tags, fees), but the primary reason for going with them over Pohanka of Salisbury was that they had a color we preferred. We drove down yesterday and took delivery of the vehicle. I don't see how it could have been a better experience. We worked out all the details over the phone, they had the car ready for us when we got there, they took the time to show us the car and demonstrate the features, and we got through the paperwork quickly with no pressure add-ons at all. It was truly an enjoyable experience!

    The price breakdown was as follows:
    EX-L with DVD RES and NAV: $32,364, incl. destination ($1,000 over invoice)
    Cargo Tray: $96.60
    Dealer Fee: $279
    Tax (3% in VA): $982.18
    Title & Tags: $54.50 (which included "hard" tags, not 30-day tags)
    Total OTD Price: $33.775.93

    In-general, the dealers close-in seemed to be less willing to come down much off MSRP and the dealers further away were more aggresive on their prices. I was more than happy to drive 90 minutes to save $1,000+.
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    Thanks for that summary. I'm out by Dulles and always wondered about the Richmond area dealers. Isn't there a West Broad Honda or something? And I agree--how does R'thal sell any vehicles.

    Just curious--if you had any immediate initial quality problems, would you go back to the selling dealer or try more local
  • odbuyerodbuyer Posts: 5
    Yeah, in addition to Mechanicsville, I sent a request to West Broad Honda and Pearson Honda (aka Richmond Honda), but I never got a response from West Broad or Pearson.

    I forgot to mention Bill Page Honda. They are the closest Honda dealer to our house and it was the only other Honda dealership we visited (other than Mechanicsville). The gentlemen who helped us was very friendly and knowledgeable and not at all pushy, but they simply didn't have any of the EX-L w/DVD & NAV in stock, and didn't have one on allocation that wasn't already spoken for, so we didn't even get to the point of getting a quote from them.

    I was wondering the same thing about what I'd do if we have a problem. I think I would take it to a local dealer unless it is something serious or in dispute. I've heard good things about Bill Page's service, and while I might not receive quite the same treatment I would if had I purchased the vehicle there, I suspect they're smart enough to know that they at least want to earn my service business.
  • pbkpbk Posts: 3
    We bought our 05 EX Odyssey with cloth one week ago and have been getting 26.5 mpg which was mainly 400 miles of highway driving around the Bay area CA and Central Valley CA (with the A/C on) that also included intermittent 15 minute idling stops with the A/C on so my wife could change and feed our 2 month old in comfort and privacy. We're very pleased and happy with the Odyssey.
    Also, for those in the Bay Area looking for good deals, the two lowest priced dealers I found were El Cerrito Honda (where we bought) and Marin Honda. Both ended up offering at or below invoice pricing which was surprising because we started out at a Honda dealer near where we live and they wanted MSRP + $2K markup. My EX with cloth was 25,530 and included wheel locks and the protection package (door edge guards and fender guards which I wasn't crazy about but they're growing on me). After I bought, Marin offered the same vehicle for about 25,290 (memorial day special) but I never went to see it because Marin is quite a bit further of a drive and I have to assume their price did not include any accessory add-ons. Check under "Odyssey" as Marin's internet sales guy advertizes there- talked to him and he sounds nice but haven't dealt with him. In my opinion, you're wasting your time with the rest of the dealers out there- virtually every one of them told me the best prices I was quoted were either unrealistic or somehow misleading.
    Also, while I'm on the subject, I would caution people about the Costco Auto Purchase program. I was offered to purchase an EX with cloth at $1000 over invoice through Costco's Northern CA Honda dealer. When I presented my best quotes to the salesman, he consulted his manager and promptly lowered the price to $500 over invoice. Problem was that this was still $800 higher than my best quote and they refused to budge after that and had the nerve to tell me there was something wrong with my quote and that it might not include the destination price. I was furious and ended up buying our EX the next day through El Cerrito at a substantial savings. So much for Costco's purchasing power advantage-- I still ended up having to haggle prices with their dealer. Costco is "investigating," but as others have warned a little homework can save you a lot more money than going with Costco.
    Another FYI- if you're financing, check out USE Credit Union ( out of San Diego. They offered me 3.79 for 60mo's but they have programs as low as 3.24 for 48mo. No I don't work for them, I just like saving money... and those are great rates in today's rate environment.
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