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    I recently puchased a 96 Windstar. I put in a new battery and the ABS and Brake warning lights came on. I don't know why they weren't on before I replace the battery but whatever... I brought it to get the oil changed and asked the mechanic about it and he said it was probably a bad sensor. How much is a sensor and how much might it be to replace it? Also, I was driving it last night and the brakes started grinding when I applied them at a low speed between 10-15 mph. I know that might have something to do with it, but what would that be? I have no knowledge of cars whatsoever so if anyone can help please speak in simple terms. haha. Thank you.
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    Just had my shoes, pads and both rear brake cylinders replaced on my 2002 Windstar. I now have this lovely new noise coming from the back end of the van. When I depress the pedal to stop it sounds almost like the ABS system kicking in. It was returned to the garage to have different shoes installed (ceramic). Two days later the noise returned. Anyone know the cause and/or solution?
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    i have a 2002 ford windstar lx and my brakes keep failing while im driving and i changed the brakes and blead them but now when the van is off u push the pedal and its good u start the van and it loses pressure in the pedal there is no leaks what is cosing the pressure to go when the van is on
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