2011 Toyota Sienna SE Purchase Advice Needed

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I'm currently shopping for our first Toyota. Were getting ready to replace our 15 year old Dodge Grand Caravan.

Were negotiating for a 2011 Sienna SE in South Pacific Pearl with the following options:

TO - Towing
SP - Preferred Package
WT - Window Tint
MR - Moon Roof

MSRP - 34,219.00
Invoice - 30,824.00

Any idea what a fair price would be in the Austin, TX area?
I'm getting quotes back in the 32-33K range.

Thanks in advance for any input.


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    I'm in the northeast but I'll tell you we got ours (same color) with the same options plus the mats which are another 320 or so for 31,200 and they didn't push back at ALL when I said that's what I was paying. I'm used to the sales manager coming out and saying his kids have to eat and can i give him another 200 and there was none of that. There was a guy on another forum talking about several hundred under invoice, I thought he was joking but when we picked ours up my wife was asking the sales guy how business was and he mentioned doing cars as much as 700 under this month. It sounds like the incentives pulled all of their sales forward and now they are in a drought.

    I say just go in at invoice. Say dealer X down the street has the black one they quoted me 31,200, I want it for 30,900 or whatever... If they balk just say OK well I'm going back to dealer X and walk outside and fumble with your keys in the parking lot - they'll come running out saying OK my manager said if it's today and your serious we can do 30,900.
  • gwrace1gwrace1 Member Posts: 24

    Thank you for the reply. How do you like your SE so far? I have yet to see the Pacific Pearl color and we've been to three dealers. Would love to see some photos of your new van if you have some. I'm trying to gauge just how blue this color really is. The various pictures on the internet have so many different shades.

    Thank for the asistance.
  • mattster1mattster1 Member Posts: 5
    I have pics but need to download them, the blue is beautiful I really like it. Let me see what I can do.

    In terms of the van here is what I can tell you.

    The good: It's a really nice vehicle, the brakes are the most amazing part. When I test drove the vehicle I did not notice just how great the brakes really are. Other than that they balanced the ride and handling well. I have not lit into it but it seems to have decent power and even with only 850 miles on it I'm getting 23.2 MPG (both on the dash meter and calculated actual) which is better than I expected. I find the seats are very comfortable, it's quiet, it's huge, and I think for a minivan it looks decent - I actually had a few compliments. I love the power doors and the sliding rear seats and am pleased with the interior overall. Our 2 year old LOVES the big side windows and wants them down all of the time.

    The "it is what it is": I find the handing to be fairly good but it's still a minivan. I don't think it's as sporty as all of the reviews and magazines let on. Don't get me wrong it's way better than the XLE/Limited which drive like 80's caddys and I could not deal with those; but you throw the SE aggressively into a turn or an onramp and it's not like a FX/MDX/X5 by any stretch of the imagination and I don't really find it to be better than an Odyssey. It's a nice driving van that you can transition from a sport-like car into without completely hating it. The mags all wrote it up like it was the BMW of minivans, the pre-production version may have been but I'll tell you first hand that the production version is no BMW it's merely tolerable. The steering is OK for EPS, I'm impressed with how well it tracks and the feel is decent but I wouldn't call it lively. It's still EPS and EPS isn't quite there yet in terms of road feel.

    The bad: the stereo. It sounds ok on CD or radio but I have a number of complaints considering it's the upgrade stereo in the SE. It's just not what you would expect in a 34k vehicle, it's not a 6 disc, the XM sounds terrible and you can't change categories w/o reaching across the vehicle, and the FM tuner is sub-par at best (far worse than my 05 Corolla XRS and 07 SE Camry) and I have a lot of trouble here picking up radio stations that came in fine in my other Toyotas. I also really wish I had the overhead dvd in it. I looked at the Toyota seat mount accessory DVD for the SE and they are total garbage and they are trying to get 2k for them which is ridiculous.

    This might sound funny but the only other real disapointment is the rear kid mirror. It's too small and with the black interior I can't really see anything in it other than the fact that the kids are still actually in the van.

    Also I'm still not sure how well I'll do without heated seats in the winter.

    Hope this helps.

  • mattster1mattster1 Member Posts: 5
    Hey I have a pic but it looks like it's not easy to post. Shoot me your email.

