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Isuzu Prices Paid and Buying Experience

arktrooper1arktrooper1 Posts: 101
edited March 2014 in Isuzu
Have scheduled my first appointment with the dealer to have the oil changed at 5K mi. as well as the other things I listed above.

It is not the dealer I purchased from (they're in Kansas City) and I am hoping to get decent service at least. They are part of a large automotive group that sells a # of brands and I've heard mixed reviews. The other brand they sell at the Isuzu store is Daewoo.

The service manager told me that the fuel line mod would take 4+ hours which seems like a lot so if any of you could tell me if this is consistent with what you've heard or experienced on this recall I would appreciate hearing from you.

BTW, I would have prefered to buy locally but this dealer (Fayetteville) wanted $2K more than the dealer in KCK for the same vehicle but not in the color I wanted. I even offered to pay $500 more than I paid in KCK just to buy locally and they turned my offer down!


  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I'll ask the dealer where I'm getting my 2nd recall done today how long it should take, they could just be scheduling you for that long and not actually taking that long.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
  • deimosdeimos Posts: 57
    Do you know of any extended warranty, here in Canada that will cover after market parts on my truck? E.g. shocks, torsion bar, whatever...
    Someone from the States was saying that he got them from WarrantyGold.Com and maybe they sell internationally as well?
  • I know my post should have been in "Maintenence...and I could have sworn that's where I put it. Guess I'll have to be more careful...LOL!
  • sdc2sdc2 Posts: 780
    Saw and 2000 LS advertised for $23,999 yesterday...what a great deal!
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    It seems weird that we have to specify now that Troopers are available in 2WD. Either way, a great value on an LS Trooper-- very nicely equipped vehicle for 24 grand. People just don't know about the Trooper and all it offers...
  • sdc2sdc2 Posts: 780
    That's a good question...I didn't think to look. It did list heated seats and all that crap, but did not mention a moonroof. The ad said it was $7,6XX off of MSRP - does that help?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Moonroof and 4wd being the only 2 major options on an LS. So I'd venture to guess a 2wd w/o moonroof.

  • gberrygberry Posts: 21
    The morning my 2nd recall for the fuel line was due to be fixed, I got a call - my daughter was in labor! She lives 4 hours away. I was a bit nervous about the whole thing (both the safety recall and the impending birth of our first grandchild!) so I went to the dealer first thing in the morning (ok, I know this isn't too rational and my priorities were a bit mixed up - what can I say? I was overwhelmed!) and told him my reason for being in such a hurry to get the job over and done with! He put 2 technicians on the job and they were done in 90 minutes - I thought that was really nice of them - and I left from there to drive the 4 hrs to the hospital (I'm in Baltimore, my daughter is in NY)! BTW - it's a boy! ; ) Needless to say, I will respond to Isuzu's dealer survey with positive comments this time around!
  • in September I was also offered a 2000 LS 4WD (no moonroof) for $24,000 and an LS 2WD for the same price I paid for my S TOD/Auto.

    BTW, I got my 2000 S for $22,309.50 /w/ TOD/Auto, 6-disc CD changer, bug deflector, rear cargo mat and black tube side steps.

