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GMC Acadia Transmission Problems



  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    We're sorry that this has been such a difficult process for you and that you're now engaged in legal recourse. As you proceed with your lawyer, you will be directed to the appropriate department within General Motors.

    Kindest regards,
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • Sarah,

    Yes I am working through the issue with GM customer service. To be sure I will update this board with the outcome.
  • ">link title 2008 sle 70,000 miles I have been reading many gmc acadia forums regarding problems people are having with this nightmare of vehicle.
    Out of all the problems i have had I think the only problem i haven't had is is the leaking problem
    and that's only because I didn't buy the acadia with the sunroof.
    I bough this car in April because my 1998 ford expedition was getting old and gas prices were getting pretty high. And I was doing a lot of traveling out of state, I was trying to buy something safer for my family.
    Five years later here I am driving my 1998 expedition with no problems and my "better car" just sitting on my driveway.
    It all started the first year when I was taking my daughter to Florida for cheer leading competition; I was just outside of Illinois when the check airbag light and message screen came on'.It got me pretty worried just thinking that if I was in an accident the air bag wouldn't deploy but I had to keep going since I had to be in Florida the following day for competition thankfully the light went off but came back on on our way back to Chicago and it kept doing that for a long time; on when i was driving it and off when I wanted to take it to the dealer. so I left it alone for a while. Then the power steering started making that noise that a lot of people is having problems with. Than while still under warranty the suspension stared to make a lot of noise took it to the dealer and they replaced the tie rods and told my wife that she had a bad low beam headlight and they charge her $180.00 just to replace the bulb. Then the light on the other side needed to be replace and my nephew was able to replace it in about 5 to 10 minutes. Now there is a recall for that problem but I didn't know until recently but is to late to get a reimbursement for what i paid to have it fix; last day was Dec 31st 2012
    then the service airbag problem came back and this time didn't go away. took it to the dealer and they said that the harness was to tight and they rerouted it so it wasn't tight anymore.
    worked for a couple of days and its on again but I didn't take it back and now is past its warranty. Now I have had the check engine light on for a couple of weeks took it to Autozone to have the code read, came back with the code to replace the canister purge solenoid but the guy at autozone told me to add a good fuel injector cleaner and that that may make the light go away' Didn't work and now i have the transmission problem, it started to act funny shifting
    pretty hard some times and then a few days ago I was driving on the freeway coming home when I notice the rpms at about 4000 to 45000 and it wouldn't change gears and the fuel gauge started going nuts from half of tank that i had left to empty back and forth luckily i was almost home and had to drive it home on the same gear. took it to autozone and came back
    with the same code for the solenoid plus codes p0700/p0716/p0717 was told it was the input speed sensor and I'm afraid the plate problem is going to be next. And I just don't have the money to spend on the car. Unfortunately I became disable a few months after I purchased the car and now I'm making 1/3 of what I was making before and my wife can't find a job'
    she is currently working part time and working only 12 to 20 hours a week at minimum wage
    and spending a lot more on gas since we have to use our other truck (expedition)that uses a lot more gas we are about breaking even but at least she feels she is working and waiting for something better to came along. Please if anybody has any advise please let me know if there is a class a law suit or anything legal that I could do. I just don't have the money to fix it.
    I'm behind on my mortgage already i sure don't have the extra money to put on our "reliable and safe vehicle" I will really appreciate any help or advise for this problem.
    Thanks in advance.
  • My advice is to file a suit. That's the only way to get GM's attention. These people have produced a misbegotten vehicle that should never be on the road. It borders on the criminal. I've already contacted the Lemon Law attorneys and from their assessment, it looks like I have a case. If GM had any ethics, they would buy your car back at the price you paid for it, or give you a new one. When they screw up and can't stay in business, we bail them out. When they screw up and leave the customers stranded, they hide behind their "policies." My policy is to get what I paid for. I paid for a car - not a garage queen.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    Have you already been in contact with Customer Assistance regarding these difficulties with your Acadia? If not and if you would like for us to check into this further, please email us at (include your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and a summary of the situation).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • Thank you very much for your advise dagger. I will try to look into that. I don't use the computer to much and knew little about all the problems that gmc acadia owners are having I just thought I had bad luck with this car. I think that what's not going to help me is that I didn't take it to the dealer a lot because I knew they were just going to wiggle the harness and make the light go way. I could do that myself. and about the power steering noise all they said was that they didn't hear it and they couldn't find anything wrong with it.
    But now that i"m having the check engine, air bags and transmission light on I don't have warranty or or money to get it fix and I don't have a lot of documentation to prove all the problems that I"m having.
    I know I'm probably asking for to much but I would really appreciate if you or anybody can point me in the right direction about how to file a suit or complaint I'm not very smart when it comes to computers.
    Thanks again for your help.
  • Thanks Sarah. I will do that. hopefully I and many others can find a solution to
    our problem.
  • Sarah,

