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2011 Chevy Equinox

Two weks ago put in order for 2011 Equinox 2LT. Orderd 6 cyl. for a little extra push and to get away from slloppy elecrtic steering. Have a 2008 Malibu....great car. Hope UAW has it's act together with the NOX....Wingroot


  • rockmobilerockmobile Posts: 115
    edited August 2010
    I have not read a lot of complaints about the 6 cyl. Equinox. Most of the problems are coming from the new 4 cyl. engine.
  • colt_herocolt_hero Posts: 107
    edited August 2010
    Probably don't hear many complaints about the V6 Equinox because there aren't many of them out there. I always look at the V6 versions of what are primarily 4-Cylinder vehicles as a profit trap by the manufacturer. I think they offer the V6 so they can get you to pay about the same amount of money as the next-size-up vehicle (in this case, the Traverse). Most people probably see it as a poor value.

    I think if you buy the Equinox, you buy the 4 cylinder and enjoy the advertised gas mileage savings. Otherwise, you buy the Traverse. Why pay Traverse money for a "compact Traverse"? They're both "new-technology" vehicles, but with the Traverse being more spacious and versatile.
  • You may have a point or two. But, try a four on the LIE or 95 on the way to Florida. Push keeps up with the pack.
  • The 4 cyl engine is the one that belongs in such a vehicle, but it does not make any sense if you have to waste money on premium gas in order to avoid the diesel clatter.
  • The Equinox is assembled at GM's plant in Canada.

  • Wingroot,

    Once the vehicle is ON the expressway or interstate, unless we're talking unusually hilly upgrades (like on the Merritt Parkway in NY), ANY vehicle is going to move along well enough (4 or 6 cylinder). In '89 I drove a 2-year old 4-cylinder Escort GT (1.8L engine) from New England to Central Florida (I-95) non-stop. No problems keeping up with (or leading) the pack. However, if you have special considerations in the area where you routinely drive - like steep on-ramps merging into a densely-populated expressway, I'd really want to test-drive the vehicle in those conditions to see how it performs. Just because you're getting a 6-cylinder engine doesn't mean you're going to get the kind of quickness that you want. You may simply be paying a lot of extra money up-front (and in fuel costs over the life of the vehicle) for little or no benefit.
  • I agree. I just hope that GM hasn't pushed the envelope on these vehicles to the point where they were willing to accept some knocking or pinging in certain situations or areas of the country. Because if that's the case, there won't be an acceptable solution for these people. They will either have to live with the noise (and hope it just becomes a chronic problem that won't actually do any real damage to their engine), or pony up more money for the higher octane gas to make the noise go away (thereby defeating the purpose of buying the 4-cylinder Equinox in the first place).

    Can't wait to see what the solution is. If they tweek the software, they may be able to get rid of the noise, but the gas mileage will probably suffer.

    Considering that GM was trying to build the biggest small SUV on the market with the best gas mileage, the vehicle may simply be too heavy a load for the 2.4L 4-cylinder engine to handle (under all circumstances).
  • I'm in the market for a new car over the next 1 year, and the Equinox (2011) caught my eye. Any opinions from those who may have one - pros, cons, etc - would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • Picked up my 2011 2LT equinox a couple of days ago. 6 cyl. and fairly well loaded extras. Met my expectations in quality and fit. Ride is excellent. The engine also did not dissapoint me. Quite, smooth and excellent pickup. Transmission is seamless. I guess it's a spill over from flying for 40 years, for when it comes to power ....always, always stay on the upside of the upside of the power curve.....end of conversation.
    It's a chevy.....but what a great chevy.........Wingroot
  • Wingroot,

    Does the 2011 Equinox come with Bluetooth and USB? It looks like the packages have been consolidated in the 2011 (LT1 at least) and I don't see any mention of these features from the 2010 model.
  • My father just bought a 2011 1LT. (I have the 2010 1LT).

    The interface package (USB, bluetooth) does not come standard and the package was an additional $700.00 (CDN). My father opted for the base 2011 1LT which is exactly the same as my base 2010 1LT.

    I went car shopping with my father and found that there was very little differnce between the 2011 and the 2010. One car dealership had six 2011 Equinoxs on the lot. 3 were base 1LTs (with no USB interface, etc...) and were priced at $27,725. Two were upgrades 1LTs...with 18" tires, interface package (USB, bluetooth), XMradio ($260.00), and it was listed at $29, 995. The last one was a 1Lt with a 6cyl and AWD.
  • Yes.............LT2 does come with bluetooth for phone.
  • colt_herocolt_hero Posts: 107
    edited September 2010
    Yeah, the 2010 and 2011 are the same vehicle, but GM apparently decided to shuffle up the options availability on the LT1 (probably based on sales statistics on the 2010) for some reason ... probably to increase profit margins (or to help justify the overall price increase for the new model year).

