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Chevrolet Cruze Prices Paid and Buying Experiences

kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,692
What did you pay to Cruze?


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  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    went down to my local chevy dealer down here in pembroke pines fla to check out a 2011 chevy cruze LS they just got in....msrp for this vehicle includeing destination and connectivity package is $18, would not budge from the msrp price stateing that this is a hot car now and new.i offered $17,000.00 and was flatly denied...
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    edited October 2010
    hi folks,been in the market for a compact car and just recieved a internet quote from a local chevy dealer down here in pembroke pines fla.msrp for 2011 chevy cruze LS is $18,295.00 which includes the conectivity package as the only option.conectivity package includes the bluetooth for phone,USB port,and steering wheel mounted controls for audio and bluetooth...i found this price pretty high and it's only a 400.00 discount from the msrp and way above the edmunds invoice amount as well..also,this cruze LS doesn't come with standard cruise control,or rear disk brakes either and has manual operated side mirrors...just for comparison reasons,i walked across the street to a mazda dealership to compare a 2011 mazda 3 i touring model which had a msrp of $19,500.00 and was told from dealer i could purchase this car for $18,000.00...only $200.00 more than the 2011 chevy cruze LS quote that i received...mazda 3 i touring model had a ton more features than the cruze inclueding 148 HP,4-wheel disk brakes,cruise control,power side mirrors,and standard bluetooth and the best resale value in it's class..this was a no brainer for me and i purchased the mazda 3 and then went back across the street and laughed at the chevy dealer for trying to sell me the cruze for basically the same price...the cruze is way over-priced,under-powered,don't know how chevy thinks that this car will compete with others in this class unless they lower the price substancially.....the quote i recieved from the chevy dealer for the 2011 chevy cruze LS was for $17,800.00...a total rip-off......
  • If you can get almost $2,000 off a 2011 Mazda 3 i Touring 4dr Sedan (2.0L 4cyl 5A) that lists for $19,745 - Buy it!

    By all means! Unless somebody sees the front end of the hideous thing, $2K off a new 2011 is a good deal. Bring some earplugs with you too. The road noise in the Mazda can lead to hearing loss after 2-3 hours on the highway.
  • The Cruze will be a hot item until the dealers begin to be flooded with them. I looked at it today. I didn't drive it but I was amazed at how close this small car is priced to a new much larger base Malibu with tons of standard equipment, 33 on the road, and the comfortable ride associated with a mid sized car. I've rented Malibus for long distance trips and will buy one this winter. All the automobile writers love the Cruze now but soon it will be a has been like the Cobalt that they loved originally and compared to the Cavalier. It is all marketing BS. You are right. You bought a Mazda which is a great car but I would have bought a 2010 Malibu at $5,000 off MSRP.. I have a 2009 Cobalt Coupe (Victory Red) and it looks a lot neater than the Cruze. I've also driven it on long distance drives. On my last trip back from Albuquerque (215 miles) I averaged 42.3. I also don't need a Turbo in order to pass people on the road (and I have a 1LT model - not the SS).You made a good decision. I wasn't impressed with the Cruze. Back seat space is nil and the exterior design should appeal to Camry buyers.
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    by the way,i bet your 2009 cobalt with it's stock 155 HP will smoke the cruze's 138 HP turbo or not...
  • I haven't had any problem passing at 50 or 60. I have an automatic too. You have to make sure that you have adequate room to pass. You won't hit 90 like I do with my Cadillac by the time you get around a semi but it is OK with the Cobalt. My main objection to the Cruze is the price. The base price is just too close to a Malibu and the base Malibu comes with all the standard equipment that most people require. Most of this is optional on the Cruze.. You might sacrifice a few miles to the gallon but it should be a far more comfortable ride, especially if you have anybody in the back seat other than small children. It won't take long until something new comes along and then Consumer Reports and the car magazines will start panning it just like they did with the "unloved"Cobalt.
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    just got emailed from my local chevy dealer again about the 2011 chevy cruze LS with auto,and connectivity package...msrp is $18,400.00 and his quote is for $17,800.00 and he says he can't budge from that number..emailed him back saying that i already purchased a mazda 3 i touring for $18,000.00 and includes standard cruise control,power side mirrors,rear disk brakes,ect..chevy cruze LS did not have these features....infact,i haven't driven a car that has manual side mirrors since my first car which was a 1975 ford pinto station wagon..almost $18,000.00 for a car without power side mirrors???even the basic kia and hyundai cars have this as standard feature....i cruised away from the cruze........
  • Wait till next year. GM is famous for deleting what standard equipment there is and including it in expensive packages so that you can't get something without getting other stuff that you might not want. The nice thing about the Malibu is that the base model comes with most of the features people want - power windows, power mirrors, cruise, automatic, etc. With the current rebate on a base Malibu it would be easy to get it down to the price of a Cruze or very close. Frankly I'm amazed that the dealer came down at all considering that millions of people are probably standing in line to have the first Cruze in town!
  • Here's a review from a buyer who drove the Mazda3 and Cruze back to back:

