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2012 Honda Civic



  • jocollijocolli Posts: 12
    Any tips tricks or problems I should be aware of when attempting to install a radio in the dx? Is the wiring, speakers, or antenna already installed? Are there any wiring diagrams or "how to" manuals available for the 2012 civic?
  • jonnakatejonnakate Posts: 1
    i just bought a 2012 civic and drive it 82 miles roundtrip everyday for work. i know these active head restraints are a safety advancement but i cant deal with the neck pain they cause. no amount of adjusting seat, changing my posture or use of cushion/pillow helps. my dealer wont give me any guidance and i know i would be making car less safe by switching out the headrest. that said, does anybody know of ANY less slanted make/model headest that will fit this car? doesnt even have to be a honda headrest. 2011 civic headrest doesnt fit, some have suggested an accord headrest but i need to know which model year will fit . i am desperate for a solution and i am starting to hate this car.
  • jocollijocolli Posts: 12
    edited July 2011
    I entered into a purchase agreement to buy a 2012 Civic DX with the promise the dealer would install an Air Conditioner. After a couple days, they told me it was impossible. Honda offered no guidance. And, no current aftermarket installers could do so. Also they told me that it was impossible to install an LX radio in the DX. It was not listed as an "accessory;" so, not possible. I called around to a few dealers -even a big online part dealer from the east coast. All told me the same thing. I did find one professional review that said the Honda DX was factory wired with speakers so that a dealer or customer could install a radio. This is July 2012. I bet by October 2012, Honda will provide "how to" guidance on both of the above issues. If not, it is kinda of sad that in 2012, a major car maker would design, build, and sell such a bland uncomfortable stripper model. Due to the Japan crisis, my dealer had three new cars. 2 2012 civic DX sedans and one 2012 EX-navigation coupe. (for the record they also had a few 2011 SUVs) Luckily, they cut me a great deal on the EX coupe. before taxes, it was $1000 below TMV.
  • delmar1delmar1 Posts: 744
    Perhaps try a seat cushion/pad which will cause your back and head to be further way from the headrests?

    Or perhaps tilt your seat back one notch from your current setting?
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    edited July 2011
    Honda has been selling the DX model in pretty much its current form since 2006 model year. It had no radio, AC, and other features the public expects as standard even then. I remember looking at one when we bought our 2006 EX sedan wondering who would pay the premium price (for a car having nothing) then pay some more to have those features installed...I guess people will pay for the "Honda" name even thought the car is a stripper. Not me because the name won't keep me cool or play tunes for me. Anyhow, my point is, sure dealers can install an AC at the least, they could back then because I asked out of curiosity. Try an Elantra and see what you DON'T give up for not much more!!!
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,821
    I've been retired for a year now but I didn't know honda even made DX Civics anymore! Even when we could get them, we wouldn't order any because they such poor sellers.

    You think it's "sad" that Honda would build and sell such a "bland, uncomfortable stripper" model? bought this car! You knew EXACTLY what you were buying!

    By the time you add A/C and a decent radio you'll be close to the price of an LX.

    Any car stereo shop will be able to install a nice radio for you at a decent price.

    As far as A/C? I know Honda used to sell and install A/C units for DX's and I would find it odd that they no longer do this. I would call a couple of other stores and ask.

    Your last sentence confuses me. did you buy an EX coupe too?
  • delmar1delmar1 Posts: 744
    edited July 2011
    What is everyone doing with window tinting the 2012 Civic?

    What percentages are you doing? What is the 'factory tint' percentages?

