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2011 Nissan Quest

fxguyfxguy Posts: 132
edited December 2013 in Nissan
Nissan has released new images. Compared to the new Odyssey and the current Sienna, what do you think? l-a-show-debut-confirmed


  • gwrace1gwrace1 Posts: 24
    Personally I think the 2011 Sienna is a better looking minivan. The Quest looks more boxy and squared off from the back and they still have the sliding door track down farther on the body panel.

    Chrysler pioneered the hidden door track and the two sliding doors in their 1996 minivan redesign. We are still driving one of those 15 years later. I can't understand why minivan designers today don't duplicate that design. It looks so much nicer.

    The design of the 2011 Honda Oddysey is another example of ugly. IMHO.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    I think I need to see it in person. The back half reminds me of the Ford Flex.

    The Odyssey looks good until the back third of the van. I agree if they use they "hide" the tracks, it would look better.

    Unfortunately, the Quest could be the best looking minivan around and it won't sell because Nissan totally messed up the current generation Quest. No one is going to run out and buy one of these minivans with so many consumer complaints about the current model.
  • gosaintsgosaints Posts: 18
    The new Sienna and new Odyssey look decent. The Quest...not so much. Actually, the Sienna, to me, doesn't look as good in person as it does in photos. I can't quite put my finger on it. The Odyssey's lightning bolt styling disturbed me when I first saw the photos, but now it's starting to grow on me. But I'll reserve judgment until I see it in person.
  • nissmazlovernissmazlover Posts: 162
    Personally, I think that the Quest is BY FAR the best looking minivan. It does remind me of the Flex, and that's a good thing. The taillights remind me of a CX-9, which is also a good thing. I think the design is GREAT, and I don't mind that the rear tracks/rails aren't hidden - they're not nearly as egregious as they are on the upcoming Odyssey.

    And, I agree with what was said about the Sienna: in pictures it looks REALLY good. But, in person, the design does NOT come off well, at all. Ditto for the interior. Overall, it's just homely and awkward-looking.

    I showed the pics of the new Quest to my professed "minivan-hater" wife, and she had to admit that the new Quest looks "hot." HOT! I couldn't believe my ears! A woman who loves Audi and Maseratti styling and who HATES minivans actually called the Quest "hot"? I think this might bode well for Nissan. ;)
  • aa0526aa0526 Posts: 29
    The front looks very mainstream for the new generation of minivans - comparable to the new Sienna.
    The rear looks very edgy --- nice looking. It is un-minivan like.
    I still drive my MPV - and like the Dodge Caravan, the tracks are hidden.
    But this is not a deal breaker for me.

    I am more concerned about the quality.
    My MPV has some issues ... but nothing like the current generation of the Nissan Quest.
    Any news on engine displacement, EPA estimates, etc.
    How about more interior pics?

    2011 is just about the right time for us to trade in our old van. The Quest and Sienna are tops on the list.
  • Does anyone know if the new Quest will have the updated CVT transmission that is slated to come out in 2011? The only vehicle I have read about which is slated to have it is the Murano. We are in the market for a minivan and were leaning towards the 2011 Ody but the high prices and increasingly questionable quality (looked at one on the dealer lot just yesterday) have us considering other options.
  • desna78desna78 Posts: 21
    If you want to see 2010 Nissan Quest (Japan version 2010 Nissan Elgrand) go here:

    very nice looking mini-van! go Nissan! :)
  • vrmvrm Posts: 309
    The 2011 Odyssey is grossly overpriced.
    Even the $40,000+ Touring Elite model comes without factory installed roof rails.

    After paying $30,000 for the EX, you have to pay an additional $300 to get the roof rails installed. This is adding insult to injury.

    The 2011 Odyssey has been priced to maximize Honda's profit.
  • Better fuel economy and less wind noise without the rails. Most people did not take advantage of their 150 pound load capacity.

    Every vehicle sold in the world is priced to maximize the manufacturers profit. Simple economics.

    Priced to sell. If they were not priced right, how do you explain the fact that most are sold before they arrive(preorder)?