    "I've also recently driven a slew of Cruze competitors. I recently rented a Mazda 3, with it's mouse fur headliner, uncomfortable driving position, lack of amenities, noisiness, etc. It's like night and day. Why anyone would pick the 3 over the Cruze is beyond me. The Cruze is just lightyears ahead of the Mazda."
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    i hate to burst your bubble here or den't your enthusiasm for the cruze but here are the facts...the cruze is a over-priced underpowered per my recent post.i went to check out a 2011 chevy cruze LS recently at my local chevy dealer.msrp for the cruze LS that i looked at was $18,400.00 and included the connectivity package as the only cruise control,manually operated side mirrors,no rear disk brakes and only 138 HP...i found 18,400.00 alot of money for a car that doesn't have these features when other cars at the same price level do..plain and simple...the mazda 3 i touring that i purchased after looking at the cruze does have these features for the same internet quote for the 2011 chevy cruze that i described was for $17,800.00...way to much to be without the features that i wanted..on the other hand,the mazda 3 i touring i purchased was for $18,000.00 and has a ton more standard features and way better resale value....sorry,but in this economic climate people need to make smart decisions about car purchases and the cruze's price to standard features ratio just doesn't cut it for me......
  • dodgeman07dodgeman07 Posts: 574
    edited November 2010
    If you're willing to buy last years model that helps - a lot. Comparing a 2010 Mazda3 that that does not have 10 Air Bags or the quietness or ride quality of the Cruze? Come on - justify the purchase to yourself - not us. The sticker price of a comparably equipped 2011 Mazda3 Touring is $900 higher than a 2011 Cruze 1LT. The Cruze LT has a base price of $18,175 and is a safer, quieter, smoother car with a better warranty. The Cruze is larger than the Mazda, the Mazda has inferior fuel economy numbers, offers no trip computer or OnStar or Satellite radio. The Cruze has a 6-sp automatic rated at 36mpg highway, the Mazda3 a 5-sp auto and is rated at 33mpg hwy.

    The Cruze produces torque where it counts, at low RPM. Quoting 6000RPM HP figures doesn't mean much. Did you drive a Cruze LT? The Mazda3 has to wound out to 4500RPM to produce 135 lb-ft of torque. The Cruze produces 148 lb-ft at 1850RPM where you can use it.

    If all you looked at was an 2011 LS model and compare it to a 2010 Mazda3i Touring model that was marked down 10% then yes - the Mazda3 might have been a good choice, if you are willing to accept a one year old car with less warranty, lower mileage, poorer refinement, fewer features and is less safe to save 2 grand over a newer Cruze LT.
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    again,the 2011 cruze is a underpowered overpriced ripoff.i'll say it again.i compared a 2011 chevy cruzeLS model that had auto,and the connectivity package as the only option.connectivity package included the bluetooth,and steering wheel mounted controls for both the bluetooth and audio...msrp was $18,400.00 and did not include cruise control,power side mirrors,or rear disk brakes..i found this msrp high when you consider that other cars that cost as much have these features as standard equipment.i walked across the street to the mazda dealer to compare the cruze with a 2011 mazda i touring model that had standard cruise control,power side mirrors,rear disk brakes,better resale value,and much better handling..the chevy cruze actually felt inferior to the mazda 3 and felt cheap by comparison..the quote that i got from the chevy dealer for the 2011 chevy cruze LS was for $17,800.00..way above the edmunds invoice price and the dealer would not budge from that...bottom line,i purchased the 2011 mazda 3 i touring for $17,990.00 plus TTT with all the standard features that i desrcibed here that the cruze didn't have..i cruised away from the
  • That's a good deal on a 2011 Mazda3 i Touring model that stickers for $20,200 as you've described. Comparing an up level Mazda to base Cruze doesn't make much sense to me but if you get $2200 knocked off the sticker price of a 2011, that's pretty good.

