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Honda Odyssey 1999 - 2004



  • mtsangmtsang Posts: 70
    Does anyone have experience with adding a third remote to their EX. I've been trying to do that using the instruction that's in the service manual but unsuccessful. Thanks.
  • the procedure should be the same as the ones for the CR emotes at:

    couple things to note are the time limit for each step, all doors have to be closed while programming, have all emotes on hand for the final step.



  • mtsangmtsang Posts: 70
    Hey Trevor, thanks for responding. Unfortunately, I am getting an error from the URL you provided. Pls re-post if not too inconvenient.

    BTW, the 2001 fog lights I got from you are really nice. It took me longer to install than I had expected but it's way worth it. Thanks.

  • My Odyssey EX arrives in 10 days. I paid $25,000 with destination. Is that exceptional?
  • WOW! If the van is new, and not Canadian, "youse gotta deal". 25K is getting close to dealer cost. Are you SURE there are no extras like pin striping for $1500 etc. Are you SURE it's an EX and not an LX? Why would a dealer sell an EX for 25K when he can get $26,840 at MSRP and sell every month's allotment two months in advance? You know that old saw about if it looks too good to be true, it probably is? I'd check this one out carefully. But if it's a new American EX for 25K delivered, grab it.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    I think Trevor dropped a "v". Try:

    SUV and Vans Message Boards
  • cliffybcliffyb Posts: 114
    Regarding your post where you indicated the that the 99' Oddysey is on Consumers "Don't Buy" List.

    That is a blatant lie. I have the issue you are referring to and it says "Currently this is our top rated mini-van". You must sell some other brand for a living.
  • cavillercaviller Posts: 331
    You might want to scroll back a ways on this forum and read about the issue before calling Sam7068 a blatant liar.
  • for several month I thought about the ex odyssey and finally picked up the van today the silver bullet really enjoyed driving it home from dealers and handled very good on the highways from Charleston to myrtle beach and in traffic also and speaking of dealers well done to stokes of Charleston S C and to JB for the salesmanship in dealing with this customer. My thanks again to Edmunds site for they really let the buyer beware and having as much knowledge as one can before they arrive at the dealerships, I felt in charge while dealing for the ex odyssey, and also was at ease dealing with peoples first bank for there help. the price 26400.+ 400 and my extras fog, mud,pin stripe and air deflector. only one disappointment (the antenna) its looks like the ugly stick, guess you must have sum humor.keep them wheels on the pavement
  • Yes, I've programmed my Homelink to activate the X-10 (same as Radio Shack) devices. In order to do this you have to have the X10 or (Radio Shack) RF transmitter. The RF transmitter comes with a receiver module that plugs into the wall. The receiver sends commands to any modules you have plugged in. To see what I'm talking about, go to:

    You program the Homelink using the transmitter. You can get the transmitter/receiver combo for around $40. I've seen them at Home Depot, Radio Shack, etc. I've programmed buttons 2 and 3 to turn on and off my garage and exterior lights. Button 1 works the garage door. Works great.
  • I put down a deposit on an Odyssey EX at a Honda dealership in Southern California yesterday because I saw the sign from the highway. How's that for a criterion? They seem nice enough, but it would be easier to pick up from a dealer closer to home (San Jose area). I don't want to pay more than MSRP. I remember a post about Merced - is this the best/only option?
  • dcrislerdcrisler Posts: 118
    mschafer ... I was about to ask why you had to buy the egr valve... then read the post about having 80k miles!! amazing, have you recieved your $50. yet?

    You can get the X10 tranciever pieces much cheaper than $40.00!! Try I bought my last 2 for less than $10.00. Oh and also every now and then you can sign up for a free firecracker, it is a product that uses the wireless reciever to allow your windoze 95 + system to act as a remote. You get all the pieces you need for free plus shipping.