  • gwrace1gwrace1 Member Posts: 24
    I'm not really sure how to get you my email address without publishing it to the world. Is there a PM option on Edmunds?

    Thanks for the very candid review of the van. Much appreciated.

    I'm currently battling with Gulf States Toyota distributors over what options they feel I should or should not get. I'll probably go out of state for the purchase.
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    Just create a carspace account right here on Edmunds. When you upload pictures they even give you the code to make pics embedded.
  • mattster1mattster1 Member Posts: 5
    edited July 2010
  • gwrace1gwrace1 Member Posts: 24
    Awesome looking van. Thanks so much for posting the picture and the great review.
  • elwood11elwood11 Member Posts: 6
    How is yours optioned? We can only get "regional Optioned" cars in So Cal that all have that damned Moonroof - $850 I don't want to spend to lower the roof 2 inches. And is that the Teal color? Thanks
  • mattster1mattster1 Member Posts: 5
    Pacific Blue yeah.

    Toyota only does regional optioned cars unless you special order. In the Northeast they are only doing fully equipped SE's right now anyway.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    You gotta pose in front if it in your best gangster look. ;)
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    We got a SE Gray Mica last week. Well, i think we paid a little too much for ours. We paid 33600 with the DVD option. That is how it comes up. I have been trying to find the SE with the color we want for almost 2 months. Toyota for some reasons just don't make too many SE. So I think dealer knows that and wouldn't lower the price. I like the sporty looks and feel of the SE and we just won't buy the XLE. We had a MDX and the sienna can't really compare with the MDX (in terms of handling). but with 2 kids and my inlaw, the Sienna is the best option for us. I really like the extra room that we all have.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587

    You have about double the cargo space (literally).

    It also uses regular fuel, the MDX needed premium, and more of it.

    Enjoy it! :shades:
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    @Mattster1: I am shopping for an SE in the Philly area and was wondering where in the NE you bought your SE? I like the price you got and will be using that as my starting point to negotiate with them. Thanks for the review as well.
  • gwrace1gwrace1 Member Posts: 24
    We picked up our SE this week at about $1400 below dealer invoice. MSRP was $35357 with selling price at $31338.00. So it is possible to get a great deal if you shop around.
  • savorasavora Member Posts: 25
    That is the lowest price I have seen.... What options did you add?
    When prices are too low, I wonder....

    Did you have to purchase alarm, extended warranty etc? Was trade in reasonable>

    All these come into play..... it is hard to believe that low #
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    I am looking in the central florida area for the 2011 SE and got a internet price close to 32,500 but without tax/etc and that was without stepping foot in the dealership or discussing my trade. I have heard some people getting invoice or below invoice in other states but does anyone know how much more wiggle room I have for them to decrease.

    MSRP was 35 and change with the few options. However, I still want a DVD to be added.

    Any suggestions?
  • westmomof3westmomof3 Member Posts: 2
    Did you tell them what you wanted to pay first? What state was this? I am in Central FL.
  • gwrace1gwrace1 Member Posts: 24
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    We are located in Texas but I could not get the towing package here on the SE via Gulf State distributors. I used truecar.com to locate dealers outside the GSR and found the best prices in MN, GA and MD. We ended up purchasing from Jay Toyota in Columbus, GA. They had just received one in the color we wanted with 3 miles on the clock. It had options I did not want. (Toyoguard) The SE that we bought had an MSRP of $35357 with options that included FE , MR, SP, TO, FP5, PVFC8, TWAS2, XY7. Selling price before TTL was $31338.00. We paid them $500 on top of this number to ship via transport to Texas. We completed titling paperwork today and expect to take delivery later this week. It took several weeks of searching and a lot of hard work to score this deal. The last time I looked this dealer still had a white and silver SE on the lot.
  • dadof2plusdogdadof2plusdog Member Posts: 10
    Just put the deposit on a 2011 SE in Gray Mica with:

    SE Preferred Package
    Power Tilt/Slide Moonroof with Sunshade
    Towing Prep Option:
    Carpet Floor Mats/Door Sill Protector

    MSRP was $34,299, I paid $31,142. I feel like I got a good deal.