    You got less warranty, refinement, worse mileage and safety and lower useable torque but hey, the Japanese appreciate your money.
  • dispencer2dispencer2 Posts: 299
    edited November 2010
    I'm sure that the Cruze rides well and is comfortable but it is much smaller than a Malibu and with current discounts (a dealer in the Texas Panhandle is taking $5000 off MSRP on a 2011 Malibu -this is a factory rebate plus dealer discounts) it might be a smart decision to at least consider a Malibu. The base model comes with most everything that people want. The LTs add larger wheels, alloys, bluetooth, suede upholstery etc. The highway mileage on the Malibu 4 is 33 so it should do 35-38 on the road. No GM car has decent resale so I'll be getting an 09 or 10 Malibu. A two year old Malibu only holds about 50% of its original list price. Once the excitement wears off on the Cruze and Ford comes out with a new Focus it will be a has been like the Cobalt and by summer (probably spring) will have $2k or more rebates. Ford I understand will have a new Fusion as well which will draw prospective Malibu buyers.
  • "...the Cruze rides well and is comfortable but it is much smaller than a Malibu and with current discounts (a dealer in the Texas Panhandle is taking $5000 off MSRP on a 2011 Malibu -this is a factory rebate plus dealer discounts) it might be a smart decision to at least consider a Malibu....The highway mileage on the Malibu 4 is 33 so it should do 35-38 on the road...Once the excitement wears off on the Cruze and Ford comes out with a new Focus it will be a has been like the Cobalt and by summer (probably spring) will have $2k or more rebates. Ford I understand will have a new Fusion as well which will draw prospective Malibu buyers."

    You make some good points. The Malibu is a good buy with all the discounts being offered. A completely new 2012 Malibu is due out in the spring of 2011, so the heavy discounts should continue for a while. One mistake is thinking that the current Malibu is much larger than the Cruze. It is not. Interior volume is very close. The Malibu is a bigger car outside but not much bigger inside.

    I also disagree that the Focus will make the Cruze an also ran. The Focus is aimed at a younger audience looking for a sporty small car. The Cruze is light years ahead of the Cobalt and aimed at the 30 to 50 year old crowd. And lastly, we're almost 2 years away from a new Fusion. It will be a 2013 model.
  • kagedudekagedude Posts: 407
    edited November 2010
    By all means! Unless somebody sees the front end of the hideous thing, $2K off a new 2011 is a good deal. Bring some earplugs with you too. The road noise in the Mazda can lead to hearing loss after 2-3 hours on the highway.

    Dodgeman07, unless Edmunds Insideline made a typo on their test results, 61.2DB/70mph is pretty quiet for the Mazda 3i touring as shown below. 67DB/70mph seems to be the average for this class. I can't wait to see the Cruze's test drive results to see if its better.

    Db Idle: 35.2
    Db Full Throttle: 66.3
    Db 70 mph Cruise: 61.2 touring.html
  • dodgeman07dodgeman07 Posts: 574
    edited November 2010
    ........and the Mazda3 is quieter the a Lexus 460L at 70mph too.....

    Lexus LS460 Full Test

    .....pretty reliable numbers......... :P

    Drive them back-to-back. The Mazda3 is a noisy car. Edmunds dB numbers notwithstanding.
  • You make some good points too. The Focus always appealed to younger people. I rented a Malibu LT1 last spring in Seattle and drove it several hundred miles. It was very comfortable on the road and in town driving. It also sat four people comfortably. The back seat legroom on the Cruze is 35.4". On the Malibu it is 37.6" This is a significant difference if you are in the back seat. I haven't driven the Cruze but have sat in it and wouldn't want to be in the back seat for long. As a commuting car it would be fine but face it - it is a Cobalt replacement. Unfortunately it is priced too close to the Malibu for me to consider one. There is really no advantage I can see in it.

    The next Malibu may be smaller than this one so I'll take the present model. All the GM cars seem to be getting smaller. Cadillac has lost me in the last few years. I have an 03 DeVille and don't like the CTS or STS. Both the DTS and the STS are on the way out. The XTS will be the size of the LaCrosse so why not buy a LaCrosse for thousands less? If I want a sports sedan I'll buy a Mercedes. What I want is a comfortable road car. The Malibu rides much better than the CTS and has much more front seat room. The CTS's huge console crowds legroom.. I also have an 09 Cobalt red coupe. It looks sporty but rides very well with its 15" tires and base suspension. It also gets 40 on the road.. I don't carry passengers (except for small grandchildren) in the back but I didn't buy it as a people hauler.

