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92 dakota 4cyl hard to start when hot

derek010derek010 Posts: 3
my truck is kinda hard to start when it's warmed up. I have to feather the gas and crank it awhile. when it starts it revs at about 3500 for a miinute or so. I just had the head rebuilt. My first thought was timing, but the timing is dead on. Any thoughts?


  • seleneselene Posts: 10
    I had basically the same problem with my 93 v-6 dakota. There is a coolant temperature sensor (not the coolant temperature sending unit that controls the temp guage) located right next to the ignition coil on a 4 cyl. engine. This sensor controls the spark advance when the engine heats up. On a really hot day, when I shut mine down, it wouldn't start up again until the block (and sensor) cooled down. Then it would start up again. It was telling the ECM the wrong information. Once I changed it, I had no more problems. Mine cost me $33 at the parts store and took about 5 minutes to change. I had no trouble in the winter time. Let me know if that helps you.
  • ricktorricktor Posts: 3

    I have a 92 I put new tune up everthing I could think of and still the same thing will start when it is cool and run but when I turne it off it will not start till it cools down

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