Mitsubishi Going out of Business?

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Sorry if this has already been discussed, but am looking at buying an Outlander. Should I be wary if Mitsubishi is in financial trouble?



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    Naysayers have been saying that for at least 5 years now. That was years before GM and Chrysler went bankrupt. If there are car companies you should be wary of, it's the 2 that I mention. NOT Mitsubishi. In fact, sales have been pretty decent with the intro of the new Outlander and new Lancer, and in a few weeks, the new Outlander Sport. The dealership where I bought my Outlander closed shop, not because business was bad, but rather because they were bad bad business, nothing but a$$h0les. Sure enough, a couple of weeks ago, the Chrysler dealership across the street became the new Mitsubishi dealership in our area.
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    Mitsubishi cars are goods cars for the price and high technology incorporated in them. My opinion is that Mitsubishi dealers (few exceptions) usually let down MMA because of poor customer relationship and after sale service. Majority of Mitsubishi car salesmen are charming before you buy a car from them. After the sale has been done you will note how the same people don’t want to know about you. We need to take into consideration that dealerships usually have 3 or 4 semi autonomous departments: (1)-Sale department, (2)- Service Department, (3)- Part Department, (4)- Financial department, and (5)- the Office of the top dealership Manager or CEO.

    When the car is under warranty, the dealership cannot do any repair without the go ahead of a Mitsubishi representative for the area where the dealership is located. A telephone call sometimes is enough to initiate the repair under warranty.

    There is a lot of bargaining and time waste while waiting for a free mechanics for evaluation of your car problem. Some dealerships require you to sign a document just to find out what is wrong with the car. Equally the person responsible for elucidating decisive actions is usually not there, adding to the frustrations. The after sales Mitsubishi dealer’s responses are the main cause of frustration and therefore many of us blame MMA. I think MNA is addressing this problem with dealerships mismanaging owners concerns.

    There is nothing that can tell me that MMA will go bust. So far it is the best deal a discerning person can get for their money. If you don’t have any funny feeling against Japanese cars or Japanese society; Mitsubishi cars are the best deal you can get presently. I think it will very hard to beat. If you like the names of BMW, Mercedes, Acura, Audi, etc., then it is your problem. Not even the over $50,000 price tag of the mentioned manufacturers can equate to the technology incorporated into the Outlander GT. Not even Toyota with its million recall cars can equate to Mitsubishi including any Subaru. You just need to read my experiences of driving this car to the North and South Pole. Many of us are just patriotic people that buy cars because they think they are helping American products. If there is an American product that equates the Outlander GT I will not have any doubts to buy an American product. Unfortunately this is not the case presently.
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    Many of us are just patriotic people that buy cars because they think they are helping American products. If there is an American product that equates the Outlander GT I will not have any doubts to buy an American product. Unfortunately this is not the case presently.

    That is so true. american name but built in part or in whole from Canada and Mexico. Toyota and Honda are probably more american in terms of production compared to some so-called american makes and models. Mitsubishi, although a Japanese company, builds the Eclipse and the Endeavor and actually sell them locally and exports them from America to the world market. How's that for helping the american economy?
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    I really like the outlander GT (6 cylinder) but the literature says "premium gas recommended". What does that mean? If I use regular gas what effect does it have on the vehicle?
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    It means you get slightly less horsepower and slightly worse fuel economy. Like, say 6 to 8 HP less & maybe .3-.4MPG worse. But as long as it doesn't say premium is required you won't cause any harm to the system if you don't use it. For instance, in a premium fuel required vehicle you might hear more pronounced engine knocking if running on regular. But the Mitsu engine won't do that.

    I have a '10 Outlander GT with the same engine and I use midgrade (89 octane) most of the time. Can't say I've missed those couple of HP and I've averaged 21 MPG over 13K miles including last winter and this one (which means crappy winter-blend gas). So I'm still averaging 1 MPG better than EPA which says 20 overall for my car.
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    I usually use 1/2 tank premium and 1/2 tank regular. I use a little notebook to remember what kind of petrol I added to the tank the previous time (1/2 of premium or regular)
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    I buy midgrade, which on average is about the same. Around here, regular/midgrade/premium is 87/89/92-93 octane. All varieties are E10; 10% ethanol and we get the cruddy winter blend gas.

    Unless I've got an 80+ mile trip any given day, I'll run the tank down until the distance-to-empty range is 40, 30, or even "---" miles before filling up.

    Using my cost tracker spreadsheet, gas is running 13-17 cents/mile.
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    CEO speeches the past year or so, Mitsubishi has absolutely no plans to pull out of the U.S. market. For one reason, the i-MiEV sales program is just getting started. Mitsubishi has invested a lot of money in to getting their new all-electric perfected and they want return on their investment!

    Their i-MiEV is the all-electric car I would part dollars with first if I wanted to go that route. That's just one reason. Anyone else read about a Hybrid Lancer for 2013? Mitsubishi is planning on building one, and that goes back about 2 years when they announced that project. These people are enthusiasts, not just backyard automotive brawlers...they know the U.S. market still has potential for sales for them and they're not going to just turn around and walk away with their tails between their legs. Not even close, kimo-slobby's.

    Keep your eyes and ears open for some really exciting stuff in the next couple a years from Mitsubishi.

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    My Lincoln LS calls for 91 Octane. Around here you can buy either mid-grade 89 or Premium 93. I run it down to half tank, fill with mid-grade, next time use premium.
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    In 2013 we will see the next gen Outlander, which is currently being shown in concept as the PX-MiEV. It's a Plug-in Hybrid, which can even double as a power generator if your on a camping trip or during power outage. The hybrid Evo is just speculation, but with the way things are going, it's not impossible. There is already an electric Lancer Evolution that they tested for rallying, see here:
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    I was in Missouri last month and a Shell station offered 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, and 92 octane. Strangest thing I've ever seen on a gas pump.
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    A long time ago, Sunoco had the "custom-blended" pumps, where you could get anything from 86-94...

    I don't think they do that, any more..

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