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2011 Nissan Quest



  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    Just as an don't have to go to the dealer for regular maintenance; unless it's warranty work.

    Not sure what the distance matters...unless you walk the 8 and don't want to do the 20 :)
  • Well I had my experience with this same thing today. I had approx 1/8 tank of fuel on the gauge and had come upon a road work situation on a 4 lane hwy. Traffic had stopped and I was on a 10-15 % decline. The car sputtered and stalled and started rolling downhill. I tried to apply the brake but without power it was extemely difficult. I finally got it stopped and I attempted to start the car repeatedly. It finally fired and I pulled out of line to head back in the other direction and it ran perfectly - UPHILL! I stopped at the first gas station I found an filled it up. It took 16 gallons and according to the manual, the Quest has a 20 gallon tank. I really don't understand why this happened with 4 gallons of fuel still in the tank :confuse:
  • I have one and would like the sunglesses holder as well- when I asked, I was told that it would be about $200 to change that part out, as it is one whole unit with the lights and that module is also where the bluetooth is. Unfortunately I am also stuck with the funhouse mirror!
  • Well gang, it's not our imagination...I found out today from my dealership service dept there is a Service Bulletin addressing the 2011 Quest "failure to start on a decline" issue. According to my technical advisor, the vehicle requires installation of a fuel float arm extender and fuel tank shims. Sounds like a sending unit location faux pas. I will be taking my ride into the dealership next week and will have to duplicate the problem, butfirst, I will have to run the tank down to < 1/4 tank. Nissan will make all the corrections and adjustments under warranty. ;)
  • rruskrrusk Posts: 1
    We just replaced our faithful 2000 Honda Odyssey EX with a 2011 Quest SV this weekend. The Ody has 179K miles on it but we have maintained it well and it still drives like many 2-year-old cars. We liked it so much that we toyed with buying a used one. Not so for the new Odyssey and Pilot. We were uncomfortable driving the Odyssey - the road holding is not nearly as good as the 2000, and the sight lines were not as good either. And the 2wd Pilot is now rated to tow only 2000 lbs. Not much for a "full-sized SUV".

    Here are some thoughts:

    - Seats - padded like an armchair, but with a good shape underneath that provides proper support. The French have always been good at that sort of thiing, perhaps this shows some Renault influence. The Toyota seats feel like rocks, just like the ones in the 1990s Toyota Previa that we briefly owned. Those wore well but were never very comfortable. The 2000 Odyssey's seats were middle-ground.

    - Power - feels very powerful compared to the 2011 Grand Caravan, the 2000 Odyssey or the 2011 Odyssey, the Chevy Traverse and the Dodge Durango. And that CVT delivers the power very smoothly.

    - Fuel economy - Drove a 90 mile expressway trip yesterday evening, averaged >24 mpg without having broken it in yet.

    - Driving Position - my wife is nervous and uncomfortable driving many vehicles, but pretty comfortable with this one. Not so with the Sienna.

    - Covered Trunk - as big as those on some cars, nicely hidden out of the way.

    - Outside Mirrors - these are a great size and shape. Too many large/tall vehicles these days have small ones.

    - Backup camera - the best we have seen in a sub-$40K vehicle.

    - Easy-fold seats. We don't need the huge hauling capacity of the van as much as we need to stop wrestling with those 2nd-row seats when we carry large things.'
    - Noise Level. The Quest, Sienna and Durango were all very quiet. The Odyssey always had a lot of road noise.

    - General visibility. The view to the sides and back is very unrestricted.

    - 2nd and 3rd-row space. About the same as the Odyssey. I can't sit in the 3rd row of a Sienna without hitting my head on the ceiling due to its shape. Same with the Grand Caravan.

    - Sound system. This is the #3 of 4 trim level, but the stereo is decent. The speakers are nothing special but not bad. The controls are excellent, both on the head unit and on the wheel. It remains to be seen how well the bluetooth works, we've never had that in one of our vehicles before.

    - No trailering package required. Odysseys require an add-on tranny cooler. Siennas, Highlanders and Grand Caravans require an add-on package that is hard to find. You can't even order the trailer prep package on the Grand Caravan in the lower levels of trim. I tow 3000 lbs. The Odyssey was just OK for that due to its gearing. I expect the Quest to do much better due to the CVT's ability to just pick the ideal ratio for the load and conditions.

