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Jeep Commander Water Leak and Radio Problem



  • 007latr007latr Posts: 3
    Well the title say it all Water on the driver's side floor when it rains it horrible...Flicking of the dashboard the moving of the seats the sun roof no longer opens the radio and navigation no longer works either and to add insult to injury went to the dealer ship they want to charge me $178 per per hour for repairing the leak issue...If everyone report this to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration then maybe action will be taken...I've already reported it and I'm down for any class action laws suits as well...ENOUGH IS ENOUGH
  • edboneedbone Posts: 2
    Thanks for the info. We had our headliner replaced twice (Dealer expense) and were told our drain lines were becoming clogged. I will check the sun roof pan, especially now that our vehicle is out of warranty.
  • wswigwswig Posts: 14
    I can't believe Chrysler is getting away with this workmanship. I think
    our problem that it's not a safety issue but a large annoyance problem. I hope this forum can give us a break and force the dealerships to fix the leaking and radio problems.
  • ernie27ernie27 Posts: 1
    Good day,

    We have a 2006 Jeep Commander Limited with the 5.7L HEMI. We bought it used and had to take it back to the dealer for minor repairs. In one of our trip to the dealer, when wehad gooten it back the radio screaned had gone grey but it still worked fine except fo the Navigation. They said they had nothing to do with it. We never to it back to then in Patterson NJ(Global Auto Mall). We now live in Gainesville,Florida and had a very heavy down pour. When we opened the door to our surprise, there was water on the floor and water coming from the handle to assist you in getting in. The Jeep to this day has been fine, no problem. I am surprise to hear of all the problem but will check out the drains. Where can I sign up for the Law suit.
  • 007latr007latr Posts: 3
    For every Jeep Commander owner that lives in Illinois or anywhere for that matter....No action will happen if we don't report them...We spend our hard earned money and this is what we get in return... I have a used 2006 and five years in I shouldn't be having these problems already...
  • res10000res10000 Posts: 1
    I seem to have the same problem as many of you. Bought a new JC 2007 and had no problems until last fall in 2011. Found standing water on the passenger side footwell. Heard water slushing around inside the cab. Noticed water dripping from the driver and passenger side hand rails mounted on the door frame near the windshield. Took it to a body shop who said it was a plugged drain from the sunroof. Things were ok for several months. Then again after a major rain storm with the JC sitting for several days outside (I was on vacation) I found an inch or more of standing water on the passenger side again. I have removed quarts of water from the footwell this time and I am looking for solutions. I have an appointment at a jeep repair center tomorrow. We'll see what they say.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    I just had this conversation with the independent Jeep repair shop that I started going to when I discovered that the Jeep Chrysler dealer I purchased from in Norwalk-Georgetown CT had failed to file my warranty paperwork; I have exactly the same problem, i.e., had sunroof drains air hosed last year, the leaks stopped for several months, but then clogged again. However, this time the air hose didn't help; in fact, it may have dislocated the drains. That said, the Jeep Chrysler Solution to this problem is going to cost me anywhere from $600 - 1200 to repair; while, The independent service station that I go to explained that they believe that they will be able to repair the problem for less than $400. When I pick it up tomorrow for what will bring repairs to just over $10k (it only has 65k miles on it), I'll know if they were able to repair it. What's nice about the independent repair shop is that if they aren't able to repair it, they won't charge me for their time; the Jeep Chrysler Dealer will charge $175 just to look at it and maybe/maybe not repair it.
  • denise42denise42 Posts: 1
    edited May 2012
    Door handles broken, water leaks in drivers side, radio goes crazy, cruise control accelerate to 80 and more. I am so tired, what should I do??????
  • wswigwswig Posts: 14
    You have to wonder how Chrysler can get away with building a car that
    leaks and causes many other problems. Thanks for the response and
    maybe we can get lucky to get some support to have the problems
    fixed. In the mean time we have to drive these pieces of junk.
  • bowilsonbowilson Posts: 1
    my jeep filled the floor boards with water for a year heard every excuse in the world from jeep they will tell you drain plugs are clogged or the sun roof pan has a crack in it but i found out the real problem from a old country shop that replaced the headliner. if youve tried these other fixes and it didnt work the problem is above the the doors. when they prefabricated the doors some of them have a little wave in the metal so the door is not sealing well. you can actually see the waive if you look. Apply a little silcone and that will seal it and stop the leak.
  • jerome07jerome07 Posts: 1
    I have an "06" Jeep Commander & I may Have to contact the news. Here I THOUGHT IT WAS JUST MY CAR, but after reading, we're ALL experiencing the same problems. My radio isn't working the Cd's are stuck, God forbid my speakers go. We have had two days with pretty good amount of rain. & it only happens when parked. Driver side filled up with water happen yesterday as well as this am.... Its annoying now
  • wswigwswig Posts: 14
    edited May 2012
    I thought I was reading my post I wrote several months ago. I am surprised that Jeep is trying to get away with this. I thought there
    was hope when I first found this site. I think it's going to be an uphill
    battle to get any response from Chrysler.
  • I just hit 110k on our 2006 Commander. This morning, water all over the passenger side floor. Radio and Nav are completely fried. I am all for filing a class action. My name is Mike Kaplan and I can be found at . I am willing to work toward filing a class action. If anyone is game, please contact me to work together. This is unacceptable.
  • I have a 2006 Commander and have been fighting this water problem for years. Of course it is now out of warranty and I have electrical problems. Front windows, side view mirrors and dome lights do not work. I am sure the problem is in the left roof post where there is probably a wiring harness that is close to the drain pipe for the sun roof....which really sounds like a dumb way to move the water from the sun roof...
    I am sure that i am looking at a couple thousand dollar repair bill to track down an electrical short!

