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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hello,
    I am looking at 2006 LX and EX models in Austin, TX/San Antonio. I see in quite some dealer websites that some clearance sale is going on etc. In case some one has bought/enquired about LX or EX models in this region, may I know what may be a good price to ask (including taxes, destination fee etc). Also, is around $1200 for 8yr/120k/$0 a good price on warranty.
  • icareicare Posts: 3
    Dealer agrees to 1400 below invoice - but said have to sell a 399 protection package (wheel locks, mud guards and cargo holders, etc). Is this good?
  • lumpy71lumpy71 Posts: 7
    no, you need to go to another dealer at least 25 miles from your home and say that you are willing to buy XYZ car today. Have everything that you need together for a quick sale. Tell them that you are working with XYZ dealership (make sure its a larger dealer because they can give you better deals) and they are offering me a price of $30649 including the protection package can you beat this? THEN SHUT UP, and see what they say. Do this in person. It is also important to make sure that the dealership has the exact car that you are looking for. They will up-charge you to locate and deliver a car from another dealership.

    They know that if you leave you wont come back and they need to get rid of all inventory as fast as they can so that they can get higher prices for the new stuff coming in.

    If they don't give you the price that you are looking for use their price to play the other dealership that you were working with originally.

    Good luck let me know if you have any questions!
  • icareicare Posts: 3
    Are you sure this will work? The dealer sure sound very upset already (I know this is a trick but ... :) )

    I'll try to do this later this week. Too bad have a busy week. Do you guys think being close to end of August helps in this case?
  • jarozijarozi Posts: 4
    I just got back from Goodson Honda, and was wondering if anyone can recommend another Honda dealer in Houston. Goodson 's deal on an 2006 EX-L RES was $29,200 (before taxes and fees) PLUS $850 for a protection package. I walked out the door with the protection package still in the deal and they didn't stop me. I am guessing there are better deals to be found around here. Anyone have a better experience in the Houston area recently?
  • I have to disagree with lumpy71 about having to show up at the dealership to find the best price. I have called 8 dealerships on the phone and found that the majority of them will not deal with you on the phone, however, some will. As I have previously spoken about, the Raleigh dealerships will sell the EXL RES for about 30420 OTD. Goldsboro sold the same vehicle to my neighbor for 30315 OTD. I called Greenville and Wilson with no luck at beating this price. Then I tried Burlington(45 miles away) on the phone and got 29613 OTD. I called Cary next and they said they wouldn't touch that price with a 10 foot pole. I didn't bother asking the price at Durham, because I heard they wouldn't match that price. Then I called Sanford and they called me back with 29206.25 OTD guaranteed until Sept 5th, with 4.9% for 60 months. Not only that, but they will locate any color combination of EXL RES that I want, that they can find, and waive the $150 locator and transfer fee. All done over the phone. Check with those who have purchased this vehicle, and I am sure they will agree this is a very good price. MSRP on this vehicle is about 32395 I think.

    I was previously told by another poster (dtownfb)in this forum that it is best if you decide which vehicle you want to purchase, and then stick with that one and bid on the vehicles that the same brand dealers have in inventory. next plan was to see if I could bid apples against oranges. I called one Nissan dealer and quoted my Odyssey price with the features to see if he would beat that price. He quoted me a vehicle with MSRP of 33995 for 29324 OTD and would try to beat the 4.9% APR on 60 months, which would likely put him under our $549/month payment on the similarly equiped Odyssey. I honestly thought that the Nissan was a better handling van, but it also had its cons. I also am not so sure this is such a great deal since they seem to be pushing harder to get rid of the 2006 Nissan Quests, than Honda is to get rid of the 2006 Odysseys. For this reason, I think Nissan can do much better if I keep at it.

    Our first choice would be to buy the Toyota Sienna if they can give us all our desired features (leather, DVD, power seats, power doors, sunroof, vehicle stability control) for the same ball park figure. The verdict is out at this moment, since what I think is the dealer most willing to negotiate, is calling me tomorrow with numbers. But I think they can possibly make a competing offer since Toyota is offering 1.9% for 60 months. What this means is that I can afford to pay 31447 OTD(Sienna) at 1.9% and pay the exact same price as 29206 OTD(Odyssey) at 4.9%(549.82/month). And Toyota will hold its value slightly better, while starting at a higher MSPR. I will weigh their offer with like features against retail and wholesale to see if I have taken apples and oranges and turned them into apples and apples.

    This has actually been a very enjoyable activity for a statistician over the last 3 weeks.
  • Try Russell&Smith through the internet pricing department.

    Also, it is a little bit of a drive, but try Reliance in Lake Jackson, read back a page or two for my buying experience.

    Good Luck
  • lumpy71lumpy71 Posts: 7
    I am positive this will work!!! What do you have to lose?

    Remember this $30,000 is a lot of money and trust me the sales man is not mad at all. They are totally playing a game with you.