    - No timing belt. Honda still has one, that's about a $1K maintenance item.

    - Price. The local Toyota and Nissan dealers were having a great closeout on 2011s. We got the color and equipment we wanted on the Quest and paid less than we did for the similarly-equipped Odyssey 11 years ago(!).

    - Ride in town. Soft and compliant, but adequately damped. The Durango rides better on less-than-perfect roads (amazing ride!) but this one is very good.

    - High-speed cornering. Not what you generally buy a minivan for, but the Odyssey was genuinely fun to push hard on occasion. The Quest just goes limp. Not unsafe, just un-fun. It reminds me of my father's old Suburban.

    - Highway ride is "floaty". Like an older American car. Many/most people like that, but it's not my cup of tea. My wife likes it a lot, though, and this is her primary vehicle.

    - No sunglasses holder - we thought it had one, but it's just a "conversation mirror" where the sunglasses holder belongs. Sometimes being "different" isn't such a good idea.

    - High dashboard - It's not really bothersome, but we got back into the Odyssey yesterday (it went to a family member) and the low dashboard was pleasant to have.

    - Trailer wiring - I have not found any aftermarket "T" connector for it. The Odyssey has a connector near the jack that was designed to plug a trailer harness into. Nice feature. I will check for a factory harness, but in the aftermarket I will have to tap into the factory wiring using Scotch-lock connectors, not the best arrangement.

    - Lids on the "trunk". It sure would be nice to have a real hinge or at least a way to hold the lids open. You have to either remove the lids' 3 straps and take them out of the car or load one-handed.

    - Concerned about the reports of running out of fuel downhill. That happened to me going uphill in both my '96 Jetta and my '00 Odyssey, but this one sounds even worse. Anecdote: When that happened to the Ody, I pulled off the highway onto the shoulder 1/2 mile from the gas station. Sitting on an angle, I had to put >4 gallons into it to get it to start again. Having to add a lot of fuel to restart on an incline is not uncommon. But that day I only managed to burn 17 of the 20 gallons in the tank before running out of fuel.
  • maui77maui77 Posts: 7
    I took my Quest to the Nissan dealership last Wednesday and had a service technician test drive the vehicle with me. We were successful in trying to duplicate the problem with the engine stalling when on an incline with the nose of the vehicle pointing down. The service advisor showed me the Service Bulletin that was issued by Nissan which described the problem and had instuctions to the technician as how to correct the issue. The bulletin calls for actual replacement of the fuel tank and tank shims which apparently are necessary to achieve a proper fit with the construction/design of the vehicle. The parts have been ordered and I will be notified so that I can take the vehicle in. The advisor stated the correction will take one day and Nissan will provide me with a rental car. I was given a copy of the buletin and now I am waiting to hear from the dealership. :D :D
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    - Lids on the "trunk". It sure would be nice to have a real hinge or at least a way to hold the lids open. You have to either remove the lids' 3 straps and take them out of the car or load one-handed.

    There is a strap that holds it in place...I remember seeing this somewhere but cannot recall.
  • I really like these vans, but have a major concern with the reliability of them. The 2005 i own burns oil and needs the top end of the motor rebuilt at 75K miles, luckily i can do this myself.. bad piston rings this early are not a good sign, after i'm done i am selling it, and going to drive my older Toyota Sienna. I have a lot of friends with older Nissan Maxima's and they are bulletproof, but i also have friends with newer Nissans, and they are terrible.. I guess i will check these posts in 5 or so years to get a better idea as to if they are good or i should stick with my Toyota's. To me they are the best looking vans out.. Its just too bad that they do not have the regular automatic or manual transmissions, that CVT makes me nervous.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    Our 05 Quest is the exact opposite. We've had one item under warranty (window seating)...and nothing else.