    Please include me in any class action suit...there has got to be a lawyer with a Commander and similar problems...
  • 007latr007latr Posts: 3
    The problem with my 2006 Jeep Commander is getting worse...I love The Windy City but I hate it when it rains...because when it does all I see is water on the driver's side floor...the CD's are stuck...the dashboard blinks, the truck jerks when I drive.....So I'm all in and for a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT!!!!!
  • tglilleytglilley Posts: 1
    Started about a year ago with the leaking sun roof. Had the drain tubes cleaned out and re-leveled the sun roof. Held up for about a month until then next rain storm, severe flooding - $500.00. Have since had to get the interior cleaned and mold removed several times.

    Last month Radio and Nav crapped out. Just completely blacked out - replaced with a pioneer head unit. Another $500.

    This weekend, radiator cracked and all of the electronic sensors need to be repaired in order for the car to start. $800 pending.

    I have 150k on my Jeep, so granted I drive a lot, but I take excellent care of my car. Should not havwe this many problems this early. Interested to hear more about a class action.

  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    if the water is pooling only in the front passenger side, it's likely that the drain for the AC is clogged. this is a problem in most chrysler vehicles.
  • wswigwswig Posts: 14
    I am amazed how many fustrated Commander owners there are on the road. It doesn't seem like anylaw firm is interested in the class action because there
    is no safety issue. If you add the expense of fixing the drains and all the electrical repairs, there should be enough damages for a lawsuit.

