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  • geek4hiregeek4hire Member Posts: 10
    Anyone care to share? I'm looking to buy one, but don't know what I should be shooting for?
  • whoosierdaddywhoosierdaddy Member Posts: 76
    Local (large) dealer advertising '11 Regal for $1K under MSRP, but salesman said there is a mandatory dealer pack on them that exceeds $1K. he said right now he can do "much better" on a LaCross.
  • stevenzozstevenzoz Member Posts: 8
    I'm picking up my Regal on Friday. I'm leasing it for 39 months with $5,000 down + $1,000 owner loyalty (I'm doing a lease pullahead on my 2007 Pontiac G6 Coupe). It is $275 a month. I'm leasing the RL5 model ($29,785 MSRP including destination).
  • charleslynncharleslynn Member Posts: 1
    I am a recent college graduate trying to get into a relatively affordable mid-size sedan. I have been looking at a Acura TSX, Subaru Legacy and Honda Accords. Then I found the regal and man is this car awesome. Test drove one at local dealer and decided to start talking numbers. I test drove a dark blue RL3 priced fairly at 27,855. Not bad compared to the TSX but realistically, I know most cars have at least 10-15% markup so figured we were just doing the 'numbers dance'. So after talking to the salesman, the manager comes out with the invoice and shows me the invoice on the RL3 was 27108.59. So I started thinking that even though GM is having some tough times lately, I still have find it ridiculous to believe this car only has 3-4% markup. SO dealer cash price was set after TTL at 29,242.42. I love this buick but I think this car is going to have trouble moving at this, especially since you can get into a lacrosse for not much more. The RL1 is about 1200$ less for pretty much the same car minus a few things I can live without but has anyone been able to get this car at invoice?
  • nsbio1nsbio1 Member Posts: 75
    Lacrosse is primarily for old people. Regal, on the other hand, is a car with which even a 20-something would feel good. Plus, Regal is built in Germany and is a twin of Opel Insignia. Even if the prices were the same, many (although not all) people would find Regal the better buy.
  • pengwinpengwin Member Posts: 74
    Zag.com has turbo's TO1 priced at 26.5k
  • pengwinpengwin Member Posts: 74
    looking to buy a CC or a Regal. I can get a Regal Turbo TO1 for 26.5k thru american express or a CC DSG Sport for 28.5k at a local dealer.

    the 2k isnt a big deal for me but i just want second opinions on the cars.

    anyone for the regal? for the cc?
  • pengwinpengwin Member Posts: 74
    oops posted in the wrong forum.
  • abm2abm2 Member Posts: 4
    Always appreciate the time people take to provide helpful info. So, this is my help. Just leased the TR02 CXL Turbo. After some negotiating, the rebates listed on the PO was $4,050, including the ALLY incentive. My total OOP for TT and first month and dealer fee was $1,500 ( I gave in to it) and the monthly payment is $285 for 39 months, 10,000 annual miles, no diposition fee and ALLY does tack on $2,500 to the residual if you want to buy it at the end. I do not think I could have squeezed the price much more. I tried the CXL but just did not think the base engine would keep me happy coming from BMW and Infiniti the past 15 years. The turbo has enough kick for me to not have buyer remorse. Steering is light but I can see myself adapting because the car gives a solid firm ride and the rest is very nice-both interior and exterior.
  • whoosierdaddywhoosierdaddy Member Posts: 76
    Rebate $1K + dealer cash $1K + Pontiac owner $1K + discount $1K, + "generous" trade-in worth probably another $1K, = $5K off MSRP. Salesman said '12's coming in next week so they want to move the '11's. The 2.4L is just too sluggish (and real-world MPG is poor), but the turbo feels about right.
  • abuckabuck Member Posts: 6
    Found your post several months too late. I'm in the same boat. Just wondering if you chose the CC or the regal?
  • pengwinpengwin Member Posts: 74
    we went with the CC. if you drive them back-to-back the Regal (in T01 guise) vs the CC base DSG. its like going from econo-box to luxury car. the CC rides better (firmer but controlled), engine is more refined (less "punch" but not by much), the interior looks about a million times better in the CC, especially in the night. the profile of the CC (looks longer and lower) is better than the narrow/tall of the regal. Also, at the time the CC was cheaper and had 0% financing.

    If you can score a loaded up regal for the price of a base CC (28-29k) i'd go with the regal but otherwise the CC is just a nicer place to be every day. I've gotten more compliments in the CC than i have ever expected. It looks, feels and drives like a much, much more expensive car.

    But, drive them both in the same day. Go for longer trips (4-5miles). If the buick dealer has a used CC on the lot take that for a spin...even a used CC will show you the massive difference between the two cars as far as "feel" goes.
  • snortnersnortner Member Posts: 10
    After the reorg, GM shut down the large Buick dealership in my town and kept the small one - don't know what was behind that. I've been interested in the new Regal GS but I doubt our little dealership (showroom only holds on vehicle) will ever get one in if it isn't ordered. So this week I'm visiting relatives in Phoenix and I thought maybe I'll be able to check one out while I'm here. I was surprised to find out the Phoenix only has 2 Buick dealerships in the entire metro area. Is this the case in the rest of the country? Is the Buick dealer network decimated?
  • pengwinpengwin Member Posts: 74
    I live in st louis, we have over a dozen in the metro area. Check buicks website, there should be more than two...i'd hope, its a big city
  • snortnersnortner Member Posts: 10

    The buick website showed several more dealers.

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H EdmundsAdministrator Posts: 11,132
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