classic car insurance with no primary vehicle

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I'm having a difficult time finding insurance for a classic car ('63 Nova), because I don't have a primary vehicle. I've been riding a bicycle every day for the past 5 years and don't need a car for transportation at all; this car is purely for pleasure driving, no commuting. So far, the ONLY company I've found that will insure me at all is Geico, and only for liability.

Obviously that is a last resort. Does anyone have suggestions where I might look for full insurance?


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    You have to keep shopping. Some insurance companies will certainly take your $$$ if the premiums are high enough---the advantage of Classic Car Insurers is that they offer very low rates because the occasional use at shows, tours, etc, do not generate a high rate of accidents. Since this car is a primary use, it is treated just like a regular car. Some of the major companies will write you up for comprehensive, but it's going to cost you since you don't own another car. Unless this is some kind of very rare '63 Nova, these premiums may not be worth it to you. You'll also probably have to get it professionally appraised.
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    If a 50cc scooter would qualify as your primary vehicle, buy a used one for $100 & declare it to be the usual daily vehicle. You don't have to drive it, just ownership may qualify you for Heathcock or Haggerty. Does your Nova have collector plates ?
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    Not a bad idea, if they buy it. Haggerty and the others will require that the car be garaged as well.
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    Check The Hartford for classic car insurance. It’s a good company to insure with. AARP members get special deals which really work out to be very affordable.
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    I see they offer "agreed upon value" policies but only in "certain" states with "certain" cars----so the insured would be well advised to make sure if they are signing with Hartford onto a "stated value" (not so good) or "agreed upon value" (much better) policy.

    Also the usual restrictions seem to apply. Looks like, to get agreed upon value policies, you'll have to get an appraisal, have a car of a certain age, and follow the restrictions--and be living in a state that allows all this.
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    Hey good posts in here - but I thought I'd add my two cents in as well. Good article here: about what research you should do before buying a classic car and insurance. Hope that helps someone out! :)
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    Good article, but good appraisals are never "free", any more than good home inspections are free. You get what you pay for, and when it comes time to a claim, the last thing you want on your side is a shoddy piece of work, badly written and researched.
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    Did you ever have any luck with an insurance company that would cover you without a primary vehicle? I'm in a very similar situation - thanks.
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    Read Post #4.
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