    We need to get a break some how to get the ball rolling.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    edited June 2012
    Have you thought about small claims court? Check your manual too; there may be an arbitration service that you qualify for. By the time someone goes through a class action, the owners might be lucky to get a coupon for a discount off a new Jeep, if that.
  • deputycmdeputycm Posts: 1
    I have the same problem that all of you have, but we all need to use the same attorney to make this lawsuit stick. I'm about to go to my attorney to see who she needs to talk to and take care of the problem.
  • kbb730kbb730 Posts: 2
    I have the same issue! It started when I had to stop parking in my garage and the next morning I heard water sloshing in the dashboard. Fast forward a few years and now as I am driving the car, all the dash and parking assist lights and power to the car are going on and off and simultaneously the rpm and spedometer gauges are going haywire. I drive my two young children around and I am worried sick about this. Jeep dealer won't fix, no recall. Can't afford to fix on my own. I feel this is a safety issue because it is making my car power down WHILE I'M DRIVING. It is definitely a leaky sunroof issue. Thank you for listening.
  • I have a 2006 Jeep commander that I bought brand new. I have been suffering through the driver side leak for a couple years now. I now have a problem where my sunroof does not close all the way. I went to the car wash last weekend and when it came out my entire dash and passenger side floor was soaked. My transmission over temp warning is always going on eventhough Jeep and non-dealer repairs say nothing is wrong with my transmission. I have to cover my car with a tarp whenever there is a chance of rain. So frustrating. What can we do as Jeep owners to make them responsible
  • kbb730kbb730 Posts: 2
    Any word from your attorney? I was told we may have to go to the states attorney to file a lawsuit
  • I would like to start contacting more Jeep Commander owners because I have the same water leak problems. I'm from south Texas hardly get any rain but when we do my jeep gets a third of it.
  • rugbywiferugbywife Posts: 1
    I'm so glad to hear that I am not the only one that has a leaking Jeep. I just removed 2 INCHES of water out of the drivers side floor. I was told by Jeep thatitI was due to clogged drains in the sunroom and said $250+ plus to look at it and fix. I recently had it in body shop for unrelated repairs and asked them to look at it. The blew the leaves out in a matter of minutes and never charged me. Living in GA in the summer it rains EVERY afternoon!!! It's only a matter of time before mold becomes the bigger issue! My other concern is that the water is coming from the small square that holds the airbag. very dissapointed!!!
  • It all started with the leak in the JC08 now my dvd player monitor in back dont work my transmission temp light came on and vehicle didnt work they said it was the battery but now a month in a half later its something else. And you wonder why alot more americans purchase imported cars versus our own its a damn shame. I had the seal for sunroof replaced 3 times already it work for a few month than get clogged again. My car doesnt work again and i know its something to do with the electrical work, and it all started because of the leak.
  • jorjetjorjet Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 Jeep commander that has started leaking in the last month. Thoght maybe didn't close door fully. Next rain, flooded again. Saw all the complaints, have not taken to dealer yet but talked to them and of course they have to look at it to see what the problem is. Meanwhile covered car with tarp, (front to back and halfway down the side) still flooded. Bought car cover (fit under front to rear bumpers and abt 2/3 down sides) still flooded!!!. How does the water get in????
  • rlugo23rlugo23 Posts: 1
    We thought we were the only ones experiencing the water leak problem with our 2006 Jeep Commander. But, after reading the majority of the comments left on this forum, we are relieved to know that we are not the only ones. We bought our Jeep used in 2008, and had no problems at first. We've had issues with the sunroof leaking and not closing properly, problems with the radio, and a lot of problems with water pooling in the driver and passenger side floor, as well as the rear driver and passenger side floor. I know that there must be mold growing in the carpet, because the smell of mildew is so intense in the car. We have 2 kids and 1 one the way, that I'm scared for their health, because of this immense problem with no resolution in sight. We had the leakage problem fixed at the dealership and it cost over $250. to fix, just to be told that it was a "clogged" drain tube. And, a year and a half later, we are back to square one, with the same issue. My husband has looked for a clog of maybe leaves, or crud, and has found nothing. My husband, has dismantled our car within the last 2 days, in search of the leak. He found a blue drain tube, and it for some reason was not completely in the drain hole that's at the bottom of the floor board. He added clear plastic tubing to the existing tube, to try to fix the issue, to no avail. We are frustrated and need help, but don't have any money to put into our Jeep to fix the issue right now. :cry:
  • So now, we are 2 because I also purchased a 2006 Commander thinking that i just bought a great car. One week later, I realized that i had in fact bought a boat.
    After a storm, I open the door and my wallet was floating in 3 inches of water on the floor of the passenger side.
    Middle seats were all wet, back right top window was pouring water like Niagara falls, etc....

    And here is my thank you for trusting American Car for the first time in my life.

