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Hyundai Elantra 5-door



  • Welcome to the club. I'm sure you'll love your new GT. I've put 11,000 miles on mine in about six months and I have had no problems at all. I also live in Northern NJ (Montclair) and I have seen only two GTs on the road since I bought mine. As far as I know, I drive the only one in Montclair!

    If you don't mind me asking, from what dealer did you buy your car? You got a pretty good price. When I bought mine last June I had to call four dealers in three counties just to find the one I wanted. At that time the car was hard to find. One dealer in Jersey City was charging $2000 over MSRP! I paid $14,500 for a base model with automatic. I bought from Ciasulli Hyundai in Little Falls. No complaints about them - good buying experience.

    Good luck with your new ride. Nice to see more Jersey people represented in the Town Hall. The Garden State Rocks!!
  • shado4shado4 Posts: 287
    I've had the GT since Thursday night. Passed the 100 miles mark yesterday and am having a most pleasant driving experience.

    Regarding the water leak in the right rear trunk...after driving through a particularly heavy rainstorm on Friday, I made a point of inspecting areas where water could come in (sunroof, hatch, doors). So far my GT is keeping dry.

    I also have the burning smell, but it is slowly going away. I test drove a blue GT (bought pewter) last week that REALLY reeked of the burning much so I was expecting smoke to come pouring from underneath the hood!

    The only minor complaint I have so far are occasional rattles coming from the passenger side front seat area and from somewhere in the hatch area. The rattle for the passenger seat area I have fixed somewhat by moving the passenger seat forward a little bit (maybe it was the seatbelt buckle banging against the seat?). It's nowhere near as loud now. The rattle coming from the hatch area will take a little more time to track down.

    Also, I need to check the tire pressure. I think the tires are way over-inflated, seeing as the ride seems to be a bit TOO harsh. Overinflation of the tires could also be helping to contribute to the rattles.

    Other than the unwanted noises, everything on the car works as advertised. The leather seats are very comfortable and I really appreciate the lumbar support.

    For the money, the Elantra GT can't be beat!
  • wmoseswmoses Posts: 212
    shado4 said --
    "Regarding the water leak in the right rear trunk...after driving through a particularly heavy rainstorm on Friday, I made a point of inspecting areas where water could come in (sunroof, hatch, doors). So far my GT is keeping dry."

    Glad to hear. I have done some checking and am convinced that the water runs down the rain gutter and behind the RR lamp assembly. Took the backplate off both rear assys and true enough, there was water on the RHS and it was bone dry on the LHS. It is going in to the dealer tomorrow for them to sort it out. At least I will tell them what the problem is.

    As for the burning smell -- I had it too and it went away after a day or two. Don't worry about it. It is all of the protectant on the engine etc. burning off.

    No real rattles other than some leather rubbing against itself somewhere on the passenger side sometime. This could be because I had the dealer install window tinting on my car, and they may have had to remove the door panels.

    Got the car with 35 psi in the tires. Door jamb says 30 so I deflated to 30 and the ride does get a bit more pliant. However, I liked the 35 psi so I will be putting it back there.
  • th003gth003g Posts: 149
    I drove my blue GT into the city today with six people on board, yet it still had enough get up and go to spare. total weight of all six people was about 900lbs. hehe. when I went to fill up the car at a gas station, I checked how low the back was and it was still ok. By that I mean there was still wheel travel left to spare. I guess having six people aboard is a cheap way to visually 'lower' the gt.
  • So you're in Montclair? I'm in Wayne! We're practically neighbors :-) I bought my GT at Global Auto Mall in N. Plainfield. A bit of a hike, I know, but they were the first to get back to me and offered me the best price. I figure I can get my service done at either Ciasulli or Towne Hyundai in Denville.

    I'm now up to 125 miles, and the burning smell does seem to be lessening each time I drive.

  • I am considering buying a 2002 GT, and I have two questions:

    1) The crash results for the 2001-2 Elantra got a "poor" rating overall, and a "poor" rating for head/neck injuries. This is my first new car purchase, and I don't know how much stock to put in this test. Any thoughts by anyone on the topic?

