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Aftermarket keyless entry

sjvirchowsjvirchow Posts: 4
edited September 2014 in Honda
I just bought a 2001 Honda Accord LX. It's a fantastic car! It came from the car lot with a "Valet" branded keyless entry remote. One of the two it came with works perfectly fine. The second one however, doesn't. The green LED on it doesn't light up unless you press "AUX" unlike the remote that works, where any button press lights up the green LED. Here's a picture of what the remote looks like. I've tried, but I don't think it has a remote start system. How do I program the additional remote?

Thanks guys! =)


  • I don't think you need to program the non-working remote, rather you need to buy a replacement for that remote and program the system to recognize the replacement. The lack of a light on the fob when pressing the buttons generally indicates the remote has issues, I would guess you have already tried a new battery.

    Here is the manufacturers remote store for that brand of system: Directed Electronics Store

    Manufacturers site: Directed Electronics
  • Hmmm... You could be right, but the light does come on when you press "AUX." How would I go about programming it though?
  • The programming process likely varies some depending on the model. If you use their site to locate a replacement remote for your model remote, they have pdf links on that page for the remotes manual.

    For example, check page 2 of this manual remote manual.

    Reason I suggest the remote is bad, is that if there is no transmit light on it for the buttons needed, it is not sending a signal - therefore you will not be able to program it to the cars system.
  • sjvirchowsjvirchow Posts: 4
    edited October 2010
    Fantastic! Thank you very much! :)

    EDIT: I just gotta find out where the "Valet/program" button is... I can't find it. =( The used car dealership knows nothing about the car since they just got it in when I bought it. :mad:
  • The valet switch is frequently a little silver toggle type switch (my 93 had an Automate brand security system), but it could be a button instead.

    Frequently its stashed in the area of the lip at the bottom of the drivers side dash plastic. Though it could be located in any out of the way, but accessible to the driver place, in a cubby or the center armrest storage area, etc. Best way to find it is to kneel next to the car and inspect the lower dash area, under the drivers seat, etc. For my system the valet was installed above the hood release on the drivers kick panel, and the main system module was cable tied to the steering column under the dash, out of sight unless you crawled on your back up into the pedal area. Don't forget to look under the interior fuse box lid on the drivers side of some years.

    Sounds like the used car dealership isn't interested. I would think any Honda new car dealer would have staff familiar with dealer installed options - and they would know the typical spots to check.

    I dislike these aftermarket products, and decided after the automate that I would only by factory brand systems. That way they integrate better. Its much harder to tun on the factory alarm while driving, unlike the automate that you could arm regardless.
  • Very true. Hmmm I can't find it. Whoever installed it, did a very good job of leaving everything out of sight. Maybe an aftermarket car alarm installer would know something. ">
  • ag1830ag1830 Posts: 2
    Need to find options to repair Airbags (side courtain and seat) in San Diego, other than a dealership. These two were deployed during an accident, the ligth will not go off until thew system is re-set and these two are replaced....Any advice?
  • Only option besides new is salvage parts.

    A web search turns up some options, such as

    or you can find your local salvage yard and check on them. Most are part of a network these days and can locate parts if they don't have them.
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