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I have a 1995 Mercury Mystique. I recently took it to my mechanic for a front end alignment. My mechanic called me and said that the camber on the left side is off by 1 percent and .75 on the right side. He told me that Ford has no fixes for this problem. Does anybody know how to get my front end back in alignment. Apparently Ford never came up with a fix for this problem.


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    Can't remember offhand the upper strut mount setup on the Mystique, but a lot of strut vehicles with no adjustment provision can be adjusted by using a die grinder to elongate the mounting holes for the upper strut mounts.
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    Although Mystique problems haven't come up very often in this conference, it will be more useful to have a general "Mystique problems" discussion. I have slightly altered the discussion title in order to invite a broader conversation.

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    I recently bought a 95 Mere Mystique AS with the 2.0L. I have had it for about 6 weeks. Problems began when I lost heat in the car. At -30 this is a big problem. Took it back to the dealership and after two days of trying to figure out the problem, they tell me the heater core is plugged and needs to be replaced. Fortunately it is still under their used car warranty. Unfortunately, There are no heater cores to be had in North America (dealership says it is on back order) That was over a month ago.
    Now, I can get a little heat if I keep the PM's above 2500. Ever since I took it in that first time (three weeks ago) I have been back four times because the car now loses all heat inside and overheat. They have had the radiator out because they said they found a leak. (I live in a brand new house with a brand new garage. I have found NO coolant on the floor so I don't know where it would have leaked to!) The last time I had it in (last weekend) I was told that there is an air lock in the cooling system.
    Two questions. Is this an ongoing thing with the Mystique/Contour line? And does any body know where I can get a heater core?
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    I have owned several Contours and one Mystique, this is not something that happens on a regular
    basis. I would suspect the heater core as said or the thermostat. How many miles are on the car? Did you have the vehicle looked at before you bought it? I would try to be patient with the dealer, and not assume the worst right off the bat. These are very good cars if taken care of.
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    I now understand that Ford maybe recalling, if I can remember 1995 through 1996 Contours and Mystiques for I believe overhearing conditions? I should have said this never happened to any of my cars.
    Good luck. I stiil feel that these are some of the most overlooked cars on the American market. I am looking again to replace yhe 1996 SE I sold awhile back.
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    I have a 1996 Mercury Mystic that (after cold weather starts) has a very loud noise coming from the engine. The noise starts after the car has warmed up. As long as the gas pedal is depressed, the noise is not there. But, if I stop or slow down, it starts again. Just giving the car gas makes it go away. This problem only occurs when the weather is below 32 degrees. This is the 2nd winter that I have had this problem. I have taken the car to two different dealers and they cannot find anything wrong with the car. Nor can they recreate this problem. Any ideas? please email me your response at [email protected] Thanks
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    try checking the timing belt when its cold the belt snaps against the cover
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    I have a 96 Mystique with the 4 cyl Zetec engine. V6 is a chain. Anyway, I heard the same noise on cold starts but mine went away after warm up. At 60,000 recently had the timing belt and water pump replaced with the tension springs replaced etc. Slapping noise or whatever it was has gone away with the new belt. I have been using synthetic 10W30 for years but went to 0W30 to get quicker flow to the heads this winter, seems to be a little quiter as well.

    There is a recall on the V6 having to do with the fan and overheating.
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    I have had a really annoying rear suspension creak on my 99 Mystique LS. Ford recommended the replacement of the rear springs. That solved the problem for a month. The creaks back, and I am tired of taking the car in (still under warranty, but annoying to have to go back to the dealership). Anyone have a similar experience?
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    Hey there, I've had the same problem with a 2000 Mystique LS. After four (yup four) visits, they finally reduced it to *almost* nill by lubing the emergency brake cable and the rear stabilizer bar. However, I still notice it ocassionally, so I'm taking it back in again and asking them to check the suspension too. In the process of the four visits they have managed to also change the power seat motor once (and it needs changing again) and broken off several interior plastic trim that have been replaced. Not a very good track record and a shame since I like the car otherwise. I managed to get my dealer to give me a rental car on visit number three since it was getting out of hand. I have yet to call Mercury to [non-permissible content removed], but I think I will pretty soon, and maybe you should try that too. The dealer tells me that Mercury can authorize them to give out a rental car even for Mystique-class cars (which they ordinarily don't do). Good luck and let me know if your dealer has any ideas that my doesn't. PS I'm in the DC area and used dealers in Fairfax and Tysons Corner in case you are in this area too.
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    I took the car back again. They are going to replace the right rear shock and strut, I believe. I'll let you know if that works....
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