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Honda Odyssey vs Dodge/Chrysler minivans



  • tj_610tj_610 Posts: 132
    I've posted this before buying our Ody, but it was a while ago. 4aodge, I agree, the DC vans look very nice. Particularly, I think the T&C is the best-looking minivan, hands down. My wife, she actually thinks the Ody is more distinctive. Probably due to #'s -- although Ody very popular around here, there's more DC vans. Another "looks" factor -- more and better color options on DC vans. Ody's look alike to me, since vast majority are silver, white, or that terrible gray/green/dishwater/changes-every-year-but-name's-the-same color.
    Interior-wise, same thing. Our Ody is very functional, but when I sat inside a T&C Limited, I felt downright pampered.

    dave210, give us Ody owner's a break! Doesn't everyone pay MSRP for their minivan? LOL
  • pluto5pluto5 Posts: 618
    Honda has it's saftey problems, too. Eight recalls on sliding doors coming open. See Center for Auto Safety:
  • cavillercaviller Posts: 331
    Honda has it's saftey problems, too. Eight recalls on sliding doors coming open. See Center for Auto Safety:"

    Recalls, or Technical Service Bulletins?

    Incidentally, Chrysler minivans have their own page, here:

  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Are you sure they're recalls? Better read it again as it is just possible that they are service bulletins. Only recalls come from the great DC. Honda builds better products than that. When they do make a mistake they take care of it, and don't need Uncle Sam to spend my hard earned money hounding them or suing them to fix it. But at least their padded armrest hasn't been recalled......yet. If it was you can count on them not fixing it until the gov. steps in.
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    I think we have heard enough of your padded armrest crap dmathews3
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Talk to the DC people about the padded armrests. I've heard enough of it and the great radios,and other 10 cent items that they have to try and use to to justify why they bought them since they can't match the quality, saftety, resale, or the magic seat of the Honda. Since this is about Odyssey vs DC vans I feel I have the right to throw out those opinions, even if you don't like them. I don't like a lot of the opinions of the DC people but I don't tell them they can't post them. Since my handle is at the top of each of my posts, just look past them, the same as I do. This is America and we still have the right to say what we want, and I hope we never lose that right. If anybody has done wrong it may be YOU with your choice of words. That C word may be a no-no here.
  • 4aodge4aodge Posts: 288
    Don't you just love loud rock music? I know I do. That alone justifies buying a DC minivan with the Inifnity 10 Acoustic sound system w/CD changer over the Honda Snobyssey in my book!
  • 4aodge4aodge Posts: 288
    As long as dmathews continues to make smart comments and remarks about DC minivans, I'll feel free to do the same about the Honda.

    The padded armrests, while useless to some, are very symbolic of Chryslers minivans versus those of Honda. Chrysler vans are more comfortable, offer more convienent features, and look much better than the Honda. The fact that even the basic Chrysler van has padded armrests says something about the level of comfort which is included in all of their models. Just sit inside a 2002 Town & Country Limited to see what I'm saying. You get a level of comfort and luxury in Chrysler vans that you certainly won't get in a Honda. Not to mention the fun to drive factor.

    I just talked with a guy today who owned a green 1999 Honda Odyssey EX at the local gas station. We talked for a little bit about each others rides and what we liked and disliked about them both. He said he had 40k miles on his Odyssey and hasn't experienced any problems. Overall, he seemed very happy with his purchase and said he wouldn't hesitate to look into buying a newer 2002 model if he ever wanted a new van.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    You are welcome to make any remarks you want. You don't see me telling you this is enough of this c***. I don't resent the remarks as much as I resent someone telling me what to do. We still have free speech. As far as loud rock music it's your ears. If your hearing is like mine you wouldn't worry about the quality of the radio. To me I doubt your radio sounds any better than mine. Of course our Caddy STS had a bose in it and I'm sure was even better than whats in your van but it doesn't sound any better than any other radio. But keep going with the loud rock music and you will one day know where I'm coming from.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Enough (there's that word again). Let's let some other owners and wannabe owners have a chance to play.