    I have yet to get my homelink to work with my new rolling code genie door opener!! I have tried everything. Holding the buttons down much longer for each step did not fix it, although I think it thinks it is programmed. It just does not open the door.
  • dcrisler,
    I have the Genie intellicode remote and didn't have any problem programing the Homelink on the Ody. Try it again, it should work. Try clearing the Homelink on the Ody first by holding the 2 outside buttons down until the red light flashes (warning, this will clear all 3 buttons). BTW, did you train your Genie garage door opener (not the remote but the power unit)after you trained your Homelink? You shouldn't have to hold the buttons down any longer than it is required to get the indicated feedback from the Homelink or opener as described in the instructions e.g. flashing light blinks faster or stays on etc. You should be able to tell from the feed back signal if your individual training steps were successful.
    Good luck.
  • mschafermschafer Posts: 317
    No, Sam whatever his number was did not put his money where his mouth was; but, then, I didn't really expect him to. I think the word is "TROLL". *:o))

    As to the EGR valve, the TCS and Check Engine lights have been coming on. The DTC error codes indicated EGR problems. Replacing the EGR did not cure the lights, and the same codes show up. Now they want to decarbonize/purge the EGR flow passageways in the manifold for $120. Before I let them do that, I may let another mechanic read the codes and give me his opinion.

    The van runs fine. The lights just keep coming on.
  • A dealership in Jacksonville, FL told me that a recent heavy snowfall collasped the roof at the Odyssey assembly line. They have shut down production until the roof is fixed. Does any one know about this or is this a snowjob on me?
  • To be fair (and anal retentively precise), cliffyb did not call sam7068 a liar (blatant or otherwise). What cliffyb did was point out that the oft-repeated mantra of sam7068 claiming that the 1999 Odyssey would show up in the April issue of Consumer Reports as a used car to be avoided ("Why is '99 Odyssey on the Consumers Reports car to Avoid list?") is, in fact, a blatant lie. I suspected that it was.

    Sam has some issue with the Odyssey that makes him attack without too much concern for actual facts. It is more than fair, I think, to take such blanket statements and identify them as false. While not PC, it is nonetheless true that the frequently-posted statement in question was both "blatant" (in every sense of the word) and a "lie."

    Personally, I doubt that Sam is generally a liar. Really accomplished liars tend to avoid making the mistake of saying things (especially in writing) that are so easily checked for veracity and so clearly proven to be false.
  • mojo66mojo66 Posts: 83
    I just finished reading an article about the possible risks of using tire chains on cars equipped with ABS brakes. One of the largest makers of tire chains says they may disable the ABS system because the computers don’t pick up the correct sensing. They say the only way to get rid of the snow buildup on chains that occurs when stopping in snow is to pump the brakes manually, which conflicts with the procedure using ABS, in that you should never pump the brakes because the system can do it much faster. The companies that make the ABS systems say ABS is not affected by chains and drivers should apply firm, steady pressure as they normally would with ABS. The automakers are pretty much non-committal. GM’s director for safety integration said using tire chains does change the nature of a tire’s contact patch, which makes me wonder if using chains would have a negative impact on the ABS and TCS system since chains, in effect, lift the tire from the road. Nobody seems to have the definitive answer on this subject.

    Because some states like California require chains to be used in mountain areas with snow, I am wondering if it’s a good idea to put the chains on the Odyssey’s rear wheels instead of the fronts, allowing for better steering control by letting the ABS and TCS work on the front tires without the interference of chains.

    Has anyone experienced having the ABS or TCS engage on an Odyssey with tire chains on? If so, did anything out of the ordinary happen?

    Thanks in advance for your input.
  • mtsangmtsang Posts: 70
    the URL works now. Man, you're all over it : ) Thanks again.
  • We own a 2000 Odyssey and would like to put 2 car seats in the 3rd row and use tethers. Is it possible to install tether anchors somewhere under/behind 3rd row? Has anyone done this themselves or had a dealer install?
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    tom1965r - at the top of the rear well by the hatch opening are three caps/covers. If you remove those, Honda sells tether attachments that screw in there. This effectively renders the well unusable.
  • I could call and check (I still know a few guys that work at the Alliston, Ontario plant), but this is bogus for two reasons:

    1) I kinda think they'd build these factories to withstand a good deal of snowfall. I was there a couple of years ago in January when they had one of the worst snowfalls ever . . shutting the air point down, downtown Toronto was a mess . . and it didn't cause an problems at the factory whatsoever.

