Buick LaCrosse Bluetooth Questions

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We're getting quite a few, so let's discussion bluetooth issues and questions here.


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  • rainman5542rainman5542 Member Posts: 114
    If your phone use is moderate to heavy, perhaps you are a business person or physician, pairing your phone to the car using bluetooth can be safer and very handy.

    1. You can have your phone anywhere inside your car. It need not be handy. It could be in your suit jacket pocket on a hanger, inside a briefcase, fallen on the floor etc.
    2. If you have concerns about excessive radiation next to your brain, BT puts several feet of distance btween your head and the cellular antenae
    3. You have a directory available on your car's NAV screen if you have NAV (limited on some model cars or by some carriers and even on certain phones. Look for OBEX or PBAO to be implemented).
    4. Getting help if you have issues can be tricky. Dealer service departments have little interest and little expertise due to the number of phone models and carriers. There will be lots of finger pointing when things don't work as they should. Google is your best friend. Search for your personal system of car+phone+carrier to see what can be done.
  • yuhanliyuhanli Member Posts: 5
    Hi guys,
    I'm interested in buying a Lacrosse. Just wondering if it has the bluetooth streaming A2DP feature within its radio head-unit. I've got an Android phone and would find this very useful (similar to the Ford/Microsoft Sync module).

    Thanks in advance!
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Member Posts: 1,380
    A2DP = Compared to profiles such as Headset and Handsfree, A2DP supports stereo audio, and is one-way instead of two-way.
    I'm not familiar with Droid functions, but can not immediately understand why you would want that. In most states it is against the law for the driver to wear such headphones.
    There are wireless headphones available, intended for those watching the rear seat screens.
    The CXS model does have a USB port and external audio jack.
    Go to GM/bluetooth and look up provider & phone, if listed it will show what capabilities exist. But better still, go to dealer with phone and try it. Let us know what you learn.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Member Posts: 1,380
    edited November 2010
    I can't help wondering if the Bluetooth forum would be appropriate for anything related to the voice system?
    On Star, NAV, & radio commands.
    Unfortunately, I think the manuals for owner and navigation are terrible. It is like they started writing some sections before the design spec was complete and then they forgot to come back and finish sections. These are possibly the worst manuals I've ever seen. The next closest would be for a 1973 Mazda RX2. It became obvious the manuals were written in Japanese and then they tried to translate to English.
    I also wonder if these writers were the same group for taking engineering data and specs and translating into manufacturing information.
  • yuhanliyuhanli Member Posts: 5
    edited November 2010
    A2DP is for one way audio streaming... mainly to play music from your phone without any wires or USB connection. Many people with Android devices prefer to wirelessly stream music. I've already played around with the headunit and couldn't figure it out during my test drive...hence my posts here asking about it.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Member Posts: 1,380
    I would say there is no A2DP input on the head unit. My last knowledge was that such is not yet widespread. Sony likely has a lock on the door with their anti-copy stuff such as in BluRay and HDMI. What I have seen in the past is proprietary equipment allowing wireless between components and some making use of wireless LAN technology.
    To make use of the headphones for the RSD, you'd have to input from your phone either through the audio in jack or the USB port. That is if you can make the proper connection.
    You might search for such bluetooth devices that will accept the A2DP signal. There might be such a USB device.
  • yuhanliyuhanli Member Posts: 5
    edited November 2010
    I'm not sure you fully comprehend what the A2DP does. This has nothing to do with the headphones for RSD. It is not developed by Sony, but an open standard that's a part of the Bluetooth 2.x specifications.

    It's for streaming music from a cell phone to the radio head unit. I thought I read on another forum that the radio unit has a few separate modules and that with the 2010/11 LaCrosse, the A2DP module was included...

    I don't get why Ford has had the Sync APIM module for so long yet GM cannot get a similar module that supports A2DP... get with it GM!
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Member Posts: 1,380
    I had been through most of the 800 or so pages in the Approved USB2.0 specification. It seems that would have been before Bluetooth reached level 2 so it is something I probably should take a look at especially the addendum pertaining to A2DP.
    You might be striking a memory note about the A2DP but don't remember where that came from. I have no idea how they pieced this system together but I get the feeling there are issues and particularly in the voice category accepting so few commands. I much expected that near all commands manual could be input via voice.
  • rainman5542rainman5542 Member Posts: 114
    Perhaps a little late, but I suggest going to a dealer and doing a quick real world test. Note that 2010 models differ from 2011 in the Bluetooth implementation. My 2010 CXS does not have OBEX support, rumpor is the 2011 does. Same might be true for A2DP.