    Hope this helps someone else negotiate a good deal. I purchased mine from Del Toyota in Thorndale, PA. Worked with the Internet Sales Manager Joe Cocuzza and would highly recommend him. Negotiation was very painless.
  • kennho11kennho11 Member Posts: 2
    What does the towing prep package include? Hitch? I just ordered my SE. It's arriving in Oct.
  • dadof2plusdogdadof2plusdog Member Posts: 10
    I love my SE it is so much fun to drive, congrats!! What color did you get?

    The towing prep package doesn't include a hitch (makes no sense right), it does include transmission cooler, something special about the radiator and the wiring harness for towing. I asked them about the hitch at the dealer and they told me it would be available in Jan/Feb 2011. I will probably get one added then.

    Enjoy the Swagger Wagon!!
  • kennho11kennho11 Member Posts: 2
    Silver..Can't wait to see it....

    My price is around $32K in California. Can't find any dealer better than this in Bay area.
  • safetyworksafetywork Member Posts: 1
    Paid 31,100 for ours about 2 weeks ago here in San Diego..... Moonroof, Power Tailgate, SE Preferred Package, Tow Prep.....

    Thus far our SE has been a blast. We've managed to rack up over 1,000 in a week! Our previous van was a 2007 Honda Odyssey, traded in with 97k miles. If it weren't for the transmission software upgrade, which caused our Odyssey to shudder between 45 and 70 mph, we'd still have it.

    I say between the Odyssey and the Sienna SE, the two are rather similar. The Sienna seems to have a larger interior. Handling wise, the Odyssey provides better feel but the SE seems to stick better (I think this may be due in large part to the tire selection). Torque, the Sienna is noticeably better. We like the more aggressive design of the Sienna. One of the first thing we noticed is that the Sienna stays on the "ECO" mode longer then the Odyssey. Fuel economy is better in the Sienna and it's quieter then the Odyssey. The side doors open wider in the Sienna and the doors don't stop short of full open like they do in the Odyssey when the windows are rolled down. Exterior physical size is about the same as the Odyssey, the Sienna however seems wider. But on the interior the Sienna seem larger, the trunk and the middle row seating is noticeably larger.

    What we don't like..... the wide angle mirror is too small. The phonebook of our bluetooth enabled phone doesn't show up on the screen (unlike our other cars with similar feature). Why didn't Toyota make the drop down DVD system, navigation nor the HID headlights available in the SE? The middle row seats are hard to pull forward, perhaps it's still new. It would have been nice if the middle row seats retained their position after being slid forward to allow passengers to get to the back seat. We hope there will be a way retrofit the motorized ability to open and close the rearmost windows like the XLE and the LTD models.
  • sketty55sketty55 Member Posts: 2
    Hi there. First time poster here...just want to thank all of you for posting your info as I'm looking for a 2011 sienna se. It seems that the best prices posted in this thread are around $31k. I'm just wondering if the prices that everyone is posting is the OTD price? Thanks again to all.
  • dadof2plusdogdadof2plusdog Member Posts: 10
    We love our SE and have gotten many comments on it. I purchased the car in PA but registered it in DE so there was no sales tax. Here are the details of my OTD price:

    $31,142.00 - Negotiated Price
    1,167.83 - Delaware 3.75% Doc Fee
    223.00 - Total All Fees (1 yr registration)
    $32,532.83 - OTD Price.

    Let me know if you have any questions.
  • sketty55sketty55 Member Posts: 2
    Really appreciate the response. Would you mind if i ask which dealership this was from and if you have the sales contact. I understand that it's against the rules to post salesperson names...maybe you can just include the initial. This is a great help!
  • cjc4cjc4 Member Posts: 2
    So if you purchase a car in another state do you have to pay sales tax? As one person posted or only in that state?
  • cjc4cjc4 Member Posts: 2
    It is hard to find SE models. I cant decide if I want white or black. Any advice?
  • jabcjabc Member Posts: 20
    Try Pre-Dawn Gray.

    It matches the black interior very well.

    We just bought one in SoCal on 10-24-2010.

    It took me 3 months to find one.