    You are in control.
  • gene00gene00 Posts: 113
    Sorry if this is a naive question, but I couldn't find an answer searching through the forums. If you were to buy, say, a 2007 Odyssey for the invoice price, would the dealer make a profit? i.e. is there a dealer profit built in to the invoice or is that really what the dealer paid for the car?
  • Only a very few folks in the dealership will know exactly how much the dealer paid for the vehicle (also called dead cost). Even if he sells at invoice, dealership will still make money.
  • ksvlssksvlss Posts: 4
    Wanted to share my Odyssey 2006 EXL buying experience. I had requested price quotes over the internet and got the following
    Auto Park Honda – 27533
    Leith Honda – 27698
    Crown Honda - 28373

    Crown Honda had the color that we were looking for in stock, and matched Auto Park’s price. So final was 27500 + 3% tax + 398 doc + 74 tag.
  • icareicare Posts: 3
    The car has about 40 miles on it - should I be concerned why so many people test drove but didn't buy this one?
  • Could you tell us from which dealer you got that TOD price?
    many thanks
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Not in the slightest. 40 miles is nothing. Now if it was a high performance car that might have been beat on.... that's a different story.
  • pete3721pete3721 Posts: 10
    Hi brennanbills! Thanks for your information. I have talked to Brilliance Honda and they offered me the same price $26898 + ttl for the Odyssey EX-L. I plan to go there some time next week to nail the deal.

    How was your transaction when you went to the dealer to finalize everything? Was there any catch? thanks.
  • I have received two quotes so far $30,475 & $31,182 out the door for an 06 Ody EXL-RES. Both quotes were solicited via the web. I am hoping to strike a deal at $29,600 out the door - is that a reasonable expectation? Any input would be appreciated as well as tips on negotiating.

  • I spent 3-4 weeks searching for the right price to purchase my EXL RES. My neighbor purchased one from the dealership in Goldsboro for 30315. This was the cheapest price I have heard of for purchase so far. I called 8 dealers and most were at about 30,500. Two were willing to work with the price of 30215. I also negotiated to ability to purchase vehicle options at cost from the dealership. We have purchased the vehicle, and purchased the mud flaps installed for 120. We will probably add the cargo mat and a cover for the storage well. The interesting thing was that one dealer was semi-rude, telling me I would have to take my business elswhere. The dealership I purchased from made an inventory trade with this same dealership so that I could purchase the vehicle at the same offering price that I made to the rude dealership. My wife wants me to drive the vehicle over to this dealership and show them that I got the van at my price, but I will let a cooler attitude prevail and just enjoy the fantastic new vehicle that we now own.

    I think the price of 30215 after tax/tags/fees is about as cheap as I could have gotten it. Final monthly payment at 4.9% APR with 0 down is 568.

    They offered me several warrenty/service/price protection packages (4 i think). He gave me the cost of the first package. It would raise my monthly payment to 678. Ok, that is an increase of 110 for 60 months... for a total of $6600. I wonder how many people fall for this tactic? I said, "ok, the first one is $6600, the second is $3600, the third is $3000". His eyebrows raised when he saw that I understood what he was doing and he stopped the hard push on those items. His warrenty with $100 deductable was $1440 for 5 years and 100,000 miles. Warrenty Direct will provide 7 year/100,000 miles with $100 deductable for $814. This is not bumper to bumper, but if you read what is and is not covered, it is well worth it. I don't think his was bumper to bumper either, but rather, most likely major repair items. Price protection/service/warrenties are about 60% profit to the finance department guys. Don't give it to them.
  • jarozijarozi Posts: 4
    Thanks to everyone for the info, here is what I ended up purchasing from Gillman Honda of Ft. Bend.

    2006 EX-L RES for $29,200 (before TT&L) + $1200 for 7yr/100k $0 ded. extended warranty. This was the price quoted through email, using dealer referral form. There were no shenanigans when I got there, just test drove then filled out the finance form for the 4.9% deal. Could only have gone smoother if the finance guy didn't try to hard sell his wares, but I guess he has to eat too. :)

    Thanks Again!
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    There's no way to know if $29.6 OTD is doable as taxes, etc., vary widely from state to state. Since you'll have to pay those costs (whatever they are) regardless of where you buy, it's better to focus on price alone.
  • Just got my oddessy yesterday. got a great price and financing plan. Paid $26,800 + ttl for a silver 2006 EXL. Got wheel locks and mudguards too from Santa Ana Honda. No B.S. whatsoever, so I told them I'd sing their praises.

    The internet manager also said that they also have a few 2006 Pilots at unreal discounts. I wanted one, so I hope this helps somebody. This message board is great. It really helped me cut through all the B.S.

    Earlier, I got the run-around from Fladboe Honda in Irvine, so I wouldn't recommend going there.
  • Hi Pete3721,

    All went well! Arrived at 10:30 out by 2:30. Our salesman was very accommodating. Price was as we agreed to over the phone, $26,895 for a Desert Rock EXL(would've liked Silver Pearl but none in stock). We live in Chicago proper so it was a bit of a drive, but they were able to save us 1/2% in
    tax because they are registered with Cook County. They did manage to talk us into the ext. clear coat and int. leather+ rug, but we negotiated heavily to get the best price. Not sure if I would have bought it now, but they gave what I thought was a good deal. Also took advantage of the 4.9% finance so good deal overall. Here it is.