    The dealer wss Don Stein Buick/Isuzu in Overland Park, Ks. (Kansas City) and the salesperson, Laura Rafferty was great to deal with. They're an old dealer (since 1958) with a great reputaion in that area. Too bad I live nearly 250 mi. away or I'd take the Trooper there for service!
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Give this dealer some credit for responding with some actual customer service and tell us who they are. I'm also curious to know whether it's the same Maryland/D.C. area dealer from whom I bought my 98 Trooper. I was treated very poorly, probably in part because I was an out-of-state (Michigan) customer who they would never see again. It's been over a year and I haven't written the letter to Isuzu USA and their local Better Business Bureau like I promised myself I would. Just thinking about the experience with that dealer still makes my blood boil, though.
  • gberrygberry Posts: 21
    for bluedevils... the dealer that did my 2nd fuel line recall in 90 min. is Performance in Ellicott City, MD. A young fellow by the name of Todd is in charge of Isuzu service. Seems like a nice and very polite guy. However, I have to take the car in on Wed. to fix the transmission (downshifting problems)as well as the annoying dash rattle, so I'll let you know how they do!
  • gpm5gpm5 Posts: 785
    At Nationwide Isuzu, I saw some really low prices ~22k on 2001 troopers advertised in the Baltimore Sun (Baltimore region). Might be worth checking out.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    What is the downshifting problem?
  • gberrygberry Posts: 21
    as I explained on another board, there is a WHOOSH sound like a gust of wind under the car (really it's the sound of the engine racing, according to the mechanic) when I go uphill between 34 - 39 mph. This is due to a transmission problem where the car thinks it is going at a different speed/rpm than it actually is, and tries to "adjust" by "downshifting." What happens is a loss of power plus that awful noise unless I really floor the gas pedal to give more power.
    Now here is where it gets nasty: I took it to the dealer and it requires a 5 day wait to get the parts from Isuzu. They are willing to give me a loaner while they fix it (minimum 2 -3 days fixing time) but ONLY once it is in the shop under repair, and since they haven't gotten the part in yet, they don't want to accept the car. The reason this is bad is that I was told it is fine for local driving, but that it wouldn't be a good idea to drive the car long distances since the transmission theoretically could lock up. Unfortunately I need to drive to NY this weekend so I am still working on their supplying us with a rental car so I don't have to pay for one. Also forgot to mention that if I drive on city streets, if I keep the car in 3rd gear, it is fine even when going uphill @ those mph; it only makes the noise when the car is in "drive."
    The tech said that this is a MAJORIFIC fix. They basically have to tear apart the entire transmission to get to the parts that need replacing - he was worried that they might have to replace the whole transmission if tearing it apart proved too difficult. Fortunately this is not *my* problem! But I am disturbed that this car left the factory with the defect - this has been happening almost since day 1, but it took me awhile before I was systematically able to reproduce the problem for an accurate diagnosis. Will let you know how it goes.
    If anyone wants to try to reproduce the problem in their own truck: drive up a hill between 34 - 39 mph, putting your foot on the gas pedal only lightly.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    Are you saying this is a know problem in all Trooper's? I have not seen a TSB about it? I will see if my truck does this tonight. I have noticed 2 things which might be related, but have passed them off. First, when the truck is very cold, and you engage drive the first time it sort of whooshes, I attribute this just the auto-choke being on? I have noticed a hard downshift around those speeds? When I step on it the truck sort of "slips" at those speeds? Rev then engage, but no whoosh? It is very quick, I have a lead foot so maybe that is why I haven't experienced that exact problem? I had the fluid level checked but it was fine. For my sake I hope the problem is only with your truck (no offense), but this is good info in case it is a widespread problem.
  • sdc2sdc2 Posts: 780
    Fuel injected vehicles don't have chokes. They achieve the same thing (increase fuel versus air mix for cold starts) by computer control of the injectors.

    Possibly the whooshing you are referring to is the fan noise due to the cold-start fast idle.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Although all these tranny's are known to have a "banging" from 2-1. This is normal and actually helps to prolong the life of the transmission due to less slippage. IIRC.

  • I just bought a 2000 Trooper LS 2WD with sunroof, leather, and wood trim for $23,300 in Dallas Texas. Drive out was $25,000. I love my new Trooper!
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Is the quality of the aftermarket leather good? Only Limiteds have leather from the factory.

  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    I just noticed on the Isuzu web site that an anniversary edition Trooper is offered for the 2001 model year. Isuzu's own site does not have any info - the pop-up text said the package is available December 2000 - but on Microsoft's CarPoint site, by using the Build Your Own vehicle configurator that the Anniversary Edition seems to be a package that's available on the LS trim level. CarPoint does not have an MSRP or invoice price for the package yet, but it does have the list of equipment that's included in the package. Among the items is leather seats.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    I stopped by a dealer outside Philadelphia the other day. They still have a 1999 in the back corner of the lot! I believe it is still new (not a demo, it has been there for a while). It is beige. Someone could probably pick it up for $19K?

    If anyone is interested let me know and I will post their phone #.
  • bfree2bfree2 Posts: 4
    I posted this on the other board as well. A dealer here in portland is selling new 2000 troopers S models for $19,999. Just and FYI Almost $10,000 off list!! Unbelievable value!! Who would buy a stupid exploder when you can get a troop at this price? makes you wonder about people. let me know if you want details

    [email protected]
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    I forgot to mention this earlier: while at the Detroit auto show, I saw an Anniversary Edition Trooper, and it was equipped with a Nakamichi head unit. The front door speakers seemed to be different than stock (I didn't pop the grills off to look for sure). I assume that this is part of the Anniversary Edition and not just an auto show special display type of thing.