    I think that the Malibu serves as an all around vehicle. My wife has a Traverse so the Cadillac will go when I get the Malibu.
  • What I can't understand is what niche the Cruze is supposed to fill. It replaced the Cobalt which offered a coupe and an SS model with performance suspension as well as a bland 4 door sedan. The Cobalt also offered a high gas mileage model. The Cruze is larger than the Cobalt but is a 4 door with nice styling but nothing unique. Young people will buy a Focus or even a Fiesta which comes in wild colors and looks sporty. The next step up is the Malibu which is too close to the Cruze in price but is more of an all around family car. GM offers nothing sporty.since they did away with Pontiac. The Cruze should have offered a coupe or better still a convertible model,
  • dodgeman07dodgeman07 Posts: 574
    edited November 2010
    It's a safe bet that we will see a Cruze coupe and/or 5-door hatch in the near future. I agree that the Fords appeal to a younger audience. While the 2011 Malibu is still around and offered at a similar price compared to Cruze, it can make the new Cruze model a tougher sell.

    An all-new 2012 Malibu is scheduled to debut next spring and that should help differentiate the 2 models. Right now the 2011 Malibu LT (w/discounts) is hard to ignore. The Malibu's a very nice car and priced right atop the Cruze (with 10% off MSRP, which is easy to get).

    It's a toss-up to me and unless I can get 10% off the price of a Cruze LT, which is unlikely to happen this year, I may well go with a 2011 Malibu LT.
  • kagedudekagedude Posts: 407
    Drive them back-to-back. The Mazda3 is a noisy car. Edmunds dB numbers notwithstanding.

    I would agree that the Mazda3i Touring should be a "noiser car" than the Lexus but the Cruze? Let's be fair and wait for some test results.

    Maybe the host can verify if the Edmunds DB/70mph test result on the Mazda 3i touring is a typo?
  • I don't think it's a typo. They may have had a 40mph tail wind when they conducted the noise test. dBA noise testing is an inaccurate science at best. Sones used now by Car and Driver magazine is better but far from perfect.

    Chevrolet added layer upon layer of sound deadening features to the Cruze. The Cruze is a very quiet sedan that sets a new benchmark for the class.

    Read more here:

    No other manufacturer uses half of the acoustic technology employed in Chevrolet's new Cruze sedan.
  • kagedudekagedude Posts: 407
    Thanks for the links. I can't wait to test drive the 1LT or 2LT. The 3 things I like so far about the Cruze that I read is the quiet interior, the best stereo for a compact and of course the mpg rating. This might be our first Chevy since our '78 Caprice Classic station wagon and '87 Monte Carlo LS so I'm excited.
  • A lot of the road noise depends on the road surface. My Cobalt is fairly quiet on a smooth concrete road but is very noisy on macadam that is not smooth. So is the Avalon which is touted as very quiet. I rented one a couple of years ago in Florida and the road and wind noise was far worse than my 2003 DeVille.
  • The Cruze needs a coupe and preferably a convertible/ The present styling is actually coupe styling but my red Cobalt looks a lot neater.
  • Yeah road and wind noise are things I don't like. That's why I appreciate the effort and expense that GM put into making the Cruze class-leading in this area. It does add some weight, but I'm willing to deal with an extra 5% there if it's put to good use and in this case - it is.
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  • I'm looking for fully loaded small car with big interior. Just tested 2LT recently in NJ. Very impress with interior space (cruze is built on same platform as Volt) and overall handling,quality. It was very comfortable for 6'3" big man. 2LT had extra convenience package and 17" alloy wheels 4 disc brakes with pioneer premium audio priced at $23,035 with destination. Dealer offered maybe $400 discount max. I got same story hot car ble ble ble. To compare I went to Hyundai dealer and tested fully loaded Elantra 2011 Limited with sunroof, navigation, rear view cam etc. for the same price. I was impressed with car and more so because you getting better warranty then GM. I think GM dealers need to wake up. I still think for small car Hyundai is overpriced. I hope new Ford Focus 2012 will add to competition and prices will go down.
  • clubguyclubguy Posts: 15
    Purchased 5/16....1 LT with cruise/bluetooth package...compact spare package..This particular model had the old MSRP of 19, dealer added options....$2000.00 discount...$17,535.00 plus tax and temporary tag...
    This was about $1500.00 lower than another dealer we visited in our area....
  • brueggiebrueggie Posts: 46
    MSRP $19700 bought for $19173 + TTL which is $100 below GM Supplier pricing. The GM employee price was $18522. Unless there are rebates on the Cruze, you can't expect a big discount because there isn't a big markup on the Cruze. You should be able to negotiate any Cruze model at $100 below supplier pricing. Goto GMFamilyFirst dot com and price out your car under the Employee Referal Tools tab and click on Help Your Friends Shop.
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