No way to specify East Coast Zone on my Nav System

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Up until now I've never needed the Navigation system on my 2008 Outback. Well I my workplace is going to be moving soon, and I decided to make a dry run. I open up the destination section on the navigation system and I find that the US Zones do not go past Zone 7 (midwest) and I am in Zone 9 (Mid-Atlantic). I saw no buttons labeled 8-10, just 1-7 and Canada. Not helpful at all! What gives and how do I fix this? Sooner or later I'm going to need this nav system. Strange thing though: the map does show my area, but as far as actual directions? Forget it.


  • rshollandrsholland Member Posts: 19,788
    I think you have to insert another map CD, one that has the east coast. Yeah, pretty lame... :(

  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    The DVDs come in sets of 2-3 depending upon the model, IIRC.
  • dpalkadpalka Member Posts: 8
    Lovely. Peachy freaking lovely. :mad: Should I contact the dealership or Subaru themselves? One of the drawbacks of getting a used car I guess.
  • rshollandrsholland Member Posts: 19,788
    Check you glove box, it's probably in there. Also, check your owner's manual, as it probably has all the info you need.

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