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New 2010Accord V6 EXL - headlight scratched, hlp

suigensuigen Posts: 5
edited August 2014 in Honda
signed a deal with a dealer for new 2010 accord v6 exl witha nj dealer. was about to take delivery of it when we noticed a big scratch on the headlight. dealer offered to repair it. But now not sure if we need to go ahead with the purchase or should we take delivery of a new car.
Any suggestions ?


  • Signed a deal to purchase a new Accord 2010V6EXLfor $24176+$695(options)+750+399+398+16 = 28227 OTD. is it good deal?
  • Damage to new cars during delivery and while on the lot does happen. Small dents/scratches/chips, broken glass and other repairs are routinely done before cars are sold. I would not be worried with a repaired headlight lens.

  • I concur with MrBill, if there isn't any other damage to the car I would have the dealer repair the headlight cover or replace the entire assembly. My brother took delivery of a Mazda some years ago that had a huge gash on the front bumper when he got it and the dealer repaired the problem for him about a week later with no ill effects.

    Im sure once fixed it will be as good as new - enjoy your new car !
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