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    Thank you very much indeed for the prompt replies on the wheel diameters. Any perceptible difference in the wheel drive options domain? Sorry for the nutty nitpicking, I have to do it for my Mom who is used to Town Car comfort. She drives a lot on business and asked me to research other options since the Panther platform is gone. And I am in the same boat as well.
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    It works great if you need it. If you don't have it now then you probably don't need it. There is a chance of a PTU leak with AWD so I wouldn't get it unless you really need it.
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    Get AWD only if there's a real need, besides the mechanical issues it'll ride (very) slightly rougher because of the added unsprung weight. But that a very minor consideration.

    You need to have her take one for a long test ride over rought roads. Also see if you can find one without the a/c seats, they are very firm, she might not like them.

    Have you looked at a Lexus RX350?
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    I go through mountain passes in winter a few times per season, and so far FWD on other cars does it. Do did RWD with extra weight in the trunk.
    Any way to figure-provoke-prevent the PTU leak issue before warranty expiration?
    I am spoiled by Panther longevity and I am afraid that these vehicles need to be traded in every 3-4 years for uninterrupted business continuity.
    Thank you very much for all your help.
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    The PTU leak typically shows up within the first year or two. It seems to have been mostly fixed with new seals so new failures are rare and should be ok once they're replaced. It would come in handy in the mountains in winter time.
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    I've lived in Chicago area for 35 years and mostly driven front wheel drive vehicles. If you only drive in snow a few days a year it is a no brainer....get the 2wd. We have never been stuck or unable to get around even in the heaviest snowstorms. I have one vehicle with 4wd now and only turn it on 2-3 times a winter and then it just gives a little better traction at take off.

    Funny thing, last year my wife and met at a school function and during it a snowstorm hit. We exited the building to find about 5 inches of snow on our vehicles. Roads were horrendous. But on the way home as we were driving side by side and stopped at several lights side by side, her fwd midsize car was keeping up with my 4wd suv very nicely. In fact, I was shocked that it did so well. We both have Michelin tires with less than 20k miles on them.

    Bottom line, unless you live in the country and put up with unplowed roads frequently I would go with the fwd.
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    We have a 2010 AWD Ford Edge Limited. Same AWD system as the MKX. Absolutely love the AWD. Slightly less MPG than FWD, but overall a better driving experience. No torque steer. Excellent on wet roads as well as snow and ice. Simply a safer and more enjoyable drive.
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    TOTALLY agree, my 2011 MKX I am always fighting for a comfie spot. The seats look comfie but frankly there just is not enough padding in there. I could not agree more. I too have the heated/cooled seats.

    So far I can't say I love the MKX. Well at least with the update my mylincolntouch has not blanked out... that is a plus.
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    Same here, I am sitting on a block of cement. I purchased this car used from a Lincoln dealer in Feb. 2012 at 16,000 Kilometers (10,000 miles) it now has, June 2012, a little over 23,000 kilometers (14,000 miles). I love my 2011 MKX for everything else it gives us but, I actually can't ride it because of both extremely uncomfortable front seats and yes my wife has the same problem on the passenger side. We can't ride more than 1/2 hour and literally the pain in the B.. is unbearable. The front seats don't have enough padding and you are actually sitting on the seat's electric control box. I have never had a car in my life with this type of problem and I am 62.

    With any other cars I ever had seats could have been a bit uncomfortable maybe after driving for 4 hours but it was not because of the seats themselves. My MKX seats have a design flaw and I just can't drive more than 1/2 hour before having to stop and get out of the car and walk to ease the pain and after 3 hours of this exercise the walks don't do any good anymore. I didn't buy this car to let it sit in the drive way, my wife and I enjoy car rides. We just retired and we planned to travel Canada and the USA but we can't do it with seats like that. It gets dangerous driving that uncomfortably, I get tired quickly and it also gets me extremely irritable and it seriously affects my driving.

    Yesterday June 29, 2012, I went to my Lincoln dealer and submitted the problem and I expect a favorable solution from Ford/Lincoln in the next two weeks. I don't want to trade my car because first, I don't have the funds to do so and second, I just love everything else about my MKX and I want to keep it but, if push comes to shove and Ford doesn’t do anything, I will have to get the seats upholstered to my satisfaction and I will sew Ford Canada to small claims court for the cost of the modifications to both seats.

    I will come back to this post later and let you know Ford's reaction and decision. Meanwhile, if anyone else have the same problem, please post your story on the net and this way Ford might just react and get to do something about this problem.
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    Why do you think this is something Ford has to remedy? Everyone is different and what is comfortable to some aren't comfortable to others. That's something you should have checked before you bought it and if they don't work for you then you should have an upholsterer fix it but there's no way Ford should be responsible for that.
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    if push comes to shove and Ford doesn’t do anything, I will have to get the seats upholstered to my satisfaction and I will sew Ford Canada to small claims court for the cost of the modifications to both seats.

    You're joking, right? Have fun in small claims court if you're not.
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    You must be a used car salesman. I hope you don't work for a Ford dealership cause with a judgement like yours your boss would likely loose customers. You are saying that I should have checked this before I bought the MKX (exactly what a used car salesman would say), how stupid can this be because when you test drive a new car and specially a Lincoln a problem like this is not that obvious after only a few miles of driving. You say that (there is no way Ford should be responsible for that), well you are wrong because I have just received a positive response from Ford Canada and they will replace the padding in both the driver and the passenger seat and at the same time I will take the opportunity and make sure the upholsterer will add more padding to make the seat comfortable as the seats should be for a car of that quality and reputation. Ford has recognized the problem with the seat fabrication and will REMEDY the problem. Also for your info, I am actually "different" as you say. I am a very heavy person. I am 62 years old and this is not my first luxury car, I have always been heavier than the average person and I never, I repeat NEVER, had a problem with any other car seats before.

    Suing a company like Ford or any other car company to small claims court is much simpler then you think. Judges also drive cars and they also have car problems and they are inclined to be on the customer side when the logic is there. Court procedures are the last thing car companies want and most of new cars problems are solved before anyone ends up in court. If you always treat people with respect and specially the employees working at the service department of any car dealership you will get excellent response and understanding from them and they all will work with you to resolve your car problems.
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    Just because it's easy to sue doesn't mean it's easy to win. In fact, it's a very rare thing to sue and WIN against a car company. When thousands and thousands of people have the exact same seat that you are complaining about and don't have a problem with it, it would be hard to convince a judge that Ford should change it. Then maybe the other thousands wouldn't like it. Sounds like you're a squeaky wheel and Ford is simply applying some oil to stop the noise and not because there is any design defect.
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    I'm done arguing with you, you will never understand, you are a wright fighter, after reading some of your posts I understand where you come from. You are wright I am wrong and have a good life. Ford still pays for the seats and as far as I am concern that's what counts at the end of the day.
  • m6userm6user Member Posts: 3,181
    Pretty sure I understand, just don't agree. Sorry if that upsets you. Have a good one.
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    I'm happy they're fixing it for you but there is no way you would have won anything in court because you don't have a case. Ford is going out of their way to make you happy and I applaud that, but you can't honestly expect a volume car mfr to custom build a seat just for you every time.

    And for the record - I wasn't saying you were stupid for not finding that out on the test drive. Now that you know that some seats don't work for you I hope you'll do extended test drives from now on. I just don't think that any mfr has to custom design a seat for every individual driver and it's the driver's responsibility to see if it works for them and if not - they should go fix it themselves.
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