    2) Can anyone recommend a Hyundai dealer in the Chicago area with whom they have had honest/pleasant dealings in the past?

  • ChicagoJeff,
    I live up in the Gurnee area and bought my GT from Liberty Hyundai in Libertyville in October. If you're willing to make the 45 minute drive north, it was by far the best buying experience I've ever had. I personally recommend Elmer Hansen, the salesperson I dealt with. I had to bring the car in because the speedomoter needle is sticking (they're replacing the whole instrument cluster tomorrow), and was just as pleased with the service department. Just hit the 3000 mile mark and I am still loving this car! The only disappointment thusfar is the insurance rate (about 15-20% higher than my 98 Grand Am V6 was...), but with the gas I save, financially it's pretty much a wash. Good Luck!
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    In addition to jillymarie's suggestion, you may also want to check out Edmunds' New Vehicle Power Shopper. Good luck. ;-)

    Hatchbacks / Station Wagons / Women's Auto Center Boards
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    There was a lot of discussion on this back a few months ago, but it's hard to look through 1100 posts so at the risk of boring long-timers...

    Read the IIHS test report carefully and it will explain the reasons the '01 Elantra GLS (GT and '02s not tested yet) did so poorly on the head and leg injuries. They ran 3 tests, and on some of them the driver's front air bag was slow to deploy, so the driver dummy's head his the steering wheel. Also the driver's seat moved forward on its track a few inches, causing the leg "injury".

    Some good things about the test was that the car's structural integrity scored Good (highest) and there were positive comments about how the side air bag prevented the driver dummy's head from hitting the B pillar.

    Hyundai has stated that the IIHS tests do not match Hyundai's own test results and that there is no defect in the car that can explain the IIHS results. So who knows whether the test cars had bad airbag sensors, or defective seat tracks (or maybe they weren't latched fully), or if there was some other problem. We may not know until IIHS conducts tests on the GT (if they do).

    You may have noticed that the GLS did very well in the NHTSA crash tests. But the IIHS test is considered tougher because of the speed and angle of impact (the impact can't be spread across the entire front end structure like it is on the head-on NHTSA test).
  • Hyundai did in fact find a problem with the airbag sensors after the crash tests were done and recalled the '01 Elantras to replace the sensors. As for the seat I dont know if that was a fluke or what, but Hyundai did not recall for the seat but hopefully fixed it for model year 2002
  • Oh, great -- another GT driver elbowing in on my turf! ;-) And all this time time I though I had one of the only models in Essex County! Well...I suppose I can share the road.

    I've heard positive things about Towne Hyundai's service. Hopefully you won't ever see the service area of ANY dealer but it's nice to know that you've got options. I haven't had to bring my GT in for service yet but I am thinking about taking it back to Ciasulli for a 15,000 mile checkup.

    Good luck with your new car. If you see a pewter GT with an American flag in the rear window - that's me! Honk and wave!
  • carguy62carguy62 Posts: 545
    You may want to try O'Hare Hyundai in Des Plaines . They also sell Hondas (and ugh Pontiacs) you can easily compare. They are very large volume....invoice or lower would be my starting point with them.
  • Thanks for all of the responses to my questions.

    I had read the crash test results pretty thoroughly, and I was surprised that only three tests were done to reach their conclusions. I am glad to know about the recall & correction of the airbag sensors... you would think that a re-test would bring much better scores if the airbags now deploy properly.

    And the 2 questions...

    1) I live closest to Glenview Hyundai, with O'Hare and Libertyville within around 20 miles of me. Did any of you Chicago buyers find a difference in price between the beginning and end of the month when you purchased your GT?

    2) How many of you went for the ABS? Are you happy that you did, or do you feel it was unnecessary in hindsight with rear disc brakes standard?
  • shado4shado4 Posts: 287
    I went with the ABS mainly because of the traction control. I've driven front wheel drive cars with and without traction control and there is a marked improvement in hill climbing ability in snowy weather with the traction control. With TC I can maintain a steady speed going up a snow-covered hill, whereas without TC I usually just spin the tires going nowhere.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    Ncgtiboi, are you referring to the recall that was announced on October 27, 2000? That recall was to fix the side airbag sensors on 972 cars (mine was one of them--it was fixed before delivery). That recall was done long before the IIHS tests were conducted, and it did not apply to the driver's front air bag, which was the culprit in the poor head injury score. Are you aware of another recall that was done later? If so, please post details because the NHTSA database does not mention it.
  • After reading good comments here and at other places, I decided to check out the Elantra GT further.