    With the 2010 LT1, there was something called the "Vehicle Interface Package" ($495 option), which included the leather-wrapped steering wheel w/redundant audio controls, remote starter, USB, and Bluetooth. It appeared on probably 60-70% of the stickers. I'm sure it was very popular.

    Now with the 2011, it appears the Vehicle Interface Package has been replaced by the "Driver Convenience Package" (almost TWICE as expense as the VIP @ $845) which (according to Edmunds) retains the remote starter, ADDS the 8-way power seat and rear camera ($425 and $320 options, respectively, in the 2010 LT1), but DELETES the USB and Bluetooth (and also apparently the leather steering wheel and audio controls?). I'm guessing there is some sub-package to add just the Bluetooth and USB features to the LT1 (as I believe there was for the 2010 LS), but it shouldn't cost anywhere near ~$700. I would think it would be about $200-$300.

    Also would like verification on what happened to the leather-wrapped steering wheel w/audio controls. Is this just an Edmunds gaffe, or is that now another separate sub-package?


    How about the USB? Do you have that on your 2011 LT2?
  • terexterex Posts: 26
    For 2011 MY (in the US), the 1LT Equinox now has leather-wrapped steering wheel with audio controls, Bluetooth for phone and USB port standard. This was previously an optional package on 2010 models.

    The Driver Convenience Package for 2011 does not replace the aforementioned content.
  • OK, I just saw the bluetooth and steering wheel w/audio controls listed on a 2011 sticker as standard equipment, but still no explicit mention of the USB - but I'll take your word for it that it's in there.

    And you're right - the "Driver Convenience Package" does not replace the "Vehicle Interface Package", but the nomenclature (at first) gave the impression that it did. GM plan to intentionally confuse??

    From what I can see looking at the 2011 stickers, at least for LT1's - there are FAR FEWER unique MSRPs than there were with the 2010's - which makes sense with the Power Seat and Rear Camera rolled into the new Driver Convenience. Package. Personally, I don't like this because I don't want the Power Seat (height difference between my wife and I). So this means the "Driver Convenience Package" is out for me - which also takes out the Remote Start and Rear Camera. And I betcha they won't be offering the Remote start of Rear Camera as separeate options to be added to an LT1. Haven't seen it so far ... Too much tinkering.

    With a 2010 LT1, if you wanted the "Vehicle Interface Package", 8-Way Power Seat, and Rear Camera, you were looking at an MSRP of $25,066. For a 2011, you will be paying $25,500, an increase of almost $500.
  • wnukwnuk Posts: 40
    My 2011 did come with bluetooth and USB as standard items. I also got one with the drivers convenience package. Sticker was $25500 and I got it for $24575. Dealer also gave me $800 more for my trade then what Edmunds had it at. I'm happy with the Nox and hapy with the deal also. Hope to write a review for it in the next couple weeks.
  • Yeah - I see a LOT of $25500 MSRP stickers out there. Might be the most popularly-ordered unit price.

    Still haven't run across any stickers with Rear Camera or Remote Start added as separate items on a 2011 LT1. It's really looking like you can't get one that way anymore.

    Good to know that you can at least still get the puny $1000 discount off MSRP with the 2011's. Better than nothing, I guess. Was that the ACTUAL discount, or did the dealer then tack on some silly "doc fee" at the last minute that made the discount less?

    Looks like plenty of 2011's out there. WAY different situation than with the 2010's.

    Was talking with a co-worker here who bought a new 2010 Equinox. He says no pinging or steering issues, but he can only get 30+ MPG if he drives 55 mph. On the interstate at 70-77 mph, he gets about 23 (which is his manual calc, and lower than the 25 the computer states).
  • wnukwnuk Posts: 40
    The discount was firm. No doc fee and just $165 for tag transfer.

    You can't buy or order the 2011 with rear camera or remote start seperatley, it's only available with the drivers convenience package. Funny thing is I visited 2 dealers the day I bought mine. Both FWD Mocha Steel LT-1's. One with drivers convenience and one without. The dealer who had the one without the convenience package refused to move from sticker and was $1600 lower for my trade in. When I told him of the price from the other dealer he simply said that he could not do better than his first offer and I'd be lucky if the first dealer held to his quoted price. So I stepped outside, called the first dealer and verified his exact price. When the numbers were confirmed, I took the deal. Still don't understand why one dealership is willing to deal and another isnt'. Guess that's why shopping around really pays off.