    Show me the competition and explain their value proposition. Odyssey hands down is the winner.
  • No offense but thank God Nissan change the styling of the minivan for US consumption. The JPN spec is WAY TOO blinged out for my taste and probably for others as well.

    I do love that they make the rear lights to look like the current gen Maxima. If anything, the 3/4 profile makes the van look really tall compared to its competitors and suggests that the interior is spacious. I really hope that the interior dimensions match that suggestion.

    Can't wait to do my comparison of the three Japanese minivans.
  • Finally, we get a Quest that's made in Japan!!! The first generation was a joint venture between Nissan and Ford with mixed success. The last generation, Tennessee-made model was disappointingly nothing like the 'Quest Concept' Nissan teased us with--and it generated mediocre reliability ratings from Consumer Reports. This one is gorgeous, as it follows along the same styling lines as the current and previous JDM Nissan ElGrand. I love it! I think Nissan's Japan-made models fare much better in quality & reliability than the US and Mexican-made models--although the current Altima, Pathfinder and Frontier have been doing extremely well in recent reliability ratings (check last month's Consumer Reports). I love/have loved all my Japan-made Nissan/Infinitis all along (2001 Pathfinder, 1999 Infiniti G20, 1993 Infiniti J30, 1995 Maxima, 1994 Maxima) all of which had nary a hiccup. Like Infiniti's all-new, Japan-made QX56 (based on the vastly popular Nissan Patrol), I think Nissan has smartly decided to keep manufacturing quality paramount on its' list of priorities for the new Quest-- which is alright with me!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    edited January 2011
    My Ohio made '99 Quest is still puttering along nicely at 150,000 miles. The new ones have gotten so big I'm not sure I want one (or a Sienna or Odyssey). At least the newest ones are a few inches shorter than the third generation ones.

    btw, the last generation ones were made in Canton Mississippi.

    Steve, visiting host
  • Has anyone heard when dealerships might actually be getting these in? Nissan has been bugging me to come in since my Pathfinder lease is due up in about 4 months...but I've been waiting on the release of the Quest since I'm pretty sure we're going to a minivan. Do you think I would get a better deal setting up some sort of pre-order sale (contingent on a positive test drive)?
  • Nissan reps at the L.A. Auto Show said that the Quest would be available on January 28. I contacted Nissan North America Consumer Affairs and they wouldn't give me a release date. I also called several Nissan dealers in the Los Angeles area and they all told me the same thing - the first Quest will arrive sometime in February and more will be on the way towards the end of March. I sat in the Quest at the L.A. Auto Show and absolutely loved it. The interior is beautiful and would look right at home in an Infiniti. I've driven the new Odyssey and didn't care for the styling. The Quest is smaller which I really liked. The Sienna, in my opinion, is ugly.
  • Car Man,

    What is the current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 2011 nissan quest on a 36 month and 48 month lease with 12k/yr of miles?
    thank you.. :shades:
  • bbsusieqbbsusieq Posts: 1
    My husband and I drove the new Quest (SV) last weekend. We were stunned by the silence inside the cab, the tasteful interior, the quiet, smooth power. It is the only minivan with permanent storage which I need. Simply can't stand stuff rolling and shifting. It makes a flat bed without removing seats: we need the seats when we get to our destination. We haven't driven the Dodge/Chrysler for 2011, but we will; however, we are smitten by this new Nissan Quest. Bummer, though, how the double moonroof is ONLY available with the optional entertainment and sound packages (you HAVE to buy all three to get any one). That stinks!
  • phil108phil108 Posts: 1
    It all depends on what you like. If you like things in the same way people did in the 1930's then you dont mind that every body drives cars that look the same and the selection of color is limited to black and black. What im saying is their value doesnt always apeal to every buyer. If you like horse power and easy merging on the interstate with great comfort and styling buy a Nissan. But if you want an appliance that is kind of boring to drive, but will be dependable buy a Toyota. If you listen to what the critics say is the best value and you would rather a consumer report pick out your your van like your momy picked out your shoes when you were ten years old buy a Honda. Its all what your used to; buy what YOU like.
  • ucfphi225ucfphi225 Posts: 18
    My wife and I have owned (leased) the 2011 Quest SL for about 4 weeks now. The SL is the middle tier package and we did not opt for the DVD package, although that is what we test drove.
    The DVD package does make a difference however in more ways than the obvious (which were not known by our salesman until the one we bought arrived): the DVD package also adds a much nicer 7" screen and control wheel to the dash (similar to an Volvo, or upscale Murano). It also adds a 12v plug that is supposed to work in connection with the AV plugs in the rear of the center console for game systems.