  • chk2chk2 Posts: 1
    I am getting poor radio reception -- lots of static -- in the lower range of the FM dial in my new civic. Is anyone else having this problem? Any ideas on how to circumvent the problem? The dealer is thus far stumped.
  • carfreak09carfreak09 Posts: 160
    2012 owners, your resale value just sank.... Honda was positively humiliated on national news by Consumer Reports saying they could no longer recommend the Civic due to choppy ride, loud road noise, cheap plastic interior, and bland styling. This was the same magazine that has been used for years by owners as the reason their Hondas were superior to other cars, particularly Korean and American cars. I have to wonder what excuse they will use now or whether they will just insert their foot in mouth and retreat to the corner :D Honda totally messed up on the redesign and are now paying dearly. Honda has completely lost their way.
  • delmar1delmar1 Posts: 744
    The 60 month ALG residual value percentage of a 2012 Civic is 45%. This compares to the Elantra 39%.

    Hyundai don't have too high of a trade in value. Example....You will learn of the trade in value of a Hyundai Accent is 25% after 60 months.
  • carfreak09carfreak09 Posts: 160
    That ALG figure did not take into account no longer being recommended by the magazine many people tend to look at when purchasing their next vehicle. I fully expect the ALG value to drop when this fact is considered. Regardless, the 12 Civic is an embarassment to Honda and shows they have been resting on their sterling reputation for quality for far too long.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    It's a bit early to predict Civic resale values plummeting, and a bit extreme.

    When purchasing a 5-year-old vehicle, the consumer is generally looking at how well the vehicle has held up compared to others of the same age, and how reliable it has been. Unless the Civic is falling apart and breaking down at a rate greater than its competition, the CR initial rating - which was, after all, only downgraded on fit & finish, not safety or reliability - won't matter.

    The rating may ding new vehicle sales, but the used consumer market is different. Who's to say that a 5 yr old Corolla, Elantra, etc., won't deteriorate to the point where the ride quality and finish are even with the Civics?


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  • Guys/gals.

    I was looking to replace my Ford Five-Hundred 2005 model with a fuel efficient car. For two painstaking months, I checked all the cars in this class.
    My heart was set on the new Elantra and I even rented one for 24h.

    Consumer's report puts the Elantra well avove the civic. I wonder if these gays ever drove one? The civic drives like a dream and is extremely comfortable with regards to seating and road manners. The Elantra, was rough, could not handle road bumps/cracks of Montreal's roads. It was so uncomfortable to sit and overall wasn't as good as the civic. Ironically, I drove the Elantra to the Honda dealer for side-by-side comparison and immediately purchased the civic on the spot.

    Please do yourself a favor, forget about what you read and make your own accessment by driving the new cars. I feel that many reviews are politically motivated and are biased. BTW, the Elantra was considderably louder inside that the civic, a complete opposite to what Consumer's report says.

    One complaint that I do have over the first month of ownership is that the Firestone tires are sub-par for this car. When worn, I will replace with Michelins.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    What does the sexual preference of CR's editors have to do with anything? :confuse: :surprise:

    If the Civic is as good compared to the Elantra as you say it is, it is an exceptional small car. I drove a 2011 Elantra around Austin for a couple of days and found it to be a very smooth, quiet, and comfortable small sedan, with tons of room (especially in back for a small car). When I get closer to making my decision for my next car, I'll drive them back to back (along with others in the class).
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    I'm guessing it was meant to be "guys".


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  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    Probably... we know CR employs only men. ;)
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,821
    As most of you know, I retired last year and have no dog in the fight.

    I gave up on CR years ago when they started being so subjective. They are no longer the CR of years past.

    I went into my old store last month and drove a 2012 Civic. I thought it was quietier and that it rode better. I noticed none of the things CR didn't like.

    However, a lot of people buy into everything CR says. They consider it gospel and no doubt, this will to some extent hurt Civic sales.

    Honda can't be content to rest on their laurels. They have competition like never before and they better take heed.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    Not crazy about the loss of steering feel in the civic if that is true. Don't really care about a hard dash (probably more durable as my kids put their feet up on the dash). I am very impressed with 47 mpg highway real world. The Elantra has higher EPA numbers, but looks like the Civic is better in real driving - by a fair amount.
  • delmar1delmar1 Posts: 744
    There is feel in the steering. You sense the road. I am not sure why that would be said.
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 858 this sailor!!