    As for fuel mileage, to get good mileage you really need to pay attention to your driving. I use the "instantaneous fuel mileage" view to help. Seems like I tend to rest my foot on the pedal more than I should without going any faster, thus just wasting fuel. By being mindful and still driving 5 MPH average over the speed limit, on my last tank driving just city and rural 2 lanes I averaged 26.7 MPG. I live in a very hilly area also with elevation changes of several hundred feet common. Today driving just highway alone at between 60 and 70 depending on traffic, I averaged 31 traveling 93 miles. This is actual and not going by the indicator. Now I only have 800 mles on it so I do expect to see some small improvements yet. I let my wife drive it tonite when we went out and her driving habits are worse than mine. She will likely average 3-4 MPG worse than me just based on watching the instantaneous fuel mileage window.

    It's a great vehicle so far and I'm happy with my choice.
  • Looks like you're right - no separate camera or remote start anymore. That's bad news for me. I've always refused to buy the power seat because with the height difference between my wife and I, I just think it'll be a nuisance (not to mention the potential for motor failure with the constant back and forth movement). Wonder who the genius was that made THAT decision.

    As for the difference in dealer flexibility on price, some dealerships are higher volume and will cut a lower margin deal, while lower volume dealers need to make every sale count. Searching for 2011's online, I've seen dealers with 50-75 vehicles, dealers with 100-130 vehicles, and dealers (claiming, at least) to have over 250-300 vehicles (probably at more than one location). The small dealers HATE the big guys because they KNOW they can't match their deals, but a $1000 discount is something ANY dealer should be able to give a buyer. My guess is that the "tight" dealer was hoping the other dealer wouldn't 'break ranks' and actually give the discount. I think with the greater availability of the 2011's there will be a little more flexibility with the dealers this time around and your "tight" dealer will start to loosen up before long.

    I don't know about the Equinox. I'm starting to lean more towards the Traverse. With the Equinox, people complain about the loud engine, the pinging, the steering, and the less-than-advertised fuel economy. Then there's the relatively small cargo area. Can the luggage for a family of four fit back there behind the back seat?? I figure the Traverse would end up costing me at least $10,000 more over its lifetime ($4000 up front and $6000 in extra fuel cost). But that's only about $1000 more per year and in exchange for that I get a lot more room inside, greater flexible with the towing, and MAYBE none of the issues still being worked out in the first year Equinox.

    We'll see. Depends on what that price difference ends up being. I low-balled a dealer recently on a $36,000 Traverse, offering $28,000. I didn't really want that particular unit because it had $2400 worth of expensive options on it that I REFUSE to pay for, but I wanted to see what kind of dealer discount the salesguy would apply on top of the rebate. Turned out he got so worked up about my offer that he let me walk off the lot without seeing how much he could close the window. That's OK, I don't need a $1500 double sunroof and $900 worth of flashy chrome (I think it was)...
  • I have a 2010 LTZ and am satisifed with the cargo capacity. Luggage for my family of 4 fits fine - took it to the airport a few weeks ago with 4 standard size suitcases and carryons for everyone, and it fit fine (couldn't see out the rear hatch window, but that's what side mirrors are for!) And, with the back seats folded and moved forward, I am continually surprised at the amount of stuff it will hold (bags of bark mulch, trips to Goodwill with donations, etc.), I have the 6 cylinder engine and have not noticed any engine noise or pinging. The only steering problem I have noticed is some wicked torque steer when mashing the throttle from rest, but that rarely happens - may only be associated with the larger engine,
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
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  • Now have *800 miles on my 2011 Equinox. Did 700 miles. PA TO Montauk NY. All average fuel consumption on a new car.....27.4 MPG. And, am I glad I chose a 6 cyl...... I cannot imagine hauling around 5,200 # with a 4.
  • colt_herocolt_hero Posts: 107

    That mileage looks pretty good for the V6, but what did you pay for your vehicle (and what options did you get)? Had to have been at least $27,000, right?

    And you can tow 5200# with a V6 Equinox? Is there a tow package available like on the Traverse (w/ the heavy-duty cooler, electronics, and hitch)?
  • I did not tow 5200#. Thats how much the Nox weighs. I would rather not get into the price wars. Too much, you whuz robbed and so on. There are enough good web sites that will give you a close estimate of ball park prices.
    The 2011 Nox is a darn good auto.
  • rhouser2rhouser2 Posts: 114
    how did you get the nox to weigh 5200#? i thought curb weight was around 3700#
  • read the title of this post correctly. Picked up our 2011 Equinox 4-cyl a few days ago and didn't even get 3 miles down the road until complete transmission failure. Car would not engage any gears anymore. Had 6 miles on it when we left the lot and 9 miles when it quit.

