Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy

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Chewy Trailblazer and siblings GMC Envoy, Old Bravado doesn't have a spot on Town Hall that I can find, before this post. Edmunds ran a first drive report about 12-21-00 and there is some info on the official Chevrolet web site. My insight is that this is a completely new platform meant to go head to head with the Explorer. I believe it will be smaller/cheaper than Tahoe (etc).
Chewy has a brochure, mostly blitz, no spews, you can get from web site. Brochure does mention and web site heavily emphasizes new 270hp straight 6 engine. 6400 l. tow capacity, other stuff. This is 5 passenger SUV, 3rd row not apparently going to be available.
Engine runs on regular gas, 275 b. torque @3600 rpm.
I think these SUVs will be MAJOR influence and maybe heat UP competition and bring DOWN prices.
Due this spring.
What do you think?


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    interested in new suv from gm. where can one find more detailed info on the new ones. have talked to my dealer and they have no info on hand as of yet. my 3 year lease runs out in march 2001. now have a 1998 s-10 blazer, really taking a hard look at the 2002. like the body style (only seen pictures)on Edmunds!!! any help would be appreciated.
  • baddestbob1baddestbob1 Member Posts: 96
    Go to Chevy web site and check concept cars and/or Trailblazer, you can order brochure online
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    The Chevy sight has some interesting stuff. For raw information (although not quite as much as I would like), the GMC (www.gmc.com and click on the Envoy link) sight has more.

    I do like these, and the 2002 Explorer/Mountaineer. I think GM missed out by not having 7 passenger seating available this year. Although it does sound like they have the best engine of all of the mid-sized SUV's.
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    I think the Envoy is definitely the better looking of the three. Somebody scared the explorer designers with with a picture of the last Taurus. I don't think they could have been more conservative.
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    For anyone interested I had an opportunity this past weekend to attend the Auto show in Washington DC and they had the 2002 Envoy and Trailblazer on display. Being an unhappy owner of a 1998 Blazer I can tell you that the Blazer has not been my best friend. With that said, looking at the two SUV's on display the Envoy would be my choice of the two from an appearance standpoint only. Very sharp SUV. I am, lets say, more than cautious when I think about my next purchase or about recommending someone to look at anything being produced by GM until they have made a commitment to quality and have a proven record to back it up. It has been an exhausting 2 years running to the dealer for repairs.
    Everyone always says not to buy a new model for the first two years so the bugs can be worked out. I say that is a good rule to follow in this case.
    Boat10, have you had quality problems with your 98 Blazer?
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    Current Blazer has had it's share of problems and it is an old design, but everyone I know who has one personally is generally happy. The new Trailblazer looks amazing and although I am a bit cautious with new designs, it couldn't be any worse than the Ford Escape. Trailblazer, Sautrn Vue, 02 Bravada, Pathfinder and Rodeo are on the top of my SUV shopping list next year.
  • boat10boat10 Member Posts: 59
    I've not had any real major problems. The only thing has been a oil cooler line that came loose....(WHAT A MESS) and they had too replace the muffler at 21000 miles! (baffales came undone inside the muffler), but all-in-all I've been very pleased with the vehicle. This is my 6th Blazer since they were introduced in 1983, and I guess I will continue to drive them.I really have a good dealer...someone you can trust...and he keeps me satisfied!!!!!!
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    Good point. If you have a dealer who is willing to go the extra steps to take care of you makes all the difference in the world. If you start to lose trust and faith in what the service department is telling you people will end up like myself after there warranty runs out. Going out and buying something "Made in Japan".
    The Blazer belongs to my wife. Me, I have a 2000 Nissan Frontier (yes, built in TN) that I bought in 99 that I drove off the lot new and has never been back in 17 month. This truck is tight, very solid. Nothing has come lose, fallen off or made unexplainable sounds like the Blazer.
    Boat10, I'm glad there are some out there as yourself that have had, and are having good service from their Blazer. I wish that I was one, we really do enjoy the look, size of our Blazer and it fits our needs.
    As for the 2002 Envoy, I really do want to look at this SUV but have a hard time getting past the GM badge on the front grill. Maybe this new model will prove me and others wrong. Surely Chevrolet monitors these Town Hall meetings and they read Consumer Reports magazine. The Blazer has taken a beating for several years now in the integrity, reliability department. They need to hit a HOME RUN with the 2002 and not make the same mistakes again that they made with the S-10 Blazer.
    The internet is quickly becoming a very powerful tool and automobile research for price and reliability is just one example of the consumer becoming more empowered.
    Sorry, way to long...
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    Ive heard great things about the Trailblazer and might just sp[ring for one myself. Theres word going around that the Extended-wheelbase version big enough to compete with the Durango will come out as a 2003 model, complete with 3rd row seat. What happened to the old K-Blazers? I want one!
  • dindakdindak Member Posts: 6,632
    I also heard there will be no 2-door Trailblazer, but the old model 2-door Blazer will continue to be produced. Is this true??
  • cburrouscburrous Member Posts: 1
    Very excited about getting a new Envoy. Do you have any idea about pricing? Will this be a 30,40,thousand dollar suv or could you get one in the low 20's?