    If so, maybe Isuzu is ready to address one of the Trooper's weakest points-- its sound system.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Is it really that bad? I guess I'm just not an audiophile, cause I thought that the system was pretty decent for stock. Then again, I only own 6 cds, everything else is on tape (child of the 80s) and the only reason I have 6 cds is so I could fill up the 6 cd changer in the Trooper! If I were to upgrade the stereo, it would be to put in a GPS/stereo/DVD player. For those of you in the know, what is the weak part of the Isuzu systems? The head unit? CD? Speakers? Thanks.

  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    The stock rear speakers are not very good. Also I have heard reports that the stock CD skips? I have an S w/o CD. I think the head unit is OK, but if you make any changes like adding a CD you will probably have to upgrade it (unless you use an FM model).

    The first stereo modification I have is to replace the rear speakers with some kind of coaxial setup, I believe the stock are just 4" woofers, if you put the balance to rear only while listening to music they sound terrible. The tweeters up front really make a difference. I have begun looking into replacing my rear's but it is down on the list (bumpers and shocks are more fun!).
  • I saw a trooper with the aftermarket leather, and was not impressed. The snake (salesman) said it was "just like" the factory leather. The kit they used, which was probably different from the one post #20 got, had tiny holes punched all over the seat. It was also VERY tight. It looks like it would dry up and begin to crack between the tiny holes.

    The stock leather in my Ltd. is a little lose, and solid - no holes. I treat it regularly with mcguires gold class leather cleaner/conditioner. That stuff is great - really softens it up and makes it brighter (tan leather interior).

    Just my opinion - our dealers add on leather is not as good as factory.

  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    is the speakers. I'm no audiophile, but I'm into stereo gear at home (entire system including TV & stuff is just less than 5 grand) and I like to have what I consider decent sound while on the road. I am not a car audio nut, and I will probably never install separate amps or subwoofers into any vehicle I own.

    The stock speakers, both front and rear, are crap. Even swapping them out for $50 a pair speakers will net you a noticeable sound improvement. I put Polk Audio EX602 in front ($100 a pair) and 402 in the rear ($80 a pair) and the results were dramatic. The replacements are the same diameter as the factory speakers and install easily, with zero mods.

    paisan, I think even YOU would notice the difference that a minor mod like swapping the speakers would make. I was pleasantly surprised at how much it helped. Actually, you could probably get away with just doing the front speakers since they are closer to your ears and they are responsible for most of the bass (the rears are just too small to generate anything approaching real bass).
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Let's move this over to the Aftermarket area?

  • Another post has a Portland price of 19,999 on a 2000 S model. Did your guy have any, price? Thanks
  • I found the sound system to be quite substandard and also traced the problem to the speakers. I installed the same Polk Audio speakers (purchased from Crutchfield) in less than an hour and the difference was amazing! I highly recommend the change.
  • radman6radman6 Posts: 81
    OK, here's my numbers. New 2000 Trooper S, 4WD, Automatic, 6 disc CD player, cargo mat, hood protector, stickered at almost 31K, paid $24,000, bought in November 2000 from University Motors in Missoula MT - a great little dealership. Mike Robinson was my salesman and he was super to work with. Took less than 30 minutes and a couple phone calls to work out the deal.

    I've seen lower numbers posted but not anywhere close to where I live. The SUV market is pretty strong here and there's not many Isuzu dealers.

    I drove everything on the market and had up to 35K to spend - nothing else even came close for the money.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    That's a pretty good price, IMO. You may have been able to do better somewhere else in the country, but who cares. You got almost $7,000 off MSRP, and you got a great vehicle for much less than other people are spending to buy lesser vehicles (Xterras, Pathfinders, Explorers, Blazers, etc.) Good work.
  • Drove a new Highlander yesterday and this a real nice little car/suv but really pricey. Apples to apples can probably get a Lexus about same $$$. However a Isuzu local agency says they have a 2000 S 2WD auto and with 6cd changer, quoted $21,000. I suspect that might be knocked down quite a bit too since that truck must have been sitting there a while. Drove by to take a look but couldn't find it, they had an 00 4WD with a message in crayon "$5500 off MSRP". Current Edmunds Incentive board show dealer incentive of $3500/$4000 on 00 models amd $1500/2000 on 01s. Consumer incentive shows.009% financing.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Just so you know straight up, you won't get the $4000 off plus the financing, only one or the other. My dealer is advertising $6000-$7000 off of 2000 LS model Troopers.

  • Looking for advice on a new Trooper. Found a 2001 demo with 1700 miles at 30K. Driven by the owner of the dealership. It's a LSD. with the gold package. Is that a deal. They are also offering a killer trade in on my Saab.

