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BMW 3-Series Maintenance and Repair



  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591
    BMW forum:

    I have taken my BMW to the shop 3 times for a water leak, where the driver's side floor gets saturated from rain water. They have blown the leaves out, cleaned the drains, and the leak still persists.

    Has anyone had this problem and what is the proper algorithm to address this??? Is this coming from the seals around the window and the front window needs replacement or is it the door seals, or the vent grade for intake near the windshield wipers.

    Please let me know. The car is in otherwise pristine condition, and I love it. this is just driving me nuts.

  • dwardensj:
    I called the toll free number for BMW. I don't have the number or the person's name with me, it's in my office. I'll post it next week. I was instructed to bring the car back to my dealer. If I received no satisfaction, I was to call BMW back and arrange for the Field rep to inspect the car. BMW was emphatic that the car should not leak.
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    Have you checked the sunroof drains? They can be unclogged by using a long piece of weedeater line. My only other guess would be the windshield gasket.
  • ksomanksoman Posts: 593
    i sure hope bmw stick to it... i dont want my wife's car leakin in a few years, plus the only well known leakers have been the british miata predecessors ;)

  • ksomanksoman Posts: 593
    glad it worked out for ya. i once had the control arms on my honda replaced, years ago and it cost about 400 bux.. i'd multiply it by 2.5 to get a fair # for bmw... but i'm not too sure.

    i cannot wait for the day when cheap artificial intelligence robots get employed in body shops... these labor charges are getting more and more outlandish...

  • livethelake- Thanks for the info...
    FYI the BMW dealer took my car to the car wash to check for leaks after they replaced the window seal… said they did not see any water leaking in...
  • wil17wil17 Posts: 2
    My Wife was driving her BMW today and stopped at the light. When the light turned green she started to accelerate and the car wouldn't go, as she notice the car turned off. She put the car in park, restated the car and it was ready to go. Has this happen to anyone else?

    She called the dealer and they said it had something to do with the cam shaft not responding to the sensor? Does this sound familar to anyone? How much did it cost?
  • We have a 2003 325xi and the exact same thing happened to us yesterday. Ours is a manual transmission and it just turned itself off after backing out of a parking spot. This is the first time our car has done this and I was just going to let it go. But now I think I will call my dealer and see what he says. Please post any info and/or action from your dealer and I will do the same. With the holidays upon us, I don't know how fast the dealer, or I for that matter, will be able to respond, however. I have read on other sites that cam shaft sensors may be a problem with our cars. I hope this turns out to be nothing for both of us.
  • wil17wil17 Posts: 2
    we are visiting our dealer Friday 11/28. I will try to post what happens a.s.a.p. I have heard the same with the cam sensors being a problem for the 3 series, I hope it is nothing as well. Happy Holidays.
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    I thought the control arm issue was a recall item that would have been covered regardless of whether your car was under warranty or not. If the service has not been provided previously, there would not have been a charge.

  • i went for the extended warranty, i have a 2000 328i. it was just under $500. the driver window mechanism went out. the cost on the print out was about the same as i spent on the extended warranty.