    I was a little disappointed because our 08 Pathfinder had a nice 7" screen without any entertainment package, so this was the only real downgrade we made. It still has the back-up camera and everything, but it's not quite as nice and all the controls and info, like tire pressure and trip info is now located in the gauge area. It also takes away the nice control wheel, although it still has the USB port and you can fully control your iPod from the dash or steering wheel; including selecting playlists, etc.

    I ended up taking a couple 2GB thumb drives, dumping kids music on one, my wife's music on another, labeling them and just leaving them in the car. Now, instead of worrying about her phone, all she's gotta do it pop in a thumb drive and it starts playing whatever is on it...pretty much like a 21st century CD. I'm a technology guy, and Nissan always seems to have the latest stuff (without the premium package).

    The car it self is awesome. It drives wonderfully and is very quiet. We had been used to our truck-framed Pathfinder which road like a truck (rigid and bulky). This drives like a dream and the steering assist at lower speeds works very nicely. The ride in the back is smooth as well, as opposed to the 3rd row of a Pathfinder which would really throw you around.

    The SL comes with leather standard and the seats are very plush and comfortable. I'm fairly big at 6'2"/215 and the driver's chair is very comfortable and cozy for the longer rides. Obviously, the perks of the keyless key are very convenient. The push-to-lock/unlock and push-to-start mean you pretty much never take the key out of your pocket or purse, although for me it's easily accessible enough to use it to open doors and the back hatch (in a purse it's probably not worth it).

    The cargo area seems very roomy. I haven't folded down the center seats yet but the 3rd row folds down with the push of a button and isn't hard to pull back up manually. The "trunk"/well compartment is very spacious, enough to fit an umbrella stroller or a cart of groceries. My biggest grip is the covers over the storage compartment. I wouldn't say they're cheap or flimsy, they'll hold as much weight as you would probably put on them, but the design is unthoughtful. They're attached with little straps that snap on, and there's no real system to keep them in the "up" position, so as you load grocery bags with on hand, you're lifting the lid with another. There is a clip on the under side that maybe might be used to slide the rear seatbelt through to hold them up, but it barely works because the hinge area is basically held together by a single 3inch strap. It's hard to explain, but if you see one, you'll know what I'm saying. I think a sturdier hinge combined with some sort of strap or even velcro could make the lids a non-issue for minimal cost. I see this being something that is fixed in later models.

    The backs seats are also roomy as opposed to the Pathfinder where the fron passenger seat had to be almost completely forward to fit a baby carrier. I've had people sit behind me with my seat 90% back and have gotten no complaints. The 3rd row is almost roomier than the 2nd, although not quite as comfortable, as expected.

    Overall we love it. It took about 3 weeks to get our floor mats because they were on back order but they're nice as well...they fit in the car like a puzzle. They're designed to tuck under the molding, with a velcro like bottom to keep them in place and cover the majority of the floor space. There are tons of cup holders (there are actually 8 within reaching distance of the front seats). Storage is good too: the center row has it's own console and storage, and the lack of the DVD system adds an extra drawer to the bottom of the front console.

    Overall we are very pleased. I don't mind being a "van-dad", I could really care less. Most cross-overs look like old station wagons nowadays anyway, but mine has much more convenient sliding doors and it's the window design is similar to a Ford Flex. Most people don't realize it's a van at first, until they see the doors slide.
  • msebmseb Posts: 2
    Is there a way to find out when the 2011 Quest will be tested by the NHTSA?
  • 808speedcruzr808speedcruzr Posts: 5
    edited March 2011
    Wow! I visited the Honolulu Auto Show this past weekend. The new 100% Japan-made Quest and Toyota Sienna were directly across the aisle from eachother, so comparing the two was very easy. I learned that there are glaring differences in quality.

