Nissan Juke Real World MPG

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Please post your real world gas mileage here. And note what kind of driving you do, and whether you have a 2WD or AWD Juke. Thanks!


  • david77014david77014 Member Posts: 2
    Had my Juke since Dec of 2012 and with 10k miles already, 90% highway, with the ECO on, i have only been able to get 29max
  • raasraas Member Posts: 5
    Once the weather warmed up, I got in the 27s MPG on Normal and about 80% freeway speeds. I tried Econ and got no improvement (in fact it was down a few tenths maybe randomly). I suspect Econ only helps with a lot of start/stop as one does feel the car accelerate less well on Econ. Overall it's a little funner on Normal and not worth any tiny savings to bother with the Econ button.
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    This is an on going debate as well as the warranty debate.. never the less.. the window sticker indicated that we would see in the region of 25 city and 32 highway.. We have been able to see the 25 city once since we've owned the Juke (march 2011) After running my own test here in Maryland.. I've found that not all gasoline are the same.. and any gasoline coming form Carrol fuel (local Fuel oil company here in MD) isn't a very clean or good grade of gasoline.. For weeks we have been steady hovering at the 22.6 range.. yet while on the highway (three weeks ago) we managed to gain a respectable 28.9.. As of yet we haven't broken into the 30.0 barrier.. Even though the window decals are purely speculatory.. I feel they are misleading. No one can say what their Juke or any car will be able to acquire when driving as we all do. However, Are we pleased at the total aspect of owning the Juke?.. Yes.. Very fun to drive.. even had it air borne (twice) over the weekend. Man those PA back roads are fun.
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    I have my 2011 Yuke since February, 15k miles. I drive on eco mode and using the cruise and I only get 23 miles to the gallon. I don't have a heavy foot. and I just saw this lady in Cali that sued Honda for false adv on MPG. The Mustang and Yuke was among the cars not giving the ad MPG. I've been thinking of getting rid of it!!!
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    As I posted above, We were about ready to hang up the keys on our 2011 Nissan Juke.. But last weekend proved very beneficial to what is going on or wrong with the over all gas milage. It seems that (as indicated in the Juke owners manual) the Jukes don't like the ethanol additive to the gas.. Thus poor MPG's Yet while out and about in western Maryland and southern PA we ran across a few stations that had pure gasoline no additives.. Our milage jumped after filling up.. We had never seen or experience this kind of milage in one years time (juke turned 1 year old March) So is the ethanol or the fuel I selected on that day.. down grading from the 93 otc to the mid grade or 87 otc but I added the STP otc boost. Our drive lasted several hours and our MPG's made it to an astounding 36.9
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    You can use to find ethanol free gas stations in the US and Canada.
  • marylandjukemarylandjuke Member Posts: 14
    I'm working up the courage to do a search online for stations in our area as well as across the nation who still carry pure, unaltered gasoline. Your link will surely come in handy.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    In my area, the ethanol free stuff tends to cost a lot more so the gas mileage savings is about a wash. Plus the stations aren't all that convenient to me, so I just use the corn stuff.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 224,492
    Not one station within 75 miles of me... :(

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  • marylandjukemarylandjuke Member Posts: 14
    Headed to VA Beach over the weekend. and all the way down we attempted to locate pure stations or stations which had the Pure gasoline.. finding our share and gassing up, paying on average $4.65 per gal.. Or results were not favorable. Getting only 24.9 mpg's highway. This is really starting to bother me.. knowing that one day three weeks ago.. we got 36.8 mpg's on the back roads of MD & PA. what happen?.. Where did we go wrong?.. We've tired everything in the book.. Yet, after thinking about it.. I remember taking the juke to the dealer as part of our third recall. Mind you I didn't have any recalls done to the JUke since then.. One main recall was to re-flash the Jukes computer.. and soon after.. our MPG's dropped.. Could this be why one weekend we got great mpg's then had the computer re-flashed and got poor mpgs afterward.. one may never know.. I kept telling myself.. don't fix it if it aint broke..
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    That happened with Honda Civic Hybrid owners. A software update hammered the mpg.
  • marylandjukemarylandjuke Member Posts: 14
    edited March 2012
    This is really bothering me.. Knowing that the Nissan dealer re-flashed the chip and our milage went down hill. This isn't the only time this has happen to us. Two other vehicles had the same type of issues after: re-flashing or getting plugged in by emission testers. I'm very tempted to go out and disconnect the battery for e few days just to see if the computer would reset. ( I knew I should have told them not to flash the Juke)

    A glimmer of hope on our Juke's horizon.. is that I've just started a page devoted to the possible 10th anniversary of the juke.. Yeah I know thinking way ahead.. But I've already gain support from Steve bower via Husky liners..

    You can read more of this developing story at my blog: The National Nissan Juke Tour or connect with me via facebook/National Nissan Juke Tour
  • gotjukedgotjuked Member Posts: 1
    I got my Juke Mar 31 2012 I drive 98.2 miles a day its AWD S no EGO settings I drive in in 2WD
    I love the car HATE the MPG I drive 70 with cruise on some hills on the way I get 20.3 with PREM Gas almost all the time. So I try Reg gas and got 21.4 this over one week of driving and filling up.
    So I changed to synthetic oil in it. it rised the mileage by 2mpg I have as of today 5130 miles on it
    at this rate with the driving I do compaired to my 2007 Sebring that I trade in on this car I will
    spend about $4000.00 more in gas so im going to trade this one in BUMMER !!!
  • warpedscoutwarpedscout Member Posts: 1
    I bought my Juke in October 2011 and got a great deal for an SL. Car has been great with no problems minus the recall. I keep seeing everyone gripe about mpg, you bought a turbocharged car! You need to be using non ethanol 93 grade. In the event I cannot get ethanol free I still use 93. The turbo is there to pick up what a1.6 liter does not have, good take off and pickup on passing. I love the car as they built it and look forward to driving it everyday. I have even have several people I work with considering buying one. Am always happy to toss them my key to take for a spin. This is an urban cross under, made to be fun and different. I cannot help but notice how all other cars look alike but the Juke definitely stands out!
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