    We've had annoyances with some rattling...but nothing mechanical at 85k miles (so far...) just oil, brakes, battery, tires, rear hatch shocks. I have a serpentine belt that I was told is I may do that soon.
  • Hello Maui77 and others with this fuel issue-
    Is there somewhere on the internet that I can get a copy of this service bulletin, because I also am experiencing this same issue with my 2011 Quest, however, only one of the times was the vehicle parked on a downward incline... in this downward incline experience, the manual gauge showed 1/4 tank, the "miles until empty" display read 85 miles, however the van would not start until we added 2 more gallons of gas. In the other two instances, I was parked on level ground, and the manual gauge did read lower, probably around 1/8 tank remaining, "miles until empty" read around 45 miles, and again, van wouldn't start until we added more gas. I took the van to dealership where purchased (Hudson Nissan, N. Charleston, SC), and basically was left feeling as if the technician thought I was imagining my problem. This third occurrence happened yesterday, and I would like to have the service bulletin in hand when taking the van this time (along with copy of this thread!) My intuition is telling me that the engine is relying on some kind of computerized signal that tells it whether or not to start based on how much fuel it "thinks" is in the tank... perhaps there truly is enough fuel, and the calibration of this sensor just isn't correct... Oh for the days of the mechanical automobile! :(
  • maui77maui77 Posts: 7 have the same thing I had. I had mine repaired and have had no problems since. I have not been able to find a printable version of the entire bulletin online (5 pages), but have found the reference information and summary description. You should be able to show this to the service advisor and he can find it on the Nissan Service database. If you still get the "trainee salute" from the service guy, you need to find another dealership. ;)
    REFERENCE: NTB11-068
    DATE: JULY 14,2011
  • an125an125 Posts: 1
    Hello, Does anybody know whether the van needs to be in Parked position to operate the power sliding doors? In the owners manual it says the doors can be operated if it meets one of the criteria.

    When the ignition switch is in the â&#128;&#156;ONâ&#128;&#157; position,the system can be operated in the above and one of the following conditions.
    . Selector lever is set in the â&#128;&#156;Pâ&#128;&#157; (Park) position.
    . Brake pedal is depressed.
    . Parking brake is applied.

    However, I am unable to open the doors when it is Drive position , even if both Brakes are depressed. Are there any settings to make this work?
    Any inputs are appreciated.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    On the "old" one you always had to have it in Park...which you might as well do if you have the brake applied or Parking brake on.

    Unless you're trying to open it as you're braking; i think it needs to be a complete pushing the kids out while you roll by :)
  • I find the vehichle skids/ slides more than my 2004 Quest (SL). An ysuggections for a better tire. I have the Toyo OEM currently with 10.5k on them
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    On the 'old' Quest we found the Yokohama AVID to have very good wet characteristics.

    The only thing...we need a tire replacement after 40k miles which is half the 80k rating. Luckily Discount Tire will prorate the difference.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    I have Michelin Primacy on my 2004. Great tires! but expensive. Michelin has the $70 gift card with 4 tires promotion going on right now.
  • patnicpatnic Posts: 27
    I still have my 2003 Odyssey and waiting for it to go...

    How do you like your 2011/2012 Quest? Besides the low gas/hill problem, any other problems? Favorite aspect of the Quest?
  • We ave our '11 LE since Apr 1 (10,5kmi - $36,600 plus TTT), Car drive great for the most part
    - Gets about 22/24 on hwy vs 25/27 of my 04 SL. I think the CVT burns more fuel.
    - Interior is great
    - Ride is smotth, but I think the cr slides more in the wet. I have the OEM Toyo tires and am thinking about Michelin or Perilli tires.
    - I don't like the placement of the sliding door buttons. They are to the left of the steering wheel so only drive can access.
    - DVD in dash is better than under the passenger seat (04).
    - We got the Black Amythest (wife's favorite color). I see they discontinued for the 2012. We got a fantastic price (severl dealrs offred $38 with sunroof), I think they wanted to sell their first Quest for '11. We wanted one before new cars from potentially irradiated factoreis.

  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    A CVT is supposed to give better mileage.

    27 is very good for the 04 since it's rated only for 24 on the highway.

    The EPA shows 04 vs 11 as
    17/24 vs 19/24

    so it should be pretty much the same...more or less...

    how did you manage $36.6k for an LE when the invoice is 38.6k...especially in April? Edmunds shows $40k for the TMV.
  • plashenickplashenick Posts: 165
    edited December 2011
    Not saying the MPG is bad, just when I took a 2,000 mile drive this summer and compared it to my 04 when it had 80K on it the 04 did much better at constant highway speed. The highest I got was 24 with the 2011 and saw a lot of 22. Could it be the weight, the efficiency of the CVT, I cannot say.

    For the price the MSRP was ~$42-43k. Several dealers agreed to $38k on the phone (NJ) for an LE with sunroof. No roof reduced price to $36.9 ($1,100 for roof). My Nissan Rewards card added another $250 off the price once negotiated.