    Can you put me in contact with GMC? I own a 2007 GMC Acadia that has similar transmissions problems as listed above and I also had to shell out $800 to replace a faulty aib sensor in the passengers side seat two days before my son was born? My wife refused to ride in it to the hosptial until it was fixed. How does the people at GMC sleep at night knowing they sell so many 2007 Acadia's with all these problems?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Good morning chrisfloyd,
    Congratulations on your new addition! We can be reached via email at (include your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and a summary of the situation) or the GMC Customer Assistance Center can be reached at 800-462-8782 (Hours: Mon to Sat, 8am to 9pm ET; Closed Sunday).
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • Hi Sarah,

    I sent this information in via e-mail on Friday and I will just wait for a respond from GMC Customer Assistance about my issues.

  • Sarah,

    Contacting GMC using the method you provided did not go as here is the response I just received from Brandon. This makes me mad becuase it appears that Brandon did not read my question is an only reply with a script message. Got to love the customer service at GMC. GMC needs to address the flawed transmission in all 2007 GMC Acadias and not divert the blame.

    Mr. Floyd,

    Thank you for contacting us. You have the right to expect long-term reliable
    performance from your vehicle. Every effort has been made to assure excellent
    quality for our customers.

    However, many factors are involved in the overall appearance and performance of
    your vehicle. GMC provides an excellent warranty to protect you from unexpected
    concerns and repairs, but no manufacturers warranty is unlimited. Your warranty
    has expired due to both age and mileage and unfortunately we are unable to offer
    any assistance with this matter.

    GM Customer Service
  • dagger6,

    How can I get added to the class action lawsuit against GMC for the transmission issues with the 2007 GMC Acadia? I am not getting any help from GMC on this matter and I believe that they(GMC) should be held accountable for these transmission flaws with or with a warranty. (Lemon Law)

  • Check this out!

    I can't believe GMC is now owning up to the monster that it's created in the GMC Acadia
  • My car is in the shop right now. I have 3 kids one is 5 one is 3 and I have a 5 month old. I was driving to the grocery store and all off a sudden I had nothing my car stopped moving and started rolling backwards. So I slammed on the breaks and threw it in park. I tried to restart it and it still wouldn't move I had no drive no reverse nothing. I had it towed to the shop 3 days ago and they still have no answer except there is an internal transmission issue now I came to find out its not just mine. I'm so pissed!! I have to take out a loan to fix it and after reading everyone else's story I'd like to know why gmc isn't taking responsibility for this for all the transmission failures and other issues!!!!!! I know cars have wear and tear but people are having problems after 30000 miles?! They advertise all the great cars but the don't care about the customer. I will never buy a gmc again and I will also advise everyone I know to not buy one. Is there really a lawsuit? I saw the link with the graph of Acadia problems so why don't the step up and help the people who helped them by buying their vehicles....
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    We're sorry to hear about the transmission concerns you are having with your Acadia. Are you currently working with a GM dealership to get this looked into?

    Sarah, GM Customer Service

    Everyone, please go to

    right now and file a complaint against GMC and the Acadia model. This is the only way to get the ball moving about this horrible vehical GMC production and making them own up to all the problems it's cuasing us. Please do it today!

