Front doors on my town car do not stay open

joexray10joexray10 Member Posts: 2
I have a 98 Town car. Lately both front doors will not stay open while getting into or out of the vehicle. There appears to be a rubber? wedge that should help the door stay open. It seems worn. Can I add another wedge or something to help it without causing damage. The door does not sag not do I have any other problems with it. Help me please


  • gjksrgjksr Member Posts: 1
    i have a 2001 town car - the front door won't stay open on a slight hill. is ther a fix?
  • joexray10joexray10 Member Posts: 2
    I don't know if this will help you but I had a small plastic shim that I had used to install the front door in my house and I wedged that into the bottom hinge and it seems to help. I just don't know if it will create another problem in the future
    joexray :confuse:
  • vanzeenithvanzeenith Member Posts: 1
    It appears that all the Crown Vics / Lincoln Town / Mercury Grand Marquis had the same cheap hinge design for maybe ten years and longer.
    The hinge never had a very positive or strong detent ,in the two open positions.
    I had a spare Kenmore vacum sweeper cog belt laying around and folded it cog-to-cog,then one additional 3 layers and around total 1/4" thick .
    Insert in the space just above the rubber compression piece ...cogs facing east and west [belt flats width facing left-right]
    Maybe a second one just below,the same original rubber compression piece may be needed later.
    BTW I also noted that a Maytag pump belt for my washer also measures 1/4" thick, and may work too
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