    I closed the deal Mar 31. I think it was all about
    - Want to sell their first LE
    - Uncertainty about the inventory stream after Japan quake
    - Quarter & month quota. Although they agreed to keep the price for Apr if they could not find the card I wanted, but agreement was if they find I will be before EOM.

    I never believe what is listed as TMV as there are too many variables at play for a car pricing: dealer incentives, sales quotas, Factory to dealer rebates based upon obtained volumes, expectation of using dealer service. Our dealership is the 3rd largest auto dealership in US, so they do work volume.

    I have bought from them before and always got a good price. I also sold them my 04 for the same price every other dealer offered me. They sold it for several thousand more within 2 weeks. While people want to treat these two transactions as separate, they never are. I do not believe I 'gave up" anything on the trade (I could sell for more on my own, but time = money). I would still have had the same deal on the new van as I negotiated that first, before the trade-in.

    One rule I have is I will not walk into a dealership without a price in my hand to begin with. I see they now are giving ~3k back on the van, makes you wonder how much was transparent in Apr to keep dealer stock moving with Nissan facing a very steep selling issue.
  • I had a similar experience with the low gas start issue, but my situation was much more concerning. I have a 2011 Nissan Quest with about 4000 miles on it. I was on the highway today and running low on fuel (the hazard LED came on and the dot matrix display indicated I had about 58 miles left), so I kept going, but about 10 minutes later, I checked and the range indicator had just dashes (------ blinking), so I decided to keep my eyes peeled for the next exit to get gas. Suddenly not a minute later I heard a click and the vehicle started slowing down. I couldn't accelerate at all so I put on my four-way flashers and tried to make my way to the side of the road. As I was slowing down, I could hear the vehicle constantly trying to restart the engine. When I finally rolled to a stop in the breakdown lane, I pushed the Start button thinking I would shut off the vehicle fully, but I forgot I had the brake pedal depressed, but oddly enough the engine started and stayed running. I thought it just ran completely out of gas and wasn't going to start again. Looking puzzled, I was lucky to have pulled over with the off ramp right in front of me. I stopped at the gas station at the end of the ramp and fueled up. I don't recall being on a slope at all. Also, I put 17 gallons into the tank but the tank holds 20, so was I really out of gas? No check engine or any other diagnostic light came on so my only conclusion is what people have been talking about here. After filling up we got home just fine with no incident. This scared the hell out of me because I almost didn't get my car over to the side of the road and I had my pregnant wife and child with me. The middle of the highway is definitely not the place to be when a vehicle dies. I'll be calling my dealer in the morning (it's Sunday night now) and I will reference this bulletin.
  • wdhayden2wdhayden2 Posts: 1
    edited December 2011
    Bought it in August 2011, almost 8000 miles on it now.

    Occasionally it has a rough start, cranks, but won't turnover. On Monday, at 7,700 miles, my wife drove 45 miles, stopped for 20 minutes, drove another 5 miles, stopped for 10 minutes, and then the Quest would not start. All the lights came on, radio worked, and it just cranked.

    I was a long way away, so we called roadside assistance. They came, hooked up the jumper cables, and it started right up. We took it directly to Nissan for the 7,500 oil change and for them to look at it. They blamed us for keeping it in accessory mode (which there is no way possible that she did and even if she did, the battery should last more than 10-20 minutes on accessory).

    This morning, same thing happened and I was here to witness it. Lights came on, radio worked, etc. I jump start probably 20-30 cars a years for my job, so I think I have a good idea what a dead battery is, this did not seem like a dead bttery at all.

    Anyway, because the jump seemed to work the last time I decided to do it again. To get access to the hood, I needed to back the Quest up about 2 feet. I placed it in neutral, pushed it back a couple feet, and then hit the start button(just to see) started right up like a champ. I let it run for a few minutes, turned it off. Tried to turn it back on again and it wouldn't start. 5 minutes later, put it in neutral, did not move it at all, and it started right up again.

    We took it back in to Nissan this morning. They are again blaming us for keep it in accessory and draining the battery (which they replaced). I'm not a rocket scientist, but if the battery was dead, it would never start, right?

    What could possibly be happening? To me, this sounds like something in the electrical system, but Nissan will have nothing to do with that.