    I'm torn, however, between that and a Pathfinder LE with everything. The main advantages for the Pathy is a better stereo, memory seats w/ lumbar support, selectable 4wheel drive, built in garage door opener. Interior space difference, which the Trooper has more is not a crushing issue. Anybody have advice for my dilemma?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I just zipped over to the Pathy LE specs site, here's what I found:

    LSD is optional on PF
    Rear Discs are not available on PF (Standard on Trooper)
    Skid Plates not available on PF
    Rear wind deflector (to keep dust off rear window) optional on PF (Std on Trooper)
    All Wheel Drive system on PF cannot be turned off to std 2wd. Trooper can be 2wd, 4wd TOD (dry or wet pavement) or 4wd Lo
    No Powered Folding Mirrors on PF (yes they both have heated power controlled mirrors, but the Trooper can be retracted from inside)
    No Arm rest "Captain's Chair" type seat in the PF

    The stereo does seem better in the PF, but for $200-$500 more on the Trooper you can have a good aftermarket one installed that will put it above the PF one.

    The biggest thing in the above list IMHO would be the rear disc brakes on the Trooper over the PF. That is a safety issue that shouldn't be overlooked. Good luck with your decision and keep us posted!

  • Thanks much for your comments. From what I have read about the rather tinny sounding stereo system, which I noticed when I test drove, is that the speakers are the main culprit. I have no problem replacing these with STOAT units. Otherwise, is the stereo functional? Also, what mileage to you get on the freeway when maintaining 65 MPH? Bob
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Well I'm no audiophile but for my un-trained ear, the stereo works fine, no skipping on the CD even off-roading and using burned cd's.

    I get generally 12-14mpg in the city.
    15-16mpg @ 77mph, hilly interstate w/Tire Pressure 5lbs above MSTP.
    17-20mpg @ 55-65mph, hilly interstate w/TP @ 5lbs over MSTP

    Once you go above 65 the MPG drops dramatically. So if you can keep it below 65, you are golden.

  • ilitilit Posts: 71

    I own a 99 Trooper which basically is same as 00 and 01.
    You should take test drive both Pathfinder and Trooper and make decisiion yourself.

    In my opinion, I'll buy Pathfinder. Following are Pathfinder's advantages over Trooper. It has a superior dealership network with far better customer services. I disagree that Pathfinder is less reliable than Trooper. It has an equal or more powerful engine. It's aerodynamic shape yield less crosswind disturbance. It bounce and sway less. It has a roof rack. Just name a few.

    Check out these Edmunds Trooper's Owners Websites where many people worship Trooper for their comments, complaints (such as burning 1 quart of oil every 1000 mi., vibrating side mirrors, whinning TOD, clinking tranmission, etc...) and their wish list for a Trooper.

    A Trooper may cost a little less, but after you get it and if you want to change sway bars, bushings, shocks, tires, or add roof racks, it'll be a lot more expensive!!!

    I didn't buy a Pathfinder because it didn't come with the big 3.5l then.

    Good luck Bob,
  • gpm5gpm5 Posts: 785
    I looked at it. Its very sporty--unibody not full-frame, so more car-like drive but not meant for off-roading. The back seat legroom is really tight on it, and it just would not due for my three kids sitting back there. The trooper has huge back seat space for them.
  • vivayovivayo Posts: 32
    Bobforman wrote:
    > Looking for advice on a new Trooper. Found a 2001 demo with 1700 miles at 30K. Driven by the owner of the dealership. > > It's a LSD. with the gold package.
    If you mean limited slip differential (meaning 2WD), the dealer isn't offering you any kind of a deal - unless the gold package is actually gold! I bought a 2WD '01 LS w/sunroof & side steps and paid invoice ($27,164) for a vehicle that had MSRP of just over $30,000. I can't find the window sticker right this minute (it's around here somewhere) but $30,054 sticks in my mind.
    If you mean the Limited package, then that may be a good price - depending on what Edmunds says is invoice for it.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    is only available on the LTD. It gives you gold accents, different Ltd rims, and mono-tone paint.

  • I mistyped....The one I'm looking at is an LTD with the gold package. What about vibrating mirros and the need for a new sway bar? There seems to be more here that initially meets the eye. Bob Forman
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Some people (myself included) had a slight vibration on the drivers mirror @ 75+ mph. I had my replaced and it's been ok since.