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  • 4aodge4aodge Posts: 288
    The Infinity Acoustic 10 sound system in my van doesn't sound any better than the cheap "1950s era" sound system in your Honda? Give me a break!
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    What I said is with my hearing I doubt it sounds any different. Keep your rock music cranked up to the max and in a few years you will understand what I just said.
  • pluto5pluto5 Posts: 618
    I suppose there's a difference between recalls initiated by the manufacturer and recalls ordered by the feds but what's the difference: point is there's a defect.
  • cavillercaviller Posts: 331
    TSBs are not recalls at all, because in most cases they don't affect many vehicles and are not safety hazards. They are guidelines made by the manufacturer to troubleshoot problems.

    Check out . Many vehicles, even newer ones, have dozens of TSBs. The 2002 T&C has 16 ( ). Perhaps current owners can comment if they have had 16 recalls on their 2002, or even experienced all 16 'defects'.

    It only takes a small number of injury reports to start an NHTSA investigation, which, if verified, will result in a recall, especially for safety issues.

    Incidentally, the 1999 Odyssey DID have an NHTSA safety recall for the door latches, and also one for power door related latch issues. This affected about 20,000 vehicles. About 7000 early MY 2000 Odysseys also had a door latch recall. 77,000 MY 1999-2000 Odysseys were also recalled for a faulty wire harness which could result in a blown fuse and loss of power for various systems. 31,000 MY 1999 Odysseys were also recalled for a throttle body that stuck open in extremely cold, wet weather due to ice formation. Another 79,000 MY 1999-2000 Odysseys had a dimmer failure for the instrument panel. Finally, 65 MY 2000 Odysseys were recalled for missing welds that could affect crash protection. There are no current recalls of any kind for 2001 or 2002 Odysseys.

    For fairness of comparison, the 1999 T&C had an equally serious recall for front seatbelt retractors that did not comply with standards and would not adequately protect passengers in a crash. It affected 162,000 Chrysler vehicles including T&C. There was also a recall for over 1 million 1995-2000 minivans for a potential fuel leak issue relating to o-ring failure. About 100,000 MY 2001 Chrysler minivans did have a door latch failure issue as well, but only in models not equipped with remote keyless entry. A second recall for 2001 involved 42,000 units for a possible lower control arm bolt failure that could result in loss of vehicle control. There is one current recall for 2002 models, but it only involves owners manuals which did not comply with federal standards regarding LATCH and tether locations. Granted, that's not a physical vehicle defect, though I can attest to the frustration many parents have because their owner's manuals provide incomplete information on carseat installation.

  • pluto5pluto5 Posts: 618
    TSBs don't address safety problems?? Try telling that to a soccer mom whose minivan suddenly died on I-95.
  • cavillercaviller Posts: 331
    I chose my words correctly. I said:

    "TSBs are not recalls at all, because in most cases they don't affect many vehicles and are not safety hazards"

    The ones that are serious safety issues affecting many vehicles and causing actual injuries are usually recalled by manufacturer and/or government.

    Again, just skim through and see how many of the TSBs are related to serious safety hazards. Or just look at the link I provided to TSBs on the 2002 T&C. How many of those do you think are serious safety issues that should result in a recall?
  • garcia2kogarcia2ko Posts: 16
    Both of these vans have features that appeal to their owners/buyers. Here's what matters to me:

    1. Magic seat. Had a 72 CJ5 and a 77 Bronco, each with a fairly lightweight, removable seat. Took it out just often enough that it was a pain. Many people don't care, but it makes things a lot easier just flipping the darned thing down.
    2. Automatic sliding doors. It's one step ahead when unloading or loading kids. But, I can imagine why it's a waste to others. I like it.
    3. Powerful engine. What stopped me from buying an MPV.