    As the 2012 Civic Si has essentially (ratios excluded) the same 6M as my Gen7 Accord, I am looking forward to a test drive.

    Premium fuel is somewhat less than positive, 47 for the Si seems optimistic and C&D indicates about 3 car lengths differential in the Quartermile.

    Regret CR has opted to poor mouth the new Civic. I have admired those big red dots for Honda products since (you get the idea).

  • imscfimscf Posts: 34
    The previous Civic tested by CU before the redesign was the EX. This time for 2012, they tested the LX. Not a fair comparison.
  • I traded in my 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid with 32,000 miles for a 2012 Honda Civic LX. I paid $1,500 plus TTL. What I lost is the 44mpg, automatic AC and disc brakes. What I gain is the worry free power train (no battery fluctuation any more), more power and 5 miles on the ODO.
    The car drives better than 2009 on Highway.
  • jocollijocolli Posts: 12
    Yes. Honda still sells the DX Civics. My son totaled out my commuter car - '04 Accord with 175,000 trouble free miles and I was in need of a replacement Honda. We are one of those total Honda families. S2000, Odyssey, and Craftsman lawn mower with Honda engine round out our "powered by Honda" fleet. I originally agreed to buy the 2012 Civic DX based on promises from the dealer to install an air conditioner. My statement should have been, "it is sad Honda would build such a bland, that can't be made more comfortable with the addition of an air conditioner."

    Anyway, the dealer called all its channels. Honda had not approved the addition of A/C on a DX model in July 2012. I needed a commuter car and the dealer only had 3 Civics and a lot of CRVs. The Civics included 2 DXs and a Civic Coupe EX. So, the dealer agreed to tear up the purchase contract on the DX and apply my down payment on the Coupe EX. Dealer's Sales Department kept a happy customer. Too bad their Service Department did their best to run off a customer....But, that's another post.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,821
    That was news to me! Why Honda would contunue to build cars that nobody wants is beyond me especially if A/C can't be installed.

    I'm surprised you didn't just buy an LX instead of jumping to an EX.
  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    Honda messed up a little by not studying the competition well enough.

    The Civic is still a very good car. It’s just that the competition is now just as good, or at least “almost” as good, and is much cheaper, and gives you so much more for your money.

    It’s un-excusable for Honda to include Bluetooth in the top-of-the-line EX model only (which itself features only a striped down version of bluetooth, where the phonebook does not download to your vehicle); and heated mirrors are not even there, only if you choose EX PLUS leather. And so is the outside temperature gauge which is pretty standard across the board today in most competitors vehicles; and variable wiper settings, disk brakes, and so on..

    I am not even asking the heated rear seats or much more advanced navigation system as in the Elantra, and I will not complain on the poor interior, both by design and quality, while the Chevy Cruze is much ahead in that regard, and even the new Focus is so much better (for quality I speak, the design of the Focus is too complicated and uncomfortable IMO). But Honda must lower the prices, and add more content to give you more for your money.

    I have the 2009 Civic, and it’s the best steering I’ve ever had, and I’ve driven already many many cars. Why Honda changed (aka "improved"...) that excellent steering, which was praised everywhere, is beyond me.

    The Civic has many changes for the worse in the 2012 model. Among them: No more sliding cover for the cup holders, which will now be always exposed. The 2009 was much better both in better looking and the ability to close the cover and keep stuff on top of it. They also removed the few scarce storage bins that was in the 2009 models. There is almost nowhere to put anything. What a shame.

    The door pulls is also disappointing. I was hoping they will have something fully open, vertically aligned, similar to the Elantra, or the Honda CR-V. Nice, comfy door pull handle, which can be also be used while driving and your hands/fingers are in a very comfortable position.

    Where most competitors offer, at least optional, a remote starter, Honda never offered anything of this kind of feature.

