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Weird Starting Delay

Hi, I have a 2009 Suzuki Swift+ (which is Canadian only, but pretty much a carbon copy of the Chevrolet Aveo, which is why I am posting on this forum to see if any Aveo drivers have had similar problems). I've got around 18,000km on it, and have been having the following problem for about a month now:

When I put the key in the ignition and turn it, absolutely nothing happens. In exactly the way that it would if there were a dead battery. However, if I hold the key forward, the car will start without any unusual noises / other problems. Alternatively, if I put the key in, let it sit in the ignition for about 5 seconds, and THEN turn the key the rest of the way, it will start without a problem.
This problem occurs after the car has been sitting for 5 or more minutes. Immediately I thought it would be a loose battery terminal connection, but upon checking, I found the connections to be solid, and there is absolutely no corrosion on the terminals or the wires.
I first took it into the dealership last week, and they reset the computers, but the problem is still happening. There are no issues with the car's performance while it's running. I've taken it back into the shop, and am waiting to hear what they say, but am looking to see if anyone has experienced similar problems or found solutions.

Any insights are greatly appreciated.


  • kindrjaskindrjas Posts: 2
    edited August 2010
    Here is an update:

    First visit to Suzuki dealer: They reset the computer system, and sent me home with it. Problem immediately occurred again (starting up in the dealer's parking lot)

    Second visit to Suzuki dealer: Their service department contacted Suzuki and were told about a Service Bulletin that was put out after a number of similar reports. The dealership followed the software reprogram steps and gave the car back to me. The first start looked promising, starting with no delay. As the day progressed and I ran more errands, the problem quickly became regular again. The invoice reads:
    "Inspected vehicle starting/charging connections and they are all fine, scanned vehicle and found no codes present. Performed service bulletin: AS17-09. Reprogrammed ECM as per bulletin to fix delayed cranking and false cel. Detailed failure: delayed cranking and/or DTCP2181, P0606. Reporgram per service bulletin AS17-09."

    I took it back to the dealership, where I was told there was nothing else they could do, since they followed the software reprogram codes. I told them that wasn't good enough, and asked if Suzuki had something in place to replace my vehicle with something that works. They tried to tell me that the problem was just a result of the way the software for the car is designed, and that's just the way the car is. I told them that's impossible because I've had it for 8 months where there is absolutely no delay on the starting. They said they'd speak to Suzuki on the phone next week to see if a further resolution can be reached.

    This is starting to get frustrating.
  • donsaveo2009donsaveo2009 Posts: 3
    edited September 2010
    I have a 2009 Aveo with approximately 65,000 km on it...I have had no problems with any starter cranking delay, but have noticed a flashing HOLD light on the dash for several seconds when I turn the key to the ON position, which I am guessing is a time delay to allow the fuel pump to pressurize the line/injectors...perhaps it is a preprogrammed or "hardwired" delay, but that doesn't explain the initial immediate cranking...

    I would say at this point that if the starting delay is only a few seconds, that it is operating within its normal parameters...if it was a significant delay, say more than 15 seconds, then I'd be having a chat with the dealer/customer service until the problem was resolved...

    What part of Canada do you live in? If the outside air temperature has been dropping recently, perhaps that may also be a factor...but as long as the delay is consistent, I believe you're in pretty good shape at this point...
  • I was having the same problem - there is an updated CPU reflash available from GM that should be applied. My '09 Aveo was reflashed and is starting like normal again (knock on wood).
  • mick1mick1 Posts: 84
    we had the reflash on the computer for our 2009 pontiac g3, problem not solved
  • barkydogbarkydog Posts: 45
    Next time that it doesn't start, try this: with the key in the run position, rapidly move it to the spring loaded start position, in effect tweaking it between the two key positions, quickly. If it starts to crank, it's probably the starter itself.

    This is the classic symptom of a starter motor that is going bad. Typically it might only occur after the car is warmed up.

    Another test which will verify a bad starter (and get your car started in a pinch) is to have someone hold the key in the start position while a second person gives the starter itself a whack with a blunt object. If the engine then starts to crank, you have a bad starter.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252

    Were you planning on taking the vehicle back to the dealership?

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • astarastar Posts: 8
    I own a 2005 Aveo LS hatchback and I was having a similar problem, My dad told me to press the gas pedal to the floor and hold gas pedal down while SLOWLY MOVING THE KEY TO THE FIRST POSITION AND REMIANING THERE FOR ABOUT TWO SECONDS AND THEN TURNING THE IGNITION KEY ALL THE WAY TO CRANKING POSITION AND HOLDING IT THERE UNTIL IT CRANKS, this is a reset of the fuel sensor and also resets the starter switch mechanism somehow, if you have trouble re=setting this yourself, sometimes a worker at auto zone might know how to do this for free. I have to re-set this about three times a year because it just gets out of sync for some unknown reason. My dad has to do this on his ford explorer also, I guess it can happen to any vehicle with electronic ignition.
  • I had a loaner aveo with less then 1000 milies with this problem and now after ~19,000 miles my car started to have this problem.

    I've been to the dealer two times for this and they are still trying to figure it out. I had to video record it with my phone and show the mechanic to get any serious action. They tried to tell me it was the key so I started to use my other key until other parts come in. Surprise!! It still has this problem.

    At some point GM and dealer will need to do the right thing and fix it. I'm going to give them a 3rd attempt and if they can't fix it I'm giong to post the videos on utube and start considering other options....
  • Same issue with the 2009 Suzuki Swift + in the GTA area of Ontario, Canada with regards to the start delay.
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