    I think ours is the only Gray SE in town. :-)
  • dadof2plusdogdadof2plusdog Member Posts: 10
    I say Pre-Dawn Gray as well. Have not seen another SE in that color in the Philly area since we got it in August. I think it is the best color, luckily didn't have a hard time finding it. I did read thought that only 15% of Sienna production this year were SE models, that might explain your difficulty in finding one.
  • jabcjabc Member Posts: 20
    In SoCal, all they ship over are either white or silver with just few in black.

    Black is fine but it will need frequent carwash which is not a good idea in SoCal.

    My pre-dawn SE looks really cool.

    We got many compliments about the color.

    Worth all the efforts to find our SE. :)
  • elvismelvism Member Posts: 2
    I live in NY. I have been researching and considering to buy the Sienna SE 2011 (preferably in Black, pre-dawn gray 2nd choice). Below are the offers I am receiving through my internet inquiries. Please let me know what do you all think of this prices. They do not include the NY tax and the DMV fees. The tax is 8.875% and the new plates will cost me $350.

    My selected options are:

    The offers are:

    1) $33,038 + $249 dealer doc fee + tax (8.875%) + dmv (350) = OTD = 36569
    Note: This dealer is NJ with 7% sales tax but I calculated as per NY state

    2) $33,138 + $75 doc fee + tax + dmv = OTD = 36503

    3) $33,538 + tax + dmv = OTD = 36864

    Are these prices on the higher end in NY or is this what people are paying? How much more negotiation room do I have? The first and the 3rd quote is through ZAG. I understand the dealer would honor that, but do they go below that price as well?

    The third quote is from a dealership very close to my house but they don't have the vehicle in stock but located one for me with the behind the seat mount dvd system. At one point, she told me without the dvd, it would cost me $31038. I really liked that option but she's telling me she can't find any without the DVD. I don't want to pay $2000 just for the dvd system.

    So I filled out the form on ZAG including the dvd just to see what offers I get.

    Another question is if I pay the NJ tax which is 7%, do I have to pay the remaining NY tax which is higher at the time of registering the vehicle or do states have some kind of an agreement where NY state would accept NJ state tax.

    Is it better to negotiate on the invoice price or the OTD price? How much lower can I go on these invoice prices? And, will I have better luck if I told the dealer I will pay all CASH.

    I would really appreciate all your responses. Also, if you see a similar deal in the NY NJ or PA area, please inform me, I am not in rush but do need to buy and I'm liking the SE.

    Thank you,

    EM :)
  • jabcjabc Member Posts: 20
    We got our SE in October, 2010 @ $500 below invoice.
    We used Zag.com as base line and got $200 lower.
    It was a very good deal at that time (So Cal.).

    You may want to do the same.
    I believe Zag.com's price has dropped a little bit.

    Good luck !
  • elvismelvism Member Posts: 2
    Thank you for your response. You mind telling me the price you paid with the options you selected. And are you saying the dealers will still negotiate a bit on the ZAG pricing?
  • dadof2plusdogdadof2plusdog Member Posts: 10
    edited January 2011
    I bought my Predawn Gray SE in August in Philly:


    SE Preferred Package
    Power Tilt/Slide Moonroof with Sunshade
    Towing Prep Option:
    Carpet Floor Mats/Door Sill Protector

    MSRP was $34,299, I paid $31,142 ($32,532.83 OTD). I registered it in Delaware so no tax, but 3.5% title fee.

    As for negotiating the OTD price vs Off the Invoice price, I read that the OTD price is a better way to negotiate. Some dealers may offer you a sweet deal under the invloice but then add closing fees to regain some money (ie $499 dealer processing fee). Also, I found negotiating the OTD price was much easier to compare the offers from different dealers. Just make sure to ask for a breakdown of the numbers in the OTD price so you can see everything.
  • jabcjabc Member Posts: 20
    Our SE has :
    * Carpets & Door Sill Protectors
    * Towing Package
    * Roof Rack Crossbars
    * Wheel Locks

    MSRP $34,684
    Invoice $31,729
    Sale Price $31,156
    Out-Of-Door $34,700 (SoCal)
  • randomeonerandomeone Member Posts: 20
    You have to pay the sales tax for the state you live in. Some out of state dealers will do it for you, otherwise you can pay sales tax yourself when you register your new car.
  • kj1688kj1688 Member Posts: 2
    Hi, Jabc

    I know it is few months ago, but can you tell me what dealer did you buy to get the best price? Any one know what is best price for SE in SoCal now? Thanks
  • chairsweeper1chairsweeper1 Member Posts: 3
    Hi I am new to the forum. Anyone bought a SE in Phoenix area lately? Can you share how uch you paid for the car and the experience with the dealership? Thanks, I am planning to buy one very soon.
  • gooddealfindergooddealfinder Member Posts: 2
    We Finally found an honest straight forward Sales person Showcase Honda in Phoenix, AZ. He used to be a Chef. Finally hospitality in the car industry. He can get any make and model you need! Here is our story!