    What doesn't matter:
    1. TCS. Would rather have all wheel drive (but not the drain on gas), since TCS works only <18 mph. Not enough opportunities for me to need the TCS.
    2. Ability to haul flat sheets of plywood. I have no doubt that many people out there need to do this, but not me.
    3. Trip-related electronics or other fanciness. Don't drive enough for this expense. A few thousand miles a year, if lucky. I've got the latest handheld and other gadgets, but only because I use them.

    A huge factor was the reliability issue. Chose the Honda after owning a Civic for many years and no problems, plus checked CR (I know, lots of people don't trust them) stats. I still have too many questions about DC products, although there are many satisfied buyers out there.
  • pluto5pluto5 Posts: 618
    The TSBs have to be reported to NHTSA and there is a likelihood that some will be safety related although I'm sure you are correct that most won't be. Nevertheless, consumers should be aware of ones that are and ask NHTSA to order a recall. Prior to the requirement that they be reported consumers could not find out about problem components. Example, fasteners on rear liftgate could fail: liftgate dropped on soccer mom's head could cause serious injury. There was a TSB for that on my GC.
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    Yes dmathews3, I should've used another word.

    "To me I doubt your radio sounds any better than mine. Of course our Caddy STS had a bose in it and I'm sure was even better than whats in your van but it doesn't sound any better than any other radio."

    Of course you are not going to hear anything better from your Caddy's Bose system than your Honda's. Bose doesn't make good car audio system, their home audio is ok (good in high to med range but weak at the low). A good audio system doesn't need to be loud, in fact, a good system should be able to reproduce all the details in any volume setting. Go sit inside a DC van with the Infinity system installed and you will find out what you have be missing...and no you don't have to drive the van because we all knew you think the van will blow up anytime.
  • sweingastsweingast Posts: 28
    The Town and Country and the Ody are the best full length mini vans out there (Sorry Ford & GM). Toyota, Mazda and Kia are 4/5 scale and don't fit my size needs. I have spent too many hours at a half dozen dealers and on the net to prove this to myself. I actually knew this earlier on but I spent too much time confirming the obvious.

    Neither van is perfect or the best. Too bad Honda didn't buy Chrysler, then we would have the best of both worlds. The best minivan would have:

    Interior styling of the T&C
    Honda's engine
    Crash test of the Honda
    Power rear doors and hatch by Chrysler
    T&C's sound system & sound insulation
    T&C's driver's seat
    Honda's middle seats
    Honda's magic seat which splits ala T&C

    I would not take anyone else's features other than Mazda's sunroof and the Sienna's transmission. Chrysler's newly improved transmission is only at par with Honda's mediocre transmission. As to general quality, Honda is notably better than D/C, but the Ody is not upto the Civic and Accord standards.

    As to exterior styling, IT'S A MINIVAN.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    They aren't nuts, just have different opinions.

    btw, if you compose in Notepad, you won't have all the garbage Microsoft SmartQuotes characters that get pasted in (or just turn off SmartQuotes in Word).

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  • pat84pat84 Posts: 817
    I know exactly what you mean.

    As for audio systems, the DC Infinity System is much better than the Odyssey. No question. It is one of the things I miss most in my Odyssey. As an aside, I rented a Cadillac recently. It had a sound system that was better than the Infinity. I was really impressed with it.
  • calgcalg Posts: 53
    On the Chrysler 7yr/100,000 powertrain commercials, they call it a powertrain "pledge". Is there any difference between a pledge and a warranty? Have any new Chrysler owners read the small print on their pledge? Does it read like a warranty? Any deductables? I'm not being confrontational... just curious.
  • tj_610tj_610 Posts: 132
    Just went through all the new posts since my last visit. My latest 2 cents...

    sweingast, you have just designed the perfect minivan! Call Toyota before the '03 Sienna is finalized, they need you. Only one disagreement. I test drove the Sienna, and think the Ody 5-spd tranny is better. But I am used to Hondas, so that might be personal (like anything on this board isn't LOL).