    '06 Odyssey EXL
    26,895 (incl. dest)
    $85.00 mudguards
    $1250 8/120/0
    $197 title+lic.
    $1550 IL state tax
    $450ish Cook County and Chicago tax
    $30,000 give or take before the dents/ding, tire, VIN etching, and ext. clear coat protection and int. leather/vinyl/rug protection was added. If you decide
    not to do the protection packages, you may want to reconsider the VIN etching b/c our insurance agent said it saved us 5% on our premium.

    If they don't give you a good deal on the extended warranty then you may want to try the hondacareguy that has been mentioned in other people's posts from Mike Pruitt Honda in Akron, OH who gave us the original quote for the warranty. He gave a wealth of info. and was easy to deal with. Since
    Brilliance was able to meet the same deal, the hondacareguy suggested to use them. What an honest guy, would have bought from him if Brilliance didn't match!

    Good luck! What color are you going with?
  • pete3721pete3721 Posts: 10
    Hi brennanbills!

    Thank you for the details! I got a similiar offer over the phone and will deal with them soon. I actually prefer a desert rock color, but they do not have that at this time. What they have in stock is a white and a red.

    Glad that they will match the warranty price. I will probably get that too..

    4 hours is a bit long for the paper work, but it's a good deal :)

    Enjoy your new van!

    - pete3721
  • I just bought an EX-L RES in Asheboro for 27,900 + ttt. Out the door was 29,200. Plus it had splash guards, wheels locks, and moon roof deflector already installed. I feel like we got a great deal. Depends on how much more I read...has anyone else gotten a better deal in NC???????
  • caravan2caravan2 Posts: 198
    I saw the EX-L $26898 while invoice price is $28303. This is $1405 below invoice.

    Is this normal or is this because they're trying clear 2006's?

    When are 2007's coming in show rooms? Are the prices same or going up?

  • pete3721pete3721 Posts: 10
    Hi caravan2, where are you located?

    From my search experience, some dealers are selling at deep discounted prices, like what you mentioned, to get rid of their lot inventory of the 2006. A dealer offered me $26750 for EX-L and said they are making space for the 2007.

    The 2007 should be available in a couple of weeks. The price should be a couple of thousand dollars higher than what you get on the 2006 right now.
  • tinypoemtinypoem Posts: 26
    I just picked up a silver Odyssey EX with Cloth for $24,260 +ttl from Rock Honda in Fontana. No other dealership in OC or LA would even match that price. I got the quote via the internet dept and the dealership was really hassle free and very pleasant.
  • caravan2caravan2 Posts: 198
    Thanks... I could go to Columbus, Cleveland, Lexington, Louisville. I don't mind going 100+miles if I get a good deal.

    I'm hoping that in 2007 model Honda would fix those small problems that people complain about here.

    I think when 2007 arrive, dealers probably will not come down much on the price. But, after the first deliveries they might be willing to negotiate. What do you think when would be good time to start shopping for 2007's.

  • I'm new to the forum. Will hopefully get a new van soon. I saw your message and I'm assuming you're from NC. I am in Greenville. I am looking for a 2006 EXL--dvd or not doesn't matter to me--preferably white. I'm surfing the web to find the lowest price I can expect--will do some dealing!! Would you tell me where you have looked in NC and who you ended up going with?
  • I currently have a 2003 Kia Sedona EX......yep and looking for a 2006 Honda or Toyota. Kia was good for the first 2 or so years-but getting tired of it now. I really like the Honda better than Toyota--but will go with the best deal. I am interested in a 2006 EXL--white. Do all EXLs come with sunroof? Don't particularly want DVD (can purchase at Best Buy for cheaper), but will take it if deal is right. Hubby and I are going to start shopping soon and I just wanted to know what to expect with pricing? (We are in Greenville, NC) What is the lowest price I could offer without them laughing us out the door? Are 2006 prices starting to go down to make room for 2007--is now a good time to buy?
    Sorry for all the ?'s--just don't wanna get jipped!

  • Right now is a great time to buy--but the color selection is depleting quickly. Yes, all EX-L have a sunroof. Reconsider the Best Buy option, just my opinion but the system included is very nice and is not really that expensive. As far as where to look in NC..Asheboro Honda got my deal for me. It was better than any dealer I tried. Greensboro, High point, Winston Salem, Burlington, Charlotte(s). Everyone I talked to could not beat the price I got at Asheboro. The only thing I can say is check with Truliant Credit Union. My parents bought an 06 Pilot through them and got an amazing deal. You don't have to be a member to have them track a car for you and they deliver to your door for you. Good luck and don;t let them get you!!!!!!!!
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