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How to file a complaint for Equinox or all car problems

ksliv5ksliv5 Posts: 5
For those that are interested, please go to this site to file a complaint for a vehicle that you feel may be defective. This needs to be made known. I will be completing this due the problem that I have been seeing with my 2006 Equinox and the fact that there appear to be so many other individuals with the same complaint. This is not the only site where people are complaining.


  • Good luck.Had Tranny problems at 66000 miles with my 2001 Impala.That costed 3500.00 Many impalas have had this problem along with Rotors and a few others things.Nothing get my blood pressure up more than talking about Impalas.Nothing ever happened.1989 Astro van new Engine at 62000.Another big problem with that one.1985 Celebrity wagon and lemon. 1984 Camaro rear end at 7000 miles.I could go on.They dont want to take care of you once you leave the showroom.The only car they made good was the Cavalier.We had a 1995 and still have a 2000. Tires and brakes and oil changes.Its amazing they got rid of a good car.Not the best ride but well worth the money for being dependable.
    I been looking at the Equinox.But its starting to sound like another Impala. I read all the post here before I bought my impala.If I would have listen to the forum I wouldn't have bought that crap.I dont know why I buy chevy.I been looking at the Camry,Altima,Equinox,Fusion now.
  • Thank you for posting the info, I have now filed a complaint also. I noticed on some of the complaints that GM put the same crap motor into the Malibu and they actually did a buy back on that. What in the world are you waiting for GM? Sooner or later, someone is going to get killed and the law suit it going to be huge with all these complaints! 2011 Chevy Equinox needs to be on your buy back or give a V6 to replace it. This is terrible. Remind me never to recommend Chevy again............ :lemon:
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Thank you for posting your experience. Have you worked with the dealer? Have you spoke with GM Customer Assistance. Please feel free to email me with your information and concerns.
    GM Customer Service
  • Christina I have had nothing but troubles with my 2011 2LT
    Hard shifting
    Bad Milage
    Has been in the dealership at least 8 times And is in now.
    for the same things.
    Called Gm got it eskaalated but havent herd anything.

  • I took my NEW Equinox to the dealer upon receiving the recall notice - 11195B - Product Emission - Reprogram Engine Control. Evidently, with 4,000 miles on the car, the damage had been done. The recall reached me too late. The car has been at the dealer becuase the timing chain and gears were damaged (destroyed) and the cam shaft has been damaged. While repairing, the dealer also found other "Recall related issues". They are not sure when the repair will be completed.
    I am concerned for several reasons: First, the car is only 4 months old, second, will these repairs compromise the engines performance and reliability, and third, why am I the consumer notifying the Chevy Customer Service center of the problem? Is this not the responsibility of the dealer?
    I am not happy - are there others with this issue? What are you doing about it? :mad:
  • This car is nothing more than JUNK! I have a 2011. Three times of the engine light coming on, and I have a very sour taste for this car. The dealership actually blamed me by telling me "You didn't check and fill up the oil when you got gas" - HUH? In the five or so new cars I have owned, I have NEVER had to put oil in a brand new car. I was livid! I filed with BBB and gave up.... it is not worth the hassle. The car continues to sputter and buck everytime I start it up. I am awaiting the next time the engine light comes on (the 4th time).

    I am chalking it up to experience - Don't EVER buy a CHEVY!.............

    Liked my KIA much much better.... but, wanted to buy American. :lemon:
  • skyetxskyetx Posts: 2
    Just brought the New LT2 home April 13,2012 and kept in nice cozy garage. I happen to see a spiderweb across my tailpipe.
    I bent down to brush it away and noticed RUST ALL OVER the arms fixed to the exhaust on both sides of muffler. Even the screws used to attach the arms of tailpipes to muffler are rusted--screwhead and all. I have photos and will be contacting the dealer and Chevy.
    Am i just being uninformed or lacking knowledge but this Cannot be Normal!
    I know eventually metal does rust-especially the undercarriage of a vehicle but 2 weeks old?? And i am not in an area that runs damp or salty that would promote such damage.
    Anyone else having Rusting problems with Brand New 2012 Equinox LT2?
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