    2) Severe snowfall like that (roofs caving in) would make news elsewhere

    3) If the roof fell in, I would suspect it would be a small area and they would fix it within a couple of days. The Honda folks are relentless production people.

    Go tell your dealer he's full of hooey.
  • cavillercaviller Posts: 331
    Maybe it's a matter of semantics, but if someone says I made a blatant lie, I'd say they called me a blatant liar.

    As for the issue of Consumer Reports, it was my intention to point out that this has been discussed a couple times on this forum (most recently posts near 794 and 796 on 1/21/00 around 5-6PM). Based on the email I received, and what appears to be on the CR website, I'd say the "blatant lie" is more like "speculation based on existing data." I am almost certain the April '01 auto issue will show the 1999 Odyssey to be well below average in reliability based on this information. Whether or not it will be on the "Used Cars to Avoid" list is speculation. None of this is to excuse Sam7068's trolling. Sam7068's biggest problem was claiming it was in the April 2000 issue, even though he had preceded it with the future tense implying that he meant the 2001 issue. Either way, the 1999 Odyssey will not be rated well by CR for reliability. Maybe grplavloff can fill us in as to whether the '99 Odyssey is already listed as a used car to avoid on the website.

    Of course, if Edmunds had a search utility or still allowed you to load all posts in a thread to do a browser search, this may not have come up....
  • OK. You are certainly a level-headed and fair poster, to be sure. I did not mean to attack you one bit. I understand pet peeves, having many myself, and am guessing that this particular "fine point" is one for you.
    Now, not to be facetious (well, at least, not too facetious! ;-)), perhaps "blantant lie" should have been "inflammatorilly-stated, assumption-based speculation misrepresented as fact?" However, to me, someone who does the former and someone who does the latter are in pretty much the same high-ignorability, low-trust zone.

    Peace and may your valuable postings continue.
  • I think there really is a useful distinction to be made between pointing out that a statement is a lie and that the person making it is a liar. Is there anyone here or anywhere -- have you ever even heard of someone, other than that One, -- who never, ever lied in their entire life?!? Certainly, the fact of one lie does not a liar (one having the character flaw of lying frequently) make. Otherwise, we are all provably liars! So, pointing out a lie does not constitute calling the person a liar. That is unless it is the pointing out that makes a liar and not the propensity to lie itself.
  • cavillercaviller Posts: 331
    I'll concede the liar issue, I wish I could concede the reliability issue as well:-)

    I should also state that, according to the same e-mail, the 2000 Odyssey did at least average. I suspect the poor reliability for the 1999 Odyssey may well be due to "first year syndrome", recalls, and the power door issues that appear to be much worse for that year. Guess we'll find out in about a month.
  • We also were told by our Jacksonville dealer that the roof collapsed at the plant due to snowfall. If anyone knows what the truth is I would really like to know.
  • Hi all,

    I've read this board for about two months, but since I never had anything to contribute, I never posted. That's about to change: we pick up our 2001 GG LX on Saturday; no dealer add-ons, MSRP-$200. The salesman (who has been great (so far) in all respects) mentioned something about adding floormats as an option. When I mentioned that I thought the floormats were included, he said that they're standard on the EX, but not the LX.


    The printed Odyssey brochure says, under "Interior Features," that floormats *are* standard equipment for both the LX and the EX. A studied reading of the "Standard Equipment" listing on the review, however, seems to indicate that floormats are only included on the EX.

    I suppose I could call up Honda and ask directly, but this way I have an excuse to bother y'all and introduce myself to the group besides.

    -- sdg
  • cavillercaviller Posts: 331
    They are included on the 2001 LX. The final proof will be included in the MSRP/Features sticker on the van you pick up. Ask to see it if they give you a hassle.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    They are included on the 2001 LX. The final proof will be included in the MSRP/Features sticker on the van you pick up. Ask to see it if they give you a hassle.

    I have been told many times that the MSRP sticker by federal law is to remain attached to the vehicle and is to be removed by the owner.
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