    The quality of the Quest's interior materials & design felt and looked far superior to the Sienna's. The $43,800 Sienna's leather seat stitching (below the front seat headrests in the rear) were crooked and wavy--very visible to rear seat occupants. Not very good quality control there....The front seats on the Quest were almost LaZBoy-like in comfort compared to the hard, shallow uncomfortable front seats in the Sienna. The front door elbow rests on the Sienna had a thin layer of cushioning on cheapish vinyl, while the Quest's had much more padding and a thicker, plusher feel to it--very Infiniti-ish. The soft pad dash on the Quest contrasted greatly to the Sienna's hard plastic dash pieces, which sounded cheap when tapped with the fingernail.

    The Sienna's electronic auto-folding rear seats--although appearing novel--partially crushed a cardboard oil change box I put in the rear bay where the seats fold into. Although the mechanism stopped, it didn't reverse like auto windows do to avoid pinching fingers. What if that was a baby stuck down there? I really like the fact that the Quest's permanent storage coves in back don't require you to move stuff out of the way to fold the seats down. Even the tall roof sills allowed for easier ingress/egress than both the Sienna and Odyssey. Lastly, the one-touch open/close sliding doors were fantastic!!!! The Sienna requires you tug and pull the handle for the door to auto-slide.

    I was not a fan of previous-generation US-made Quests. But now with this new generation Quest--the first to be manufactured in Japan (Fukuoka)--the quality difference is so obvious. The design & materials felt and looked better than even Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi--especially the lower-end models.

    Other car show observations: Even the Hyundai Sonata's interior was much nicer in design and quality than the C & E-Class Benz and BMW 3 series. The Canadian-made VW Routan exuded Chrysler Caravan cheap everywhere. The hard plastic non-variable-adjustable rear armrests were hard and pathetic. There were even stickers on the driver's door and in the engine bay prominently displaying 'Chrysler Group'. Very cheap and not very comfortable inside too...and overpriced. The Honda Odyssey appeared to be better in quality than the Sienna, but fell short in design, in my own perspective. Great job Nissan!
  • autowriteautowrite Posts: 226
    How well will the CVT in this 2011 Quest standup against other Japanese/Koren/European/American historic ATs?
  • ourhouseourhouse Posts: 4
    Sorry, but that is what this thing looks like. first I didn't care so much for the exterior of the Odyssey, but it sure grows on you. We still haven't made our decision yet, but we are leaning to the Honda.
  • Nissan has a long history of engineering and manufacturing Constant Variable Transmissions (CVT) for their vehicles. I believe the early to mid '90s is when they first started using them in their vehicles outside of the US. It appears every single US-market Nissan model (except US-made trucks and SUVs) comes solely with, or has an option for, a CVT transmission. Durability-wise, I think the CVT has proven itself in the Murano, Maxima, Altima, Sentra, Versa, Cube and Rogue (and now Juke). It has been the only transmission available in the Murano and Rogue since their introductions to the US in 2003 and 2008, respectively. Later, CVTs became the sole transmission available in the Maxima and Altimas. The majority of Sentras have it, as well as many of the Cubes, Versas and Jukes. In fact, in Japan, the V35 Nissan Skyline (aka Infiniti G35) came equipped with an 8-speed CVT back in the mid-2000s. I have heretofore not heard of any glaring, recurring massive problems with Nissan's CVTs. And I'm sure Nissan would take care any engineering or durability problems expeditiously.

    Nissan was even considering installing a 9-speed CVT in the mighty GT-R in its early engineering stages. I guess that's how much Nissan believes in this type of transmission.