    Dont way, we must get the complaint count up to get our items address. Please ignore Sarah, GM Customer Service as she is a joke.
  • It's in the shop now. At the GM dealership I bought it from.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    If you like, mdljackets06, we can keep in touch with your dealership through this process. Email us at with more details (including your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and a summary of the situation).
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • Sarah,

    Why can't you help me ? You sent me the same response and I got was a e-mail from a GMC customer service employee named Brandon that appears to be useless. Why would I pay for a diagnostic fee to the GMC dealorship just for them to tell me what I already know? The transmission is going bad in my Acadia and it's due to faulty transmission design from 2007 to 2009 on all Acadia's. I dont have $4000 to replace this and no it's not under warranty. GMC needs to own up and fix this issue becuase it's a lemon design and a safety hazard. I look forward to see what kinda of script reply you send back this time.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    I can certainly understand why you're frustrated. My understanding of the situation is that your vehicle is significantly out of the applicable warranty by mileage. A diagnosis is our first step in this process as we need to understand what is going wrong with the transmission and get an estimate from the dealership. We cannot guarantee cost assistance in advance as this is determined on a case by case basis.

    I hope this helps to clarify our process - I can understand that it isn't ideal for your circumstances and am sorry that you continue to be frustrated.

    Kindest regards,
    GM Customer Service
  • Sarah,

    So let me get this straight, you want me to pay your company to tell me what you and I already know. This vehical is a piece of junk and never should have been sold in the first place. GMC created a flawed design transmission on this year model and cannot not own up to their mistakes.

  • I 100% agree with the other post.... My Transmission broke in my 08 Acadia on Tuesday....No warning just all of a sudden no reverse, no drive, my Acadia only has 50,000 miles on it.... The transmission is crap. GMC knows it! I was so shocked to see the overwhelming number of people having problems with this car. GMC should take full responsibility for the design flaw. There should be a recall.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    Our apologies that you're experiencing these transmission troubles with your Acadia. What are you plans on getting it addressed? Let us know if we can look into anything further for you (we can be reached at

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • Sarah, my question to you is what is GM doing to address the problem?
  • To all my bretheren experiencing transmission problems with their Acadia. The results are in from a "detailed" review of my case.

    $3600.00 bill for new transmission
    60k miles
    5 years, 5 months of ownership
    Zip. Zilch. Zero.

    I was offered a $1500 incentive toward a new vehicle. Why would I spend $40k on a new GM that just failed to meet my expectations? Whoever recommended the incentive should be EMBARRASSED! Clearly I'm disappointed about the outcome but the offer of the incentive sent me over the edge.

    By the way, I have $2800 in GM Earnings that will no longer be used (I've purchased eight (8) new GM vehicles over the last 20 years and am getting ready to inititate a new generation of GM owners, my sons who are 11, 13, and 15). I asked if they could be donated to another cause since I wont be using. Nobody had a clue. Figure there might be someone who could reallly use them but GM not able to help.

    Good luck everyone. Moving on with Ford!
  • My 3-5 reverse clutch wave plate shattered in my 2008 Acadia transmission on Monday of this week (2/24/13) - all of a sudden it wouldn't shift properly and then wouldn't shift at all. Luckily I got it home without having an accident. The car has 53000 miles on it and we were THREE DAYS away from the 5 year warranty expiring. I am thanking my stars that it was covered but I think this is definitely a defect and should not have happened to a car that is less than 5 years old. If this had happened last week I would be livid with how much the repair would've been. I too am shocked to see so many others with the exact same problem that we had.

    Now the dilemma we face is whether we should continue to roll the dice with this car and wait for more issues to come up with it or cut our losses and get another car (NOT a GM) before this one breaks down again now that the warranty has expired. Less than a year ago the water pump died and I'm now wondering what's going to fail on it next.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    We're glad to her that the warranty was still in effect and that this repair was covered for you, jenbeans. Let us know if there's anything we can check into for you!
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • scottmay3scottmay3 Posts: 17
    Something that GM could do is to implement a recall to fix the known issue. Wouldn 't that be best for your customers?
  • Jenbeans, you are so fortunate that you had warranty left otherwise GM would have left you holding the bag. Same story different verse, we are so sorry. Sarah... I'm guessing this is a full time job for Sarah, just dealing with transmission failures!
  • I posted about the problems my daughter had with her GMC Acadia, Thanks to Sarah and other people from GM Most problems been taken care of.
    Allthough it is having the transmission replaced as I write this. I was the sales manager of a GM dealership for 29 years and never ever saw this many problems with one vehicle. We sold Pontiac,Olds,Buick,GMC. I wonder why some many are sent to the Chev dealer when there is a GMC dealer in the same town. We would have been wild if our customer would have sent to Chev dealer instead of us. The dealership is now been in business 94 years. Maybe there are some GMC dealers that should contact them and find out what they are doing wrong.
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