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02 Windstar from brake question



  • byrd2byrd2 Posts: 9

    I think the rotors are held on to the hub by some screws that are pan head, standard blade screws. I kow your post is dated, but my uncle just had problems with his front brakes, and his rotors were 'bolted' on to the hub with some pan-head screws/bolts.

  • byrd2byrd2 Posts: 9
    ISince it is now November 2008, I assume that you have them off already. But the rotors are held on by 3 to for pan-head bolts to the hub. Nice ain't it of Ford to do this on this year of vehicle...

  • byrd2byrd2 Posts: 9

    My brother's 1995 Windstar has had the rear drums replaced, brake hardware replaced, as well as the shoes. I had to cut a hole in the old R/R drum to access the brake adjuster to back of the old shoes to get the drum off. After replacing all the hardware, and checking for correct installation, and safe setting the brake shoes, using a gauge, they still act like they want to back off and not touch the inside of the drum. When you slightly push on the brakes, you get a thumping noise and slight pulsation of the pedal. Pushing hard it goes away. The ABS is malfunctioning, as it makes a noise when stopping and at slow speed, or final stop, so I pulled the fuse. The ABS induced noise went away. But I will check the ABS ring gear on that wheel to see if it is the cause. The brake adjuster acts like it is working in reverse to to back off the shoes, rather than set them against the drum as they wear. Any other ideas?
  • 2001 Windstar sel...installed new front brakes..we are having a problem bleeding them. Could someone tell us what to do. No air is coming out. We have tried front passenger them rear driver with no luck.
    Is it possible to do at home or do we need a mechanic.
  • Changed shoes. No problems, but now it feels like the emergency brake is always on and the drums are overheating. Any ideas??????
  • On my own Windstar I had the problem of having to replace my front disc pads 2-3 times a year until I discovered that my front callipers were sticking and overheating, and that this was a very common problem which results in very rapid disc pad wear.

    Once I replace those sticking front calipers, the problem was solved.

    It's probably a good idea to just replace the calipers with each brake job while your at it. Rebuilt calipers are not that expensive, and by changing them with each brake job, it's cheap insurance to not have to replace the brake pads so often.
  • roadstar1roadstar1 Posts: 2
    Just did a brake job on my Windstar, front and back. I have replace everything with new from the back plate out. I have a knock that occurs every 360 degrees when applying the brakes in the left rear. I told the auto parts store about it and they replaced the shoes and drum. They said that they have heard of hard spots doing this. I replace these items and the knock is still there. The hub seems fine and I am very confused. I have had it apart a few times and it all looks good. Nothing stands out at all. Any ideas?
  • It is possible that either the inside or the outside wheel bearing could have a damaged needle bearing. Remove the wheel, remove the bearings, clean them in solvent, allow to dry, (Remember to never used compressed air to dry the bearing. This will cause the bearing to spin while dry. This will damage the bearing), Examine the needle bearings using a bright light and a magnifying glass. If there is bluing, rusting, groves or rings, on any of the bearings, replace the damaged bearing, as well as the bearing race using the proper methods, correct tools, and recommended wheel grease, packing the wheel bearing as specified. This should correct the noise that occurs with every rotation when you apply your brakes. Good Luck. Let me know if this helps!
  • roadstar1roadstar1 Posts: 2
    I never thought of that, I appreciate it and it makes sense. I will check it out and let you know. Thanks!!
  • sheila01sheila01 Posts: 1
    I'm hearing squeeking noise from my back tires but the light doesn't always come on on the dash; the ABS light. Can anyone help me? I hope this isn't going to cost me a fortune.
  • mbenguembengue Posts: 1
    jackitup1972 -

    I just took in my 2001 Windstar and was given a quote of $630 (I'm in Aurora Colorado) to replace the two calipers, two rotors and the front pads. They said my brakes and brake fluid are fine (even though my brake warning light indicators are going on and off intermittently). Does this seem like a reasonable quote to you?