    [email protected]
  • jblaze13jblaze13 Member Posts: 152
    I'm also considering an Envoy. I talked to a local dealer who said there is no pricing yet. They aren't accepting orders yet either. When they begin accepting orders then you will see the pricing. I looked at the pricing of the 2002 Explorer which is not much higher than the current Explorer (roughly 30k for an XLT). I can't imagine GM not being competitive with Ford in their pricing. I suspect the Trailblazer with a few options will match the Explorer at about 30k and the Envoy will run in the area of 32-33K. In between the blazer and the bravado. I'll let you know if I hear anything concrete.
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    One of the advantages of buying domestic is the price advantage. Lets they don't price them like Lexus and acura. GM just say no to $35,000 bravadas.
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    I have talked to a local dealership and they informed me that each dealership will have one Envoy for customer viewing by mid February. I have also heard that complete road test info on the Envoy will not be available until Feb 1, 2001.

    I have reviewed almost every article on the Envoy in anticipation. Here are some links to review we see the real thing:





  • lbthedoglbthedog Member Posts: 198
    Going to a straight six is brilliant. Though it may be a bit intiminidating visually, the advantages are numerous. The Japanese have recognized the value and advantage of variable cam timing. This is the first domestic effort and it's in a market that is very competitive. This motor has some really neat features. Coil per plug ignition, electronic throttle control, an engine mounted ECM, a relatively high capacity oiling system, (uses oil pressure to advance or retard cam timing, electronically controlled) all aluminum construction. What will be missed by some is that this motor gets by with only one catalytic convertor which not only helps with emission numbers but allows GM save a few bucks. GM claims 270 horsepower and that was announced after Ford announced the ratings of it's new Explorer. Explorer has a couple of eights while this is a solo choice. This six out powers both of Ford's motors. I have to agree the Envoy appeals to me me more. Not having seen the new Explorer, it better be an exceptional vehicle to compete with the Envoy TrailBlazer duo. there is no doubt that GM has gotten back in this market. The previuos vehicles weren't in the ball park.
  • greg116greg116 Member Posts: 116
    I can't stop drooling over these things! Can you imagine what that new straight-six could do for the next S-10s? I just wish the new platform included a two-door ZR2 model. What a demon that would be! I can't decide wether to go out and buy one now, first-year problems be damned, or wait for the extended version. With this new engine, GM can give the boot to the 4.3 V6 and 4.8 V8! An American truck with valve timing! Amazing! Can't wait to see a comparison test, in which the new Exploder will be blown away!
  • dindakdindak Member Posts: 6,632
    I would think with a good marketing campaign, GM should be able to take the sales crown with these new models. Ford is having problems both with production of it's 2002 models and with it's image after the Firestone fiasco.

    I am really looking forward to the 2001 Toronto Auto Show in February!
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    Spotted 2002 envoy on Christmas eve tailing me at 70mph. I noticed the GM plate from Ohio. I let him lead to get a better look and size him up next to other SUV's Bigger than the Dodge Durango and a Rx300 he drove next to. Looked very sharp in black. I tried to keep up until he hit the gas and easily left me and my taurus with little vision of envoys dancing in my head.
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    Wow! GM is really trying to takeover that mid size SUV market and they will with that killer 270 up incline V6! A local GMC dealer I am working with in callas let me know that 2 '02 Envoys were coming in later in the month and another 7 in February. He said he may even have pricing this week. I'll post the info as soon as I receive it.
  • pkdlpkdl Member Posts: 10
    I have not seen any interior capacity information, such as cargo volume and width, for these vehicles. Has anyone else seen some somewhere?

    One tie-breaker for me is whether I can carry the occasional 4x8 sheets home from the cabinet supply store....
  • jimxojimxo Member Posts: 423
    Anyone know if GM is offering the new XM system in the 2002 model Envoy/Bravada?
  • swsmsswsms Member Posts: 62
    There is capacity info on the 2002 Bravada site: http://www.2002bravada.com/home.asp. It should be reasonably the same across all three vehicles.