    Dealership is now telling us that it was the failure of a clutch in the transmission that handles gears 1 through 4. Anyone have any information on this? I've searched the internet through and through for a diagram or schematic of this transmission, but haven't come up with anything.

    Certainly spoils the anticipation of having a new car!
  • There is a sticker at the drivers side door frame. Unless its a mistake, it denotes a 5200# number.....arguer with GM....not me.
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 573
    5200# refers to the maximum weight of a fully loaded vehicle, not the curb weight of an empty vehicle. Curb weight is approx. 3900 lbs.
  • wnukwnuk Posts: 40
    Curb weight for an LT-1 FWD is 3779 lbs. AWD LT-1 is 3964 lbs.
  • wnukwnuk Posts: 40
    2011- That is awful to hear. Especially since you never got it home. Did you test drive before purchasing? If so, did anything sound odd about it? Hopefully the dealer will take good care of you. Did they provide you a loaner car while yours is being repaired? I would also contact GM customer service and voice my concerns. Keep us updated on how things go.
  • I stand are right at 3779#......Sorry
  • wnukwnuk Posts: 40
    wingroot- when shopping for my Nox I hadn't come across any V6's to test drive. I thought the 4 would be plenty for what I was looking for and haven't been disappointed. I'm curious if you drove both the 4 and 6 before deciding on the 6 and if so did the 6 really give that much more power over the 4? I wish I could have tested for myself but no local dealers had a 6 to compare to. Thanks for any comparison you can make.
  • colt_herocolt_hero Posts: 107
    So for all the people out there looking to tow something with their 2010 Equinox, be advised that with a curb weight of 3700# and a Gross Vehicle Weight of 5200#, you can only tow about 1500# with the vehicle empty (and even less with passengers on board).

    But judging by an earlier post here, maybe you should think twice about attaching a trailer hitch to this vehicle...
  • colt_herocolt_hero Posts: 107
    I hope they're giving you another vehicle because I know if it was ME there would be NO WAY I'd be keeping THAT one! A lot of times when you go to these dealerships, they just about let you drive the car around the block - not enough of a test to detect potential problems like you've encountered. I remember test driving a brand new Impala I was SURE I was going to be buying. I had driven 150 miles one way to purchase it. But when I got out onto the main drag (very hilly) and was able to get it up to speed I realized there was something wrong in the front wheels (bearing or brake-related, I wasn't sure). The salesman assured me it could be taken care of, but I didn't want anything to do with it. The next good deal also ended up being 150 miles away, but on that trip I DID buy. Funny thing there was the car had a shake in the front-end, like a tire out of round or something - so I test drove another unit (the dealer had EIGHT all equipped the same way). Again, the same shake was felt. It was only after the 3rd or 4th test drive that we (me and the sales guy) realized it was the road (ripples in the asphalt)!!!

    Sounds like maybe you weren't able to give this unit a good test drive??? Regardless - get rid of it and report the whole incident to GM with the vehicle's VIN number. If it's a manufacturing defect I'm sure GM will be embarrased and will happily give you another unit. If it's the result of abuse at the dealership, GM should know about that, too.
  • I was much more comfortable with the 6. I felt the car was underpowered with the four. When the four was pushed there was some hesitation and engine pre-ignition (ping). Also the 4 has electric steering....found it too sloppy. 6 has hydraulic steering.....solid, good road feel. It, as always, comes down to a PERSONAL prefferance. What you feel comfortable with.
  • The towing capacity for the Equinox is 3500# with the V6.
  • colt_herocolt_hero Posts: 107
    Yeah, but the footnote says "may require multiple transmission rebuilds depending on terrain and actual gross vehicle weight..."
  • We ordered this Equinox back in July and were just picking it up. So we did not take it for a test drive. Who would ever think that there would be something wrong with it at that point with 6 miles on it. The techs had driven it in to check fluids and do the inspection of the vehicle and they drove it up to the front of the dealer lot for us to leave in it. When we left in it...nothing seemed out of the ordinary. However...a couple miles down the road...voila...failure!

    They did give us a rental car until they figured out what was wrong with the Equinox and can fix it.