    The dealer had a sweet looking black 5 speed with 20 miles on it. The color looked great on the car, but I'm hesitant to get black because of the trouble keeping it looking clean. I'm leaning towards the midnight gray.

    The interior was very nice, much more so than the Focus ZX5. The dash was uncluttered but a bit sparse, and the purple lights were cool (although they'd take a bit getting used to). The radio looked a bit wimpy and we never turned it on.

    Three adults piled into the Elantra and drove off. The first thing I noticed was that the clutch is very easy - almost too easy. It barely feels like you're shifting. The car handled well and had good acceleration. Steering was very light and responsive. The breaks were also good, even though this model didn't come with the ABS/Traction control.

    The only negative was that the engine did seem a little loud and buzzy while working through gears 1-3. But, that's to be expected with a small 4 liter. We also had the radio off, so the only noise I could hear was the engine. When the short test was over, we popped the hood and took a look. I noticed a burnt oil smell. Perhaps that's the new smell people have been noticing. Hopefully, it was truly some protectant burning off and not something worse.

    All in all, it was a very nice test drive. It looks like a great value for the money. Afterwards, I came home and turned on Motor Week. They had a very nice review of the exact same car! Talk about a coincidence.
  • I've seen pictures of the GT in midnight gray. It's still on the regular Elantra, but is no longer listed as a color option. Was it discontinued for 2002?
  • shado4shado4 Posts: 287
    ...the Elantra GT just keeps getting better and better.

    I filled up for the first time tonight and made a point of eyeballing the fuel gauge when I started the car. Others have posted about fuel gauges not reading full after a fillup. Good news...the minute I started the car after filling up the needle shot past the full mark almost immediately.

    I'm slowly pinpointing some of the rattles. Hard to do since they only happen occasionally over rough surfaces. One rattle I traced to the front passenger seat. Moving it forward a notch or two seemed to solve that problem. Another rattle I found in the sunroof sunshade...closing it made the rattle go away, while opening it fully made the rattle appear. I wonder if this is something the dealership can fix without tearing apart the headliner! A rattle in the hatch area was caused by an ice scraper (DOH!).

    Comments from friends and co-workers have all been positive. Some are left speechless when I tell them about all the items that come standard on the GT. No one was expecting leather seats to be available, let alone standard, in a car of this price class.

    The pewter color hides the dirt really well, and I am surprised at the LACK of brake dust on the front wheels so far.

    More later!
  • I've been thinking about getting one of the new hatchbacks like the Elantra GT or the Focus ZX3 or ZX5. It sounds like most of you new Elantra GT owners are pretty happy with your purchase. I was wondering what kinds of deals (i.e., how much over invoice or how much under MSRP) you were able to get. If you would, please itemize and/or list separately any dealer ad fees, doc fees, etc. Thanks in advance.
  • jwc74jwc74 Posts: 2
    Just picked up my arctic silver Elantra GT today. Paid about $19,000 (CAN) for a five-speed with locking wheel nuts, window tint and mats. I LOVE THE CAR- for the most part, right now. I seriously disturbed my brother who works for a Honda dealer, but this car was exactly what I wanted. Honda Civic = BORING and a lot more moola! That said, I'm going to have to get two things looked at:

    1) The speedo needle seems to move very roughly and cannot hold a constant speed, even while the cruise is on.
    2) There's a small vibration emanating from somewhere, especially when cold. It seems to disappear for the most part once I depress the clutch pedal. I'll have the dealer check this out. .