    Any thoughts?
  • Well, in my case the engine stalled because fuel wasn't being sucked into the injectors. If you haven't already done so, PLEASE have the dealer repair your vehicle based on a technical service bulletin that came out in July about hard starts when on a slope. There is a design problem with the gas tanks not being able to pick up fuel when there is a low amount of gas in the tank. The bulletin indicates to replace the gas tank. The dealer said the new tank seems to have more forward running tubes and they also install shims. I reported this as a safety issue to the NHTSA and they called me back yesterday to get more details. They are looking into this problem because while the bulletin indicates hard starts on slopes, it turns out the issue can also happen while the vehicle is being driven (what happened in my case). Again, I don't know if this is the culprit affecting you, but it is worth a try.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    This is the start button...and not a key, correct?

    It sounds like the sensor that makes sure it's in Park may not be working. It looks like when you hit the button its going right to accessory when you don't have your foot on the brake (I don't have a Quest...just going on what other cars do).

    I'm not certain about the Quest...but some cars require just a TAP of the start button -- like ringing a door bell. Some require you hold the button till the engine starts. Are you doing it the proper way?

    I like how they keep blaming you...humorous...from a distance anyway ;)
  • Our van also stalled out while driving down our hill. We took our van in just before Thanksgiving and didn't get it back for about 4 weeks(just before christmas0 while the dealership waited for parts. They changed the fuel tank too. Even after that my wife had 1/4 tank of gas on the 30th of Dec. it stalled on her again. It is back in the shop again I'm not going to risk my childrens lives driving in this van. Dont get me wrong I love every thing else about this van our last was and 08 quest .
  • So I purchased my new 2011 Kleenex box, err Quest, tonight. :) In seriousness, For those with stalling problems, has the TSB(NTB-11-068) solve the issue? Since no one else complained in a month, it's all good? Also, does anyone know if dealers will apply the TSB without reported problem?

    cbeers77, has the dealer fix your problem? If so, did they fix anything else other than the TSB?
  • I'm still dealing with this issue on my 2011 Quest after bringing it in for repair earlier this week, and am losing patience rapidly. Had it into the dealer on Tuesday (2/14) for new tank, shims, etc, per the TSB repair. Car went in for repair with 1/2 tank of gas, and so by today it was ready to be filled. My wife was driving, and noticed that the gas light came on with the computer telling her she had roughly 40 miles to empty. Within about 5 minutes time the car stalled at an intersection. She was able to restart it and drove it to the nearest gas station. The car took just under 17 gallons of gas, meaning there were still 3+ gallons in the tank when it stalled out. To boot, upon getting home a few minutes later she noticed a strong smell of gas both inside and outside the vehicle. It's going back to the dealer on Monday. Really starting to wonder if this gas tank issue is a fatal flaw with this vehicle - we've been otherwise happy with the car (other than the $300+ cost of replacing one of the Toyo tires which had a nail puncture near the sidewall).
  • okay i'm reading a few posts about similar issues other people have had. What have the dealerships done to resolve these issues other than replacing the gas tank?
  • My quest is also stalling when going down hills. I has stalled when console states 68 miles to empty and many times below that. Stalling I'd really not the correct word because it literally turns off and I have to restart van. It has done this on the highway, middle of the road, at stop lights, stop signs and sitting in park on my driveway. I have taken it to the dealer multiple times and they will not help me. I am frustrated and concerned for my safety. I have to make sure I am never below half a tank of gas. I only have around 7,000 miles on the van and do not know what to do. If anyone can advise me on how to get help please reply.
  • This is an extremely unsafe and very dangerous problem that can cause severe accidents and death or serious injury in the event of a crash.

    I bought a Nisan Quest SL in November 2011. Back in December 2011 while having a little bit less than a quarter tank of gasoline I made a left turn to get into incoming traffic and the vehicle stalled right on the traffic lane, fortunately there were not any cars close to my vehicle. Initially I thought it had been an isolated event, but my wife commented that the same thing had happened to her. This weekend while driving down hill and entering an intersection the vehicle stalled again (I was going straight, without turning) and the car behind was barely able to stop when I lost speed, they almost hit us!!. From the events explained above I assume the fuel injection is failing due to the low quantity of gas in the tank and/or the turning and/or driving down hill may be contributing due to the uneven flow of gasoline. Again this is an extremely dangerous condition that may cause severe accidents. Please submit a complaint to the NHTSA so it can be recalled and Nissan can fix it (
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