    People are doing modifications to get a stiffer sway bar for better more sports car like handling on-road. The stock setup is decent w/o a doubt. I personally am going to be switching to the Rancho 9000s adjustable shocks so that i can have it soft for off-roading and stiff for higway/spirited driving, and replacing the rear springs with progressive rate ones so that i can put more stuff in the trailer w/o having any saging. (also i usually carry a lot of heavy tools in the trunk)

    Also whoever posted that the Nissan engine has the same reliablility as the trooper is off base cause the Nissan 3.5 just came out this year so it's unknown how good it is. The trooper one has been around since the mid 90s

    Also with a 50,000 mile bumper to bumper warrnaty and 120K powertrain, you are looking at a lot of faith in their vehicles.

  • ilitilit Posts: 71
    That's true that this is the 1st year Pathfinder gets 3.5l. But don't be bias, the 3.5l was first on Trooper in 1998 so it's been around only 3 years!

    For the same logic, if Trooper has been around for long and it's must be so good that Acura branded it with different name; so is Pathfinder, it's been around since 1980's and it's now twin to Infiniti Q4!

    Anyway, I just want to tell Bob (or anyone else) that Trooper is not a super vehicle, it's just a good one as any others. Do yourself a favor, test drive and research reliability and maintenance history carefully. Another important factor is dealer network and how dealers want to help you.

    Check out throroughly Edmunds Troopers Part III through Part IV to judge yourself.

    Good luck Bob!
  • ilitilit Posts: 71
    Sometime longer warranty doesn't matter much, such as Hundai that has 10yr/100k mi. also. Are Hundai super cars like Troopers described here at this Web site? I think it's extremely bothersome for gearbox whinning, clinking, engine drinks 1 quart of oil every 1000mi (but it's OK), bouncing and swaying (unless replacing with new shocks or sway bars)for 10 yr/ 100k mi.!
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    The items you mentioned are certainly annoying to some Trooper owners. Others don't even notice these things. Others are lucky enough that their Troopers don't have certain "problems" (e.g. mine doesn't have the gearbox whine).

    I would say that all of these problems have no bearing on the reliability/durability of the vehicle over the long term.

    For me, the Trooper rides just fine on the stock shocks, even at 40k miles in my 1998 Trooper. I guess I don't know what I'm missing by not having aftermarket shocks and/or sway bars & bushings. I don't have the gearbox whine. I don't have any squeaks/rattles/clunks/etc. (a couple rattles have disappeared finally). My engine consumes a quart of oil every 2,000 miles or so. Based on what I've heard from Isuzu, a master Isuzu mechanic, and many other owners, there is no cause for concern if oil consumption is up to a quart every 1,000 miles. Does it mean I have to check my oil more often and occasionally add a quart? Yes. Does it bother me? No. My truck is solid and reliable.

    As for the Trooper 3.5L V6, it's based on the 3.2L 6 that has existed on Trooper since the 1992 model year. That engine has a couple trouble areas (leaky valve covers/seals) but is otherwise very durable and reliable.

    I have nothing bad to say about the Pathfinder's 3.5L 6. Its specs look impressive, though I saw one review that indicated the truck isn't as fast as the numbers would imply. Actually, I thought the manual transmission-equipped Pathfinder has 250hp, vs. 240hp for the automatic.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    The 3.5l in the Trooper is a slightly larger version of the 3.2l

    Also the trooper recieved an excellent repair rating from Consumer reports. I'm not sure what the rating of the pathfinder was.

    I'd also be wondering a little bit about a company that none of the major car manufacturers would even buy (Nissan) and a company who's future is unknown.

    At the very least 1/2 of Isuzu is owned by GM. The 6.6l Duramax engine in the new GM pickups is 100% Isuzu, and the upcoming generation of S10/S15/Hombre pickups is being designed and built by Isuzu.

  • ilitilit Posts: 71
    I still love my Trooper. I think I'm even luckier than you. Mine doesn't burn oil. Only 1 thing I don't like it at all, it can't handle wind due to the boxy shape.

    I'm so bothered by those Trooper worshipper. They make Troopers sounds like Super SUVs, while complaint about gearbox whining, clinking, body swaying rolling, no roof rack, no 3rd seat, on and on! Such idiots (very few acting like Mr know-it-all teenager always have to answer everyone's questions immediately although they've never experienced the problems) buy inexpensive but good SUV then want to turn it into a Lexus 470 (have you ever seen all their wishes for a perfect Trooper!)

    So, my only intention was to tell potential buyers like Bob truthful opinions, and let them make their own decisions.
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