    Thanks for the advice on replacing the calipers with each brake job - wish I had done so before.

  • Q: Does this seem like a reasonable quote to you?
    A: I am handy, have high school auto shop experience, have some tools and shop manuals, so I do my own brake work. I honestly think that $630 is a lot to pay for so simple of a job. It's not the mechanic that gets most the profits, it's the dealership that charges $65/hr. Try to locate a DIY mechanic or a local vocational school with an auto shop instructor to overlook the job. However, If you are not strapped for cash, then by all means have the work done by a professional mechanic that will stand behind his work. Sometimes a mechanic will do the work on the side on a Saturday or a Sunday. Good Luck!
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Where are the dealerships that charge $65 per hour? I think right around $100 is more typical, at least where I live. $65 would be a low labor rate, even cheap for an independent.
  • Had work done on master cylinder, rear brakes are now locked.
    Master Cylinder was replaced, System Bled., they took off ABS and replaced it and God knows what else. Now all parts are off, lines open
    Brakes are still locked. They want to smash brake drums.......

    When drove into my drive way brake pedal went to floor.
    Hand brake cable is ok.
    How can I unlock Rear Brakes ????
  • I have a 2001 Ford Windstar. Every so often - sometimes not for thousands of miles - the brakes will fail totally. I will hit the brake and it will go right to the floor. I have had this looked at the no one can seem to find the problem. It has happened about 4 times and is very scary. Anyone have any ideas?
  • i had my master cylinder replaced 4 times over the last 5 years it seems when it gets to our regular -15 weather in toronto i have to press the brake all the way to the bottom to get it to stop. A very scarry feeling. So i automatically know it is the master cylinder again. I am surprised there is no recall as it seems it is a well known fact.
  • 2003 windstar se just did rear brakes. Had trouble getting the drums off, replaced wheel cylinders, adjusters,spring kit, shoes, drums. Now have a vibration mostly higher speeds 60-75 any suggestions. Bled the brakes and refilled
  • pwd2pwd2 Posts: 1
    I had a 2001 Ford Windstar and experienced the same thing you describe. When I would put on my brakes the peddle would get sucked to the floor and there was no way to disengage it. I took it to my mechanic and he tried some things which didn't work and so I took it to the dealer who replaced the rear speed sensor. 3 months later while traveling on a major interstate highway, I put on my brakes to slow down and it happened again. The car came to a halt in the fast lane at rush hour. I had my 3 kids in the car and we were slammed from the side as a car tried to go around us and then from the back. The car was totaled along with the ones that hit us. We are thankful that no one was seriously injured. I will not buy another Ford!!!
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Yikes, unintended braking...that sounds about as bad as Toyota's unintended acceleration problems.
  • I recently puchased a 96 Windstar. I put in a new battery and the ABS and Brake warning lights came on. I don't know why they weren't on before I replace the battery but whatever... I brought it to get the oil changed and asked the mechanic about it and he said it was probably a bad sensor. How much is a sensor and how much might it be to replace it? Also, I was driving it last night and the brakes started grinding when I applied them at a low speed between 10-15 mph. I know that might have something to do with it, but what would that be? I have no knowledge of cars whatsoever so if anyone can help please speak in simple terms. haha. Thank you.
  • jps14jps14 Posts: 1
    edited August 2010
    Just had my shoes, pads and both rear brake cylinders replaced on my 2002 Windstar. I now have this lovely new noise coming from the back end of the van. When I depress the pedal to stop it sounds almost like the ABS system kicking in. It was returned to the garage to have different shoes installed (ceramic). Two days later the noise returned. Anyone know the cause and/or solution?
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222


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  • i have a 2002 ford windstar lx and my brakes keep failing while im driving and i changed the brakes and blead them but now when the van is off u push the pedal and its good u start the van and it loses pressure in the pedal there is no leaks what is cosing the pressure to go when the van is on
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