    I think Honda got a "wake-up" call from Consumer Reports. And for those who say the only difference is because now it’s the "LX" model, sorry but that’s a very poor excuse! First of all, it can’t be true, and second, if it is true, then it’s still a shame that the LX model should be so poor, and rated lower than all competitors and be on the bottom of the list (with the exception of the Jetta).
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,821
    So, you think Honda should add features that are of little importance to most people and lower prices at the same time?

    It's a tough balance. A lot of the features that you mentioned are of little value to a lot of people and all of these things cost money.

    It wouldn't take too many of these features to create a 30,000 dollar Civic!
  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    edited September 2011
    Yup! After all what the competition does, it's important for Honda to move forward, and not ask high prices just for the sake of the name Honda.

    Most people, when coming from other manufacturers to Honda, they're usually impressed of the excellent driving dynamics (or at least they "used to be"), but on the other hand disappointed of all the ("un-important") featured they're used to. Honda's way of feature content is absurd. The first feature is usually a Sunroof. Who the heck needs a sunroof rather than, say, heated mirrors which is pretty standard today and such a safety, useful feature? Or Bluetooth?

    Honda can do it. They just need to realize that the market is changing, and play according to that. I'm not asking here for "special" features, like rear heated seats which is offered on the Hyundai Elantra; Or signal mirrors and other mostly useless stuff. But heated mirrors? Bluetooth? And even outside temperature gauge? Most people will cry about it when missing, and even Consumer Reports, which usually ignores features, keeps repeating that Honda is behind with todays newer standards.

    I own now a Honda Civic which I love. It's the best driving car I've ever had. I want so much for Honda to succeed. Please Honda, do some research, send some surveys to your own customers, listen what they have to say, and do whatever you can to keep them as customers. Don't let others swallow you. Our satisfaction is your success!!
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 4,282
    edited September 2011
    The new Civic is nice but not class leading like the Elantra, Focus or even the Cruze. Honda really needed to hit a grand slam here, instead, they hit a solid hit to 2nd base...nothing earth shattering about it. The LX went back down to 15" Honda's interior materials are just mediocre, ther whole car is! It doesn't look fresh like it did back in '06, just gets lost in the crowd. No bluetooth or anything like Ford's infosystem is a major faux paus...the dash looks tired compared to the Elantra's...even the new Cruze I sat in a couple of weeks ago had a nice dash and controls than the Civic.

    Right now we're about to start our search for a new vehicle and the wife won't even look at the new Civic as the competition has gotten that much better. It's a real shame since I really wanted her to consider one but even she feels the competition has gotten that much better. Honda seems to have lost it's way and it can't live on it's stellar reputation forever not with products like the Elantra and Focus/Cruze already in the lead & Honda now has to wait another 5 years just to play catch up!

    The Sandman :( :sick: :shades:

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2009 Nissan Versa SL Hatch (daughter #1) / 2008 Hyundai Accent GLS (daughter #2)

  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,821
    A lot of features are "stuff" that few people want such as heated mirrors that are of no value to people living in much of the U.S.

    I am one of those " you shouldn't use a cellphone when driving a car" type of people who find a 30.00 earpiece more than effective and I have no use for an outside temperature guage.

    But, that's me. All of these "fluff" (to me) items only add to the price of the cars.

    Otherwise, I totally agree with your post and I hope Honda is paying attention. No company can rest on it's laurels and expect loyality when emerging competition is aggressive.

    I never thought Huyndai with the initial junk they came out with would ever survive. I could never see why anyone would buy a Korean car.

    Well, thanks for the Korean goverment throwing tons of money into insuring their survival, not only have they survived but they have markedly improved and although I wouldn't buy one, they have captured a big share of the market.

    Ford has taken HUGE strides and the people who want to buy American cars are giving them a second look.

    Honda...are you reading these forums? I sure hope so!
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,821
    " just get's lost in the crowd"

    Yep, the first time I saw a "new" 2012, I couldn't tell what they had changed until I looked real hard.

    " Yesterday's hits won't win today's ballgames"
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