    I will definitely be calling GM ... and the local GM rep in the area. Would sure like to know what they can "do" for us. Although everyone likes to suggest that we get "another car" ... there are procedures to follow before the Lemon Law kicks in. So, we have to wait and see how the "fix" goes and all. I told them I want to physically see the parts that failed in the transmission.
  • wnuk - I am about to order and drove both the 4 and the 6. There is a huge difference. I made sure my test drive included steep hills and highway merging - this is where the difference is most apparent. If you just drive it on level streets around town - not so much.
  • I agree. Just had the car on a 600 mi. trip. What a positive difference the six made. In steering and available power. So far, I feel Chevy hit a home run with this one.
  • Hello everyone. Have a few issues with mine. Remote start doesn't seem to work right. Could be a fuel issue but the dealership has twice told me nothing is wrong with it because they can't duplicate the fault or get a fault code. In the mornings, I try to remote start and it doens't start and occasonally hangs and turns over for upwards of 10 seconds and then dies. Not good for the starter. I even have video footage and they said it wouldn't help them out a bit. Im going to get some more video footage and then go see my salesman and let him have it.

    Secondly, Combined i'm only getting 18.5 or so combined gas mileage. I have about 900 miles on it. It has NEVER said more than 19.5. I would greatly appreciate anyones opion/insight.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hello Taverlee,
    Have you taken the vehicle to a different dealership for a second opinion? Do any codes come up when the problem occurs? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • tarverleetarverlee Posts: 5
    edited October 2010
    Thank you. That might should be my next step. No codes or fail lights on my end and Heritage Chevy in Chester, VA claims no codes and they can't get it to do what I claim. I even offered to show them video clips from my phone. They did not seem willing to do whatever necessary to satisfy me. Of course, I have yet to go to my salesman but that might be next as well. I'm paying too much money for it not to be perfect. They made me pick it up yesterday and said there was nothing they could do. The link is a video clip from my phone this morning at 0530 before I left for work. I have it and plan to get a few more this weekend and then head to the dealership until I get the help I deserve.

    link title
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hello Tarverlee,
    If you go to a different dealership please let me know what the outcome is. The other way we could go is that I could set up a case for you and have an agent look at the situation further. If you would prefer to go this route please e-mail me your contact information, VIN, current mileage and dealership. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • I appreciate it. I'll think about that over the weekend. Here is a video of what it did when left work a few hours ago. And they won't do anything....
  • colt_herocolt_hero Posts: 107

    I'd make a new video. They won't take you seriously if they see you mashing the lock button trying to start the car.

    Also, I'd extend the video to include a 2nd start with the key to show the difference (if there IS any) in how it starts up. What's with that screeching noise it was making just before it caught and started. Is that a loose/slipping belt??
  • Hey thanks for the input. There is a huge difference with key starting problems at all so I'll do as you suggested. It is a requirement to push lock first to start it.
  • colt_herocolt_hero Posts: 107
    I guess that makes sense - having to press the lock button first.

    Using the remote, the car seemed to make a screeching noise at the very end of the startup cycle just before it "caught" and started running. I'm assuming this noise is real and not a side-effect of the video or where the car was parked. You say this doesn't happen with the key. Here's a possibility for where that noise might be coming from:

    When a car is started by key, the key is immediately released once the driver realizes (by ear) that the car has started. But if the driver does not drive off immediately (maybe they're sitting waiting for someone), they can make the mistake of turning the key AGAIN with the engine already running (after the engine rpm has warmed down to an inaudible level). Doing this causes the starter motor to try to re-engage a moving flywheel ring gear (causing a screeching noise).

    I wonder if the remote starter is somehow trying to start the car twice - engaging the starter motor into the ring gear twice during the cranking cycle. Just guessing here, but maybe there is some microphone inside the engine compartment that acts like a human ear to detect when the car is "started" and it's not working properly - maybe due to distortion? Try remote-starting the car in different enviroments to see if this has any effect (in an open area vs. inside a closed-in area).
  • Picked up my new Equinoz 4 days ago. I used the remote starter for the first time. While I was sitting inside the car waiting for my wife to come out for church I was getting a feel for the dash buttons. When I pressed the hazard lights the security system shut the car down. The ignition switch was locked and could not be restarted. We have On Star and purchased extra minutes for the hands free phone. Without the ignition on On Star won't work. I used my cell phone to call road side assistance and after what seemed like a very long time and lots of button pushing I did get a person to talk to. Nothing can be reset remotely and the car needs to be towed to the dealership. Luckily I had a Ford in the drive way I could drive to church.
  • No problem. Hazards work fine. Ign. on or off, or any other combination . Remot start has worked normally.
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