    Regarding stereos -- our van replaced my wife's Maxima with a Bose system. $$$ to replace one of those amplified speakers. Very UNIMPRESSED with overall quality. Highs and lows all muted. My '88 Civic sounds way better, with less than $400 invested in Kenwood CD and 4 Kenwood speakers. 4aodge, I agree w/lots of your posts, but not about Ody stereo. While I agree the T&C is better, I too like loud rock (and country and classical), and the Ody stereo is fine. It's no Mark Levison, but it gets the job done. I'm sure the optional subwoofer would be even better.
  • 4aodge4aodge Posts: 288
    I've never even heard the sound from a Honda Odyssey before so I've made my past comments about the audio system based upon what I've heard other Ody owners here on the boards say about it. My cousin and her family have a 1999 Odyssey LX which they seem to like but whenever I drive my uncle around in our Town & Country with the Infinity 10 Acoustic system he always comments on how good the sound is.

    I like the Infinity system alot but it is far from being the best stock system out there. It gives really good bass and the sound quality is very clear although a little more power at high volume would be appreciated. Overall it is a great system and is well worth the 700 bucks you pay to get it. Edmunds even rated it over the Sienna with the JBL system in their 2001 minivan test.
  • tj_610tj_610 Posts: 132
    In my experience, you can almost always do better getting the stock system in any vehicle, and upgrading yourself with aftermarket components. But $700 for a 10-speaker Infinity system seems pretty good.
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    Like a lot of new cars, DC van's headunit is custom made to match the rest of the panel. Aftermarket system will not fit in it...I am glad they used the Infinity system. One good thing about Honda's stereo system is you can replace them with aftermarket stuff. However, if the placement of the speakers opening in the car are bad to start with. Those good speakers can only help so much. It is true that there aren't many good aftermarket systems will cost as little as $700 and sound as good as the one in DC van
  • tj_610tj_610 Posts: 132
    That's interesting, I've never heard of a car that there was no aftermarket stereo that would fit. Granted, installation and mounting difficulty may vary, and thus cost too if done by someone else. I've always ordered things from Crutchfield, they are great if you want to find what will fit, get free installation instructions custom to your car, and don't mind doing it yourself. They also have custom bass speaker enclosures for many trucks, SUV's and vans that replace normal paneling and are thus "invisible".

    You are very right about speaker placement, but especially for tweeters. Midrange less so, and bass can be placed anywhere. Good news with tweeters is they are small and a custom installer can usually "squeeze them in" somewhere. That's if you can stomach someone, er, "modifying" your dash or door panel. That was an easy decision in my old Pontiac wagon in college, not so easy with the wife's brand new '02 EX-L. ;-)

    So, overall, you are probably right, tomtomtom -- just pay the $700 and be done! LOL. I agree that with such a large, multi-speakered vehicle, this is the easy option, and in this case a quality one. Despite everything I just said, if the Ody had such an upgrade, I probably would have just taken it, too. Now, for my future new truck, that's another story.....
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    oh yes, you could always put something in the dash however, it might not look as it belongs. Actually, if you look at Crutchfield's catalog and you will find they don't have any headunits for 2001 DC's Van with Infinity systems. I think Crutchfield is a good place to get the information but I wouldn't buy any headunits from them because of their price are MSRP. If you want I can tell you a very good internet retailer where you can get great stuff for much less.

    I agree, it is much easier to install stuff in your own car. Otherwise, the wife would ask why you put that round/dome things on the door panel and why there is a big black tube in the trunk.
  • tj_610tj_610 Posts: 132

    The box in the back of my old wagon was so big, I couldn't even get the spare tire out. Shows you where my priorities were in college.

    I'll take that internet retailer, just post the link. Thanks, tomtomtom!
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