    Other than that, I'm pleased for the most part. Hey, how come us in Canada don't get that long warranty that Hyundai offers in the States?
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    It seems that I saw discussion in Canadian Driver that Canadian law prohibits imported cars from having longer warranties than domestics. Don't know if this is true, but if it is you have a bit too much protectionism for my taste.
  • Picked up my GT in July and love the car-no problems at 5000 miles except for either noisy tires or could it be wind noise?. The Michelin tires I know are top of the line but I wonder if anybody else thinks the car is noisy due to the tires and if it's wind noise. Has anyone replaced the Michelins with a different quiter tire?
  • About the Canadian vs. US warranty... I believe you can still get an extended warranty in Canada to cover you for 5-6 yrs. At the $19,000 CAD that you paid, (at the current ~$1.60 exchange rate) which works out to $11,875 USD, I think you still get a better deal than us in the US.
  • I sold my Michelins to a Goodyear store at 300 miles for $125 ea. In return I got 4 Goodyear Eagles for $95 ea. That allowed me to add lifetime road hazard, lifetime balanceing, and lifetime rotation. Total deal was a wash and I think the Goodyears are a very good tire, no tire noise that I can tell. I think the Michelins are a bit of an overkill for this car.
  • I just completed 1K miles on my new Elantra GT. So far it is great. I traded a '96 Honda Accord LX in on it and got a pretty good deal. No over the sticker add-on. The purple dash lites blew me away. I got an automatic (really wanted a stick but it's the wife thing)and it performs alright. The "fuzzy logic" is a bite fuzzy to me. When I wind it out and shift manually, the transmission continues to shift when it wants, winding it out to near red line.
    I just wish they would have made longer sun visors or at least slid out extensions to cover the entire window.
    This is our second Elantra (also have a 2000) and I am really impressed with their progress. 5 more years and they will be breathing right down Honda's neck.
  • dougndodougndo Posts: 136
    See my post #1597 in the Sonata board for the latest on the labor strife at Hyundai Motors. This might affect the availability of Elantra GTs. So what you see at your dealers and what few remain in the distribution pipeline might be what you get for a while.
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    Am I cynical or are these things designed to have a high retail price to impress people that they are getting an expensive tire? Less expensive Michelins seem to perform better. It might be that Hyundai (and other makers--they're pretty popular OEM tire) are buying them at $40, and that few people actually buy them as a replacement.

    I too find them a bit mediocre, and noisy, especially on concrete. They're also wearing at a rate that will require a replacement at about 40K.

    I did buy the $7.99 lifetime rotation and balance at Wal-Mart and Wal-Mart actually got the slight vibration out of them on the first try. Strange given the difficulties reported in the GLS thread.
  • qhuy00qhuy00 Posts: 21
    Hello all, I am in the beginning process of looking for a car and the Elantra Gt seems like a very nice car for the price considering the amenities that it offers. I just emailed one of the dealers here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and they quoted the GT with A/T at 14.8 with destination and advertising fees. They claim the advertising fee is 500 dollars, to me this seems kinda excessive but I do live in a metropolitan area so i don't know. I was wondering if any of you out there know if this is a good price or not? and if you are in the DFW area, that's even better. I thank you all in advance and hope that this will help me in my future car buying decisions.
  • jwc74jwc74 Posts: 2
    My actual price before taxes in CA dollars was $18899.40, which included an extended warranty (4 years/80,000km.) Mind you, my GT doesn't have leather, but a black fabric (which I prefer.) No ABS, traction control, sunroof or automatic, either.

    She's at the dealer right now getting those prior issues looked at.

    I guess prices are a little cheaper in Canada. I'm just glad leather isn't standard here, because that would have put a serious s-turn into my decision to buy. Honda Civic - boring - oh, man. . .

  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    If I were you, I'd check the other dealers in the Dallas area--there must be several of them--to see how much they charge for advertising fees. $500 seems like a steep fee to me. You may get lucky and find a dealer that does not charge that fee (or charges a lower fee)--for example the dealers in my area do not charge any ad fee. Right now the dealer is offering you about $1000 off list, which is not too bad, but it would be better without the ad fee. Check around to see what the other dealers can do--it might take a few calls or a Saturday of driving, but it could save you a few hundred bucks. They should be willing to deal here at the end of the year as they try to reduce their inventories before the tax man cometh.
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