    I started looking at Showcase - went to 4 other dealerships and came back to Showcase Honda. The Showcase guy explained exactly what we were in for by going and trying to find the best price. He assured us his price wouldn't be beat. Other dealerships were offering better deals, but when we went down there - it was nothing more than a bait and switch. "Yeah the price is blah blah blah - when can you come down?"

    Then it was Oooohhhhh... I'm sorry I didn't pay attention, the price I gave you was for a manual transmission. or it doesn't include tint - or all the other excuses i got. Especially the..."Well you are already here, lets just do this deal, so you can be done!" OUTRAGEOUS!!! After wasting a day, we went back and talked to the Ex-Chef now Salesman and appologized for ever doubting him. He than appologized to us for the way the other dealerships treated us. Stuck to his same price, open and Honest he calls it. Never once did he give us an "I told you so" Even after we purchased the car, he still follows up with us every few weeks. Plus we exchange recipes! We can't wait to go back for the New owners dinner they have every 2 months. We hope he is cooking.
  • bravojunkiebravojunkie Member Posts: 5
    I received an E-price quote from a dealership for $32,195 (includes the rebate but does not include taxes, tag fees, and freight charges). It has the following options:

    50 State Emissions
    Moon Roof/Power Tilt
    SE Preferred Pkg
    Carpet Floor Mats/Cargo Mat Sets
    Wheel Locks

    However, adding the freight charge of $810 (I think this is correct have to actually verify with the Internet salesman tomorrow) and the dealer processing fee would put us at $33,404. And of course taxes (3%) and tags would increase that price even further.

    According to TrueCar.com this car has an invoice price of $32,179 (includes rebate and freight).

    Is $32,195 a good quote or should I try to negotiate this down some more. How much lower do you think I can go?

    Thanks in advance.
  • longnlongn Member Posts: 2
    bravojunkie - I just got a quote of $31,995 from a Mid-Atlantic dealer for the same exact configuration. My quote includes the $1000 rebate and freight. It does not include a $200 processing fee. So if you include the dealer processing fee, my quote was $32,194.

    The costs NOT INCLUDED in this price were the taxes, tags and title.
  • bravojunkiebravojunkie Member Posts: 5
    Thanks. I think we're going to just wait for the 2012's to start showing up and proceed from there.

    After more than 6 yrs with no car pymts, neither of us are in a rush to take out a loan. ;)
  • tarugstarugs Member Posts: 16
    I was sent a quote by our local dealership and was wondering if I can get any advice/opinion here if it is a good price. Apparently, you can only avail one of the ongoing promos, either financing or cash rebate (1k in GS region).

    Sticker Price - $36,175.00
    Quoted Price - $32,673.00
    OTD price (TTL included) - $36,119.41 (not including $1k rebate as 1.9 financing is a better deal)

    Here are the options:
    Silver Sky metallic
    SE preferred package
    Preferred premium package (cargo net, door sill protector, carpet floor mats, first aid kit)
    Power Tilt/Slide Moonroof with Sunshade
    Cargo Organizer
    Roof rack cross bars
    Vehicle Shield Package
    Premium Security System
    DECOR PKG (no idea what this is)
    Cargo Net

    Thank you in advance.
  • lovesiennaselovesiennase Member Posts: 2
    I like SE and got a offer for 33,100+TTL, is this a good price? The price is inclusive of - SE preferred package, moonroof, other accessories (Total MSRP $3124). The price is close to zag.

    This does not include the $1,000 rebate, in my area i can get either the rebate or 0% from 36 months-not both.

    I saw the new 2012 SE have a price increase of 2K, is this a good deal?
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