Buick Rendezvous Parking Lamp Out

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came on yesterday and I don't know what is wrong, if lamp is out then why are can't I shut off parking lights they stay on, battery is dead this morning. any ideas on how to fix this. I turn the light knob and they shut off but soon as I close my door they come back on. its a 2007


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    Hello Nwaanen,
    I apologize that you are experiencing a concern with your vehicle. Have you had any look at the vehicle since the concern started? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
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    I have a 2003 Buick Rendezvous. I have had more problems with this vehicle then my 1997 Toyota Rav4. The 'Parking Lights Out' warning indicator is shown when I start the engine. I'm thinking this should be an easy fix, ;) replace the bulbs. Done..or so I thought. I remove the existing bulbs, upon inspecting the old bulbs,There nothing physically wrong with them :confuse: , I changed them anyway, tucked them away as spares.

    To check it was the bulbs, I turned the lights on, there were no change. The onboard message indicator still read "Parking Light Out'. I checked the wire connectors coming from the parking light bulbs; looks good. I checked the fuse under Parking Lights; again there was nothing wrong with it. I decided to check the Hazard lights (which I should've done to begin with), it works fine. :cry:

    My next step is to replace the Parking Lights electrical relay. I would appreciate any and all assistance I get. :sick:
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    I hate to assume anything, so I'll ask. Are the lights actually working or not (on all 4 corners)? The Hazards I think illuminate the turn signals (different circut).
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    I have a 2005 Buick Rendezvous which shows me that out of parking lamp. As a result, no signal, head light, parking light and break light on. Only, front two lights (which on when normally engine start) are on. Could any body suggest what to do.
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    I have the same problem 2003 Rendezvous "parking lights out" parking and tail lights do not come on what fixes this problem?
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    rplouis said:

    I have the same problem 2003 Rendezvous "parking lights out" parking and tail lights do not come on what fixes this problem?

    Check fuse #14 in the center console. Wiring diagram looks like it also serves the turn signals. Do they work?

    In underhood fuse block, fuse #20 AND relay #55.

    If the fuses both seem good, look at the part number on that relay and see if there are other relays with the same part number that you can interchange to see if the relay is bad.

    The owner manual with fuse box diagrams is same as in your dash and a digital pdf can be downloaded at


    courtesy of General Motors.

    Good luck.

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  • rplouisrplouis Member Posts: 2
    Thank you it was fuse # 20 a 15A fuse. I did not see any problem or moisture in the fuse box.
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    Great. Something made it blow unless it was teased to death because the number of bulbs and their amperage that power through that fuse are near its 20A limit. But if it blows again, you know where to start looking.

    And thanks for checking back to let someone know that it didn't help or it did help.

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