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Came across the Toyota S-Runner in one of the latest Motor Trends:

Not too shabby for the price (20K), slightly lowered, beefier roll bars, shocks and springs as well as P235/55/R16 tires with a 3.4L V6 (190HP/220lb-torque) mated to a 5-speed manual, all for around 20K. Better exhaust and steering feel to boot.

In their Truck of the Year testing, these mag guys were able to get a 7.2 second run to 60, and a 15.4 1/4 time out of this thing, not too shabby and would be able to embarass many of the sport compacts currently on the market. And it is understandable, it is fairly light at 3150 pounds. Motor Trend also mentioned it handles quite well, especially the rear end which stays planted, which is a suprise.

Things get interesting when you add the $3100 factory (you get it installed when the truck is new, it has the same 3/36 warranty) supercharger, which brings the engine specs up to 265HP/297 lbs-ft of torque.

So, for around 23K sticker, you can get a vehicle that is a great daily driven sleeper. It handles okay from the performance standpoint. Won't win any auto-x competitions, but it doesn't seem to misbehave, just has low limits. But, in terms of acceleration, you would be able to really suprise some so-called sports cars. Of course you can tow 3500 pounds with it, it has 7.6 inches of ground clearance and it still has a decent amount of cargo capacity (numbers elude me for the moment).

What do you guys thinK?


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    The S-runner actually has a pretty good payload (1373 lbs) compared to the Ranger (1260), S-10 (1160), and Frontier (1400).

    The numbers, though, for the supercharger are 251 HP and 275 lbs of torque. These are for the second model supercharger. The first one, which is still available, ups the 3.4L's numbers by 70 each (260 HP/290 lbs torque).
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    Black or red.

    Where is the silver?
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    I am looking foward to purchasing a S-runner, but the contending compact trucks seems to be priced lower than the S-runner with better options and more room. I am not looking for payload or towing capacities, just regular commuting. Can any offer some advice on this hefty truck bearing a 20K price tag?

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    You're the one that's gonna have to write the check each month. So, it only depends on if it's worth it to you.

    If I were to spend 20K on a Tacoma (withstanding all other trucks here), I'd get a 4x4, 4cyl, manual, with the TRD package. Sure, it wouldn't be as fast. But, it would make as good or better commuter vehicle and have the versatility and fun possibilities of a 4x4 (off-road and such).
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    If you must have one of these hot rod minis, now is the time to buy one, I feel if one waits too
    long, the prices will escalate ala PT CRUISER, Pontiac AZTEK...I really like this truck but
    the dealers are going to make as much as possible...they are trained to take all your money, all you can do is hone up on negotiation skills and try not to let them take all of it...
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    Looking at above with ext cab, a/c,
    and auto 5-speed for $10,000.
    Is mileage or price too high?
    Good cond & runs good with 4-cyl
    comments anyone?
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    Price sounds high to me. It was probably on 16K or so new.

    I'd think more like 8K but only in excellent condition cosmetically and mechanically.

    The older Toyotas were great mechanically, but their beds rusted out like crazy. This might be a consideration for you if you live in the snow belt (salt belt). Be sure to check the seams of the bed for rust.
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    They stopped making the beds with seams after 1988.1989 and up were one piece.
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    A friend of mine has a '96 Tacoma with rusting problems. It's mostly on the seams of the bed and over the rear wheel wells.

    It's not terrible or anything, but it's not cheap to fix either.
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    Well... last comment was written back in January.

    Nobody in the North East knows this truck exists. Not even dealers know about it. It is sad that their sales staff can't even read the 2001 Tacoma Catalog.

    Yes! read page 18, you morons.

    This is a good example of bad marketing.
  • 2k1trd2k1trd Member Posts: 301
    I talked to my dealer (N.H) and they said that they would probably not be getting any s-runners in at all. I really wanted to take one out for a spin!
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