    Nissan seems to be the company with the highest degree of dedication to the CVT and its apparent benefits in efficiency.
  • coupedncalcoupedncal Posts: 252
    How can there be a CVT with a specific gear count (8/9 speed in your example)? That looks like a marketing gimmick to me as CVT has infinite gears. Why not then have a CVT with 100 gears? That will surely be better than 8 or 9 speed. :)

    I do agree with your general thought on Nissan's investment in CVT.
  • Yes, I understand your point. However, Nissan has been dabbling in the "variable speed" CVTs for sometime now. I remember reading a US car magazine road test a couple of years ago, wherein the author praised Nissan's ability to create the appearance of shifting gears via the steering wheel shift paddles on a CVT-equipped model. I forget whether it was the Maxima, Sentra or Rogue. Whatever the case may be, he was delighted at the ultra-smooth transitions.

    Check out these links about the Nissan's Extroid CVTs and the JDM V35 Nissan Skyline 350 GT-8 (aka Infiniti G35), which was equipped with Nissan's 8-speed Extroid CVT, back in 2002: l

    Hope this helps!
  • modumodu Posts: 1
    Is there any information on the constant humming of this vans engine? I just got this MINIVAN YESTERDAY and this humming is odd, constant and a little loud, it also has a weird almost burnt smell every time I start it....

    Any clues? Should I take it back to the dealer? There is no cooling off period as I bought it in California....
  • :confuse: Okay, this is a long one:

    I have a 2006 Nissan Quest 3.5 SE that was purchased new in Jan. of 06. The original Nissan battery gave out this month (March 2011) and I purchased a new 800cc battery (Exide brand) from Strauss Auto here in New York City. The battery was installed, but the indicator light was still coming on, so the mechanics tested the electrical system and found I needed a new alternator. So that was installed along with the new battery. This was last week.

    Even with the new battery and alternator though, the battery indicator light was still coming on (and the brake light too). This would happen after starting the van up in the morning. About 20 to 30 minutes later those lights would go out. I figured maybe something was going on with the indicators being off. Then last Friday (3/23) about 30 minutes into driving in the morning, I had lost acceleration. The battery and brake indicators were still on, but the engine was still running – I just had no acceleration.

    After pulling over (using the van’s inertia) I let the engine stay on. After about 15 minutes the battery and brake lights went off and I had acceleration again. I went to a nearby garage where they tested the NEW battery, and they said it was a weak charge – basically saying this supposedly “new” battery was bad.

    After putting in their own battery, the charge was stronger. I took the Strauss battery back to the store where they tested it (out of the vehicle) and claimed it was a good battery. I put the Strauss/Exide battery back in and again; this time no battery or brake light comes on.

    Only after sitting for a few hours or overnight do those lights come on again. I then took it to another Strauss store – this one with a garage (the first Strauss store had none) – where they tested the battery and claimed it was good. So now I’m wondering what’s going on? Is it the battery or something else?

    Fast forward to today where on my way home, the van stalls again; engine still running, but no acceleration. I keep the engine on. I call my insurance for roadside assistance. While waiting I try to accelerate – the engine would rev-up, but no acceleration. When the tow truck arrived, the mechanic had me put it in reverse. THEN it decides to accelerate. The difference is though that the “Service Engine Soon” light now comes on. The mechanic told me that it’s either the battery, or there could be an electrical short somewhere that’s draining the battery while everything is supposedly “off” (I do make sure everything is indeed off – lights, heat, radio – EVERYTHING)

    I’m going to take the vehicle to the Nissan dealership and have them look at it (at more expense because the dealership in Manhattan is VERY expensive for service), but I want to get to the bottom of this. In the meantime, if anyone here has any idea as to what’s going on with my van, let me know. Is it the battery that’s defective, or is there a power short somewhere in the electrical system? Or is it something else?
  • rockmobilerockmobile Posts: 115
    This is the 2011 Nissan Quest thread. You may get a better response if you start a new thread.
  • plashenickplashenick Posts: 165
    I just bought the 2011 LE (Black Amythest) - no moon roof for 37,700 (incl destination). What are people paying in NJ/ NY
  • hp2009hp2009 Posts: 65
    news reporter driven 2011 nissan body got mpg better than 12-15 so people need to be careful about mpg rating since not tested by goverment yet....

    but we can hear from recent purchase.... quest_N.htm

    second test was done in arizona republic news paper...same trouble...cannot go more than 13-15mpg in city and highway

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