    And because I bought it second hand from Honda dealer, I brought it back to the concession, they ran some test, they got me an appointment with the "water doctor facility" but the water doctor could not find anything wrong with the car.
    and i bring it back home, it rains and once again, i have an amphibian car parked in my driveway

    so i bring it back again and this time, i tell them to run the test on an incline, as my driveway is inclined
    and bingo
    after keeping the car for an entire week ($400 of rental car later), they discovered that the tubes connecting the exhaust of the sun roof where not connected to the "exit" and though the water was getting inside the car instead of through the pipes and out of the car.
    they also found out that some of the pipes where cut too short at time of assembly of the car and therefore could not connect to each other, and they had th replace them with longer ones for the game to play in... hard to believe but...
    so first lesson on this one, if your are parked on an incline when the water enters, make sure they run their water test on an incline
    2/ parking your car 180% may temporary fix your water issue

    but then, I got back home, the water fall from the back and the right side stopped, but each time it rains, there is still water on the floor of the passenger side, not like before but still enough so the fixture of the passenger seat starts to rust, the smell and the mildew are awful, and as we all say annoying to say the less.
    But then, there is water also entering from in between the doors and looks like some of the joints are non efficient.. and you can easily notice that when you open your door after a rain and you see water dropping in the inside.
    and now i have problems with the center console and the dashboard, the ac command is reduced to on or off, no variation or level of cold, all lights are gone from the center console background, the car dashboards goes on and off and/or highlight icon that i never seen before and finding anything on the console driving at night is becoming a real challenge, and dangerous while driving
    Because this car has electric commands of the seat and all wires are on the floor, behind the wet carpet, i always pray that i don t get fried while driving this truck
    I also noticed some weird reactions of the vehicle while driving like if there was a delay between the time the system sends an order and the time the vehicle addresses it . i am not sure if i explain correctly but definitely feels weird .
    So today, I still have a leaking car with a 15k loan on it (also first time I do a loan for a car as i was looking for a safer car rather than a cheaper car that i can pay cash but not that reliable= a really bad accumulation of judgement and decision on my part for this one). went to Jeep and they want to charge $500 just to see what is going on, when they probably know more than all of us, seeing those cases every day and site on a mine of gold with those car to fix.
    si i don t know what else to do, i keep watching this site to try to find some trick to fix part of the leaks as i read other comments of you guys and i know there are no recalls and this is scandalous and just angry like a fishing man sitting on his wet boat with no fish to catch
  • I have a 2006 Jeep Commander Limited, bought it a year and a half ago, low miles, great condition EXCEPT things keep going wrong with it!

    About 6 months ago, driving to work my radio/navi screen all of a sudden went black! I banged on it a few times, it momentarily came back on but has basically been blacked out since. Every now and then it comes back on for a few minutes, or I get horribly annoying horizontal lines running up and down on the screen. I've read on several forums that this is a common problem, and unfortunately the only "solution" according to Jeep is to have the entire unit replaced for a cool $2500! I don't think so!

    Within the last few months I had also started noticing a gurgling sound coming from my sunroof area after it would rain when I started driving, but I couldn't really see what it was. Low and behold I get in the car after work one day, it had been raining on and off all day, and as I start driving I start hearing this swishing sound and what do I find? A huge puddle of water swishing back and forth on my passenger side floor!!! How infuriating is it that I start researching that issue and it ALSO seems to be quite a common problem!

    I couldn't help but think maybe there had been Recalls issued on these that I just missed, but no of course not, that would make it too simple and too fair to those of us dealing w/ this s*it!

    So I called Chrysler corporate, ran it by them and it was "this is the first time we hear of this issue on these vehicles." I asked them what needed to be done to get a recall going for these since they are ALL OVER the net and the rep told me they need more ppl to call and report the problem directly to them. Once they get a sufficient amount of complaints the company can push for a recall. Frustrating and annoying as this is, all I can say is for you guys to PLEASE CALL CORPORATE!!! REPORT THIS STUFF!!! 877-426-5337

    In the meantime they set me up w/ a Chrysler caseworker who called my dealer and wants me to bring the truck in for "diagnosis" so they can "try to help" me. I'm not completely confident that they're not going to try charge me an arm and a leg, but I'll argue that till the end if the time comes, I'm done dumping money into this vehicle. Worst purchase ever!

    Good luck!
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