    now i am at the end of extended warranty and will be taking it in for final warranty check over. i will be keeping my fingers crossed that the car will give me many more years of trouble free miles.
  • My wife's 2001 325i just passed 36,000 miles and we haven't been offered the extended warranty. I took her car in this morning for a tire rotation and balance (not to the BMW dealership) and they told me it was past due for a break job. I am going to call the dealer to see if they offer the extended warranty so I can get this covered. A few questions - how much longer will they extend it and how much should I pay? Also, I am assuming this is the full maintenance warranty we got when we purchased the car.
  • phauolphauol Posts: 24
    My BMW was just 6 mth/9000 miles old but the coolant is already lower than the "low level" when I inspect the coolant stick. Since BMW recommend coolant change of every 3 (4?) yr, should I just top up with water or I must use, let's say, 100 ml of coolant to top it up. I know my question may sound trivial, I wouldn't ask the same question for my old mazda either, many thanks.
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    phaul - I would bring the car to the dealer and let them look at it. I added coolant to my car once to bring it up to level. I added the coolant without diluting from water and I used generic spec green stuff.
  • mgj3mgj3 Posts: 1
    I lost power and could only move at idle speed last spring in my 2002 BMW 330ci. The car was towed and the electronic throttle replaced.The car ran fine for 8 months. The the same thing occured last week. BMW again responded quickly and towed the car in. Now they are replacing the wiring harness to the throttle. Has anyone had this problem and if so did the harness replacement permanently cure the problem?
  • where can i find a list of reputable bmw independent mechanics here in northern california?
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    I don't think it would hurt to top it up with a bit of distilled water once or twice, but if you want to add coolant I would strongly advise you to use BMW's proprietary coolant. If you start contaminating the factory coolant with OTC domestic rotgut you will decrease the corrosion protection the BMW coolant provides.
  • Just picked up a 2004 325xi (silver grey, black leather, prem pkg, auto, heated seats) and noticed right away that when the car is at idle, there seems to be a really annoying "rattle" coming from inside the dash or engine block. Once I push the gas it goes away. The closer I listen, the more I think it's not something loose in the dash, but something going on with the engine. It almost sounds like it's coming from the speakers. Does anyone else have this problem or have any idea what it could be??? I traded in a 2000 323i that I had for four years and never had this problem or anything like it. I also have a loud rattle coming from the back panel by the speakers, that doesn't bother me as much because I know it can be located and fixed (anyone else have a rattle from that area?). 30 miles on the car and these two things are driving me crazy, esp the sound coming from the front.... HELP!!!
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    Hopefully the rattles in the engine block will be found and fix. Does it sound like it's the water pump? Is it when the engine is hot or cold. These engines are quiet as you know and they really purr.
  • My friend puts mid-grade gas in his 325. Is this still good or is premium gas Necessary?
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    Read the manual! BMW recommends premium although they say an occasional fill of lesser octane gas won't hurt!
  • BMW requires a minimum octane rating of 91 for the 325 engine. In the U.S. Mid grade is 89 and high is 92 or 93.
  • dwardesnj: here's the info: 800-831-1117 X7662 Isaac. Hope this helps
  • I think I figured out the problem on the 325xi. The "rattle" sound is happening at idle, but stops when i press the gas pedel. I only have to lightly feather tap the pedel to stop this. I think the car's idle is set too low. Right now it idles at about 600-650 rpm, when I tap the gas to put the idle between 700-800, the sound goes away. At 600-650 idle, the car seems to be having a tough time and the engine shakes. Does anyone know what the proper idle should be for a 2004 325xi with automatic?

    The rattle that comes from the truck, directly behind the driver's side back seat is absolutely driving me nuts. I literally want to sit in the trunk while my wife drives the car since I cannot figure out what it is from the back seat.

    Anyone have a idea on this one????
  • I just bought a new titanium silver 2004' 325xi.
    I noticed that when I start the car in the morning and press on the gas to reverse out of my driveway, the car wont move, or it moves very slowly.
    Anyone else have this problem?

    I talked to a bmw service rep and he said that they were just alerted on this problem and that it is due to air pressure leaking out of the transmision overnight. He said that bmw is replacing the trans for xi's but there is a waiting list.

    this really blows. I have like 700 miles on this car and i have to get a new tranny?
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    My xi has had no such problems. :) 2002 325xi

  • I have a '99 323i sedan, 55K miles. Have recently noticed a vibration that seems to be coming from the front wheels. Noticeable when you slow down and approach a stop, but also on acceleration and at low speed; diminishes at highway speed. Sounds like you can hear the wheels turning. The sound has a pitch & rhythm to it that seems to be associated with each spin of the wheels, i.e., its frequency seems to rise and fall with the speed of the car. It's subtle & not noticeable unless the car is otherwise quiet inside (i.e. no radio on). Any thoughts?
  • Hi, I have a problem regards the paint on my blue 325. #1) My sales person once mentioned that do not use WAX prodcut to apply on my 325, is that true?
    #2) My car has a little scratch made by my neighbor's car door who parked next to me, and some how my wife use the rubbing compounds applied on the scratch area. (I think she thought that was car wax product)...Anyway, after she removed the rubbing compound, the affected area become less gross and no shine. Although the affected area is small 1' x 2', I still want to fix kind of product can be help? Thank you.
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    First off, put a contract hit out on your selfish/lazy/brain-dead/barely sentient neighbor-or at least squirt some Super Glue in his door locks and follow it with a paper clip ;)
    Your salesperson's comments about wax are totally incorrect. Think about it: why in the heck would BMW sell waxes if you aren't supposed to use them on a BMW? Try to find some helpful advice as well as excellent products. Finally, dope-slap your wife and explain to her that any product used on your BMW's paint must be labeled "Clear Coat Safe". Meguiars products are good and are usually easy to find. They have a scratch removal product which should solve your problem.
    Finally, I think you may need to teach your family to respect and care for your Bimmer as much as YOU do. I've tried to do that with my family. For example, if you ask my nine year old "What will happen if you scratch Dad's Club Sport?" His reply is always succinct and to the point:
    "I will die."
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    You wrote... "For example, if you ask my nine year old "What will happen if you scratch Dad's Club Sport?" His reply is always succinct and to the point: "I will die."

    Too good. Laws of physics here - for every action there is an equal reaction. :)

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