    As an extra note, the '02 Explorer and '02 Bravada have basically the same dimensions. This is great opportunity for GM to gain market share in the mid size SUV market. Hopefully their quality will complement what we've seen so far.

    Can you tell I'm anxious?!?
  • baddestbob1baddestbob1 Member Posts: 96
    Lots of spec info at www.velocityjrnl.com under 2002 chevrolet trailblazer but not specific(that I can tell) on cargo capacity but I would guess yes to 4 X8.
  • jimxojimxo Member Posts: 423
    I was looking to purchase a 2002 GMC or Oldsmobile, However with oldsmobile going out of business the resale on the car will be poor. Service and warranty can be done at any GM dealer should it matter that much?
  • dindakdindak Member Posts: 6,632
    Oldsmobile service should be no problem. Re-sale may suffer a little, but I don't think it will be a huge issue given the mechanical similarity with the GMC/ Chevy models. Truck resale is generally very good and the new Bravada should run for at least 4-5 years anyway.
  • blake777blake777 Member Posts: 6
    Has anyone seen any specs on
    how fast the the new 2002 Envoy
    gets to 60 mph?
  • baddestbob1baddestbob1 Member Posts: 96
    Haven't seen any numbers yet on this. Edmunds has "first drive" report but nothing on performance. Velocity Automotive Journal has most specs on size, volume. etc. Chevy web site on Trailblazer is a "cutesy" pain in the A. GM web site much more forthright. Chevy has a brochure they will mail you but not much info. I think this truck is going to kick Ford really hard and if the quality is good every one else too.
  • jimxojimxo Member Posts: 423
    I have called GMC and Oldsmobile looking to drive a demo, however no samples available. Holding out from buying an SUV until I have a chance to drive this bad boy. Has anyone had any luck?
  • jimxojimxo Member Posts: 423
    Any crash test data? The current models have not faired very well. I am considering the explorer but due to explorer roll over during tire failure I am hesitant. Any tire can puncture its what happens after that.
  • dindakdindak Member Posts: 6,632
    Crash data will not arrive until after the models are released. As for testing one, you will probably have to wait a month or two. Oldsmobile Bravada will be the first one on the market.
  • baddestbob1baddestbob1 Member Posts: 96
    Trailblazers (and I assume Envoys) will be at all of the auto shows, according to info I received from Chevy, more info at Trailblazer website.
  • b4zb4z Member Posts: 3,372
    I would think 0-60 would be about 8 seconds. It should be a little slow off the line because it is DOHC, but i imagine that its highway performance should be unbelievable. A 4.10 rearend will be avaailable to help with the low end torque. My intrigue has a power to weight ratio of 15.91, it does 0-60 in 7.8 seconds. The trailblazer and its brethren have a power to weight ratio of 16.7, so i would expect 8-8.5 seconds.
  • jhuejhue Member Posts: 5
    Well, I must be an idiot because I searched all over the GM area and all I saw was the Envoy on the turntable. There was a 2001 Blazer on the floor, but that was it.

    I'll definitely be looking at an Envoy later this year when I replace my Jeep Grand Cherokee. I've looked at everything else, foreign and domestic, and it'll either be another Grand Cherokee, or the Envoy. I'm a little wary of the new engine design though. If I decide on the Envoy I may wait until next year to make sure they get all the bugs worked out.
  • baddestbob1baddestbob1 Member Posts: 96
    www.suv.com has retail prices on all models (but not on options). Assume invoice would be appeoximately same % as other models in GMC lineup. get to web site and click on "news". Good recap of standard features. Report says at dealers in early March. I would think TB might come in $1500 or so cheaper.
  • dindakdindak Member Posts: 6,632
    Odd that there was no Bravada as this will be the first one of the new models out.
  • poisondartfrogpoisondartfrog Member Posts: 102
    GM had all three models (Trailblazer, Envoy, and Bravada) at THE show. First impressions:

    - Exterior and interior Envoy styling was more unique than the TB or the Bravada. I preferred the Envoy's front clip (monochrome silver at the show). The Envoy's HVAC outlets were set off by aluminum/chrome bezels. The Envoy's tach and speedo were framed in chrome, not as attractive as in the TB and the Bravada, which have more traditional whilte markings/black bckgrd with no framing. Can't GM source attractive instrumentation like in the 300M?
    - The rear seat and its (in)ability ti fold flat; OK, you pull the back of the lower cushion up and forward (pivots at the front) and the upper seat and headrest fold down. Trouble is, with the front seats all the way back, the lower back seat can't get enough clearance forward to allow the back portion to lay flat. Hmmm... oh yeah, on the Bravada, the battery is located under the left rear passenger seat cushion, with the jack under the right rear passenger seat. Looks like wasted space for the jack, although I can buy the idea of putting the battery (weight) near the center of the vehicle for better weight distribution. In the TB, the fuse box is under the left rear passenger seat.
    - Steering wheel design looks cheap. The airbag has become smaller, and it looks like it came from the Isuzu Rodeo parts bin.
    - 17" wheels are very nice.
    - Supposely the rearend on the Bravada is 4.10... Why? With the torque of a I-6, why not go to a 3.42 or a 3.73, for better fuel mileage? My '97 with the 4.3 and 3.73s can pull a boat just fine... but 21 mpg (best) could be much better!
  • jimxojimxo Member Posts: 423
    I am wondering if a 6 footer can fit in the rear without assuming the crash position? 2002 Envoy is bigger, but will that increase with interior space that much?
  • baddestbob1baddestbob1 Member Posts: 96
    My info shows headroom in front 40.3, rear 39.8 both more than EXP, hiproom more, legroom in front a little less at 43.l and a little more in back at 38.3. Overall Trailblazer and Explorer very similar size except no 3rd row seats (yet) in GM models
  • jimxojimxo Member Posts: 423
    2002 Bravada has a base price of $34.167 (4wd) and $31.635 (2wd). See Motortrend.com main page for details.
  • jimxojimxo Member Posts: 423
    I jumped on the boards to quickly with my Bravada pricing, did I spell pricing with an "e" before? GM's new pricing on Trailblazer/Envoy/Bravada is all over the web today. Envoy SLE base $28,280 or SLT $33,820. CarandDriver.com. Bravada customers will get a better warranty 5/60 bumper to bumper. Looks like I can order my Envoy now. But what color?
  • baddestbob1baddestbob1 Member Posts: 96
    Saw prices on C&D tonite, believe base is $28820 instead of $28280. 4wd models listed at 31,045 and 33,820, freight on all $600. Have not been able to find any prices on Chevy Trailblazer yet. If anyone sees them please post or note source. Thanks
  • dindakdindak Member Posts: 6,632
    I really hope to see some "value" priced Trailblazers. While I would love a Bravada, fact is I probably can't afford it right now. Current Blazers aren't very expensive, but they aren't great trucks and they are too small. From what I hear, the current Blazer design will be available for a few years to come.
  • warrenw48warrenw48 Member Posts: 21
    I can't find any info on caranddriver.com. I am trying to locate accurate pricing info and you seem to be having much better luck than I am. I found an estimate on the Bravada but nothing on the envoy or trailblazer. Thanks for your help, I am sure it is operator error.
  • morin2morin2 Member Posts: 399
    The GM website: www.gm.com lists "press releases" under "news & events". The Bravada pricing announcement was 1/23 and the Envoy was 1/24, no press release
    for Trailblazer yet. No pricing yet for options/packages/etc.
  • baddestbob1baddestbob1 Member Posts: 96
    Chevvy sent me a nic brochure about 6 weeks ago with some pretty pics of young people smiling like they had just passed a big load of gas. Some sparse info on truck but no details per post # 48. C&D pricing: SLE 28,820 or 31, 045 on 4ws; SLT $31595 or $33820 4wd.
    Really bad news on sales and profits, especially for GM and Dam/Chrysler. Saw a comment that it is cheaper for GM to shut down production than to cut prices. However, I would think that GM and Ford will both bleed some to establish their new SUV/trucks.
    Chevrolet www.Trailblazer.com has updated their goofy teaser presentation. It lists some new stuff, especially available 10 colors outside and several cloth and leather interiors. Also has pics of truck in each color. GMC Envoy site has most of the important specs.
  • scnamescname Member Posts: 296
    Can't find how much the Envoy weight. Not in the brochure I picked up at auto show. Not on their web site.
  • b4zb4z Member Posts: 3,372
    I think they all weigh about 4550 lbs. Which is more than this year's versions but they are much stiffer structurally.
  • jimxojimxo Member Posts: 423
    Autoworldweekly.com reports that GM has partnered with Visteon.com to provide satalite radio and rear seating DVD and monitor systems on 2002 SUV's. If you visit Visteon.com click on technology you will find details there. Most likely to be an after market installation. No word on cost yet, however some other GM mini vans have similar equipment and will be priced accordingly is my guess.
  • jimxojimxo Member Posts: 423
    I stopped at my local GMC dealer for scheduled service and picked up the official 2002 Envoy broucher. Your dealer should have all new information by now.
  • dindakdindak Member Posts: 6,632
    Darn it.. I was at the my dealership for an oil change today and never thought to look. Oh well, the auto show is only 2 weeks away. I can probably get something there.
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