    Next best bet is Google search on the topic.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Member Posts: 1,380
    How did you verify that 2010 does not have OBEX support?
    Does not the owners or Nav manual mention contact lists?
    I'm not fully aware of what is or is not supported yet, still learning.
    I have learned my phone supports OBEX OPP, but for vCards only.
    There is a part of the Bluetooth spec where a connection is made if the devices are in very close proximity. It mentioned part of it is similar to RFID tags, but for very close proximity, less than an inch, and that is for security as the two devices would have to be intentionally located. It occured that the system might be making use of that when having to put the FOB in that special location under cupholder.
    I have since learned there are a lot of those special USB dongles out there to make use of connectivity between you phone, pda, etc. It sounded like there main use would be to sync the device with your computer.
    I also discovered that there are 4 main OS used for the smart phones and one of them is open source. Code smart people are taking advantage of that writing new capabilities into the device.
    As to A2DP, that may be how the in car system is communicating with the phone when you ask your in car system to go into voice mode with your cell phone. That is the voice portion only. You speak a command for the cell phone, the phone passes the verbal response back through the system. But no hint of it being stereo capable yet. That is because my phone is probably mono only. It mentions storing music but suspect that is a mistake because there is no further info. Somewhere I read it accepts a mono headset at the jack. But then there are stereo bluetooth headsets available for this phone. (they probably only do mono with this phone).
  • yuhanliyuhanli Member Posts: 5
    Thanks Rainman. I will try out the 2011 soon. Now that I'm working for GM, I should get more opportunities to try things out. Over Thanksgiving week, I will be loaned a '11 LaCrosse and will figure out everything there is to know about it! Woohoo!
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Member Posts: 1,380
    It is great that you might be able to give some direct feedback, if they wish to hear. I hope you find it enjoyable. I do find it lacking in a few areas especially since it will be Buicks top car when they stop the Lucernne. Because it was scheduled to stop, I found it to be like the Impala, also scheduled to stop, that some items were no longer available.
    When they stop the Impala and Lucernne is questionable since the super Epsilon is not due out until 2015 and that would be quite a gap. Also the town car is scheduled to stop according to my neighbor who just jumped at a new one before they could not get one. In discussion I noted that she said they would have had to go to SUV to get the latest electronic features. That is a shame and it looks like they are trying to push us all toward SUV vehicles.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Member Posts: 1,380
    Also have NAV system.
    I initiated a call via the phone screen, missed calls list. Part way through I noticed the OnStar symbol being shown on left side of screen. I don't remember which screen at this moment but believe it was the HUD or the little one in front of steering wheel, not the big NAV screen.
    I have searched the manuals for OnStar, Owners, & Nav and don't see any info about it using the Onstar phone unless I use the mirror button.

    At one time I thought I found some info that if a Bluetooth enabled phone was not present it might default to OnStar but currently can not find that. I might have it confused with Malibu.
    Can someone help steer me?
    I don't want to have unexpected callbacks on OnStar phone number.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Member Posts: 1,380
    It turns out the onstar symbol shows up anytime a call is made even with the cell phone.
  • ar15ar15 Member Posts: 58
    My 2011 has the base infotainment center with OUT Nav.

    Is there a way to reset the default phone volume? My default volume is currently set at 18, which is too loud. Every time I answer the phone, I have to turn the volume down.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252

    On your next visit to the dealership, I recommend asking them directly how to reset the default settings.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • crankeeecrankeee Member Posts: 298
    rider: Wife forgets cell once in a while and the system defaults to Onstar in our 2010 Lacrosse. We kept OnStar after the free year for just that reason.
    $155 per year is pretty cheap insurance.
    My wife's phone is programmed as the primary (her car- HA!) and if hers is off it detects mine. It always prompts saying " call using name of phone owner) so we know if it is using OnStar.
    Once (only) it did forget me as a user but took 5 minutes (with manual in hand) to reestablish. Great system - now if they can only get the texting socker moms and busy business guys to quit texting, talking and social networking and drive their cars.
    good luck.
  • ar15ar15 Member Posts: 58
    Asked dealership to reset default bluetooth phone volume from 18 to 14. Dealership said there was no way to reset it.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Member Posts: 1,380
    Thanks. I did figure it out after awhile. Apparently the OnStar symbol is flashed on screen anytime a call is initiated, even with cell phones.
    They really need to step up the laws. They've gone after truckers. And most phones will now accept bluetooth devices, so there is no excuse to not be hands free.
  • mike189mike189 Member Posts: 24
    and ford has big problems with sync , many with fords a few years old and opted for a new car , do not like the system , believe not all that you read or hear , btw does ford have onstar , i know not , and the way their cars are , they need it , alt least gm had back in 1999 to develop onstar , micro soft developed sync , which some call out of sync
  • angels52angels52 Member Posts: 1
    Is there bluetooth capability in a 2005 Buick Lacrosse. We just bought a used one and wondering if I can hook up my smartphone to the radio thru bluetooth. The care originally came with OnStar - but we don't use it. thankyou
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